The Mumbai Bombings’ Message

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The relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan is at the breaking point. The Obama administration has suspended $800 million in aid, some of which was supposed to reimburse the Pakistanis for the cost of operating their military along the border with Afghanistan. Pakistan is threatening to pull its forces back now, and is also pushing the U.S. to end the drone strikes. The director of the ISI warned, “We will be forced to respond if you do not come up with a strategy that stops the drone strikes.” The Pakistanis are also hinting that they will look to China to replace the relationship with the U.S.

If elements of the Pakistani government sanctioned the July 13 attacks on Mumbai, then the bombings are a form of a shakedown. The U.S. and its allies are being told to stop pressuring Pakistan or suffer. It also means that the Pakistanis should be expected to reinforce their message by loosening whatever weak handcuffs they had on groups fighting NATO in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s goal would be to force the U.S. to come crawling back, as well as to exert influence through proxies.

This does not mean that the U.S. should backtrack and stop pressuring Pakistan. When CIA Deputy Director Michael J. Morell was asked to rate Pakistan’s cooperation on a 1-10 scale, he gave them a 3. That’s not worth the $2.7 billion in military assistance given to Pakistan every year. Even now, Pakistan is refusing to shut down the terrorist camps that the U.S. has pinpointed.

It is simply offensive that, after the killing of Osama Bin Laden on its territory, Pakistan is being even more duplicitous and yet still expects the money to keep flowing. The U.S. should not hesitate to eliminate terrorist camps and leaders on Pakistani soil. Our soldiers serving in Afghanistan shouldn’t have to put their lives on the line while the Pakistan-based camps and safe havens that allow the enemy to kill them remain immune from attack. The U.S. needs to defend and expand its drone campaign, and remind the Pakistanis that the only reason the drone strikes are necessary is because of their own inaction.

The Mumbai bombings are a reminder why the war on terrorism cannot focus solely on Al-Qaeda, and why the vast network of non-Al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan must be dismantled. The Pakistanis should be told that they have one final chance to take their counter-terrorism obligations seriously. If they do not, then the U.S. will do Pakistan’s job for them, and their complaints will fall on deaf ears.

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  • Jim

    The terrorists must have mistaken Hindus for Jews. Well maybe on second thought it's because the Hindus are just not Muslims.

    • aspacia

      Hindus are polytheists, and considered legitimate targets for Muslims, even more so than Christians and Jews.

  • Amused

    At this late date in time , muslim savages need not send any "messages " , for their universal message and intents are clear -KILL ALL THAT IS NON-MUSLIM .Proximity and opportunty make India an easy target .At the start of the India -Pakistan War in 1971 , "our ally " under Bhutto , West pakistan invaded East Pakistan ,it's military had as their directive -to kill as many Hindus and shia that they could , sparing neither man woman or child . ONLY India's intervention after literal MILLIONS were slaughtered , finally stopped these SAVAGES . NOTHING has changed since then . Pakistan today is the epitomy of an evil entity .

  • Rifleman

    It was no warning or message, just the s.o.s. from jihadis. They've been mass murdering civilians in India all my life and longer.

  • Chezwick_mac

    "The Obama administration has suspended $300 million in aid,…"

    Um, actually, the figure was $800 million.

  • scum

    The Hindu/Muslim conflict is a very old one. Look at the Mughals who occupied India for centuries. It should be noted, however, that organized Hindu groups have been quite effective at counter-attacks. Remember, Gandhi himself was killed by Naturam Godse, a Hindu extremist, leading to a rash of brutality and orgiastic slaughter in the northern regions near Pakistan. This is not a conflict that will end with the end of Al-Qaeda. . . . The nuclear brinkmanship that occurred a few years ago will no doubt resuface before it's all over.

    • aspacia

      Yes, you are probably correct.

  • waltjr

    Both India and Pakistan are Nuclear States. Iran is probably producing Nuclear Bombs more than likely they already have. All of these countries are so chaotic, it is only a matter of time when one of them will push the button.

  • BLJ

    The ISI is a huge problem. They have been on the side of Radical Islam since the beginning. They hate Hindus.

  • Amused

    The ISI is nothing more than the expressed will of Pakistanis / Muslims have been slaughtering Hindus from the time of the Moghuls , right up to , and including the present . Investigate the origin of the name of a mountain range in India -The Hindu Kush mts.. Kush translated= BLOOD . In addition the murderous cult of Koli , called the THUGGEES / a.k.a. Stranglers [modern word thug originates from them ] was made up of Brahmans and MUSLIMS .They were responsible for the murders of literal millions until they were brought dowm virtually singlehandedly by British Colonel Sleeman roughly 100 years ago .

  • Jedishaferyn

    It is amazing how the "good guys" of the world are increasingly under siege. First Israel and now India, with much of Europe to follow. My most recent article at has more on this subject, but it just amazes me that the suits in Washington D.C. can't see it. Scratch that, they want this to happen. It makes their job of gaining even more power much easier.

  • tintusms

    The world does not care about Indian Citizens because the Indian Government does not care about it's own people. It has refused to take any action against Pakistan time and time again. The US will never lift a finger against Pakistan because the Indian Government has never taken any action against Pakistan.

  • Sound&Fury

    If anyone has any illusions about a peace deal with the Palestinians in exchange for Palestinian statehood, Mumbia should serve as a cautionary tale of what Israel can expect.

    • yoe di korsow

      difference is, Israelis are bad *ss mofo's. It will be much harder to attack their city. Thank God for their defensive capabilities.