Egypt’s Starvation Time

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Religious violence against Christians and complaints against the ruling military council make up most headlines one reads about Egypt today. But the Nile state’s biggest, and largely unknown, problem concerns how it is going to feed its millions of desperately poor and hungry people in a time of economic downturn and political turmoil. It is estimated that about 40 million Egyptians among an 82 million population now live below the poverty line.

Egypt is the biggest wheat importer in the world, but, frighteningly, may soon run out of funds to buy on international markets the necessary food to feed its impoverished masses. A story in the Financial Times last week states that the Central Bank of Egypt’s foreign currency reserves have dropped $10 billion, from $29.8 to $19.4, since last February.

“The current reserves are estimated to cover 4.8 months of imports, down from 6.9 in April, 2011,” the story goes on to say.

Which translates into only five months until catastrophe strikes. Egypt consumes 14 million tonnes of wheat annually, half of which it imports. The amount of wheat Egypt currently has in storage combined with planned purchases, primarily from Russia, is expected to last only until March.

While the recent massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army demonstrates that Egypt is disintegrating, the inability of the country’s rulers to feed their country’s millions of poor would lead to a collapse into chaos of monumental and cataclysmic proportions. The Asia Times columnist Spengler (a literary pseudonym), who has written about Egypt’s impending food crisis, believes it will not matter what form of government eventually takes charge in Egypt because the starvation issue will override all other concerns. As Spengler succinctly puts it: “Even Islamists have to eat.”

“It [Egypt] will look like the Latin America banana republics, but without the bananas,” Spengler states. “That is not meant in jest: few people actually starved to death in Latin inflations. Egypt, which imports half its wheat and a great deal of the rest of its food, will actually starve.”

Egypt’s food problem has been strongly affected by the continuing steep rise in world food prices. Corn and wheat, for example, have nearly doubled in price in the past year. Overall, food prices rose by 25 percent in 2010. Already last spring, the World Bank estimated that food costs for the world’s poor were reaching a “breaking point.” To make matters worse, prices have increased most dramatically on key commodities, such as rice, bread and cooking oil, the basic staples of people like those who make up Egypt’s huge underclass, rather than on processed foods.

“Food price increases will correspondingly roughly triple the inflationary impact in Egypt compared to Qatar,” reported the Arab paper, the Gulf Times. “In Egypt, the Consumer Price Index increased by 17.2 % in 2010 compared to 3.8 % in Qatar.”

The Arab street in Egypt has exploded twice in the past over food prices. The first time occurred in 1977 when the government of Anwar Sadat ended subsidies on basic commodities. Known as the “Bread Riots,” tens of thousands of people took to the streets in several Egyptian cities in what was called the greatest threat ever to military rule until Hosni Mubarak was deposed earlier this year. Eight hundred people perished in the 1977 disturbances until the subsidies were restored days later.

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  • Debanjan Banerjee

    There is only one solution to the problem of Egypt's starvation issues and that is to seek cultiviable lands overseas.

    I guess the biggest cultiviable lands without any considerable amount of people to cultivate them today are found in Australia , Canada and the USA. I request the Egyptian government to organize its people in millions to emigrate in these countries and create colonies for producing and exporting day to day staples. This is the only acceptable and just solution to this problem.

    • PhillipGaley

      Oh, I get it, because, Saudi Arabia and China and India are now grabbing up all of the arable African lands? So, Egyptians will just have to emigrate to the non-Moslem countries, . . . across the seas? There's just no other choice. Darn.
      And to our "Debanjan Banerjee" here, that makes sense—except, dear Jesus, save us from such, . . .

      But, it looks to me, more like a kind of realization of the prophecy: "And if Egypt come not up to the feast, Egypt shall get no rain.", . . .

      And are we to feel sorry for the Egyptians? No, . . . not really, . . . the Egyptians themselves, are the ones who always prefer leaders who speak violence, generally, . . . and killed their leaders who made peace, . . .

      And, not the leaders, but the people themselves, the Egyptians, are the very ones who, in a way, mixed vodka and kerosene in this latest "spring", and swigged it down, . . . there just aren't enough mental counselors in the world, to give enough treatment to the wacko Egyptians—best to keep Bibles from them; that way, they'll never learn how to think, and they can be safely ignored in the desert of their self-made exile, . . .

