Suspected Texas Terror Plot a ‘Prank’?

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Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said they appeared to “just be some guys on a prank.” The surveillance video from inside the courthouse showed them wearing sombreros and dancing with a judge’s gavel. Laura Jesse, spokeswoman for Bexar County, brushed off the possibility of a terrorism connection in remarks to the media.

“It’s pretty entertaining at least,” she said. “Usually when you think of someone trying to commit a terrorist attack it’s not with a sombrero and waving a gavel.”

“There was some alcohol involved, so that leads us to believe they might not have known what they were doing, what building they were breaking into,” said Deputy Chief Dale Bennett.

The videotape does provide reason to believe that the five Moroccans were just a bunch of drunken misfits, but the disturbing coincidences should not be dismissed. The media’s quick changing of its coverage to calm public nerves was not warranted. At the least, the facts pointing towards more insidious motives should be a part of the story.

When Robert Spencer of was on the KSAT website reading about the story, he noticed that its content changed. The shocking headline changed to, “5 Arrested in Break-in at Bexar County Courthouse.” The lead changed from saying, “Three men described by law enforcement officials as Muslims” to “Five men of foreign descent.” Readers were left ignorant of why the story was important and even of the fact that the five arrested were Muslims.

The Associated Press, likewise, said they were “five foreign nationals with French visas” that were “later described as harmless bar hoppers just goofing around.” No explanation was given as to why the FBI initially handled it as a  “high priority” situation. Instead, the article’s readers were left with the impression that the authorities had an almost comical overreaction.

It may be true that the group of five French-Moroccans, three of whom have names on the FBI’s watch list, are not connected to terrorism and just made a very big mistake. However, there is more than enough reason to suspect that this isn’t the case, and the media and government officials have a duty to recognize that. There may be a bigger story here, but in part due to political correctness, it will fade away and be forgotten.

As Robert Spencer wrote, “the Hamas-linked CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] will be so pleased.”

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Yep…it's all very innocent. In the eyes of the clueless infidels, the beer automatically confers a non-religious atmospheric that validates the 'hi-jinx' excuse. Wonder if the San Antonio police are aware that several of the 9-11 terrorists were frequenters of strip-clubs in the weeks before their "martyrdom"?

    • Ken

      I agree totally, mac!!!

    • al Kidya

      Right you are, Chezwick_mac.

      When are the dhimmis going to wake up and smell the Arabic coffee brewing in the US?

      I cannot believe the FBI is swallowing this taqiyyah. Even the mayor of San Antonio is trying to appease Muslims. I can, however, expect this response from the media.
      CAIR must have greater influence than I thought.

  • Fred Dawes

    Madness, we need some guy in power that can see the enemies.

  • Amused

    Well the Bexar county officials seem convinced of a prank . Better go check out the mentality of Gov.Perry's Texas . As well as the Judge bat the hearing .

  • MartyG

    I think it more likely that some have been turned and are being released back as informants

    • Choi

      And YOU think that it is possible to "Turn" a Jihadist.
      It's mentalities like yours that have us in this situation.
      Your mama raised a FOOL.

  • kafir4life

    Well…..If it was just a prank, then they should be given a TV show. It'd be islamophobic to not give them one.

    allahu snackbar!

  • Lex40

    Burglary is still a crime !

  • StephenD

    “Usually when you think of someone trying to commit a terrorist attack it’s not with a sombrero and waving a gavel.”
    Just like the Bar hopping and Hawaiian shirt wearing fellas from 9/11.Nothing to be concerned about.BTW, has anyone heard what Government bldgs. these Fun Seekers had prints of? Were those in their possession just so "they could get a better view of the city" too?

  • mike b

    I heard this story on the news, and yes, the wire service feed that was broadcast on whatever radio news broadcast I was listening to portrayed the pranksters as simply a bunch of drunks.

    No mention of the watch-list parts of the story.

    The wire services and the MSM are not merely sloppy. They are KNOWINGLY supporting Islamists and terrorists and all things leftist.

  • mrbean

    Charge them deport them – that way they never get another visa.

  • Danielle Gleason

    1. Muslims don't drink alcohol.
    2. What about the photos and plans in their possession?
    I think that this really was taken seriously, why the officials decided to play it down, I don't know, but we'll find out when they blow up Disneyland.

  • alexander

    Our officials said this about (9/11) reports about Muslims learning only to fly a plane, not taking off/landing:"what, you think they will fly a plane into our buildings? Are you crazy??"..
    However, if they say anything about Muslims, they would be fired.
    The same goes for Texas Fort Hood killer……….
    Viva PC!!! Bye bye USA!!! :(

  • tanstaafl

    Hard to notice the nose on your own face……..

    There are too many incidents like this to not suspect a conspiracy of silence by the government.

  • tagalog

    Yep, the boys arrive in New York by plane from London, rent a vehicle, and head off for the fun capitol of the United States, San Antonio. On the way, they just saw some reservoirs and power plants that were so scenic they just had to take a few photos to show the family back home. They probably wanted to see the Alamo in San Antonio; I know Islam must find that story inspiring. I'm sure they would have avoided the border. Just a bunch of Muslim guys on a fun-filled, infrastructure-admiring, sombrero-wearing, beer-swilling, Don't Mess With Texas, adventure. That MUST be the right interpretation. After that, they'd be off to the lap dance emporium.

