Ahmadinejad: Master of Canada?

In February 2011, the news media reported that the screening of the controversial documentary, “Iranium,” had been banned in Ottawa due to pressure from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy. Despite all the threats, the documentary was shown in two different places — Archives Canada in Ottawa and York University in Toronto.  Many citizens, including students, lined up to come and watch and formulate their own opinions.

The fact that this documentary made the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy concerned is a disclosure of the true face of this brutal government’s  intent to procure nuclear weapons and support. The violations of the basic human rights of the Iranian people during 31 years of the regime’s existence, meanwhile, continues to be on full tragic display. The most shocking aspect of the attempt to censor the film, however, was how it was possible that an embassy of a foreign government (Iran), which is isolated in the international arena and has the highest number of opponents among its citizens (within Iran and abroad), can exert its control over the Canadian government.

The documentary shows the inhuman treatment of the regime’s opponents by police forces, and it contains interviews of various politicians and analysts.  It also shows a montage of the Islamic Republic officials’ speeches, including that of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust-denying president, who boasts that “we will not give up a single iota of our nuclear rights.”  It is obvious that this regime refers to nuclear weapons as so-called “nuclear rights.”

When the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1979, its leader Khomeini mentioned that the United States of America must be destroyed,  and referred to Israel as a cancerous tumor which must also be destroyed.  These threatening statements by the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been continued until today under the government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  He has openly declared that “Israel must be wiped off the world map.”

These statements completely make clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking nuclear weapons rather than a peaceful nuclear program. It is forcing its sinister desire upon the Iranian people and it says that this is the wish of Iranians.  But the fact is that Iranians have been suffering under poverty and the violations of their basic rights. The last thing that they care about is nuclear weapons because the money that belongs to Iranian families has been spent in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and other countries to support terrorist groups and Islamic extremists such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The Canadian government has to understand that the Islamic Republic of Iran and its supporters in Canada are a threat to the safety of Canadian society. The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran plays an important role in this matter.  This regime and its supporters are trying to take-over Canadian laws and regulations for their own sinister desires. Additionally, since the Canadian Federal government has condemned human rights abuses of the Islamic Republic of Iran at various times, there will be a desire by this regime to take revenge against Canada.

It was by the Islamic Republic’s trained terrorists that many Iranian opponents of this regime throughout the world, including political activists and artists, have been murdered. Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, the prime minister of the previous regime, was one of those victims.  Thus, this threat now exists in Canada for Iranian dissidents of this regime.

As Iranian-Canadian citizens and opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is very concerning for us to see the growing increase in the number of Iranian agents and supporters in Canadian society.

Sara Akrami is Founder and President of the Human Rights Activists Association at York University-Canada.

  • Viking

    This is just the beginning. At first the only threats come from the embassies. But as soon as the borders are opened to their fifth column proxies, they are the ones threatening the society they are living in and feeding on. This became all to clear when thousands of those new "Norwegians" and "Danes" openly sided with the Mullahs in response to the Muhammad caricatures.

    A more recent example was when the Norwegian government arranged a demonstration against terror, hoping for a massive Muslim showing, but only some 300(!) were there, and at least half of those were Norwegians. In contrast, more than 3000(!) Muslim taxi drivers in Oslo parked their cars outside the newspaper Aftenposten to protest reprinting of some of the Muhammad caricatures in 2010.

    • posse101

      good points all!

  • Jane

    The title, and some of the remarks in this article are very misleading. The Iranian Government did not succeed in exerting control over the Canadian Government. In fact, the Canadian Government, under Stephen Harper's leadership, harshly reprimanded the Iranian Govt. for its attempts to stop the film. The Govt. made it very clear that Iranium would be shown at the National Archives, where it was originally supposed to be viewed. The Government also sent a MP to view the film. I assure you that the Canadian Government fully grasps the dangers of Iran. The people who shut down the film on the date it was originally supposed to be shown, were mindless idiots within the National Archives, who arbitrarily made the decision without consulting the Govt. They were ordered by Minister Moore to reschedule the film at the exact location within the National Archives, to send a clear message to the Iranian Govt. that Canada will not take orders from them, or be cowered by their threats.