      Oh, but—the world round—we'll have all sorts of soft-headed Leftists types, yowling about how the other nations have to take in bunches of starving Arabs like mangey dogs, . . . but as Trojan traps, . . .

      "the only acceptable and just solution to this problem.", is to recognize it as a fact that, even as the same is so for every individual, if Egyptians generally, prefer to come not up to the feast of prosperity and comity with their neighbors, why then, Egypt shall get no rain of blessing, . . . "What is this, famine? Yean, . . . that's what it is, Man, . . . and just in time for Christmas, . . . a lump of coal, . . . not 2 lumps, but 1 small lump, . . . and no oatmeal for breakfast, . . .

    • ziontruth

      You again? You've been here with your generous-with-other-people's-money suggestions before. Take up your reverse-colonialist ideas and shove 'em!

      The only acceptable and just solution is the tried and true "Sink or swim." Nations that cling to Islam or Marxism despite the proven track record of them being the generators of universal misery deserve to go down the dustbin of history.

    • Crocolator

      There are plenty of other solutions. How about: 1. allowing any non-moslems who want out to emigrate where they please but not allow any moslems to emigrate (Bonus, the CIA, etc. can employ non-moslem (therefore less-likeley-to-be-the-enemy) translators/cultural interpreters 2. Cut out all foreign aid/handouts 3. Put a "security tax" on tourism to jihadi countries such as Egypt 3. Have another rum and coke (oops).?

      • jlevyellow

        Crocolator wrote, "Bonus, the CIA, etc. can employ non-moslem (therefore less-likeley-to-be-the-enemy) translators/cultural interpreters"

        I have Jewish friends who speak Farsi (Persian), but the CIA would not hire them because they were naturalized Iranian nationals. I have to ask myself whether they were not hired because they were Persian or because they were Jewish.

    • sally122124

      Why should sensible people give up their own land to people that have stupidly had numerous children they cannot afford to feed?

  • Jane Akshar

    What a doom laden inaccurate article. i live here in Luxor, Egypt and this article does not reflect the facts at all. Tourism is picking up nicely thank you very much, yes it is down on last year but it is recovering. If you think tourism is hit by the revolution you should compare it to the after effects of the Hatshepsut incident which took years to recover from. Tourists just don't take account of things any more, they want their holiday. This article was off base I was laughing by the end, talk about sensationalist reporting

    • montlasky

      He/she who laughs first… cries sooner than later! Calamity Jane, Egypt is going backwards fast without hope of recovery.

    • sally122124

      this is a well researched article showing accurate facts about Egypt. you must be so dumb if you can only see as far as your street and what is happening in your own life. Try reading the news sometime and you may realise what is happening in the world.

  • C"H"Martel

    The Copts have managed to survice lo these many centuries because muhammad had a boy-child, Ishmael, with his rape victim Mary the Copt. The child died 18 months later and since muhammad had no other male heirs he appointed no successor. The rapists, muhammad, said he would have appointed Ishmael if the boy had lived. That is why the Copts still exist. However, the clock has finally run out. The last "great" moslem genocide happened 96 years ago. The Copts will be lucky to make it until the 100 year anniversary of the Armenian slaughter. The starry eyed Jane of Luxor better keep her passport at the ready. …… check out my book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad" at

  • steven l

    Christians out alive or dead.
    It is all about Islam ad the Koran!
    A curse on more than a billion people.

  • StephenD

    I'd say it's a perfect opportunity for the Arab League to show their stuff. Are they willing to let Egypt starve?

    I can hear it now…"if it be Allah's will."

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The root cause of all Egypt's problems stem from Islam and the retrograde backwardness it imposes.

    • Waleed

      Great chance for you to attack Islam. I think even if the article was about the wall street protests you'd have still blammed Islam !!!

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Waleed…point to just one Islamic country that doesn't violently oppress and systematically persecute when not outright slaughtering altogether Christians and all other non-Muslim unbelievers living in their countries as second-class dhimmis. Point to just one Islamic country where prepubescent girls aren't sold into child sex slavery and where females aren't treated as property. Point to just one Islamic country in the world that isn't a barbaric and draconian hellhole. Point to just one Islamic that can compete economically with Western countries. Point to just one Islamic country that doesn't systematically abuse human rights. Point to just one Islamic country where the masses are universally educated on a par with Westerners. Of course, since you are a Muslim and a product of Islamic civilization all of those things to you are enlightened, while to us they are barbaric and draconian.

