Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged

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The one argument Broder didn’t anticipate was made by a commentator on a leading German television news program, who said bin Laden’s killing was nothing but a re-election ploy on Barack Obama’s part. Like many other European leftists who pride themselves as being morally superior to everyone else, he was “disturbed” by scenes in the United States celebrating bin Laden’s death.

“What kind of a country is this that celebrates an execution in such a way,” he said. “It’s clear that Osama bin Laden was responsible for thousands of deaths but does that suffice as an explanation? …The world is not safer with bin Laden’s death.”

An indication of the depth and irrationality of the European left’s anti-Americanism occurred in Holland after the American raid. Two Dutch men were so infuriated at bin Laden’s killing, they went to a local police station to lay a charge against President Obama for murdering the al-Qaeda leader. While a complaint was registered, the police told them it would be better for them to go to the international court in The Hague.

Just as deep as its hatred for the United States, is the European left’s hypocrisy regarding bin Laden’s demise. While they are crying tears of phoney moral outrage over a terrorist leader’s killing, they have not been bothered by the thousands of Arab deaths in the Middle East this year let alone by the tens of thousands of Muslims al-Qaeda has killed. European leftists have always prided themselves on being in the forefront of Third World peoples’ emancipation struggles, but they have been silent during the current Middle Eastern bloodletting, in which Arab demonstrators have paid, and continue to pay, a terrible price in human life in their fight for freedom and a better social order.

But the Arabs currently protesting, fighting and dying in Middle Eastern countries do not realise they are themselves responsible for the European left’s indifference to their plight. They are not screaming any anti-American or anti-Israeli messages that would warm leftists’ hearts. These Arabs are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their children, uninteresting topics for the“progressive” left.

And this year’s annual Easter demonstrations in 100 German cities by leftists indicated their complete indifference to Arab suffering. The demonstrations’ four main themes, as reported in Die Welt, were pulling German troops out of Afghanistan, the outlawing of nuclear weapons, turning off all nuclear power plants and stopping NATO’s intervention in Libya. Besides bin Laden, other Arab deaths apparently aren’t even worth mentioning.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the German left’s reaction to bin Laden’s death is its lack of concern for the safety of its own country and people. Osama bin Laden had threatened Germany and other European countries in the past with terrorist attacks, and Al-Qaeda has killed Germans and other European citizens. An al-Qaeda-allied terrorist group is also training German converts and Muslim German citizens in Pakistan for attacks in Germany. One would think German leftists would at least be relieved that this danger to their country was now eliminated.

But it is obvious that the hatred German and other European leftists possess for America has caused them to lose all perspective and feeling for humanity. They are simply not interested in any cause where they can’t burn an American or Israeli flag. In their eyes, only on such occasions should Chancellor Merkel be allowed to express her happiness.

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  • autdrew

    Its Goldstone not Stone

  • Nick54

    Yet another example of a dhimmi judge commiting cultural suicide. The lights indeed are going out in death wish Europe. Such self-hatred is utterly nauseating…

  • davarino

    Yet another reason not to visit Europe. Hope they like the muslim take over. All those minerets will be lovely, along with the calls to prayer that sound like monkey squeezing.

  • tagalog

    We seem to be in a phase of history in which our societies must re-learn the lessons of 200 years ago, namely, the value of freedom of speech, the unsavoriness of collectivism, creating one society from the voluntary joining of people of many societies, and many other things I was taught in school had been learned and ironed out long, long ago. I guess they don't teach that stuff in school any more; it seems to interfere with putting on turbans and pretending to be Muslims, or dividing the class up into pretend minorities and pretend majorities so as to "experience" bias, or learning how to put on a condom, or taking a field trip down the state capital to demonstrate in support of teachers' unions.

    Poor Angela Merkel; join the crowd of people who are trying to express what they think or feel against the roars of the kind of people who put their fingers in their ears and shout "La la la la la…"

    This recent turn of events (over the past couple of generations) constitutes much of the reason why any thinking person could credibly conclude that we are not as intelligent or wise as we once were.

    • Mark

      Excellent Post! Spot on concerning the dumbing down of our educational system.

  • fleedo

    lt wasnt an execution. As far as l am aware there was no order to execute the Bin Laden fellow.
    lf there was no order to execute it is not possible to bring a charge of illegal celebration. Many commentators have described the Bin Ladens killing as state execution but there is no evidence that it was that. lf one takes the personal view the killing was unfortunate others are of course free to celebrate it without these stupid accusations.

  • OLJingoist

    OBL declared war on the US…The US is fighting a war on terror….OBL was the leader of a terrorist organization ….We mounted a military operation into unfriendly territory and launched a military raid. If we had left a smoking pile of concrete rubble with a B-2 bombing it would be the same outcome. Except we are assured that OBL's war is over, because he was bagged and tagged.

    • Hank Rearden

      @OLJingoist…in 4 words: ab so lute ly!

  • Steve Chavez

    Can't say "GERONIMO!" "You're a racist" if you question Obama on anything! "You're a racist" if you dare question an illegal!" Can't call a Muslim "a Muslim!" BUT HEY, LET'S BRING ON "THOSE JEW PIGS!" I bet that's okay speech in Germany!