    • Andres de Alamaya

      It is a delight to hear this. Bravo!

      • Jane

        Andres – you might be interested in watching the interview with Minister Moore, when the National Archives cancelled the film. Scale down the page at the link below, to access the video.

    • taffyincanada

      Exactly Jane. Front Page should pull this "half truth to tell a lie" article and take a hard look at it's agenda which i thought was to expose the lies and mis information being fed to the west and not to participate in it.

      • Annie

        What appears to be lies in the article?

        MSM reported Feb that it had been banned due to Iranian pressure – no mention at this point in the article as to who did the banning. Was the statement a lie?

        Did or did not the Iranian Embassy try to exert control over what should or should not be shown in Canada?

        The gist of the article was not actually that of Iran trying to get the film banned – but it was instead o warning to the Canadian Government to be even more on guard.

        Because of Canadian stand against Iranian human rights abuses and now the stand telling them diplomatically 'keep your nose out of our rights to see what we want when we want' Canada will be targetted even more so – if not overtly then covertly by 'Iranian agents and supports in Canadian society'.

        As Iranian opponents have already been murdered outside of Iran the Iranian dissidents in Canada are feeling threatened by Iran trying to interfer in the running of their adopted country.

        Instead of screaming about a few lines that may or may not be read as untrue, put yourself into the position of the dissidents and feel their anxiety and also the thankfulness they have for the Government standing firm and the hope that it will continue to do so.

        • taffyincanada

          The lie or lack of truth comes when you report a story from a month ago and leave out what the response from Canada really was. If this story had been posted the day this happened it would be true but it was not and so the story should be told to the end. The fact that the article left everyone with a false impression of Canada's reaction to the threats from Iran was misleading and nothing less than a lie. Telling only half the story because the rest does not fit the narrative you are trying to portray is in reality telling a lie. The writer of this article is fully aware of the facts and chose to only write enough of them so the reaction would be to see the Canadian government as dhimmi.

        • Jane

          I don't know about you, but I want accuracy when I read articles. What did the author hope to accomplish, by distorting the truth about the events? Canada has taken a firm stand against Iran on a number of issues, including Iranium, and Ahmadinejad is definitely not a "Master of Canada". You are sending mixed messages. In one statement you comment on the fact that Canada will be targeted even more so, because the Govt. took a tough position regarding Iran's lack of human rights, and the film. Later on, you indicate that you want the Govt. to continue to be firm. Which is it? Re dissidents feel threatened by Iran – they would be at risk, regardless of the position Canada takes on any issue. Our desire for the truth, has nothing to do with the position Iranian dissidents find themselves in. In fact, the truth should help their cause, not hinder it. If readers can't trust FP to be honest, then their efforts to warn about Islam will be a complete waste of time. FP has an obligation to speak the truth. If I wanted sensational crap, based on distortions rather than fact, I would read the tabloids.

          • Jane

            I quote Ms Akrami – "The most shocking aspect of the attempt to censor the film, however, was how it was possible that an embassy of a foreign government (Iran), which is isolated in the international arena and has the highest number of opponents among its citizens (within Iran and abroad), can exert its control over the Canadian government." That didn't happen – therefore the statement is untrue. As stated previously, idiots who work for Archives made a decision WITHOUT contacting MPs Moore and Kenney, to determine if they had the authority to stop the film. As soon as the Ministers heard about the cancellation, they ordered the Archives to run the film at the first available opportunity. The author should have done her research, and blamed the Archive employees for the cancellation – not the Canadian Government. The question remains, why didn't she?

  • al-Kidya

    So, what's the point of this article, Sara?

