Germany’s Left Party Abandons Gaza Ship

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“It enables the Left to be both for and against simultaneously. For Israel’s right to exist and for the recognition of Hamas, which has made clear again and again, that it will never come to terms with Israel’s existence,” Broder stated.

The Left Party’s second changed position contained in the June resolution stated the Party will no longer take part in calls for boycotts of Israeli products, while the third one saw the Party swearing off any involvement in this year’s Gaza flotilla. The resolution passed unanimously in a federal Left Party caucus vote, but only because 15 members opposed to the new measures left the meeting before the vote took place.

The Left Party is a descendant of the old East German communist Party, the Socialist Unity Party (SED), which renamed itself the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. One report states about 70 percent of current Left Party members belonged to the SED, which merged with the West German leftist Electoral Alternative for Labor and Social Justice Party (WAGS) in 2007. After unification, members called their new party simply ‘The Left’ (Die Linke). It is the fourth largest party in the 622-seat Bundestag, having received 11.9 percent of the vote in the last federal election in 2009.

Since 2007, the Left Party has been basically known for its staunch anti-American and anti-Israeli positions, which members brought to the party. Left members from East Germany were taught to dislike America and Israel as part of “state-directed policy.” But what probably transformed this dislike into hatred was that the East German state also taught its citizens, even as schoolchildren, to hate. But the hatred they absorbed was class hatred, which was then transferred after the failure of the workers’ state to Israel and America. The West German Left members, on the other hand, despise Israel as “an extension of the arm” of American imperialism. And it is this hatred of Israel and America, as has often been pointed out, which makes such leftists the Islamists natural allies.

In an essay in the German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, the president of Germany’s Central Council for Jews recently called the Left Party’s attempts to distance itself from its “anti-Semitic tendencies” through the June resolution as having “spectacularly failed.” President Dieter Graumann said the dislike of Israel among some Left Party federal representatives was “obsessive.” He accused some Left members, particularly from West Germany, of “living out their downright pathological, blinded by rage, Israel hatred.”

For its part, the Left Party denies there are any anti-Semites among its members and says racism does not exist in the party. There are just “different positions on the Middle East conflict,” the Left Party’s leader for the state of Sachsen-Anhalt said in an interview.

“We don’t have any pathological Israel haters,” he declared.

But the “Arab Spring” contradicts the Left leader’s assertion. The Arab uprisings are showing, once again, what heartless hypocrites the leftists supporting or involved in the Gaza flotilla truly are. The fact they are sailing with humanitarian aid to a relatively well-off Gaza rather than to a bleeding Libya, Syria or Yemen, where thousands of people have died and tens of thousands made homeless, bears this out. These leftists, it appears, are interested in suffering Arabs only in places where they can score anti-American or anti-Israeli propaganda points, their true goal, which confirms they don’t care about the welfare of Arabs at all – and never will.

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  • Damian Lataan

    You have to wonder if Stephen Brown isn't just another extreme Right-wing propagandist for Zionism that likes to play the old 'anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism' card. Trouble is; that particular card has been dealt so many times that the vast majority of people – Jews and Gentiles alike – just don't care about that crap anymore; it's just so transparent.

    Zionism is just another racist/nationalist ideaology which the world just doesn't need. There are actually very few Jews on the planet that support it.

    The OneState solution for all peoples is the only solution.

    • RoyBatty

      Utter nonsense.I love how the so called sympathizers of victims of oppression have no comment on Tibetans, Czechs,Germans,Poles,Hindus,Sikhs are numerous other peoples who were displaced and lost their ancestral homes in the after math of WWII.Compared to these communities,Palestinians are living like kings!

      "vast majority of people – Jews and Gentiles alike – just don't care about that crap anymore"

      Sorry fail! Israel has very high approval ratings among the Americans, evangelicals and Jews alike.Also among India and African nations, Israel ranks very high.

      "The OneState solution for all peoples is the only solution."

      This statement only proves that you are an idiot.

      • RoyBatty

        "Utter nonsense.I love how the so called sympathizers of victims of oppression have no comment on Tibetans, Czechs,Germans,Poles,Hindus,Sikhs are numerous other peoples who were displaced and lost their ancestral homes in the after math of WWII.Compared to these communities,Palestinians are living like kings! "

        I have to rephrase that comment, what I meant what was that Palestinians were given the red carpet treatment despite being on the losing side innumerable times.The other communities mentioned above had to suffer move on and meld into the countries where their ethnic/relgious groups were predominant.By not integrating the Palestinian refugees the Arab countries kept the issue alive by inflicting an enduring wound on Israel.

        • Crazyhorse

          Right-Read about the Ammonites in Bible …The so called palestinians are fulfilling the prophecies-arabs being used by arabs…against Israel..

    • Roger Sem

      Anti-Zionism has no connection with anti-Semitism? That's not what the anti-Zionist group Hamas says, and it's not what the anti-Zionist PLO says. See their own words: Palestine Media Watch.

      • Damian Lataan

        Hardly their own words, Roger; Palestine Media Watch is just another extreme Right-wing Arab-hating Zionist propaganda web site that exists to distort, malign and flat out lie about the Palestinian people.

        • intrcptr2

          Unless you are going to demonstrate your superior intellect by providing a "proper" Arab-English translation, I would suggest you stop embarrassing yourself this way.

          For the time being;
          Please click the links, it is not only those "extreme Arab-hat[ers]" who think Hamas equates antisemitism with anti-Zionism.

        • MixMChess

          Palestine Media Watch simply tells the truth about the Palestinian thugs. The Palestinians define terrorism and are a cancer to this earth. The truth hurts huh?

    • Matamoros

      If would guess that you're an anti-Semite yourself, but that's not even the point. You make two very dubious statements: (1) that your post-nationalism is widely shared by the "vast majority" who don't care about "that crap anymore" and, even more incredible, the observation that most Jews don't support Israel. Since you supply not a scintilla of data to back up either assertion, I take them for what they are: a projection of your own attitudes on BILLIONS of others. It's not a persuasive way to make points.

      • