Turning Point in Syria

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The Syrian regime is in deep trouble. The Friday protests against the regime are much larger with each passing week, forcing President Assad to seek help from Iran to crush the uprising. The use of violence has only enlarged the crowds, and now, according to the Reform Party of Syria, the Syrian army has surrounded the third largest city of Homs and has told its Sufi sheikhs that it faces destruction if the protests there do not end.

At least 17 protesters were killed in Homs on Sunday alone, provoking thousands of demonstrators to chant in support of regime change. “From alleyway to alleyway, from house to house, we want to overthrow you, Bashar,” marchers were heard saying. Residents also destroyed a statue of Hafez al-Assad, the ruling president’s late father and predecessor. On Tuesday, video hit the Internet of heavy fire in Homs, and a three-day strike has begun in which all shops and businesses have closed. The regime is now blocking roads to the main square with fire trucks, snipers are seen on roofs, and the city is being described as looking like “a war zone.”

Homs is now surrounded, and the Fourth Armored Division, led by Maher Assad, Bashar’s brother, appears ready to enter the suburb of Talbisseh at any moment. At least four tanks have been seen nearby. An eyewitness told Al-Jazeera that the security forces have beards, indicating they may belong to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah. This is very possible, as the IRGC base that is now overseeing the crackdown is nearby.

The city of Banias has also been surrounded, and the Syrian regime is justifying action against these two cities. “[The events] are an armed insurrection by armed groups belonging to Salafist organizations, especially in the cities of Homs and Banias,” a statement from the Syrian government said. The regime is laying the groundwork for massive bloodshed by labeling the protesters as Islamist terrorists.

Another objective of these measures is to send a message to the West and the population that Islamists would benefit from any weakening of the regime. The regime has closed its first casino, ended the ban on teachers wearing face veils, and a close friend of Assad named Ayman Abdel Nour has been tasked with creating a “moderate Islamist party loyal to the regime” and setting up an Islamist satellite station. This also serves to undermine secular opposition by emphasizing the threat of an Islamist takeover.

The regime has also “lifted” the state of emergency as the vast majority of Syrians wanted. However, the killings continue unabated, and on the same day, legislation was passed to “regulate the right of peaceful protest” that will require prior approval from the Interior Ministry for demonstrations. A State Department spokesman said, “This new legislation may prove as restrictive as the emergency law it replaced.” More accurately, this new law sets the stage for more bloodshed.

The massive protests on Friday that continue today present a monumental challenge for Assad. Leading up to the protests, hundreds were arrested. In Banias alone, 200 were arrested. On that day, 37 were killed at the very least, with 27 deaths in Daraa, 4 in Banias, 3 in Homs, 3 in Harasta, and 1 in Douma. Tens of thousands protested in the capital of Damascus and were violently attacked to prevent marchers from uniting in Abbasside Square. Posters of Assad were ripped and trampled, and in the area of Jawber, protesters caused a bus of security personnel to retreat. On Sunday, 17 were killed in Homs and five were killed in Latakia. Videos surface on a daily basis showing the beatings and killings performed by the security services, including the shooting of a medic and the head wound of a child from the bullet of a sniper.

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  • Embassassed

    Our president is a thoughtless, gutless, shallow man. He is working against the best interests of the USA, and is creating the situation for a wide, and nasty regional war there. Why?

    • http://www.ezracanada.org Rev. Roy Trepanier

      Void, vacuous and callous also qualify to describe your President. He started all those "fires" in the Middle East back in 09 with his speech in Cairo. He put the idea of democracy into the heads of an unorganized, illiterate and poverty ridden populace knowing full well they would revolt (with lots of help from his "Union thugs" and the Muslim Brotherhood. His plan is to depose all those powerful Muslim "dictators" and create that vacuum that the Muslim Brotherwood will fill. All of this to return Islam to its former "glory" and make himself the head "Caliph" of the restored Islamic Global Caliphate. My goodness, everthting the man does is Pro-Islam and Anti-American and Anti-Semetic.
      Rev. Roy…<><

    • http://www.ezracanada.org Rev. Roy Trepanier

      Either that, or he will become the head of the New World Order (which is already formed and waiting in the wings) or he will be the new head of the E.U. (All three may even be melded together somehow as well).
      That's the "why", Embarrassed. Power and Glory. Even though he is just a lackey of George Soros and the other "Globalist Power Mongers", he plays his part well. But, the good news is that "God is still in charge and everything is going to be all right". If you are connected to Him, that is. :)
      Rev. Roy….<><

  • Steve Chavez

    The Assad Dynasty-From Father to Son! The Libya Dynasty-From Father to Son! The Kim Dynasty-From Father to Son! The Communist Dynasty-From Communist to Communist! The Mullah Dynasty-From Mullah to Mullah! AND FINALLY, The Castro Dynasty-From Brother to Brother! Most of the world's problems can be traced to these rulers! "Imagine a world without them!"

    The Chinese Communist Dynasty must be challenged too but by the United States and "We the People" who purchase goods from China. I haven't bought a Chinese product THAT IS TERRIBLE AND FALLS APART AFTER ONLY A FEW USES! Let's bring back these jobs and companies to the United States and/or our hemisphere like Central America, Haiti, and Mexico. Maybe if they have jobs there, they won't come here. Also, isn't it cheaper to ship goods across the Rio Grande than it is to ship them across the Pacific?

    The Castro Dynasty! I just can't wait till the people of Cuba rise up against their dictator of 52 years! Fidel says he "has resigned" but he would never allow any major decision to be made without his approval! Any failure of the system will reflect on HIS Revolution! He would surely put down any protest with ruthless force. "From Brother to Brother" will be "Brother against Brother!" What will his American supporters like Obama, Hillary, Hollywood, and millions of college students and their professors, do when Fidel starts mowing down the protesters with AK-47's? These Leftists are crying for freedom in the Middle East but they should be crying for the enslaved people of Cuba! The handover of power was only a trick since Fidel can say, "I'm not like the other Dictators of the world, I gave up power so why protest against me?"

  • Wesley69

    Should there be regime change here, it would be good for the US and a defeat for Iran.

    Should the US get involved? Aside from statements supported the enemies of Assad, no. We should let Libya, Syria sort out their own problems. However, if Iran sends troops across the border, the US should warn them, threatening military action, with the DETERMINATION to use force against Iran if necessary.

    Don't worry folks, this President does not have the stomach for such a fight.