China: Pakistan’s True Ally

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Uighurs terrorists


While it blatantly betrayed America for almost a decade regarding Osama bin Laden, recent terrorist attacks by Islamists in western China reveal who Pakistan views as its true ally.

In the middle of July, “an organised terrorist attack” on a police station in western China’s restive, Muslim-majority Xinjiang region left 14 people dead. About 18 Uighurs, carrying a flag with the Arab words for “Holy War” written on it, were blamed for the deadly assault.

The Uighurs are a Muslim Turkic people, native to the region and numbering about ten million out of a population of about 22 million. Some want independence from China and have angrily opposed the influx of Han Chinese immigrants. Simmering tensions between the two ethnics groups exploded in violence in 2009 that saw about 200 people killed.

Last weekend, China experienced two more terrorist attacks in Xinjiang that left 19 dead, including five terrorists. On Saturday, an hour after two bombs exploded, a truck hijacked by two Islamic terrorists slammed into a group of people, after which they got out and stabbed innocent bystanders, causing eight deaths. The following day, after burning down a restaurant, a larger group of Uighur terrorists began to randomly stab passers-by, killing several.

Unlike with other terrorist attacks worldwide with connections to Pakistan, the Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), reacted immediately to last weekend’s Chinese incidents. That’s because a captured Uighur terrorist confessed the leaders of Sunday’s Islamist attackers had received training in Pakistan in camps of the banned extremist East Turkistan Islamic Movement. So in contrast to its stonewalling behaviour regarding bin Laden, the ISI sent straightway Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, the agency’s director general, to Beijing. The Pakistani government also stated it was extending its “full support” to China on this matter.

“We cannot allow Pakistani territory to be used for any activities against any neighbour, especially a close ally like China,” said the chairman of the Pakistan-China Institute. “There are strong ties between China and Pakistan, and we are cooperating closely on this issue.”

It’s unfortunate, however, that America does not get the same consideration and “full support,” especially when it comes to jihadists using Pakistani soil to launch attacks against NATO and Afghan troops in neighbouring Afghanistan.

“The United States rarely gets that level of cooperation when it presses Pakistan on militants operating in its border regions,” wrote one analyst.

No kidding. Despite paying Pakistan $1 billion in aid annually for the last ten years to battle the terrorist groups operating on its soil, America still cannot persuade the Pakistani military to invade North Waziristan where the most hard-line Islamist organizations are located. Moreover, the Pakistanis have always prohibited the American military from going in there and doing the job itself.

The main reason for Pakistan’s preferential treatment of China over America is that the Pakistan military has always regarded India as its primary enemy rather than the Islamic terrorists on its territory. This attitude was evident only days after 9/11, when then-Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf, said in a speech on television: “We are trying our very best to come out of this critical situation without any damage to them [Pakistan and the Taliban].” Musharraf never condemned either terrorist organization in his address.

Musharraf, who set the lackadaisical Pakistani policy in the War on Terror until he was replaced in 2008, was never a staunch ally of the United States, as the media portrayed him after he resigned in 2008. Unlike America and her allies, he never regarded the Taliban and al-Qaeda as enemies of civilization that had to be destroyed, but rather as tools to be used in Pakistan’s showdown with arch-enemy India, with whom it has fought three wars. In her book Pakistan: In the Shadow of Jihad and Afghanistan, Mary Anne Weaver wrote Musharraf, whom she interviewed, spent his entire adult life “battling India.”

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  • James Tucken

    The Americans aren’t much of an ally either my friend. Did we not have sanctions slapped on them until 9/11?

  • Tariq S Khwaja

    This article is so biased on so many levels. The author makes numerous statements that are bending of truths.

    1. Pakistan was blatantly harboring bin Laden (watch Musharraf's interview on the Daily Show)
    2. $1billion granted by US to Pakistan is pittance compared to the value of our relationship with China. The US would let us (ensure that we) rot the day this war on terror ended.

    and more …

    • christopherl

      Of course they were blatantly harboring him. Pakistan is playing a two faced game with America. It is time America ends all aid to them, and also end all Muslim immigration.

  • Tariq S Khwaja

    Having said that I do hope Pakistan gets rid of the terrorists completely. India may be a threat but if you aren't going to cure your own diseases you really can't hope to deal with any external threats.

  • Amused

    China's only "allegiance " is to CHINA . Many are too young to remember the US backed West Pakistan government of Bhutto in 1970 , invaded East Pakistan [ now Bangladesh ] and slaughtered nearly TWO MILLION Hindus and Shia . China atleast publicly backed East Pakistan . India intervened and beat back the West Pakistanis [ now Pakistan ] .

  • kumar

    US should fight a defensive war in Afghanistan like what India has been doing in Kashmir and just make sure that etrrorists don't sneak into Afghanistan. Its just a matter of time that these terrorists will kill each other and ordinary Pakistanis inside. Karachi is burning. Muhajirs of Karachi now want to come back to India ( read the statement of their leader just two days back). China is too smart and will never waste her money on Paksitan.

  • Zara

    Pakistan should focus on internal development and stop having grand ambitions like controlling Afghanistan, influancing Iran and China and bleeding India through 1000 cuts. Focus on yourself Pakistan. No one is out to get you. You have nothing to offer to the world except terrorism. You are not critical for anything but controlling the terrorism you breed.

    • Sunny

      Where ever there is Islam there is a problem. Every country with Islam as state religion iit is burning. The people are really fed up with Islam but are afraid to come out because the community have large % of population which is blood thirsty takes pleasure in declaring those people as apostates and kill them.
      People in Afganistan, Pakistan are suffering so much especially women because of this Islamic tenets

      It is time that people revert back to their original religion and leave islam

      It is really time that people

  • McCreed

    Doesn't it sound Pathetic that Pakistan has to prefix the words "Close Ally" and "All Weather Friend" in every statement their foreign ministry makes concerning china?
    Sounds like close ally is becoming more synonymous with Loner with no other friends other than China

  • George

    I feel like I am on the English version of Chinese CCP propaganda tool XINHUA when I read what happened in Xinjiang, China. Are you sure the word 'Holy War' written on the flag? even the GlobalTimes says "flag with separatist messages" ……

  • StephenD

    I still don't understand and am uninformed on the notion that Pakistan is an ally while India is…what exactly? I know that Pakistan is governed by an Islamist government meaning they are diametrically opposed to our way of life so we could never truly be allied with them except for temporary mutual endeavors which warrants a tenuous relationship at best. On the other hand, India is mostly Hindu peoples with many others to be sure, who for the most part are peaceable and accepting of our Western Democratic way of life. Why have we not made serious attempts to forge lasting relations with them? Why would we even bother with the likes of Pakistan? India, to my mind, is our best bet apart from Israel for a stable Mid-East.

    • @ StephenD

      Pakistan is not ruled by an “Islamist” govt.

      Zardari is a corrupt agent of America’s that like to drink whiskey.

      The PPP is filled with traitors to Pakistan.

      If Pakistan had an “Islamist” government – Raymond Davis would have be tried for murder and the US Embassy in Islamabad would be closed.

      You are an ignorant racist.

      • StephenD

        LOL. Racist? Because I say Islam " ist" governments are opposed to our way of life? I guess if this is how you define it I am rightly charged.
        I really don't care if they define themselves as Islamist or not. Their entire way is based upon Islam and it's ways of governing are of Islam. Hence, my applying the term. Still, you charging racism is just too funny!

        • @ StephenD

          You are a ignorant racist – and thanks for confirming that you “really don’t care” – goes to show your complete disregard for the truth.

          You are a Christian Terrorist, just like Anders in Norway and Pamela Geller.

      • Michael

        Pakistan is an Islamist Government. It's in their constitution.

        Steps shall be taken to make the teaching of the Qur'an and Islamiyat compulsory.

        Only a Muslim could be qualified for election as President (male or female) and Prime Minister (male or female).

        All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Qur'an and Sunnah and no law shall be enacted which is repugnant to such injunctions.

        Sounds like an Islamic Theocracy to me.

        • @ Michael aka Christian Terrorist

          You are another ignorant, biased Racist.

          “Theocracy” is a govt ruled by a clergy class – like the Vatican or Iran.

          Pakistan is not a theocracy. Get an education.

          Americans are idiots because they lack the funding for their schools.

          You should go pay your bills to China – HA HA HA HA HA.

  • Ali

    "China atleast publicly backed East Pakistan "

    HA I have never read such rubbish. China sat on its fence because it was scared of upsetting Russia (who sent troops to the Chinese border) and at the same time wanted to keep improving relations with the US. China also backed Pakistan because they didn't want India to gain more influence.

    Pakistan has no allies and Pakistan knows that. Pakistan is playing both sides and that is what they need to do, they will be the ones who need to deal the Afghans once the US has left (Pakistan should keep firing more missiles to Afghanistans just to prove to them that we shall deal with them with brute force).

    Pakistan needs to form an alliance with Iran to deal with Afghanistan, it needs to form an alliance with Turkey to help its economy and also form an alliance with Saudi Arabia to counter Irans influence. The US needs Pakistan for its own interest as does China, Pakistan should (and is) exploit this. The Islamic world is Pakistans only true ally.

    • Sunny

      Dear Ali
      Have you ever seen how you people are treated by arab world.
      They think and treat you as most lowly creatures. They think like converts from countries like pakistan , Afganistan and India are only for abusing and most lowly form of muslims.
      Open your eyes it is time you people go gack to your original religion

    • Amused

      Ali , I was there during the India Pakistan war , I worked on ships , and we went from Karachi ,to Bombay , to Madras ,Calcutta ,and onto Chittagong and Chalna . I witnessed the dead bodies in their thousands . I said " atleast " not meaning anything positive , but descriptive of the public position of China , in those days .I did not indicate nor imply that China did ANYTHING other than lip service ,China has also taken public positions against US invasion of Iraq ,and US actions in Libya , and no , China has done nothing also in those . That's the way it was , dont exactly understand China's reasons , perhaps humanitarian , given the wholesale slaughter that was being perpetrated by West Pakistan , or simply to oppose a government the US backed .

    • ObamaYoMoma

      The US needs Pakistan for its own interest

      With all due respect, the US needs Pakistan like it needs a heart of attack. If the USA were smart it would leave Afghanistan ASAP and at the same time obliterate Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear program.

      • Amused

        Ditto .

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Double ditto and a few bad players in Pakistan and Afghanistan should
          not see the end of the month………………………………William

  • Shaam

    Americans need to stop thinking that the world revolves around them. China is Pakistan’s neighbor while we are several thousand miles away. It’s like saying how come US and Canada have good relations. American policies are heavily tilted towards India, which has had a war with all its neighbors including China and Pakistan.

    I also agree with Mr. Tucken.

  • Gabeena

    While it blatantly betrayed America for almost a decade regarding Osama bin Laden…..
    Come on! You really don’t believe US had no idea what was going on or where he was? It’s so very obvious from the strategic manoeuvres US has made to acquire and retain the land of Afghanistan and have its paws dug into Pakistan so as to eventually take away their nuclear power.
    How long before OBL was killed, when Pakistan naval base was miraculously broken into? With 25 feet high walls and electric barbwires, somehow such a large number of terrorists enter the building without being detected… immediately after US had their military commandoes surround the nuclear plant in Pakistan and openly announced, they shall take out the nuclear capability for the sake of world security if there was to be an attack! It is pretty clear the attack will take place and they will order for the neutralisation of the plant. The only one in the Muslim world.
    Under no circumstances it is being suggested that Pakistan is innocent but US and they have worked together for Afghanistan due to mutual fears of destabilization of the region including the fact that if Pakistan did not compromise, they had India on one side and US down their throat on the other. No nation would have allowed drone bombings on their own land (Waziristan) if they weren’t threatened with full on war; instead they seemed to have gone down the route of having civil war with their country falling apart.
    Either which way, to state US was unaware of OBL’s whereabouts is just wrong! If OBL was captured before hand, US would have not had the opportunity to overtake the strategic location of Afghanistan as they have now or pressure Pakistan to surrender their nuclear plants….
    talking about $1Billion yearly, thats to keep the unfortunate currupt government of pakistan quite… and as with any nation, US has shoved money to every (temporary) strategic Ally, majority of them have been cause of destruction for nations, including the so called taliban and mujaheddin….

    • ObamaYoMoma

      If the USA hasn't already been totally corrupted yet by the hijacking of the American government by the left, it will destroy Pakistan's nuclear weapons arsenal and nuclear weapons program sooner rather than later. It would also get the hell out of Afghanistan ASAP as well.