    Did you write the Canadian Members of Parliament?
    Did you wite to the Prime Minister of Canada to protest the stopping of the screenings?
    I did!
    My MP didn't even know that it was banned.
    The Prime Minister didn't know that it was banned.
    He thanked me for pointing this out to him.
    Sometimes all it takes is one letter to get things changed.
    I am certain my letter wasn't the only letter of protest.
    A couple of days later it was announced that the screenings would go ahead despite protests fom the Iranians.
    Canada has a minority Conservative government. Hopefully after next election they will have a majority. Could you imagine what Canada would be like under a New Democrat Party or a Liberal government?
    Vote for a majority conservative government and we will see bigger changes. I believe Mr. Harper knows the Islamist situation and seems to be the only one with balls these days. Give credit where it is due, please.

    • Jane

      Fred Litman, head of the film society that organized the event, contacted Ministers Moore & Kenney at the first sign of trouble. Both of them reacted swiftly, and made it clear that Canada will not succumb to demands or threats from the Iranian Govt. The Conservative Govt. fully understands the dangers of Islamism, and yes we definitely need a majority Govt. Canada cannot withstand another Liberal Govt. (they did more than enough damage) – including assisting the Khadr family. As for the NDP – according to Salim Mansur & Tarek Fatah, the NDP has been infiltrated to the highest levels by Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • logdon

    Ottowa sur la Shat el Arab?

    • stern

      Ottawa did what to the Arab?

      • logdon

        The Shatt el Arab Waterway is the gulf dividing Iraq and Iran. I missed out a 't'.

    • Capt Canuck

      Where is Ottowa? Is that in Michigan? Maybe you mean Ottawa? Please project the histrionics in the correct direction:D.C.
      We have a minority Tory government lead by a man named "Stephen", you have a Revolutionary style regime voted in on RACE with a leader named after the steed in Muhammad's night journey and educated in an Indonesian madrassah.
      Perhaps 'Washington dans les toilettes'?
      Not very neighbourly is it? Glass houses and stones come to mind. This kind of miserable drivel is what leads a growing anti-American sentiment in ALL of the NATO allies. Try some HUMILITY for you vitamin H, the HUBRIS is a little rich.

      • logdon

        We too have a minority Tory government, in a coalition and elected not on race but discontent with the previous administation. Figure that one out, Cap'n.

        Your own hubris has lead you into assumption, leading to your very own mislead histrionics. And as often happens with assumption and histrionics it gets its knickers in a twist.

        This time over a mere typo.

  • alanmirs

    Clearly in this tale there are two gropes to blame, Israel government and students in Hamadan Iran
    The Israel government for their attack to Islam’s heritage, culture, history, and territory which are joint tenant, with Jews, Moslems, Christians, all alike
    And the other, young students, inexperience, and bias
    For centauries through out the history the natives lived together dominated by majority rule in harmony, and they respected each others heritage, related to one another through intercourse, association, socializing and being part of it, as one family
    Israel is not a Jewish state, and not because they are or not Jews but because they don’t belong to the environment and since the circumstances is not like the new world, they don’t understand the heritage, culture, and the history of the land
    They formulate wrong decisions and make problems for other governments and nations
    Local governments as Iranians list the heritage to guard it but when troubled, announce it to be a holy Moslem Shrine to protect it http://www.communitym.com/article.asp?article_id=http://alanmirsblog.wordpress.com/

    • stern

      What utter BS!!!! To begin with, Arabs have never lived in harmony with anyone unless the "other" had dhimmi status. Just read up on some of the massacres of Jews in the Holy Land BEFORE the creation of Israel.
      And your claim that "Jews don't belong to the environment" is completely ridiculous – unless, of course, you're referring to the fact that under Arab control, the environment was allowed to become a dust-bowl and Jerusalem was nothing but a provincial backwater where nobody but Muslims could worship; whereas under the Jews, the land has been made arable and Jerusalem has been opened to all faiths. That's the part you really can't stand, isn't it?

    • MixMChess

      "The Israel government for their attack to Islam’s heritage, culture, history, and territory which are joint tenant, with Jews, Moslems, Christians, all alike"

      Nope, you are lying. Israel goes out of its way to protect Islamic heritage sites in Israel. The Palestinians of course knowingly desecrate Jewish and Christian holy sites on a routine basis.

