The Mystery of Bin Laden’s Compound

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Testimony from the locals indicates there was a lot of talk about the site. It was known as “Waziristan Mansion” and anyone who got too close or leaned on the security wall was told to distance themselves. If a football came onto the land, kids were not allowed to get it and were instead paid two or three dollars. Locals say vehicles from the compound regularly went to the tribal areas and the women living there were noticeable because of their black burqas; an unusual attire in this community of more moderate Hazara Muslims. One woman who delivered polio vaccine was immediately told to leave after she asked about the expensive SUVs parked there.

“People were skeptical in this neighborhood about this place and these guys. They used to gossip…People would complain that even with such a big house they didn’t invite the poor or distribute charity,” a farmer in the city said.

One local said, “A friend told me that some tall, bearded men lived in the house who said they had come to Abbottabad from Peshawar some years ago due to some enmity.” This lines up with what al-Libbi said.

Two brothers that lived at the site had some interaction with the community. One shopkeeper said they “always asked questions about what was happening locally and whether there had been strange visitors to the area.” The site itself and this type of activity was so suspicious that a rumor went around that the individual living there was the nephew of Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban who was killed in a 2009 drone strike. Apparently, the locals did suspect someone of high importance in the terrorist world was living there but did not question whether it was Bin Laden.

It needs to be asked why satellites did not identify the compound before August as a likely hiding spot for a High Value Target that could be Bin Laden. Based on what the locals are saying, it seems that it should have been relatively easy for a covert operative in the area or a human intelligence source to hear talk about the site that would have set off alarms. Between the site’s physical features and the talk of the locals, not much more evidence could realistically be desired.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden is a massive success. That it happened in 2011 at a massive site obviously designed to protect a High Value Target in a city previously identified by al-Libbi as a haven for top Al-Qaeda members is not.


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  • RickTorn

    Wow, look at that building!!! Apparently they don't have architects in Pakistan.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    If they could upgrade their bathrooms maybe they would be asked to join the EU.

    • Crazyhorse

      Little-IF ANY indore plumbing in pakistan..should have been som in that area tho,as the immediate neighborhood was above the norm…

  • aspacia

    You folks might want to watch this analysis:

    • claspur

      Good interview.. mailed it on.
      Seems to cut a lot of the BS away.

    • Crazyhorse

      Sounds reasonable..

  • crackerjack

    ………….with his brilliant, analytic mind, author Ryan Mauro sould be running the CIA.

    Small road, big house, no internet, no garbage……………Send in the Seals. LOL.

    Amusing how the US neocon lunatics hate their own president for his service to their own country and are trying to find a way to spoil the party. Obama got Osam. Learn to live with it folks.

    • Gary from Jersey

      As ever, the talking-points-spewing left ignores or doesn't know fact, logic reason or history. Why didn't O pursue the new intelligence last August? Why did it take him 16 hours to decide to clip OBL when the USA had been chasing him for 10 years? And why, o brilliant crackerjack, should BHO get credit for all the work others had done for so many years? Finally, aside from you adolescent name calling, poor syntax and spelling, why should anyone think of you as astute for claiming as your own "small road, big house," etc.? Should you be running the CIA?

      • crackerjack

        let's set the record straight.

        Reagan gave Osama weapons and cash.
        Bush couldn't find Osama.
        Obama got Osama.
        God bless the USA.

      • aspacia

        And why didn't WBYA nail the SOB years ago? Years ago, Wbya said OBL was not a major concern of his.

    • kafirman

      The real brilliance here is all Obama

      "The US is not, nor will ever be, at war with Islam" … as Obama gives OBL a respectful and Islamic burial.

      Obama is ideologically throwing the US under the bus. But Obama hasn't had the time yet to honor the US soldiers with a wreath in Arlington on Memorial Day. Those BC forgeries can be time consuming ya know!


      Obama is a lying, condascending islamo-panderer…thats all – his whole address sunday night was for his GLORY and his alone – he wants us to respect islam?…he wants us to beleive we are NOT at war with islam?…then wtf are we at war with?…this phoney is just despicable and a cancer on america…cut him out!

      • aspacia

        Hey, BHO did nail OBL.

    • Tar_n_Feathers

      What an idiotic statement. Obama got Osama is like saying Truman got Hitler.

    • Len Powder

      It took him 16 hours to make a decision whether to assassinate OBL. A no-brainer operation like this would have taken a 5-year old 10 minutes tops. Obama has more luck than brains!

      • claspur

        After reading this post, I wonder just how involved Soetoro really was in this operation?
        This was posted two days ago…

        This article is what it is, but very interesting nonetheless.

  • ajnn

    “People would complain that even with such a big house they didn’t invite the poor or distribute charity”.


    The observant Muslim and Holy Warrior at work. No charity, no interest in those who need his help. Just a mission of murder, destruction and oppression.


  • DanS.

    6 more like this one in Gaza – same arch. interesting? I think so. coincidence? I think not.

    hulll lo?????

  • JosephWiess

    Actually, I'm surprised that the pakistani military cadets are so stupid. Any of our cadets, upon seeing a house that had no phone cables, no data cables going in, no tv antennas, or knowing that people never went in,never went out, would actually wonder what was up with that house. Any law enforcement person would check it out.

    • Crazyhorse

      Why would they check it out.,and what for.Thousands of houses in US would have to be put under suspicion..

      • aspacia

        False Analogy. The USA is not a Muslim dictatorship.

  • fleedo

    Actually wait a sec folks – was there an order issued to kill Bin Laden or was killing him an unfortunate mistake. lf l was in charge l would want him alive and then l'd give him the treatment and get every ounce of information l could. lts common knowlege Bin Laden did not want to be taken alive – it is common knowlege he wanted to die rather than be taken. Keeping him alive would piss him off more than killing him. So whats going on here – was it Obama the manchild who wanted him dead and if so why?

    • aspacia

      Nope, OBL,if taken alive, would put all Western interests potential hostage to terrorists.

  • aspacia

    Agreed, and this poster gives him a thumbs-up for at least having one testicle. I hope the othe one drops soon. Just remember, much of the info gathered to nail OBL, came from water boarding interrogation, and BHO, is utilizing numerous of WBY's previous policies.

  • Excop18

    If the USA were to wage war the way the Jihad Joe's are doing it, UBL's body would have been brought back to NYC to be dragged thru the streets behind a fire truck before being hung from the framework of the Freedom Tower so the crows could feast on his eyeballs. ( I know, wishful thinking). Let us not forget who REALLY got UBL: US Navy Seals. Bravo Zulu.

  • Lightning jack

    Everyone knows, at least everyone who has the capacity of rational thought, the Pakistan is a two-faced, terrorist sponsoring state. So, understatement of the year!

    If we, and the front money we pay to Pakistan for running a double terror game should stop, then China moves in. It would be great just to wrap up operations lock-stock-and-barrel and get completely out of these despotic Third World toilets, and let them self-immolate in their fanatical, jihadists lunacy…if only it was that easy.

  • crypticguise

    We have to stop making believe with the Pakistanis. India is a natural USA ally. Time to begin a close working relationship with India. Cut the Pakistanis loose. They are killing us and playing games.