Court Forbids Muslim Student from Praying in Berlin School

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Germany’s leftist school teachers are breathing a tremendous sigh of relief – at least for the moment – due to a court ruling last week that forbids a Muslim student from praying in his Berlin school. German leftists, who used multiculturalism to get Christianity out of the public schools, were relieved Leipzig’s federal administrative court prevented Islam from filling the vacuum they created when it decreed the school had a right to prevent students from performing the Muslim mid-day prayer ritual, since it could disturb school peace.

“This is not a verdict against Islam,” stated Der Spiegel, Germany’s largest news publication, in hailing the decision. “It is a verdict for the sensible separation of state and religion.”

The ruling’s only drawback, however, was that the court stressed its decision applied only to this one school and not to the whole country.

The events leading to the anti-prayer legal ruling actually began in November, 2007, when a Muslim student, Yunus Mitschele, who was then 14, knelt down in a school corridor during a school break along with seven other Muslim students and began to pray towards Mecca, while several other “astonished” students looked on. A teacher fetched the school’s principal, Brigitte Burchardt, who waited until the prayer was finished to speak to the students, telling them, as one German newspaper reported, that “it is perhaps not a good idea what they are doing there…that church and state are largely separate…and about how it would affect other students.” Burchardt also forbid a repetition.

Afterwards, the principal spoke with the students’ parents, since she feared such a demonstrative prayer display could endanger the peace in the multicultural school. The school in question, the Diesterweg Gymnasium, an academic high school for students going on to post-secondary studies, contains students representing 29 different nationalities and five major world religions, including different strains of Islam. The German newspaper Die Welt reports that in the past this religious diversity “has lead to conflicts, and therefore the school administration had to intervene” in this case.

Burchardt came to an understanding with seven of the Muslim students and their parents; but Mitschele’s father, a German convert to Islam, would not accept her prayer prohibition and took the matter to court. In 2008, he obtained a temporary order from a lower Berlin court that would allow his son to perform his prayers once a day at school but only during a break.

“He (Yunus) was the first student in Germany to demand the right to conduct his prayers at school,” Spiegel stated.

Mitschele returned to court in 2009 to have his right to pray in school confirmed, basing his claim on the fact religious freedom is guaranteed in the German constitution. Since observant Muslims pray five times a day, he would have to pray during school hours, it was argued. In September of that year, the court agreed Mitschele did have this constitutional right and therefore should be allowed to pray in school. After the ruling, the Diesterweg Gymnasium allotted Mitschele a prayer room, although the court “did not demand it.”

But one German journalist, writing in May, 2010, wondered how important praying really was to Mitschele, since, in the eight months after the ruling, he had used this prayer room a grand total of only 14 times. In his defense, Mitschele says he couldn’t always find a teacher with a key to the room, which appears rather odd. After all, why would the school take the trouble to provide him with a prayer room, especially after this case had received so much media attention, and then not ensure access? It also appears neither the court nor the German media received a complaint from him or his father regarding his inablity to perform this supposedly all-important mid-day prayer, especially after they had gone to so much trouble to obtain this right.

This leads one to wonder whether the whole Diesterweg Gymnasium affair was simply a provocation, taking after the movement in Europe to bring Islam out of the mosques and into the public sphere. Public spaces, including whole streets, have been taken over in European cities for prayer by kneeling Muslims. These public demonstrations are not so much about piety, but rather more about establishing a dominant position for Islam in European societies by visibly occupying their public areas.

Public schools would be a tempting, and important, target in this drive, since in schools it would also be about the hearts and minds of children. But in Mitschele’s case, once the value gained by the visibility of his praying in the school’s public space, the hallway, was lost by the assignment of a prayer room, his interest in the mid-day prayer may have waned correspondingly.

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  • Brujo Blanco

    There are those public schools in the US that prohibit anything Christian but allow Muslim activities. This puts one religion over all others.

    • kafir

      It's possible that since islam isn't a religion, but a cult that it's allowed? Allowing cultists to practice their cult isn't putting a religion over another. Perhaps if islam was a religion and not a disgusting cult of terrorists, murderers, and rapists, then it would be excluded from schools.

  • Sue

    People of the other religions should start making demands now then all these problems will stop as legislators will have their hands full and will have to take a stand and not favour one over the other.