    "When the Berlin Wall fell, we cheered, Communists cried! When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered! When Osama died, we cheered, they cried!" CONNECT THE DOTS!

    Obama is in El Paso today, across from Juarez, the killing capital of the world, who is seeking immigration reform. I HOPE HE GETS "MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE!" Oops, am I going to be in trouble with Montezuma's relatives?

    • John

      I truly do not see the reason for him going to El Paso. He's already made up his mind. Just a good waste of taxpers money for the jet fuel.

  • John

    If this continues pretty soon there is going to be the majority of people charged with hate speech towards Islam. I wonder how long it's going to take for me to be charged. But since I'm not in political office or am bound by political correctness I can tell the pejorative "they" to stick it.

  • Kate

    Isn't this how the Nazi Party silenced Germans just a few decades ago? Let us hope the Germans don't cower – let us hope Americans don't cower to the same threats. The Tea Party Activism is one of the healthiest signs of Life here! Thank you for exposing this current misuse of German law against sane thinking and right speaking by Angela Merkel.

  • logdon

    Some time ago, US advertising guru, Jerry Della Femina pitched a headline to Panasonic which later became the title of his, 'From those wonderful folks who brought you Pearl Harbour' book.

    Maybe these lefty German Israel hating Islamophiles could come up with a similar catchy and controversial, 'From those wonderful folk who brought you the Einsatzguppenfuerer'?

    Seems appropriate.

  • Jim

    Why the concern? The opinions of the loony left are taken by most of the public as irrelevant rantings. The public that has been the target of Al Qaeda's murderous attacks has every right to rejoice that there is a murderer who can no longer murder.
    He was at war and he died in the war he started.

  • tagalog

    Maybe instead of demanding a trial, Angela Merkel should plead guilty and demand the maximum penalty. If a lot of people turned themselves in and did that, I wonder what the legislators would think about their law.

  • dude911

    hmmp…imagine that…some judge wanting to criminalize emotion…

    does it get any stupider….??

  • LindaRivera

    Why are the judge and the Left so angry? Is it because mass murderer, Bin Laden, won't be able to murder more innocents? The judge should be investigated. Human beings have the right to be protected from Bin Laden!

    • ziontruth

      The Left are morally inverted. They ask for clemency for the D.C. Sniper and a fair trial for Osama Bin Laden, while denying outright and without any sort of appeal the right of a fetus to grow and get out alive from its mother's womb.

      A special place in hell, folks. A special place in hell.

  • Rick_in_VA

    What else can I say to Angela Merkel?


  • JosephWiess

    Leftists, no matter the country of origin have mental disorders and maybe should go live in slavery in the middle east. After all, they have no idea of what they've got.

    • ReconRambo

      I believe it is 50% mental and 50% spiritual, for they are the sons and daughters of their father Satan and his bidding they shall and must do.

  • steven l

    All these leftists (US included) should be dropped into Pakistan or to other democratic Muslim countries. Or better they deserve to get a taste of old fashioned USSR communism: a gulag. Perhaps this can be arranged with our dear friend Putin!

    This being said, there is a lot to improve in the US.

  • Amused

    If the German People stand for and let go forward this absurd prosecution of Merkel , then they truly deserve what their muslim freeloaders have in store for them .

  • Hank Rearden

    This is as good an example as one can get as to why we didn't join the International Criminal Court. Being a judge is no protection against being a twit. The German judiciary were the first pillar of society to cave to the Nazis (the second being the professoriate).

    I hope Angela Merkel doesn't back down. There is no point in trying to ingratiate yourself with Lefties.

  • USMCSniper

    Herr bin Laden sleeps mit das fishes, und gut riddance!

  • SpiritOf1683

    Its proof again of the saying "Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad", and Western civilization will eventually be destroyed by the savage Muslim barbarians because 'we became mad' courtesy of 40 or 50 years of political correctness, self-hatred and moral relativism. And no end to this collective Western madness looks in sight – at least until the rusty blade is being held to our necks.

  • MLCross

    But Europeans are supposed to love Obama by now. Why don't they love Obama? They've had more than enough time to notice how much more nuanced Obama's approach to foreign policy is. Didn't they hear he won a Nobel Peace Prize? What's the matter with these people? Can't they see how he's renewed the stature of the U.S. around the World? My god! He's not even remotely a cowboy. It's almost as if there's nothing we can do to make European leftists love us. Maybe if we'd have dropped a bomb on bin Laden like NATO did on Qadaffi – that doesn't seem to have made them nearly as angry. Couldn't be that it was probably not a U.S. plane that did that but one of the European countries.

  • Proudscott

    European culture, with its centuries of contributions to moderna man, is quickly snuffing itself out on the wings of political correctness and cowardice. It is sad to see as once great peoples are reduced to grovelers who don't have the courage to stand for what they believe nor the rights and freedoms to state what they believe. Hopefully the USA doesnt continue down this same road.

    Maybe the Germans (at least the easterners) learned how to be submissive through the decades worth of oppression by the Soviets and they can't break out of their cutlural malaise. Maybe they like being under the control of savage adversaries.

  • krissja

    It’s approximately as condition there’s not anything we know how to do to make mothers day facebook status European leftists feel affection for us.

  • kriss

    It's approximately as condition there's not anything we know how to do to make European leftists feel affection for mothers day facebook status us.