        With respect to the Wall Street protesters, the protesters are adherents of Marxism, which is another form of totalitarianism, just not quite as draconian as Islam, but equally as destructive.

      • The Infidel Alliance

        Dear 'Waleed',

        Islam attacks itself every day by it's mere existence. Whenever Islam is exposed to the light it begins to devour itself with it's dogma of hatred, violence, misogyny and intolerance. Islam, when exposed, is a theological cannibal….which is why the truth about it's teachings and it's savage 'holy' prophet Muhammed must remain hidden behind an iron veil of lies, deception, violent intimidation and taqiyya.

        Waleed, you can escape the cannibal cult if you just face the truth about Muhammed and the capricious evil you worship called 'Allah'.

        ~ The Infidel Alliance

        • Waleed

          Oh Guys, would you please for once stop watching the brain-washing media where you get your information from and start doing some serious reading. I am sorry to say that I may be truley (with honour) the product of Isalamic Civilisation, but you are the product of the western media which was very successful iin feeding you over the years a very distorted picture about the 'other world'. Who can blame them; when you find people who can be easily manipulated like yourselves, you will be a fool if you don't exploite them and get their support to spread wars and evil everywhere.

          • The Infidel Alliance

            Dear 'Waleed',

            Take the time to actually read and question your Islamic 'holy' books as I have.

            Read the Sirat Rasul Allah and learn about your 'holy prophet' Muhammed. You will discover that this man was a sadistic megalomaniacal sociopath. Muhammed, as recorded by Muslims in the Islamic texts, was a mass murderer, a slaver and human trafficker, a savage torturer, mutilator and amputator, a sexual deviant, a serial rapist, a child rapist, a sex slaver and sex trafficker, a perfidious liar, a violent looting stealing thief, a criminal, a genocidist and a self proclaimed terrorist.

            Walled, Muhammed was one of the most vile examples of a man in the pantheon of human history, consumed by unquenchable sexual lust, obsessed with unending material greed, addicted to violent bloodlust.

            Seek the truth Waleed, it's right there in black and white.

            ~ The Infidel Alliance

          • Waleed

            So let me get this clear. I have been brought up in a muslim country. I have read authentic islamic books in the real language of islam (arabic), I have read the quran and the real biography of Mohamed in my mother language. Yet you claim that you understand Isalm and know Mohamed better than me!! Are you serious?!! Just beasue you have read a book written in English by somebody who has more than a reason do discredit Islam and you watched several anti-islamic shows on Fox news you think you know all the truth?

          • StephenD

            I don't have to look any further than the FOGEL FAMILY MASSACRE to understand this cult of death. The celebration of this atrocity of people passing sweets among each other afterward meely confirms my sentiments. There is none and can NEVER be justification for the purposeful murder of a 3 month old child in the name of ISLAM. You write here today extensively attempting to defend Islam. Tell us honestly if you dare, when you spoke out against this atrocity? When have you spoken out against ANY atrocity committed in the name of this “Religion of Peace?” Yeah, just as I thought. And the only utterance we may hear (if you’re really backed against the wall) is those that did this “Misunderstand” Islam. What a crock! If it is G_d’s words toward mankind why would he make it so easily misunderstood?

          • Waleed

            A lot of crimes have been committed by the name of every single religion that had appeared on earth, not just Islam. I am not attacking Christianity, but as I remember the crimes that were committed by the name of Christianity in medieval Europe were horrid enough to make today's Muslims angels by comparison. Do I hate Christianity and say that Jesus was evil and all the horrible stuff you are saying about Mohamed? No, of course not, because on contrary to you, my attitude toward life is based on right information and reason. While you my dears are motivated by hatred and racism.

          • The Infidel Alliance


            While you may choose to hate Christianity, there is no way you can say Jesus was evil and remain intellectually, morally or spiritually honest.

            As Jesus was the Christ, Muhammed was the literal anti-Christ. Since you are so well versed in the Islamic source texts, you cannot deny that Muhammed decapitated hundreds upon hundreds of people, raped and enslaved numerous women, was consumed by his own material greed and sexual lust.

            You know that Muhammed was a savage torturer, cutting off people's hands & feet, cutting out their tongues, burning their eyeballs out with red hot iron pokers.

