Russia Tied to Attack Near US Embassy in Georgia

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Russia’s desire to control Georgia did not stop there. In 2009, protesters took to the streets to demand the resignation of Georgian President Saakashvili, and Russia vocally supported them. That April, Russia reportedly violated the ceasefire and moved it forces to within 25 miles of Tbilisi. Russia’s rhetoric reached a fever pitch as Georgia permitted NATO to hold military exercises on its territory. President Medvedev warned, “I want to specifically stress that responsibility for possible negative consequences of these decisions will fully rest on the shoulders of those who made them and carry them out.” Russia’s envoy to NATO likewise said the exercises could “significantly affect the stability of the entire South Caucasus.”

In May, the Georgian government foiled a military coup launched from a base near Tbilisi. Georgia said that the plotters were financed by Russia, and a former Georgian special forces major that was arrested confirmed Russia’s role in the coup. He said that Russia planned to send in 5,000 soldiers to complete the overthrow of the government as the soldiers at the base approached Tbilisi. The quick defeat of the coup apparently stopped Russia from moving ahead.

The Russians continued to try to justify the overthrow of the Georgian government. It reacted to an August 2009 suicide bombing of a police station in Ingushetia by claiming Georgia was training and protecting members of Al-Qaeda so they could attack Russia, specifically oil and gas pipelines. As violence in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia escalated into 2010, Russia always attributed it to Georgian support.

Concern that Russia would invade Georgia heightened after the March 29, 2010 subway bombings in Moscow. Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov claimed responsibility, but the Russians were quick to suggest a link to the Georgian government. Deputy Foreign Minister Patrushev said, “We have had information that individual members of Georgian special forces support contacts with terrorist organizations in the Russian North Caucasus. We must check this also in relation to the acts of terror in Moscow.” He also described President Saakashvili as an “unpredictable” threat who may start a war without warning.

Senator Mark Kirk was right when he said that if Russia is found to be behind a bombing targeting the U.S. embassy, it would “put to lie any ‘reset’ in bilateral relations.” The U.S. should be under no illusion. Russia still seeks to dominate its neighbors, and America’s Georgian allies are at the top of the list.

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  • Fred Dawes

    It has always been part of the plan to have and it is all about Dominating this area it is a key to europe and the Russian hate the ideals of troops of the UN/US being in this area the boys in Moscow see it as a stolen/kidnapped from Moscow.
    But understand this has two sides to this story its not only about the evil Moscow boys but our boys are also up to No Good to.

  • Ben

    The US government `s policy toward Georgia reflect the policy of US international broadcasting radio Free Europe in English and Svoboda in Russian. Free Europe support Georgia,while Svoboda pour some dirt on Georgia for appeasing Russian listeners. The Putin`s power years are the years of growing aggressivness that is the result of cowardice policy of the West

  • mrbean

    It has nothinf to due with our policy. Putin regards Obama as not even a lightweight, and refers to him always as "Obambi" with a contemptuous laugh.

  • mlcblog

    …but Bush looked into his eyes…so how can this be?

    • Fred Dawes

      Bush loved saddam until he stood up and did his thing

  • Questions

    What makes us think that the Russians are our enemies? In fact, they are a bulwark against Islamic terror, like us, having experienced it — in their case, at the hands of the Chechens. We should be drawing, however gradually, more closely toward the Putin/Medvedev government, while privately scoring them on human rights violations.

    As for Obama, he's working gingerly in negotations with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on ways to achieve a workable missile defense shield for Europe without jeopardizing Russian security. Why would we want to wreck these talks? Over Georgia, the land that bred Stalin?

    • Fred Dawes

      You are right I only WISH Our government would think the same way but after all we are real Multiculturalism and total dicks. After All our borders mean nothing but the Russian keep thinking that borders do,.. how nuts can you be?

      The reason why obama wants to wreck the talks is he can't understand what the Russian government needs to do about millions of muslims looking to kill the Russian people, What obama wants is death and mass war he thinks this will remove the enemies of freedom the white race.

    • Maxie

      An interesting article on this can be found at

    • Ron Lewenberg

      "What makes us think that the Russians are our enemies?"
      They are still run by revanchinst irridentist KGB apparatchiks? They are helping Iran's nuclear program. Invading Georgia to ensure taht they control Caspain oil and Gas to hold Europe Hostage.

      "In fact, they are a bulwark against Islamic terror, like us, having experienced it — in their case, at the hands of the Chechens."
      Except when they are helping the Iranian's develop nukes. Or when they were training ARab Nationalist and Islamic terrorists in the cold war.

      "As for Obama, he's working gingerly in negotations with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on ways to achieve a workable missile defense shield for Europe without jeopardizing Russian security."
      A dozen interceptors in Poland and a radar there does nothing to Russia's security, since it has thousands of missiles. Taht is unless you define Russian security as the audibility to threaten Poland with invasion or as helping Iran's nuclear program and ability to hold Europe hostage.

      "Why would we want to wreck these talks?"
      Because they area farce.

      "Over Georgia, the land that bred Stalin?"
      LOL. Putin is KGB.

  • Jesse

    Russia has always been jealous of the US. This is compounded with the fact that their entire population is drinking themselves to death while facing zero population growth. Yet every low-life drunken toothless Russian trash will make sure they tell you of their hatred to all things non-Russian, and this includes America and Americans. How ironic coming form people who have contributed nothing to the world civilization but were cunning and clever enough to present the accomplishments of the thousands of ethnic non-Russians as their own. The world may think that the "all-Russian" icons such as Tchaikovsky, Pushkin, Chekhov, Gogol, Aivazovskiy, Rachmaninov, etc were Russian, whereas in reality they were not. I guess, most people wouldn't care, but hey, this is all factual. The Kremlin and its mouthpiece a.k.a. the Russian TV spend a great deal of time and money sending their "reporters" to cover "stories" undermining American values and exploiting the current advancement of socialism in the US to weaken our country. Clean up your mother Russia before you dare to point a finger elsewhere. And sober up for a change.