UN Nails Iran and Syria

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The International Atomic Energy Agency is calling Iran and Syria out for their secret nuclear activities, specifically warning of Iranian work on nuclear warheads. The incriminating reports may pave the way for additional sanctions on the two rogue states that will, hopefully, delay Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb.

The IAEA says it has notified Iran that it has reason to believe its nuclear program has “possible military dimensions,” a phrase used to describe nuclear weapons. The agency says it has received new information showing secret activity since 2004 and as recently as 2010. The information is “related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile,” specifically the Shahab-3. This is the same missile that the regime has displayed in parades, accompanied with the words, “Israel Must Be Wiped Off the Map.”

The IAEA points out that Iran declared that it produced 3.6 metric tons of low-enriched uranium since 2007, but the real amount is 4.1 tons. This undeclared amount is enough for two nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the agency concluded that “Iran has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device” in 2009. The agency is demanding that Iran fully cooperate by opening up all suspected nuclear sites for inspection and allowing full access to technology and personnel.

The report comes as far-left reporter Seymour Hersh writes that there is no evidence that Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb. The Obama White House reacted with a “collective eye roll.” One senior administration official said, “[all] you need to read to be deeply concerned about Iran’s nuclear program is the substantial body of information already in the public domain, including the most recent IAEA report.”

Indeed, to assume that Iran is innocent in its “energy program” is to give it an undeserved benefit of the doubt to the utmost extreme. It has pursued nuclear activity despite severe international pressure. In November 2009, Iran even announced plans to build 10 more enrichment sites. It has refused to agree to reasonable deals to have its uranium enriched outside of Iran, choosing to instead endure sanctions. The scope of the program “far exceeds what’s needed to turn on the lights, but it’s also beyond what’s needed for a basic nuclear weapons program.”

In September 2009, the U.S., U.K. and France exposed the existence of a secret enrichment site inside a mountain in Qom under the control of the Revolutionary Guards. The site is designed to store 3,000 centrifuges, far less than what is necessary for a domestic energy program but enough to make the fuel for a nuclear bomb annually. In November, testimony aired of an alleged nuclear scientist kidnapped by the militant Jundullah group. The scientist said he worked for three years at another secret enrichment site 15 kilometers southeast of the Isfahan uranium conversion site. He boosted his credibility by giving away the names of other scientists and engineers and saying where they live.

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  • Guest

    So what else is new? UN threats, declaration, etc. are worthless! Composed of bunch bureaucratic a$$…

  • Chezwick_mac

    "Guest" above is exactly right! So the IAEA has cited the Syrians and Iran for "possible" violations of non-proliferation commitments. I guess we're all supposed to breath a sigh of relief now?

    Nothing has changed. It's abundantly clear the "international community" has no stomach to impose compliance. Our proliferation nightmare coming to fruition is not a matter of if, but when. And make no mistake, once Iran goes nuclear, everybody and their mother are going to follow suit.

    • Dispozadaburka

      Soon time for Obama to bring in the Mahdi.

  • Steve Chavez

    The Russian Factor: "Putin's Revenge!" Any analysis of the Middle East must ALWAYS include the role of KGB Putin!

    The U.S. aided in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan and also in their eventual downfall! Don't you think Putin is bitter? Don't you think our Communists, who loved the Soviet Union more than their own country, are bitter when they saw the Iron Curtain fall?

    Now KGB Putin, and our Communist Party USA, and all their thousands of fronts, are aiding ANY group, or country, seeking our defeat in Afghanistan, Iraq, the whole Middle East, with the icing on the cake being the destruction of Israel!!!

    Russia is aiding in Iran's nuclear program and they, and China, veto any meaningful UN sanctions! My suspicion, which are usually proved to be facts, is that China gave North Korea their nukes to test thereby silencing any invasion or attack by the U.S. or South Korea. All North Korea has to do now is threaten a nuclear response to any of their provocations like the sinking of a sub and recent rocket attack. Now I believe Russia will GIVE Iran a couple of nukes to test thereby silencing any U.S. and/or Israeli attack! When this happens, Iran will eventually build their own bomb and all of Russian design!