            You know that Muhammeds lust led to the sexual bondage, rape and enslavement of multitudes of women, and that his lust transcended all boundaries of civilized behavior, 'marrying' his adopted sons wife after commanding them to divorce, and 'marrying' a little first grade girl named Aisha who in her own words said to Muhammed "You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses" – Muslim (4:1039)

            You know that Muhammed made his living in Medina as a looting, stealing thief of other people's property.

            These are truths you cannot deny whether they are read in Arabic or any other language.

            Waleed, you are an intellectual slave to the evil creed of a sociopathic criminal, Muhammed, a man worse than the vile Charles Manson. Are you at peace with this?

            ~ The Infidel Alliance

          • Waleed

            If I am thinking like you, i.e. listening to and believing in only whatever nonsense that supports my intrinsic racism and hatred toward anyone who is different; this was the black people at some point, then was the communists and now the Muslims, if I am thinking like this I would have probably hated Christianity and Jesus. Why? Because assuming that the nonsense you have been fed in your tea party meetings about Mohamed and Muslims is right, the number of victims claimed by the name of Islam is in no way comparable to those have been killed, tortured, mutilated and annihilated by faithful Christians who had the full support of churches and popes. Where do I start from: Crusades (millions of innocent victims died under a direct order of the church to save the holy land while they were only after money and power), Colonisations of Africa and Asia (again the life of billions was utterly ruined by the name of Christianity and the full support of the ‘under demand’ popes), The holy ‘G W Bush’ war in Iraq (million killed and the lives of tens of millions is destroyed). Have I forgot something, yes of course the biggest stain on the history of the white Christian man (SLAVAREY); I think you know all the horrors that was associated, I do not need to mention them (oh by the way; it also had the full support of the church). You are the last speak enslavement, torturer, savage behaviour and all those things you have falsely describing the best man that earth has ever seen with. Leave this with someone that has cleaner history. Yet I still do not hate Christianity and disrespect Jesus for one simple reason: Islam has made me a much civilised individual than you are. I am seeking the right information and I am not blinded by my intrinsic hatred and conceitedness.

          • The Infidel Alliance

            Dear Waleed,

            Your comments only provide further validation of what I am saying. You are a brainwashed, indoctrinated, intimidated prisoner of conscience who simply cannot make a rational, objective critique of the totalitarian creed you are trapped in, nor acknowledge the truth about your barbarian prince Muhammed, in spite of the truth and facts being recorded by Muslims in your 'holy' books.

            You are like a brainwashed member of the Manson cult, venerating a sociopath in spite of the truth of his unspeakable evil.

            Jesus never killed, tortured, looted and robbed, raped, enslaved, raped a 9 year old little girl, cut off people's hands and feet, cut out their tongues, burned their eyeballs out, married a woman who's husband he had just killed, married his sons wife, kept sex slaves, taught hatred and bigotry, terrorized or engaged in genocide. Nor did he teach or mandate that his followers do those things.

            Muhammed DID do all those things Waleed, and he DID teach and mandate his followers to do those things as well.

            You know this is the truth. You just cannot admit it, because you fear the savage repercussions of your fellow Muslims, and know that acknowledgement of the truth will destroy the ideological, theological and 'moral' foundation of Islam.

            You cannot rationally defend the indefensible barbarity and criminality of Muhammed, thus you resort to the only sad thing you can do….hurl names like 'racist' and dissimulate falsehoods about 'the crusades' and 'Christian slavery'.

            Waleed, this has everything to do with good and evil and nothing to do with race – Islam is a creed, not a race, and Muslims can be any race. Jesus was a middle easterner just as Muhammed was. Don't denigrate your integrity by resorting to the race card.

            And you know the crusades were a defensive measure to repel marauding Islamic jihadi armies that were invading and subjugating Europe and the Judeo-Christian holy lands. The real 'crusades' were by the armies of Allah rampaging across north Africa, the holy lands, eastern Christendom, Zoroastrian Persia and Hindu India.

            Slavery? Come on Waleed! I've been to the Islamic slave pits on Zanzibar! And I know that Muhammed took, kept, sold, and raped and abused slaves, men and women alike. I know slavery is sanctioned as an Islamic virtue – it says so in the words, deeds and mandates of Muhammed – " those your right hand possess".

            Waleed, 'Christians' may kill, rape, enslave, torture and terrorize, but they do so as criminals and sinners in contravention to the teachings, mandates and life examples of Jesus.