    • Choi

      The "boys" just happened to arrive on 9/11.
      No symbolism there./SARC ON
      Dates and anniversaries are "meaningless" to Islamist Jihadis-and I'll give you a "Quitclaim Deed" to the Brooklyn Bridge!
      SARC OFF:
      Do they really expect us to believe their BULL$H!T?

  • The concerned

    I do not understand, If the names of 3 fun loving 20 year old moslem forigners were on FBI's watch list. How in the hell they were issued a visa.
    I am Christian from Middle east, and know Islam very well.
    Waske up America.

  • pagegl

    What purpose does the FBA watch list serve if people on it are allowed into the country?

  • Jim

    We have an even bigger prank. A man who has no reliable proof that he was born in the US except for a hastily and recently filled in birth certificate by a friend in the Hawaiian government and consequently who was never naturalized is therefore not even a citizen of the US has become the President of the US.

    Now that is funny.

    • Amused

      I guess the announcent of his birth in the Hawaian Newspaper dont count huh Jim ? And no , no "freind in Hawaii " hastily filled out a birth certificate .It's been on record unless the whole of the Hawaiian civil government is "in on the deception " .
      Sorry Jim , if your sarcasm is "on " my bad . If not then you're as big a fool as "The Donald " .

  • nick

    So when is Imam Obama having them over to the White House for a private prayer meeting? I am sure they will be released, and these blithering Liberal idiots are still complaining about Muslims being profiled closely in NY? What happened to this great country, PC run amok and in the most stupid of ways.

  • Jason

    Hey Jim,
    More on that other prank:
    Did you know he was "disbarred" and does not have a law license?
    Did you know Michelle was also "disbarred" and does not have a law license?
    Did you know he never actually attended Columbia?
    Did you know the long form birth certificate is 100% counterfeit?
    Did you know presenting a counterfeit birth certificate is a federal felony?
    Did you know that if we were a nation of laws then he would not even be considered for reelection?

    • Amused

      And Jim , did you know that Jason is a numbskull who can not prove not one single statement that he just blurted out ? Because there is none . That you tube just may be Jasson or some other ignoramus making such statements …that's PWOOF HUH ?

  • Cap'n Krunch

    They should be dead right now.

  • myohmy

    America's leaders and the media act like everyone counts…. everyone except us Americans. They appease illegal mexicans… appease muslims… appease african-Americans and their leaders…. Our leaders are the biggest ass kissing appeasers on the planet. And they lie to us on a daily basis and use their media stooges to prevent us from learning the truth just as they've done once again with these lies about these 5 muslims who came here legally same as the 19 terrorists that killed 3,000 of our citizens and destroyed our WTC's. Our leaders demand that we just shut up and ignore muslims who insult America and take anti American stands in favor of our enemies. Muslims like the Ft. Hood killer Nasan who shot 50 of our bravest defenders killing 13. Nasan's overt anti American words and deeds were ignored until he started killing us. Be aware that our leaders will always give the enemy first shot at us.. yes AT US before trying to stop them. That means defending yourself, your loved ones and your country is up to you. We have the 2nd. amendment….. use it. Don't be surprised when it happens hear you, be ready.


    Keep your eyes on Jerusalem ….."when Jerusalem is encompassed by armies know that the end is nigh"…..then follows the Great Tribulation, Heavenly signs and finally the Day of The Lord. Christ says that the troubles/trials of the Great Tribulation will be like what has never been before and will never be again. Very frightening considering 120 million murdered by the evil despots of the world last century. And this will repeat itself 10 fold or more who knows in the span of 3.5 years during the great tribulation Each and ever one of this needs to get spiritually right….RIGHT NOW.

  • RiverFred

    Great idea, pretend your drunk so if your caught you have an excuse for taking pictures of high profile buildings.. Yup only the politically correct would buy that BS.

  • CarolynK

    Please tell me someone is taking this seriously. This just cannot be another example of idiocy where these people are concerned. FrontPageMag guys you have to get to the bottom of this. I feel as though I have landed on another planet.

  • Amused

    LOLOL…..these people ARE serious CarolynK , and you ARE on another planet .And I'm sure FPM WILL get to the bottom of this [literally ] …..,just like the DASTARDLY ATTEMPTED OBAMA APOLOGY TO THE JAPS …lol….and Obama's "wish for more defeat in WW2 " ?@#$&+*
    Yup, you guessed it gal , you're on the Planet Mungo ,an Emperor Ming in the Whitehouse will be worshipped or suffer the pain of death .Mwaaahahahah

  • kafir4life

    Isn't the Obama administration an elaborate prank?

  • oldtimer

    They are "testing the waters". Just make up some excuse and see what happens. Those gullable, nieve, politically correct,(etc) will believe and accept anything. So they laugh at us again.

  • kafirman

    The comedy of this event is that these suspects are Muslims and everyone knows that Muslims are disproportionately terrorists. [Fewer know that immanent Muslim jihadists can commit self-indulgent deeds because these will be expiated (according to Islamic doctrine).] Their Islamic identity is discounted as no evidence ("We don't have any indication that's what they were"), but their broadly anti-Islamic behavior (drinking alcohol) is proof that they are not terrorists.

    The games the multicultural mind must play on itself is amazing.