    So what is Israel going to do? They have completed building a very large drone capable of flying to any Iranian site. This type of attack, along with long range bombers, and their own cruise missiles, will disable all known, and probably heretofore, unknown sites!

    Would Obama help his great friend, Natanyahu, and Israel?

    • Steve Chavez

      Would Israel warn the U.S., and Obama, of their plan to attack Iran's nuclear sites?

      Why did the U.S., and Obama, not warn Pakistan of an attack on Osama?

      Connect the Dots!

      When Israel attacks Iran, the prices of oil will go higher. Venezuela will retaliate against the U.S.! Palestinians, with the aid of Syria, and of course, Iran, will step up their poking in the eye of Israel forcing them to protect themselves, like they did yesterday, Sunday.

      Obama will claim that Israel is provoking wars and "over-reacting," oil embargo's/price hikes, and its border enforcement and will come down on the side of the Palestinians who he will send U.S. troops to protect thereby completing his anti-Israel mission that he was brainwashed to follow since, well, I was going to write, "from his Columbia days," but I'll just say since he was young enough to utter the words, "Jew pigs," taught to him by his loving parents and his Indonesian Muslim brothers!

    • Sonshinepatriot

      What is it that allows for the increased violent behavior in the Middle East (ME)? Could it be that we have a president that is silent on our enemy’s actions, but degrades and pulls the rug from under our friends in the ME. This president has show a propensity toward absurdity when it comes to US foreign Policy. Our friends are becoming our enemy’s and our enemy’s are becoming our friends.

  • Wesley69

    And what will the Obama Administration do about it? Nothing. Russian involvement???? But Obama pushed the reset button!!!

  • Sonshinepatriot

    How many IAEA reports will it take to convince the West to act against Iran? Iran is the snakes head of terrorism in the world; it terror tentacles reach all the way to South American; where it is building missile sites for our beloved Venezuelan friend Hugo Chaves. What will it take for the US government to draw a line in the sand?

  • American_Flag

    How much hypocrisy can we take? Israel will take them out soon enough…and rightfully so. To hell with the U.N. who needs 'em?

    • umustbkidding

      United Nations, League of Nations – no difference.

      I have never understood why we support such corruption. What's more there are quite a few enemies that we have in the UN which we have sloppily given the reigns to. I would like to hit the reset button as well. But to our advantage – novel idea huh.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The incriminating reports may pave the way for additional sanctions on the two rogue states that will, hopefully, delay Iran’s drive for a nuclear bomb.

    You mean there is still room to add additional sanctions that we aren’t already applying? Does the world have a suicide wish?

    If the sanctions won’t force Iran into a financial collapse and don’t lead to the overthrow of the Mullah regime, they will inevitably fail, and if Iran does get nuclear weapons and renders the NPT not worth the paper it was signed on, then Pakistan’s nukes will quickly proliferate throughout the Sunni Islamic world to counter a nuclear armed Shi’a Iran and WWIII, which will make WWII seem like a pleasant picnic in the park, will definitely become inevitable.

  • RiverFred

    I have one thing to say: DUH….The most important DVD you will ever watch is "Iranium" the movie. Buy it ($10.00) watch it.

  • Cervena_Vrana

    Ah, yes. These peace-loving, envrionmental friendly Iranians. Looking to nuclear fuel
    to replace the diry fossil fuel production of electricity for their countery. My ass.

    Feb 2, 2009 Iran launches communications satellite into orbit using Safir-2 rocket. Reference: http://www.space.com/5432-iran-launches-omid-sate

    Feb 3, 2010 Iran launches animals aboard satellite into orbit using Safir-2 rocket.
    Reference: http://www.space.com/5432-iran-launches-omid-sate

    Feb ?, 201? Iran launches nuclear warhead into orbit above North America.
    Threatens to detonate as EMF device if U.S. retaliates for Iranian nuclear
    attack on Israel, and its closing Straits of Hormuz and Gate of Tears which
    has cut off 66% of oil production to world market.