            Similarly, 'Buddhists' may also kill, rape, enslave, torture and terrorize, but they do so as criminals in direct contravention to the teachings, mandates and life examples of the Guatama Buddha.

            But Waleed, Muslims may also kill, rape, enslave, torture and terrorize, but they do so as pious Muslims in DIRECT ACCORDANCE WITH the teachings, mandates and life examples of Muhammed.

            This is the hard truth, and you know it.

            Waleed, I know you are intelligent, but I also know you are trapped. You can liberate your mind by simply comparing the life and teachings of Muhammed with the life and teachings of Jesus. In doing so, you can clearly see what is meant by Jesus' New Covenant – a philosophy of love not hate, forgiveness not revenge, salvation and redemption not castigation, and a loving compassionate God, not a vengeful capricious Allah.

            Try it Waleed. I dare you to journey into the light and the truth.

            With Gods love, I remain your friend….

            ~ The Infidel Alliance

          • Waleed

            OK my friend same to you, try to seek the truth yourself. I am not starting a new debate, but just mentioning two examples of how very wrong you are. There are many controversial things about Islam, things that if you are Islam’s enemy you can manipulate them to your interest, but other things are as clear as the sun and you seem to be even confused about these profound things: 1- you speak of Allah as if he’s some earthly God, Allah is the Arabic word of God (Mohamed believes in the same God of Abrahams, Muses and Jesus) say whatever you say about Mohamed character but Islam is a continuation of this string of religions, you cannot change this. 2- My friend the first thing that Islam changed in the polytheist society is abolishing SLAVARY, it was the first achievement of Islam and the first Muslims were slaves because they found shelter in this just religion from their brutal Arab masters. Just two examples mate, if you don’t know them you are either totally brainwashed or you ‘decided’ not to know because you do not dare to face the truth and afraid of changing your way of life and as you said afraid from the society around you.
            You believe in God and therefore you believe in the afterlife; there we’ll know who was right and who was wrong, I just remind you that if you were wrong and particularly ‘chose’ to be wrong and ignored the truth, the price is too high to pay and there is no coming back….
            Best Wishes,

          • The Infidel Alliance

            Hi Waleed,

            Thanks for your reply. I can tell you are a thoughtful person and I appreciate this dialogue.

            I must say, however, that just because Muhammed claimed Islam to be a continuation of Judeo-Christianity does not make it true.

            As you know, Jesus was a Jew, and there is an undeniable continuum here. Islam, on the other hand is exerted by a 610 year time gap and geographical dislocation. Jerusalem was undeniably the cradle of both Judaism and Christianity. Muhammed could only claim it by virtue of his absurdly ridiculous night journey on the buraq.

            Waleed, I agree that there are some benign teachings in Islam, but as you know, these come from the Meccan period, when Muhammed was a failure. But these teachings were abrogated as Muhammed descended into evil in Medina. Thus, not only is there a chronological and geographical gap, there is a moral and theological gap as well, as Muhammed violated every one of the 10 commandments, and rejected the love, forgiveness, redemption and salvation theology of Jesus.

            Waleed, I'm sure you would agree, whatever your feelings about 'Christian' churches, that Jesus was a righteous man. Why then would God choose, out of the millions of people alive at the time, a sociopathic criminal like Muhammed as a superior moral example over Jesus? It simply does not make sense……unless this god Allah was a proponent of evil.

            Waleed, please read the Sirat Rasul Allah and question whether the actions of Muhammed were truly virtuous, truly righteous. I think you will discover, if you are intellectually honest, that the story of Muhammed is a frightening journey into darkness and evil.

            Then read the life story of Jesus. You will then be able to see the light from the darkness. You will find the truth.

            May God bless you and your family.

            ~ The Infidel Alliance

          • Nina

            The truth is shown when Muslems behave like barbarians, with hatred towards all.

          • guest

            Arabic is not the original language of the koran. There is no biography of Mohamed, nothing is known about him. Most historians think he probably never existed. One should separate the "religion" from the rational, scientific thinking.

  • xlent

    "Wars and rumors of war, pestilance, famine, earthquakes in unlikeley places" …It's coming. Countdown to ar Megiddo

  • LindaRivera

    When there is insufficient food in a Muslim country, non-Muslims are the last to get food, IF they get any food at all.

    Egypt was a Christian country invaded and occupied by Arab Muslims. Centuries later, the suffering of Christians is enormous. Christians now make up only ten percent of the country. Egypt is a warning to the West what happens to non-Muslims. Life is HELL every single day for Egypt's Christians. Muslim attacks on Christians, their churches, homes and properties is enormous. The kidnapping of Christian female children by Muslim males is enormous. THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP EGYPT'S CHRISTIANS!

  • LindaRivera

    Egypt wages WAR on Egypt's peaceful Christians. The world does nothing and MSM DECEIVE for Islam.

    Hudson New York
    The Egyptian Military's Crimes Against Humanity
    by Raymond Ibrahim
    October 11, 2011

    Sunday, the Egyptian military opened fire on thousands of Christians protesting in Maspero, Cairo. Armored vehicles "came at great speed and drove into the crowds, going backwards and forwards, mowing people under their wheels.

    At least 35 Christians were massacred, many beyond recognition, and over 300 wounded; hundreds are still missing.

    Nearly 20 members of the police beating, dragging, and kicking a Christian for protesting the burning of his church—all while shouting slogans like "You infidel son of a b….".

    CNN careful to portray the Copts as somehow equally responsible as the Islamists who murder them. Eye-witnesses are describing these events as "war crimes".

    Days ago, thousands of Muslims attacked and destroyed yet another church, in Edfu—following the New Year church attack, which left 23 dead, the destruction and desecration of the ancient church in Sool, and the Imbaba attacks, which saw several churches set aflame. In all of these wanton attacks, not one of the Muslim perpetrators were prosecuted by the Egyptian regime.

    In the recent Edfu church attack, security forces "stood there watching," the Intelligence Unit chief of the region was seen directing the mob destroying the church.

    The irony is that Christians went to demonstrate in Maspero because that is where Egyptian media are located, and they sought to get the world's attention, highlight the nonstop abuses they are suffering. Not only were they massacred for their trouble, but they were portrayed as the "aggressors" by the same media they vainly hoped would reveal their predicament to the world.

    Such journalistic and international dereliction of duty makes them complicit in the crimes, accessories to the massacres, and violators of the very notion of human rights they obscenely claim to advance.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Egypt will devour itself with the exception of what the Muslim Brotherhood wants
    out of it. The entire area of the world is in chaos but underneath the Brotherhood
    and the Mullahs are working their magic for and end that remains unseen and
    will materialize soon enough. The Egyptian people, just herd cattle and the
    sooner they understand this the sooner they can free themselves, or not.

  • sally122124

    Egypt needs to have experienced economists in charge not these idiots arguing about Sharia law and whether to implement stoning or not. Sadly I have not seen an example of an economic policy for the future being put forward by any party as they do in other countries prior to elections. This is concerning as Egyptians seem very inexperienced in the voting system and just don't understand this at all. I live in Egypt and it has concerned me for a long time how the government subsidises bread to such an extent. 1 egyptian pound/10p sterling for 2 kilos and the queues are there day and night at the subsidised bakeries. Many people buy the bread to feed their chickens and some appears to end up in the kebab shops in my experience. Subsidies need to end, it builds fake economies and causes waste. If grain is profitable to grow more people will grow it in Egypt. For every problem there is a solution. Lift the subsidies slowly, stop the waste, concentrate on building a real economy and stop all the crap about Sharia and relgious fighting. Keep religion out of politics, it just doenst work.

    • Nina

      What Egypt needs is a lower birth rate. The same is with all Muslim countries. But other countries have oil, so they don't feel it to this extent. Actually, what the whole world (except for the West which has low birth rates), is less children being brought into this world. If they continue like now, there will not be enough food for all. There will be satarvation.

      • sally122124

        Yes that is true. Egyptians have had huge families until now. People have 7 or 8 kids when their job earns 300 egyptian pounds per month. If they didn't have them Egypt would probably be quite a wealthy country.

  • Waleed

    I am sorry to say that this is only what you wish. Very poor analysis; based on impressions and sterotypes rather than facts and numbers. You're even saying 'the recent massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army ' which has not been proven yet and probe is underway. It may actually unfold as 'the recent massacre of the Egyptian army by the Christians'. Just an example of how unprofessional you were.

    • tanstaafl


    • Don L.

      No this article is a very accurate analysis of the economic disaster that awaits 50% of the Egyptian population! You–like all Muslims who can't stomach the truth twist the facts around and mixed in your conclusions with conspiracy theories in order to blame other people for your own failures! It's a joke that you think Christians in armoured vehicles mowed down Egyptian soldiers in civilian clothes! Whenever Muslims cause terror, they attempt to deflect blame and lie by saying they were the victims–you're pathetic!!

  • 11bravo

    Get ready Jane Askar, you may die soon-later if you are rich.
    No one can stop 80 million starving people. With the degenerates that make up egypt (see female circumsicion) the whole country will be sacked; and frankly I do not care one wit. Maybe once egypt burns they will turn away from islam and barbarism and come to their senses.
    The food has not run out YET Jane! That is why you see no evil YET!

    • Guest

      female circumsicion is banded. so that's atleast good news.

  • Waleed

    I was surprised by how inaccurate and biased the article was. Now after reading the comments I understand. This is a racist magazine writing only to satisfy the lust of its racist and bigoted readers. Congratulations, you deserve each other indeed!

    • ziontruth

      "This is a racist magazine…"

      'Racist! Racist! Racist! RACIST! RAAAAAAAACIST!'

      How completely the Islamic imperialists have internalized the evasive political lingo with which their Marxists allies have so gladly furnished them.

  • alphakilosingh

    Muslims the world over would rather starve under Islamic Rule than be well fed under a non-Islamic or secular rule!
    Starvation is a minor problem. They can always loot the wealth of non-Islamic countries. The real issue is Sharia.

  • Don L.

    The Egyptians deserve to starve to death because they have a natural gas supply courtesy of the Israelis giving back the Sinai Desert for a worthless peace deal. The gas pipe line from the Sinai Desert to Israel has been bombed by terrorists at least 8 times this year! Now in order to pacify the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian army generals running the country (even with Mubarak gone–there still remains a military run government) have refused to sell the gas to the Israelis. The reason being, they declared Mubarak gave the Israelis a very cheap price on gas opposed to the price Russia charges European Union countries. This proves why the military in any country should not run a government! The difference in cost is the transportation costs–duh! The farther you transport a product, the more expensive it is; why do you think the price of food in Vancouver, British Columbia for example is incredibly cheap in comparison to the same items sold in Alaska or in the Yukon?

    So instead of gaining several billions of dollars in revenue by selling natural gas to Israel, the Egyptian military government has decided to sell none! When a nation's irrational hatred causes them to starve because they wish to boycott an enemy then this nation deserves to starve as a direct cause of their actions! This is a perfect example demonstrating how anti-Semitic boycotts of Israel go way beyond reasonable logic! Egyptians rather starve than sell natural gas to Israel, so let them starve!!


    I again say to you all.

    Egypt does not have enough crops being produced and that is the problem. The real issue for that lies at the doorsteps of ex-Egyptian president Mr. Mubarak. He did not modernize the economy and worst of all he did not allow large number of Egyptians to migrate when he knew he could feed them.

    It was a problem that Mr. Mubarak did not address previously surely because he was confident becuase of his backing by his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.

    Emigration is the normal thing for any civilization to grow. When your people are starving you need to send them where they can find food and that is the normal procedure. I just hope they are emigrated in a more organized way than ever.


    See if you want to preach to them , why do you evangelicals do not call them back home to the United States , Australia or Canada ?

    I believe that is a great solution for the Evangelicals to reach out to the Muslims. Let them migrate to your own countries and then try to preach them as much as possible. How about that dear Mr. Philip ?

    Thanks & Regards

    • ziontruth

      "Egypt does not have enough crops being produced and that is the problem."

      That is Egypt's problem.

      "…because he was confident becuase of his backing by his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv."

      Ah, here we see Banerjee with his mask off: An arrival from Stormfront or CommonDreams.

      I again bring you a message despite its high likelihood of falling on deaf ears:

      Adults are marked by their sense of responsibility, children (even if physically adult) by passing the buck. Poverty outside the West is those countries' doing, not the West's. Western colonialism ended about 30 years ago. Time to grow up.

      "When your people are starving you need to send them where they can find food and that is the normal procedure."

      In the past, before today's multiculturalist craziness set in, this had always been given the name of "conquest."


