Freedom and Sadness


On a plane ride the other day I dipped into a collection of interviews with various conservative thinkers called Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror, by Jamie Glazov. (Glazov recently interviewed me, but I’m not in the book.) Most of Glazov’s interviews focus on the War on Terror. (Here are some folks with nice things to say about the book.)

What struck me most about Showdown With Evil was the autobiographical angle, which the interviews nicely draw out. I was especially taken with the contrast between Andrew Klavan’s laugh-out-loud-funny and stunningly smart account of his path to conservatism, on the one hand, and Glazov’s own biography on the other.

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  • therealend

    This is a true story. There was this man named Ted who grew up, lived and died in another country.Ted had an enormous impact on his nation's history, culture and economy. He managed to take over much of his country's industry and commerce and agricultural business. Later he controlled it all. His power was so great that he also controlled the functions of his nation's government. Ted was at the top of the totem pole. The top of the heap. Ted was the man. He was certainly a monopolist like none other before him as well as an autocrat like no other. Ted could have been described as a king but that would be understating his authority. He was a King's king. His word went unchallenged. Ted learned to do this from his mentor who showed Ted the way to make all this possible. This is all true, except that his name wasn't really Ted. It was Vladimir Illych Lenin.

    His mentor was such an idiot that he couldn't see that all he really devised was an absolute monopoly and an absolute monarchy. The mentor's name was Karl Marx.

  • Patrick Henry

    Marx sought to end inequality, to force egalitarianism, to establish social justice. He sought to create a utopia, a heaven on Earth in which the children of Adam and Ecve would live as equals. When you seek to do the work of God, you unleash the Devil!

    • Philosopherking

      All of those, when done, destroys individual liberty and that is by design.