The Second Egyptian Revolution?

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Egypt’s top prosecutor has announced that former President Hosni Mubarak will be prosecuted, possibly in a military court, for ordering the killing of protesters and corruption. The ousted leader may face the death penalty. This will be a test of Egypt’s experiment with democracy, as there is a high potential for a show trial. The decision came as major protests are planned for Friday against the military leadership. They are being called the “Second Egyptian Revolution.”

The military regime has caved to growing public demands to quickly prosecute Mubarak and other officials. On Friday, a huge rally is planned to take place to put pressure on the leadership. The event is being called alternatively “The Second Egyptian Revolution,” the “Second Day of Rage” and “The Revolution Part II.” The protesters hope to force more limits to be put on the military’s power, such as ending military trials of civilians. Hundreds of bloggers have jointly criticized the military, challenging the ban on doing so.

The demonstrators are also calling for parliamentary elections scheduled for September to be postponed so parties have more time to organize. This is probably why the Muslim Brotherhood has declined to join the protest, as it benefits from near-term elections that minimize the time for competitors to mobilize. The Coptic Christians and secular liberals opposed the referendum on March 19 for this reason, but were overwhelmingly defeated.

The Muslim Brotherhood took part in demonstrations against the military council in April. The military did not carry out threats to forcibly disperse a sit-in, and tens of thousands demonstrated in Tahrir Square. Some even called for the resignation of Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the leader of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces that now governs the country. These gatherings took place despite a ban on all strikes and protests that destabilize the country; a broad ruling used by the military regime to solidify its grip.

The military regime has been criticized by Egyptian activists and human rights groups for its actions since the fall of Mubarak. It has cracked down on demonstrations, and has put up to 10,000 civilians on trial in military courts without access to lawyers or family members. It arrested a 25-year old blogger for criticizing the military, and three activists were apprehended on Thursday for putting up posters promoting the next day’s rally. It also summoned an editor and two journalists that broke a story alleging that a deal was being reached with Mubarak. According to the report, he would release an audio tape offering to give up his assets in exchange for immunity. The three were released after they signed an agreement not to publish anymore stories about the military without prior approval so “confusion” wouldn’t arise.

The military rulers have been trying to win over the Islamists. It is opening up the Gaza border crossing, which will undermine the blockade on Hamas. It is trying to begin a new relationship with Iran, and has reached out to the Muslim Brotherhood. There is also no indication that the military desires to modify or eliminate Article 2 of the constitution that makes Sharia the law of the land. It will be important to see if the charges against Mubarak will be justified under this article.

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  • Dispozovdaburka

    Where is the outrage in our mass media about the killing of Christians?
    They water down the information so it appears palateable.

  • Wesley69

    The Egyptian Revolution seems to be moving in the same direction as the Iranian Revolution.

    The Military Council, to placate the Islamists, are allowing Mubarak to be put on trial as the Iranians demanded with regard to the Shah. It has opened up the border crossing to Gaza, putting the 30+ year peace between Egypt and Israel in jeopardy. There is a growing call for strict Shariah Law to be put into the civil code of the country. Naturally, the Coptics and others are worried that the revolution is being hijacked by the Islamists.

    What is needs as an event that will push the country over the edge. In Iran, the seizure of the Great Satan's embassy in Teheran strengthened the hands of the Islamists lead by Khomeini, which paved the way for the rule of the Mullahs and the gradual elimination of the opposition.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Muslim Brotherhood hosted Hamas at a meeting, that tells me that
    they are preparing a list of opposition politicos to be assassinated and
    making other plans to incorporate this terror group into it's movement in
    Egypt. Do you think Israel was on their agenda. Saying the Muslim Bros.,
    hosted Hamas is like saying they met with themselves.

    In many ways history is going to repeat itself and the animus it towards
    Israel as the new governments are mostly the same old bad actors
    throughout the Middle East with the same old bad ideas. Sharia law
    will end Coptic Christians ability to live in their homeland. The bad
    guys have no jobs for Egyptians, the Muslim Brotherhood needs
    Libyas oil money to keep Egypt in play, it all works to no good for our
    ally Israel, dark clouds are forming……………………………William

  • tanstaafl

    “The Second Egyptian Revolution,” the “Second Day of Rage” and “The Revolution Part II.”

    Have they picked out another female western journalist to rape?

  • dawning

    I'm just going to DITTO you Christopher L

  • Fred Dawes

    This is going to be something to watch in the coming weeks, and face facts this is all BS.

  • Len Powder

    The Muslim Brotherhood already has plans for dealing with the opposition once they achieve power. What Hitler did and what Lenin did to seize absolute power is not the province of geniuses alone. The MB is smart enough and ruthless enough to grow from the Mensheviks to the Bolsheviks in short order. Egypt will be the next Iran. It will probably happen sometime in 2012.

    • Fred Dawes

      Today obama handed over one billion in cash that the Muslim Brotherhood needs to keep power.

  • Len Powder

    Carter and Obama increasingly look like they hatched from the same pod. What an irony it would be if Obama gave birth to an Islamist Egypt just as Carter birthed an Islamist Iran?

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    Google ApolloSpeaks and read my unusual new piece about the signs that prefigured Obama's failures at a Palestinian-Israeli peace.

  • Mike Mitchell

    Two old articles that address the mindset of Islamists & Liberals.
    Food for thought. Both well written.…

  • Mike Mitchell
  • Jim

    The attack on the Copts shows the true spirit of the Jihad.

    If they will do it to the Copts they will do it to every one.

  • Arius

    Very much agree with you, but I fear that the West is hopelessly addicted to self destruction.