    The deal is that Egypt goes to Israel and tells them that in exchange of keeping peace with Israel , Israel should convince her supporters in America to hand over two unimportant American states like say Florida , Utah or California etc to hand over to the Egyptian people for cultivating and importing the food produces back to Egypt. I would also like to add the Australian states of Western Australia and Tasmania into the bargain. These are all the places Egypt can bargain with Israel in a new "land for peace" agreement.____Of course , Egyptian Muslims would be happy to get lands elsewhere in the World say for example in pro-Israel states like Columbia , Germany , France , Canada or Great Britain.____Thanks & regards with best wishes__Debanjan__

    • ziontruth

      I have a better deal: Both Israel and the U.S.A. find some big enough desert island far out in the Pacific Ocean and dump all their Marxist traitors (like you) on it. Many, many problems solved.



    I would like you to convey this proposal to your fellow Zionist friends in USA and most importantly in Israel.

    See the problem is that Egypt does need more food to feed its people and at the present time it cannot thanks to the policies of its incomptent government. So there is only one solution , Egypt need to send its people outside her borders in an organized way. Apart from avaialble land in Australia , USA or Canada I would like to add lands in South Sudan which in my mind needs the people from countries like Egypt to come in and help them with their
    nascent agricultural potentials.

    Israel can of course be with good help here if she can convince her die-hard evangelical supporters to hand over these lands which are in any ways lie unutilized by the populations of these aforementioned countries.

    Thanks & regards with best wishes

    • Lady_Dr

      The reason the Egyptians are in such desperate straits is that their culture, their mind-set, their religion is the diametrically opposed to everything American and what made America great. Take a look at Singapore and Hong Kong, both have a higher population density they are extremely successful – but then then are aren't hampered by the Islamic mind-set.

    • Paul of Alexandria

      How about Egyptian farmers enter the 21st century and learn how to farm properly? Used to be, Egypt fed the entire region during famines (e.g. Genesis 41-43).

  • Lightning Jack

    Wouldn't one think that a portion of the 10s of $billions in socioeconomic aid that was given to the Egyptian government over the years could have been invested in their agricultural development programs, thereby developing swaths of Egypt's vast empty lands into sustainable, food production resources?

    Why is it that when Israelis occupied Gaza they built 100s of acres of automatically irrigated hot houses which produced thousands of tones of produce, which not only feed their own people, but which they also exported as well?

    Of course, when Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians, the Arab idiots looted and destroyed all these agricultural units, and because of their insane hatred, valuable agricultural assets which could have provided them with sustainable food and commercial income were lost for nothing.

    This is the kind of destructive stupidity that hatred instills in Middle Eastern people, and why Egypt will continue on its downward spiral into tyranny.

    • lg5t5555

      you are expecting dictators to develop a country and its people??? that never happened in history!


    @Lady_Dr & lightning_Jack
    Israel can help in this regard by convincing her American supporters in USA to donate these lands to the poor , destitute and starving Egyptians as well as unfreezing of the Egyptian assets in the Western countries. Israeli agricultural technologies can be bought for the development of these Egyptian settlements with these bilions of dollars that are rotting in the private bank accounts of corrupt Egyptian politicians. In my view there are millions of acres of uncultivated lands in USA and Canada , Australia in particular. There are no people to cultivate those lands. The cost does not need to beared by the American taxpayer. American government did provide Egypt with massive amounts of aid in past and most of it are rotting in the private Western bank accounts of the corrupt secular Egyptian cronies of Mr. Mubarak. My solution is that these huge amounts of money should be invested in order as the cost of the these would-be Egyptian agricultural settlements in Australia , Canada and the United States.

  • American

    about 11 million Americans are living below the poverty line. So is not like we are better. The world is falling. Next WW would be about food!

  • walad shaky

    ابحث عن الإسلام

  • Waleed

    I am sorry to say that you both are a living prove that the western media is very successful (in brainwashing). You are exactly saying what they have fed you over the years and wanted you to believe !! Some serious reading in books and a little effort to seek the truth will be better for you than watching Fox News if you're American or reading The Sun if you're Brit !!

  • Don L.

    I'm a Canadian and the only person who is brainwashed is you and the masses of mankind that have adopted to think like Muhammad, who was a textbook example of a psychopath!

  • Waleed

    So stop reading National Post mate, you might actually discover that the world is much more than 'let's hate the musilims and support Isreal because it makes us look good and cool'. Just a piece of advice I know you won't follow because your false idea about the world makes you feel good about yourself.