      "For centauries [sic] through out the history the natives lived together dominated by majority rule in harmony, and they respected each others heritage, related to one another through intercourse, association, socializing and being part of it, as one family"

      You're an idiot, there was never a unified or stable indigent culture in the region except that of the Jews. Of course, Jews living under Islam were persecuted and humiliated. Lest we forget, in the ninth century, Baghdad's Caliph al-Mutawakkil designated a yellow badge for Jews, setting a precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. And who can forget that Pogroms popularized in Europe got their start in places like Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

      • Jane

        MixMChess – Excellent post. Well said.

    • posse101

      Dear moron,

      read a book sometime!


  • Capt. Canuck

    The ban was reversed and as a long serving officer and combat vet in the CF and now the COTC, I can tell you this film is being screened at bases, universities, and even sevral high schools across our country. Not simply York, a notoriously LEFT wing school. The title is misleading, as are the conclusions. In many ways, we Canadians are more alert and sensitized to the danger of Islamification than our southern Neighbours. Take into account the polls and positions on the Ground Zero Mosque, for example. I must also regrettably note, this article, will give every Canadian reader (many) pause to reflect on the integrity of others on this site. I am a big fan of this site, but this article is not up to par.

    • USMCSniper

      The CBC was promoting Little Mosque on the Prairie with great fanfare, despite the obvious fact that the CBC sitcom reflected "an Islamist agenda" that was using comedy to lull mainstream Canadians into believing all-is-well in Canada's Muslim communities, despite evidence of a rise in extremism among Muslim youth. The question all Canadians should be asking is this: What good is it to send our troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan when our own public broadcaster, the CBC, is tricked into according respectability to Islamist organizations that share the same doctrine of Jihad?

      • taffyincanada

        Bush and Obama have told the American public that Islam is peace. CNN can't print enough articles praising muslims. CBS and ABC are just as bad. We also have a left wing mentality in Canadian media and schools just like you. So try not to be the pot calling the kettle black.

        • USMCSniper

          I said the "CBC" not Canadians, unless of course, your are defending those CBC Marxist multicultural propogandists.

    • logdon

      'In many ways, we Canadians are more alert and sensitized to the danger of Islamification than our southern Neighbours.'

      Try telling that to Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant.
      http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/…/story.html?i.... – Cached

      ezralevant.com/2008/06/did-you-hear-the-one-about-the.html – Cached – Similar

  • BLJ

    Screw those mullah's. We should have taken them out long ago.

  • taffyincanada

    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.

    Should have left that one up administrator as there was a lot more truth in my comment than in this article

  • Gubster

    Extremely, extremely disappointed with FrontpageMag, (my #1 source for Right News) for publishing this trash. This is so very inaccurate. The Convervative Government's responsible minister, Mr Kenny forced the film to be shown. To imply that the Harper government, #1 friend of Israel, is a puppet of Ahmadinejad is idiotic. You need some good housecleaning in your contributing world.

    • taffyincanada

      me also Gubster. I will look at this site tommorrow and if this pack of lies is still here I'm done with Front Page

  • Arabianmoondog

    I think, too, if it's still here tomorrow, I'll be taking Front Page off of my daily "must read" list. I knew already that the Canadian Gov't had very impressively smacked the Iranian Embassy down over this.

  • Jane

    Front Page – you have seriously harmed your reputation by publishing this article, and I completely agree with the others that it should be removed. The article unfairly distorts the truth, and insults the intelligence of your readers. Furthermore, if I was one of your professional journalists like David Solway, Jamie Glazov, etc. I wouldn't want to be associated with such trash.

    As for who is handling the problems with Islam the best – every Western country, including the U.S., is succumbing to Islam in a variety of ways. We are all in this together, and need to stop fighting with each other. While we fight amongst ourselves, Islam is focused, and actively working to destroy our freedoms. If we don't get our act together soon, we may reach a point of no return.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Could this happen in the land of Sgt. Preston and his dog Youkon King?

  • Elaine

    Harper has taken a Stand!