  • oldtimer

    Christians and Jews are not allowed to pray openly, so why should Muslims be allowed.?
    The Muslims, poor me, policy is sickening. They will do anything to draw attention to themselves and try to look like they are being oppressed. They are the most oppressive people on earth. They will tolerate nothing but Islam, and under their Sharia law, nothing else is exceptable. It's time to treat them the same as they treat others.

    • ziontruth

      "Christians and Jews are not allowed to pray openly, so why should Muslims be allowed.?"

      It has all been given an exquisite explanation in the very first episode of Star Wars to be filmed (A New Hope, dubbed Episode IV):

      HAN SOLO: "It's not wise to upset a Wookiee."

      C-3PO: "But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid."

      HAN SOLO: "That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their socket when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that."

      C-3PO: "I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the Wookiee win."

      Appeasement. That's all there is to it. Craven, cowardly appeasement.

  • CrossofMalta

    Islam is not a religion. Let's get that straight. Cults can't occupy publicly funded tax paid school grounds. Scientologists don't pray to L Ron at school for eg. Moslems must either integrate into German culture – eviscerated and sad to be sure — or go back home to their lands of racism and supremacism and chatter to their moon deity wherever and whenever they want. No cult observances anywhere in public, in Western states.

  • tagalog

    So the Christians can just fire up those morning prayers in the German schools without fear of being stopped and discouraged, right?

  • stern

    A very similar situation here in Toronto. A public school with an overwhelmingly Muslim population (about 70%+) had been allowing students to leave school during the day on Friday to attend Friday prayers at a nearby mosque. This took up too much time and some students didn't bother coming back, so the school began allowing prayers on school property.

    Now it's important to understand that the sexes are segregated for these prayers and – get this – menstruating girls ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRAY! You can imagine how this is going down in multi-culti, politically correct, feminist Canada.

    Huge outcry is still ongoing. We await resolution with much interest.

  • stern

    Not amusing, not clever, just sick. If this is the level of your contributions, we really don't need you here.

  • stern

    Ah, I see we have a real intellectual giant among us.

  • ziontruth

    That commenter is probably what's known as a "moby": Someone from the opposite side who, masquerading as one on your own side, posts remarks of such character that is calculated to supply the enemy side with quotes "proving" the evil of your side.

    As for the Führer, in reality he made a cordial deal with one of the leaders of "these rag heads," an escapee from British rule, the Mufti of Jerusalem. His racial theory may well have considered the Semitic mufti and his followers to be eventual targets, but he decided to put his plans on suspension in exchange for an alliance against the Jews.

    In addition, the Führer and many of his henchmen considered it a debacle that Germany had been Judaized/Christianized instead of having been converted to the "soldier's religion" of Islam.

  • stern

    Yes, it shows, both in your grammar and your spelling.

  • HalleysFifth

    Don't feed the moron troll.

  • HalleysFifth

    So I guess the moderators here will allow some Nazi moron to use obscenities like "…lick some rag head dick…", but I can't call the dumbsh** a dumbsh**.

    Real intelligent moderatin' there dudes!

    • ziontruth

      Your first post did appear (and I actually managed to save it when I saved this page to my local disk as an archive), and then on the next reload it disappeared. I can repost the text you wrote if you want.

      Strange things happening here on FPM. Like the time I had to misspell an everyday, innocent word to get my post past the spam filter.

      • HalleysFifth

        Thank you! – I just saw your reply today. It's very kind of you to save my post, though I'm not sure where you would re-post it.

  • StephenD

    Here we have another zealot for evil. I would suggest we ignore him (rolo) completely. He may reappear under another pseudonym but will be easily recognizable by his exemplary wit and charm.

    • stern

      HI StephenD,

      Yes, I agree with you completely. I just couldn't resist having a bit of fun, but will behave myself now.

  • Nick

    Hitler embraced muslims…in Europe, think Bosnia, their were muslim battalions of the SS…

  • Steve

    too little, too late.

  • Stuart Parsons

    All religions are Cults….. unless someone has verifiable evidence for the actual existence of a God .

    • ziontruth

      100,000,000 human lives lost to the anti-religious cult of Marxism. To the secular cult of Abortion On Demand—tens of millions of pre-born living human beings.

      If you don't believe because you think there's no convincing evidence, OK. But don't go thinking secularism would cure the basic tendency of humanity to do evil (Genesis 8:21), because, in that department, it has proved to be the falsest god of them all.