The Muslim Brotherhood’s Cover-Up

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Al-Qaeda does its enemy a favor with its honesty. The Muslim Brotherhood does not make the same mistake. It is more politically savvy and aware of how it can manipulate the minds of Westerners with soft language. The Islamist group is trying to clean up its image, most recently by deleting its objectives from its English-language website.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism discovered that the English version of the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website no longer includes its bylaws and it makes sense why. One of them is “the need to work on establishing the Islamic State, which seeks to effectively implement the provisions of Islam and its teachings” and “defend the [Islamic] nation against its internal enemies.” Another is to “insist to liberate the Islamic nation from the yoke of foreign rule, help safeguard the rights of Muslims everywhere and unite Muslims around the world.”

“The sincere support for a global cooperation in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Sharia, which would safeguard the personal rights, freedom of speech for  active and constructive participation towards building a new basis of human civilization as  is ensured by the overall teachings of Islam,” another one reads.

There are other telling differences between the Arabic and English websites as well. The home page of the English site mentions “freedom.” The home page of the Arabic site has the official Muslim Brotherhood logo of two crossed swords and a Quran and an Arabic word that means “make ready.” Christine Brim writes that this phrase is taken from Quran 8:60 that states, “Make ready for an encounter against them, all the forces and well-readied horses you can muster, that you may overawe the enemies of Allah and your own enemies and others besides them of whom you are unaware but of whom Allah is aware.”

David Rusin, the director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, told FrontPage that the cover-up is aimed at encouraging those who naively believe the Brotherhood is moderate.

“By scrubbing its English-language site, the Brotherhood aims to make it as easy as possible for those Westerners predisposed to willful blindness—a trait rather common in the Obama White House—to continue fooling themselves about the Brotherhood’s ultimate intentions,” he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood will finally have an opportunity to be a part of the Egyptian government and is pulling out all the stops to cast itself as a democratic voice of moderation that should be of no concern. It is registering in Egypt under the name, “Freedom and Justice Party” and says it does not intend to control the government. Even though the Brotherhood announced the party’s creation, its new chairman, Mohammed Katatni says it is separate, even though he is a top Brotherhood operative who led the parliamentary bloc as independents.

“The Muslim Brotherhood are not seeking power. We want to participate, not to dominate,” a member of the group’s media office says. This calming statement is almost meaningless. The Brotherhood knows it is unlikely that it will attain a majority in the next government all on its own and therefore “dominate.” Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, it will win enough seats to be a decisive voice in parliament. It is quite conceivable that the Brotherhood could be part of a parliamentary majority if it forms a bloc with other parties. It will then be in a position to decide the government’s agenda without overtly controlling it.

The Brotherhood is trying to prove it does not want to “dominate” by not running a candidate for president. This is a shrewd political calculation. Polls indicate the Brotherhood candidate would lose by a landslide in a presidential race that includes Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Moussa, who seems certain to run. The Brotherhood also doesn’t need to have its own candidate because it has Mohammed el-Baradei working on its behalf as a secular democrat.

The Brotherhood does not hide the reason why it has come behind el-Baradei. “The Brotherhood realizes the sensitivities, especially in the West, towards the Islamists, and we’re not keen to be at the forefront,” said one of the group’s officials. El-Baradei has vigorously defended the Brotherhood, comparing them to evangelical Christians and Orthodox Jews. He says they are “no way extremist” and shares their hostility towards Israel, saying the “Israeli occupation only understands violence.”

The Brotherhood has told its protesters to refrain from using religious language during demonstrations. One official told a protester to hide his Quran and instead hoist up an Egyptian flag. “Open it [the Quran]…but not for the media,” he instructed. The editor of the Brotherhood’s English website says that the group rejects Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s claims that it is an Islamic revolution and that is not religious in nature.

The group is even trying to cover-up its long history for fighting for the destruction of Israel. “We will respect the peace treaty with Israel as long as Israel shows real progress on improving the lot of the Palestinians,” said deputy head Mahmoud Ezzat, inserting careful language that leaves room for the Islamists to find a pretext to end the treaty. Mohammed Katatni said “If the parliament approved the treaty that Sadat signed, it is still valid and will still be.”

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  • PAthena

    'Director of National Intelligence James Clapper discussed the Islamist group during a hearing on Capitol Hill earlier Thursday. He testified that the organization has "pursued social ends" and a "betterment of the political order," and downplayed its religious underpinnings. "The term 'Muslim Brotherhood' … is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam," Clapper said.'

    How did James Clapper get these ideas about the Muslim Brotherhood? Didn't he even notice that the name was "the Muslim Brotherhood"?

    Read more:

  • skep

    An educated idiot

  • Dan

    Officer Clapper: "Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here. Move along."

  • Maggie

    The only way The New World Order can come to fruition is
    if the world has one religion and one world wide government ruled by "International law."
    "Interdependency" is the new buzzword for globalization.
    What Hitler didn't accomplish with the help of the ideology of hate (Islam) (Al-Husseini)
    is being played out on a world-wide scale now.
    Under the guise of "democracy" illegal terrorist groups and are becoming legitimitized and promoted by our media channels throughout the world.
    As our president said in his speech in Cairo.
    " America is the largest Muslim country in the world.
    Pharaoh has returned.

  • Greg

    A true Muslim only follows Allah’s orders word by word. People have no right to decide how to live, it’s already been decided by Allah, so democracy and freedom are a nonstarter in Islam. Trouble for The Muslim Brotherhood is that they don’t have the means to enforce Allah’s law on all Egyptians, for now. They need to get their hands on the education system and police and military forces and so they need to access political circles, and since their ideas aren’t the fashion of the day in Egypt, they need a facelift. It’s all part of the plan, but in the western world there’s still people who think that a leopard can change his spots.

  • wldbil

    I believe the word for this change to the english site Mr. Mauro is called tayquia….

    • winoceros


  • welldoneson

    Imagine what a magnificent twit a person would have to be to insist that
    any organization is not all about the religion they are named for.
    That's like saying Socialist International isn't all about Socialism.

  • Regina

    Sure, they're deceptive..but how can all that hate stay bottled up for very long? As soon as they see a little cartoon or imagine something behind a logo -they'll go ballistic. Will it be too late..will we hear "oh the Muslims were offended again". What was it we heard from those Dems who came out to try and muffle King? This could insite..So doesn't that tell you with the fuss their ALREADY making, what will then happen in the future once their turban's in the door?! But tell me.. how in the world we'd ever go for Sharia law and a one world gov..Unless the left with an equal amount of hatred for Jews and Christians gets all the way into bed with them? Does that mean civil war?

  • NYC Parent

    Clapper's boss should be fired.