Cashing In On Kashmir

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To conceal its involvement in influencing American policy towards the plebiscite goal, the Pakistan’s government set up a group of “straw donors,” who gave money to the Kashmiri Center and American politicians on its behalf. The Pakistanis also paid tens of thousands of dollars to the British politician George Galloway for his assistance.

“The goal of the group, according to internal documents cited by the FBI, was to persuade the United States government that it was in its interest to push India to allow a vote in Kashmir to decide its future,” the New York Times stated. “The group’s strategy was to offset the Indian lobby by targeting members of the Congressional committees that focus on foreign affairs with private briefings and events that would draw media attention and otherwise to elevate the issue of Kashmir…in Washington.”

Although politicians of both parties received these illicit funds, with President Obama even having received a $250 campaign donation, Dan Burton, a Republican representative from Indiana, appears to have benefited the most, according to a search the New York Times did in the Federal Elections Databases. Called “a champion of Kashmiri causes” in Congress and an “inveterate critic” of India, this largesse, Burton’s detractors believe, is the reason for his pro-Pakistani stance. Burton was at one time also supportive of an independent Sikh state carved from India, which would have meant India’s virtual dismemberment. He also once sought a 25 percent cut in aid to India for its poor human rights record.

The other big recipient of the ISI-sponsored donations was the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Unsurprisingly, according to a profile of Fai, he is a “Distinguished Member of the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle” and was awarded the “Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom in 2005.

“On October 12, 2007, he was presented with the American Spirit Medal, the highest and most prestigious honour given to an individual,” the profile reads, adding Fai’s articles have appeared in some of America’s most prestigious newspapers, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

Not bad for a Pakistani government agent who, according to the FBI, has been active the past 25 years and met undetected “more than 4,000 times” with his handlers since June, 2008. An informant familiar with the scheme was responsible for bringing it to a halt.

This affair of the illegal donations raises questions that should cause the US government to stop and take stock of both itself and the Pakistani military. The most obvious is how this “long-term conspiracy,” as the FBI calls it, could have remained undetected for so long. Another is how someone representing a jihadist strategy that would weaken India, an American ally, could have reached right into the Senate. Fai would not have received those senatorial awards for nothing. And lastly, how many other governments are attempting to illegally buy influence in Congress through this system of what has been called “legalised bribery.”

With the bin Laden affair, the Pakistani military proved it is no ally of the United States. It contemptuously concealed the terrorist leader, while cynically extracting billions of dollars in American aid and modern weapons. It has allowed Pakistan to become the headquarters for worldwide jihad and with these recent charges concerning illegal donations it confirms once again that nothing Pakistan does in regard to America can be trusted. In the future, all relations with this country should proceed from this premise.

Stephen Brown is the contributing editor for He can be reached at

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  • Larry

    It does explain some, but by no means all, the USA's stupidity on dealing with a jihadist state as a close friend and ally.

    • nexium vs prilosec

      A few stand up people may be there trying to do what is best for America but are and
      will continue to be overwhelmed by the good old boys. The sad thing is that our leaders' egos have been seduced by oil money.

  • bob

    Some truth all the while blowing smoke up your backside, Osama was dead several times long before Obama's announcement { If he even ever existed } there is no left and right politically in the US they all work for the same people; It is a straw man argument, if they can instill an ounce of fear in most of the people, they can get them to give up rights and liberty in exchange for safety.

  • StephenD

    Lay down with dogs you're bound to get fleas.

  • mrbean

    Bill Clinton was worse. It has been thorughly documented the myriad ways in which Clinton's 1992 and 1996 campaigns were the beneficiaries of " illegal contributions" from individuals and organizations associated with the People's Republic of China, in particular the PRC military/intelligence. These included "a massive cascade of illegally laundered foreign funds" dropped off in bags at the whitehouse and injected into key states in the general election of 1992. China's biggest arms smugglers had a White House meetings with Clinton at which they were illegally solicited for enormous secret campaign donations. The People's Liberation Army [or PLA] partner sat next to Clinton at a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser and contributed hundresd of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign funds to the Democrats through the Whitehouse; and "the officers of an American defense contractor LORAL in business with China's missile builders suddenly became the No. 1 contributors" to the president's reelection campaign in 1995-1996. Clinton is and was a traitor.

  • Geddy

    Obama is worse than the worst of Clintoon and Carter together. America is finished. Over. Done. Our corruption is through to the very core, (the corrupt judges are now in the supreme court). There is no recovery. I am ashamed of my service in the military that sufficed in only helping liars like kennedy, kerry and reid in office becoming billionaires.

  • Jim

    The whole place here is a little like Quartzite Arizona. Corruption here there and every where.
    Geddy should now consider the next step.

  • Amused

    " The FBI also said there was no evidence the recipients knew the donations were illegal "

    LOL……gee !! where'd they get that idea ??? OF COURSE they didn't think it was illegal , it's bloody S.O.P., here in the USA .

  • Amused

    And of course , according to Mr. Geddy above ….it's only Democrats that are crooked , this could never happen with the LILY-WHITE-Republicans ……..right Mr. Geddy ?
    Boy you are one deluded /brainwashed dude !!

  • Amused

    Oh , and BTW Geddy , most of those Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Bush . In addition , those "horrible losses of Liberty " , you are whining [ lying ]about …….yup Republicans again …TSA , Homeland Security ,and the Patriot Act .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Washington being the pit of dishonesty and criminal activity within a patronage
    bureaucracy is hopeless and beyond reform while the character of our
    politicians remains amoral, ethically void and continuously selfserving. A few
    stand up people may be there trying to do what is best for America but are and
    will continue to be overwhelmed by the good old boys. American voters are to
    blame for this situation and unless and until America wakes up and changes
    who it gives authority to our government will remain a noose around our collective

  • Dispozovdaburka

    Why not give the 800 mil to India?
    Why not give unlimited aid to Israel?
    How about "exclusively" supporting REAL allies?
    Why not question "human rights violations of the Saudi's?"
    And Pakistan
    and Afganistan.
    and actually –
    ALL Muslim countries.
    Hillary will find her Pakistani" crush" to be nothing more than someone
    she can pay to patronize her sympathic, pathetic, female ego.
    The sad thing is that our leaders' egos have been seduced by oil money.
    But on an optimistic note…
    Since Israel has recently discovered oil within their legal borders…

    How about the US "EXCLUSIVELY" buying oil in the Middle East from our real ally in the Middle East, Israel?