  • xlent

    Islam, is the root of all the problems in the world today.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Leftism may be even more destructive, as all the Islamic world has to do is sit back patiently and wait for the Left to finish destroying Western Judeo-Christian civilization. Then once that has been accomplished, pounce on the leftist useful idiots to impose Sharia throughout the world and usher in a new Dark Ages at the same time.

  • Farooq Rabbani

    Front page is not Chinese and does not represent chinese opinion , it is pretending to be a chinese perspectibe bt it is funded by CIA.

    Front page is not Chinese and does not represent chinese opinion , it is pretending to be a chinese perspectibe bt it is funded by CIA.

    Front page is not Chinese and does not represent chinese opinion , it is pretending to be a chinese perspectibe bt it is funded by CIA.

    You ferkingnsty eviol bastrds front page you ll know why I am going to say this
    i et it doesnät get posted!

    • Amused

      Farooq , take an aspirin .Do some thinking .The CIA has got better things to fund , other than Frontpage . Nor do I think they share the same ideology [and that's a good thing ] .

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Actually, in the long run the Islamic world will use the Chinese as useful idiots to fulfill its own ends. However, as soon as the situation changes, the Islamic world will instantly turn on the Chinese, because the Chinese are also unbelievers.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Thank You ferkingggbanana your CIA appreciates you……………William

  • Jim

    The solution seems to be to supply the Wazirs. Let them make trouble for Pakistan and the Chinese will have to give more aid to Pakistan.
    Let us drain China for a while.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm not sure how the Pakistani community in this country is going to feel about this article. I doubt they're going to like it very much.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Maybe they will go back to Pakistan and make us cry…………….William

  • raghead-cowboy

    Thanks to Raymond Davis who showed the real face of America. They were caught red handed. It brought shame to Obama govt. and the CIA. Send all 5 million Afghan refugees to to US and their new puppet India. Let CIA move around freely in India then we will see who has double face.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    While it blatantly betrayed America for almost a decade regarding Osama bin Laden, recent terrorist attacks by Islamists in western China reveal who Pakistan views as its true ally.

    What I want to know is how many Presidents, Secretary of States, Diplomats, government officials, Generals, etc., etc., etc. have been held responsible for allowing the US government to be duped by Pakistan for so long? Has BHO, Hillary Clinton, the State Department, the Defense Department, the CIA, etc., etc., etc. all been exposed for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty and held accountable? Has Presidents, i.e., GWB and BHO, Vice Presidents, i.e., Dick Cheney and Joe Biden, Secretary of States, i.e., Colin Powell, Condi “appeaser” Rice, and Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretaries, i.e., Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates, CIA Directors, i.e., George Tenet, Michael Hayden, and Leon Panetta, etc., etc., etc., all been either held accountable in any way or condemned for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty?

    All these grossly incompetent people were also responsible for engineering the two fantasy based nation-building missions in Afghanistan and Iraq that have been incredibly counterproductive to the interests of the USA. In fact, both of them are the two biggest strategic blunders in US history. Does anyone know if our US government is reevaluating the soundness of continuing to pursue these two extremely misguided operations considering the gross incompetence of the people involved and that were responsible for them?

    Everyone is wondering how the US is going to hell in a hand basket so quickly. I don’t know but I have an idea that because no one is ever held responsible for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty it must be one of the main reasons. All I know is all the people responsible should be held accountable one way or another. At the very least their good names should be disgraced and their names should live in infamy like Benedict Arnold's name lives in infamy..

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The following day, after burning down a restaurant, a larger group of Uighur terrorists began to randomly stab passers-by, killing several.

    They weren’t Uighur terrorists. They were Uighur jihadists. They didn’t do it for some isolated political cause like Breivik. They did it in the cause of Allah. Indeed, terrorism is always isolated and for various political causes, while jihad has been taking place around the world continuously for almost 1400 years and in stark contrast to terrorism, it is always perpetrated in the cause of Allah. Hence, the writer of this garbage is conflating jihad with terrorism and at the same time misleading his readers.

    That’s because a captured Uighur terrorist confessed the leaders of Sunday’s Islamist attackers had received training in Pakistan in camps

    That captured Uighur terrorist wasn’t a terrorist. He didn’t do it for some extreme political cause like Breivik and McVeigh. He wasn’t an extremist, he was a mainstream orthodox Muslim fulfilling his holy obligation to fight jihad in the cause of Allah. Indeed, he did what he did in the cause of Allah, not because of some isolated extreme political cause.

    Despite paying Pakistan $1 billion in aid annually for the last ten years to battle the terrorist groups operating on its soil

    If the USA operated under the assumption that all Muslim countries are at war with the USA and really all unbelievers around the world, which is true, by the way, then it wouldn’t make stupid strategic blunders like it did in Afghanistan and with respect to Pakistan.

    Hell, we are stupidly assuming that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons aren’t in the hands of the so-called Islamic extremists. This is taqiyya because it is a false dichotomy. The reality is all Muslims are jihadists, a few of them are violent jihadists, and most of them are non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists, and the ones that are not jihadists are not Muslims at all but blasphemous apostates that must be executed per the dictates of Islam.

    Hence, Pakistan’s nukes are in the hands of jihadists. However, they want us to believe in that false dichotomy that says the nukes are safe because they are not in the hands of the Islamic extremists, because they know we might react by trying to cease or destroy them. Nevertheless, that’s bull and all smoke and mirrors because that is a false dichotomy. In reality the nukes are in the hands of jihadists and if the USA weren’t so blinded by that false dichotomy, it would have already ceased or destroyed them a long time ago.

    Musharraf, who set the lackadaisical Pakistani policy in the War on Terror until he was replaced in 2008,

    Indeed, our US policy is so misguided and thoroughly inept and incompetent that it declared war on terror. However, Muslims never perpetrate terror. Instead, they wage jihad in the cause of Allah per the dictates of the sixth and most important pillar of Islam.

    Mary Anne Weaver wrote Musharraf, whom she interviewed, spent his entire adult life “battling India.”

    Why should that be surprising? The jihad of conquest the Islamic world is waging against the Hindu unbelievers in India primarily through Pakistan is permanent, just like the jihad of conquest the Islamic world is also waging against the Jewish unbelievers in Israel primarily through the so-called Palestinians is also permanent and will continue to be waged perpetually as long as those unbelievers continue to exist as independent entities. Indeed, the other current jihads of conquest taking place against many other unbelievers in Thailand, the Philippines, Chechnya, Russia, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Ethiopia, Cote D’Ivoire, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc., etc. are all also permanent as well.

    Meanwhile, Obama, along with Dhimmicrats and RINO Republicans in Congress, just put the Department of Defense on the cutting block, despite the fact that it has been repeatedly cut or abused by successive leftwing presidents. (A couple of them were Republicans. However, they were really stealth leftists masquerading as being conservative.)

    Pakistani military steamroller will cross North Waziristan, ending the terrorist threat to the world once and for all.

    Yeah right…maybe in your world it would end the terrorist threat to the world once and for all, but it wouldn’t end the jihadist threat, but then again I don’t live in a world of false dichotomies like the writer of this article live in.

    America has turned the money supply to Pakistan back on, and nothing has yet come of President Obama’s promise to investigate whether anyone in Pakistan had anything to do with protecting bin Laden. And no one is questioning whether America should withdraw financial support, or at least arms transfers, to Pakistan, since it is getting closer to China.

    Why aren’t the RINO Republicans in Congress, Boehner and McConnell, holding hearings on any of this gross incompetence? Oh yeah….I forgot, they are also equally as incompetent and besides they have been extremely busy as of late, cutting the legs out from under the Tea Partiers to give Obama everything he wanted plus the farm.

    This country is so fricken screwed!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Pakistan gets the free dollars back, they have a friend in Obama, methinks
      incompetence is complicity and as long our loyal troops are kept out of
      America we have few to oppose the leftists rats in Washington. Things
      could be worse and my bet is they will and soon……………….William

  • Fred Dawes

    The reason why is most of are political leaders are no real Americans, and this is the real reason this nation will come-apart-soon.

  • Amused

    You can get somethings right Dawes , and this is one of them . Political parties have put their own interests before the better good of the United States , …..which they "claim " to serve .