As Next Flotilla Nears Launch…

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Just what those methods are has not been revealed, but options for disarming the ships at sea have been discussed. Last time, naval commandos dropped down to the Mavi Marmara armed with paintball guns, unprepared for the violence reception they received. In hindsight, Colbert said, this turned out to be both “unwise” and “ineffective.”

The passengers they encountered were “violent protesters, some of them known to affiliate with terrorist organizations, who met them with iron clubs, knives, sling shots and firebombs. So they are not going to put their troops at risk in the same way.”

One option, Colbert said, is to disable the power on the ships, but if inclement weather approaches the ships would be in immediate danger without engine power. Others have floated the idea of an Israeli “counter-flotilla,” which would be peaceful and display banners calling attention to the Gaza flotilla’s illegality. That would have the effect of getting the Israeli point of view in front of the news cameras covering the event. Colbert noted the inherent hazards in such an act: the Gaza flotilla boats could attempt to ram the Israeli boats, and running boats so close together carries the risk of a crash.

Israel will also have to work out the logistics of a seeming contradiction: allowing legitimate humanitarian supplies through while taking a tough line toward those who, like last year’s flotilla, attempt to bring weapons to Hamas or resist Israel’s efforts to bring the ships into Ashdod for inspection. “I don’t think it will deter the people who want to cause Israel harm, and in fact are looking for this, they’re looking for a violent confrontation,” Colbert said.

If a ship is found to have weapons aboard, Israeli forces may disable the ship’s engine and encourage its backers to have the ship towed not to Israel, but to its point of origin—Turkey or Cyprus.

Members of the Fatah Central Committee claim they will participate as well. Senior Fatah member Nabil Shaath told a Palestinian radio service that although Fatah doesn’t control the Gaza Strip (Hamas does) nor do they have any authority over the Mediterranean from the Gaza coastline to international waters (Israel does), “we don’t need authorization to reach our homeland—not from Hamas and not from Israeli security forces.”

Through the attempt to smuggle weapons to Hamas in last year’s flotilla exercise and public remarks such as Kaya’s, the IHH has made its intentions clear, presenting Israel with an obvious security challenge as the flotilla date nears.

“We hope to see some innovative tactics [from Israel],” Colbert said.

Seth Mandel is a writer specializing in Middle Eastern politics and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Horowitz Freedom Center.

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  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I have a sinking… feeling

    • Rifleman

      But it's a good sinking feeling!

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Israel has been a good friend of the United States for decades . In fact it is the only real friend that we have in the Middle East. The fact that the remain our friend after all the foolish decisions we have made in regards to this relationship speaks loud and clear about the character of this government and people. Israel should stop this flotilla and the US should support them. We should also let be known that we support Israel as the work tirelessly to try to safeguard their people. If we don't we may find out just how valuable a friend they are… the hard way!

  • jacob

    And when (GOD forbid) anything happens there as it is feared as retaliation for __bin Laden's elimination, what is this fool of a Mayor going to say ??____Were the FBI high uppers guilty of overlooking the agent's report on the oddity of__Arabs learning to fly commercial aircraft straight and level, no take-offs nor __landings as reported to her by one of the instructors , EVER FIRED ??????____And now we learn from Rep. KING 3 guys connected with terrorist activities __got US citizenship ???____Would somebody please explain what in the hell is going on in this country ?____Just because, if OBAMA believes he will have bin Laden's liquidation as a __main feather in his cap, he is got another thing coming…____It will pay for him and his abject media sycophants to remember LINCOLN's__words, THAT YOU CAN'T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME…

  • ziontruth

    First–really first, before anything, before sending a single soldier, before firing a single bullet or missile: First, impose a total media blackout. All press, whether local or foreign, out.

    For the flotillas, all of them, without exception, are primarily media blitzes upon Israel's legitimacy. Recognize the nature of the war, then respond in kind.

    • Rick_in_VA

      Israel has the technology to disrupt communications to and from the ships, which would help prevent some of the "stories" that were being reported during the last episode. It would also prevent the various ships from coordinating their attack plan. That would leave semaphore flags (remember those?) as the only means of communicating. A couple of fire boats would discourage some of the smaller vessels. Disabling the ships is an option as long as the weather wouldn't endanger lives. Once they are in Israeli waters, the ships could be impounded. (They could even be held for ransom, just as the Somali pirates are doing. What's sauce for the goose…)

  • jacob

    It is only to hope that by now, the Israeli navy has been able to develop some sort
    of artifact with which to disable the steering and propulsion systems of the flotilla
    vessels without harm to the "people" on board, leaving them dead on the water for
    as long as it feels they deserve but this time, let the owners of the MAVI MARMARA
    kiss it goodbye, because it will be impounded, sold to the highest bidder or better
    yet, SCRAPPED….

    This will be one hell of a lesson for people willing to help in this kind of "operations"

    Will the Israeli "leaders" have the "cojones" to do it, come hail or high water ???


    • Rifleman

      Sell it and use the proceeds to finance their weapons interdiction. Money the jihadis spend on new boats can't be used to buy weapons.

      Fouling props is easy. A zodiac towing a couple hundred feet of steel multi-strand with floats on it cuts in front of the yacht and turns toward the stern, pulling the cable under the keel and back into the props. Attach the eye the cable is hooked on to a wood block on the transom, so the wood screws give, and doesn’t damage the zodiac.

  • Ken

    THey probably should let the flotilla enter Gaza. I have no doubt that they have candy and sweets for the Gaza residents to help celebrate the death of Bin Laden. Think of the children.

    • ziontruth

      "THey probably should let the flotilla enter Gaza."

      Hmmm… are you planning on them getting Vittorio'ed? An interesting possibility.

  • AL__

    Clean the torpedoes and call the sharks.

  • tanstaafl

    It would be a shame if one or all of these boats sprung a leak…………..

  • Alfonz Shmedlap

    W., 05/04/11 common era

    Whatever Israel does or doesn't do with the upcoming Flotilla 2, most of the Gentile world will get its panties in a bunch. With this in mind, Israel ought to sink the participating ships and hope that there are plenty of sharks in the water. No more Mister Nice Guy!

  • capt. america

    since these commies are not producing as much,or more than they consume,they themselves must be termanated , for the greater good,no doubt. caral marx words,not mine

  • Constitution First

    May I recommend a flag for that ship, resembles a "bulls-eye"?

  • tullamore

    a senior flotilla enabler, and active participant in fund-raising and providing intelligence to Hamas and Al-Quada is Code Pink founder Susan Medea Benjamin, who lives with husband Kevin J. Danaher, founder of Global Exchange (q.v. Google) and son Adrian BenjaminGomez, at 1519 Sanchez st., San Francisco, between 28th & Valley sts., mid-block pink (get it?) wooden house built 1885, open access all around.

  • DeShawn

    Only in a jew-controlled world would bringing food, clothing and children's toys to starving people in an open-air prison be considered "terrorism," while stealing other people's land and them starving, terrorizing, massacring and humiliating them because considered "human rights." And you hook-nosed satanic spawn WONDER why the world hates you? Anti-semitism is a direct response to SEMITIC behavior (ironically, Palestinians are the real semitse; you so-called jews are khazarian imposters).

    • kevinS

      that first flotilla was met with soldiers armed with paintball guns, they were met with knives, firebombs, metal pipes. If they only wish to provide humanitarian aid, why not submit to inspection? I am amazed at how people can be so angry and frightened by one of the smallest group of people in the world.
      How many Nobel prize winners can the Arabs claim, other than that humanitarian Arafat? How many hospitals have endowed by the Arabs? Well, one could go on at tedious length. Hook nosed satanic spawn? Good grief, still reading Der Sturmer are you?

    • zionista

      just another rabid Jew hater who's so jealous of us he can't help it. Hey deshawn why don't you get a job and move out of your mama's place?

      • Rick_in_VA

        There is no point in trying to explain anything to people like DeShawn.
        It's a hopeless cause. He's imbibed too much of the anti-Israel koolaid.

    • DRFlorida

      Wow, are you a moron or what? Israel is not only the only democracy in the region, but arabs and muslims who live in Israel have better lives and more freedoms than in their own lands. Your ignorant, hateful statement only shows us how important it is to stay on Israel's side. People like you not only inflame hatred on the muslim side, but make Americans look dumb too! Go read a book, learn some real histoy and facts and wake up to realize you have been cheering for the wrong side! Moron!

  • ajnn

    "khazarian imposters" – classicstuff straight from the racist's mouth !!!

  • Prof James VA

    Only deshawn here has made a valid point supported by evidence on all sides. Granted, kevin has given a valid reply but forgets that the blockade itself is illegal, quickly dissolving the substance of his point, although u are welcome to substantiate if u feel u still have one. The rest of you are using nothing but hate language without any points OR evidence, and I must say it certainly reflects on the kind of blind hatred that Zionism has become an integral part of. Hatred that no longer feels it actually has to make a valid point, and most of the time when it tries, still fails to do so. Hmm, I wonder why…Oh yeah, FACTS.