Turkish Military Chiefs Resign

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Turkey’s military has been the guardian of the country’s secular identity, making it the strongest challenger to the Islamist agenda of Prime Minister Erdogan and his ruling party. The government has asserted its authority over the military by arresting some of its top officials for allegedly planning a 2003 coup, prompting the top chiefs to resign in protest. The West can only watch as it incrementally loses one of its most important allies to Islamism.

The arrests of 22 more people for allegedly conspiring to destabilize the government, including generals, were the breaking point for the military leadership. The Chief of the General Staff, who resigned along with the commanders of the army, navy and air force, accused the Erdogan government of trying to make the military look like a criminal organization. The military has lost the trust of 15 percent of the population since 2008, though three-fourths say they still trust it.

The Turkish government has imprisoned 17 generals and admirals and almost 200 officers for supposedly orchestrating a coup in 2003. Among those arrested are top officials, such as the former commander of the 1st Army and former leaders of the air force, navy and special forces. The government claims that the conspirators were going to bomb mosques, provoke war by tricking the Greeks into downing a military plane, and then use the chaos to seize control of the country. The Erdogan government denies that the prosecutions are politically-motivated. This latest rift brings the tension between the military and the government to a whole new level. One Turkish columnist said, “This is the symbolic moment where the first Turkish republic ends and the second republic begins.”

Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) won a major victory in September 2010 when the population approved 26 constitutional amendments. The civilian courts were given authority over the High Military Courts and the ability to try military officers, while stripping military courts of the ability to try civilians. The parliament, dominated by the AKP, now selects who sits on the Supreme Board of Prosecutors and Judges, whereas before it operated independently.

In June, the AKP scored a decisive victory in the parliamentary elections. It did not achieve the two-thirds majority that would allow it to unilaterally draft and approve a constitution, but it only needs to win a miniscule number of votes in parliament to submit a draft constitution for a referendum. Dr. Daniel Pipes reacted by writing, “Elections taking place today are likely to be the last fair and free ones in Turkey. With Turkey’s leading Islamist party controlling all three branches of the government and the military sidelined, little will stop it from changing the rules to keep power into the indefinite future.”

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  • Fred Dawes

    We will see within weeks a new muslim state against the USA And a real evil terror state that can kill millions of people at one time. God help us all.

  • koran kid

    Don't worry about them, with a golden goodbye of USD 500,000 and a thumping pension, the poor old generals should survive. And Oyak Bank, or one of the many economy wrecking interests they appropriated during their dark time in power, will look after the rest. A nice villa overlooking the sea in the South, with a mountain retreat in Switzerland, perhaps, in case the prosecutors stray into bank private bank accounts? Maybe one of them can write a column for FPM in retirement, about how to get rich and run a country into the ground. Like Barry, they saw it was easiest to make enemies and money at home, by screwing the decent people. Bad losers, cowards and hypocrites, and on the run when the heat is on, and they might have to deal with a nasty next door neighbour alone. But since the US did the Saddam Hussein job, and you love the generals so much, perhaps they will pay you lot back by doing the job on Barry Hussein, from exile? Cos he looks good for two terms now. They are faux leftists at heart, like all the Turks, but where as Barry has no choice but to pursue a downward national socialist trajectory to communism to make his dirty money, they rather went for a downward national socialist trajectory to fascism. Do fascists hate communists enough to fight them? In an ideal world, but don't hold your breath, in a real war. They'd rather join forces and fight the free spirits first, with all the other religious and secular control freaks and cowardly supporters on their side. So watch out FPM. Look at what's happening in Egypt. That's dangerous. It's not one size fits all, especially where Islam is concerned. Be careful, box clever, or you'll end up with the generals, counted out on the totalitarian canvass by a free spirit who knows how to take a jab at false accounting!

    • Fred Dawes

      Within some little time real Americans will start to deal with this monkey and alien and foreign government of low life monkeys, go deal with your monkeys let us deal with our monkeys.

  • effemall

    If ever there was a good reason for assassination Erdogan provides it in spades. The generals resigning in protest was a dumb, disastrous move. Where is the Navy Seals team that took out bin Laden? Erdogan brings a greater threat than bin Laden ever did. But European leaders will continue to be out to lunch as they were when Hitler was growing in the mid-1930s. Meanwhile, in the White House we have Islam's greatest supporter. A disastrous situation.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Okay…Turkey is lost…lets kick them out of NATO ASAP!

    • tanstaafl


  • esperantominoria

    Very scary,all that would make Ataturk,the founder of modern Turkey roll in his grave.In 15 years only,1923-1938,he revolutionized Turkey,trying to make in a European country.

    Ataturk abolished Islamic law and courts,changed to the Latin alphabet,gave women the vote and full equality,abolished the Sufi orders,and he even Made Sunday the Day of Rest and not Friday,and he ABOLISHED Islam as the OFFICIAL RELIGION of Turkey

    He drank liquor,which is forbidden by Islam and had a common law wife,a lover,a concubine

    He was also an APOSTATE of ISLAM.Read about it here:

  • whitehorserider

    Does that mean Islam has won the Crusades? Only in their own sick brown eyes that is! The future belongs to freedom and liberty, words unknown to the Islamic world. Their smug smiles will soon be removed from their faces and replaced with happy smiles as they each gladly become APOSTATES OF ISLAM.

  • Snorbak

    In 1934 Atatürk wrote a tribute to the ANZACs killed at Gallipoli:
    "Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives… You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side now here in this country of ours… you, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land. They have become our sons as well".
    A far cry from the current Turkish leadership, Turkey has now gone full circle, from enemy to friend & back to enemy.

  • Rayczar

    The Bommer's new motto for reelection in 2012, or is
    that now in the party platform?


    Not quite sure, doesn't
    matter. He supports world jihad!


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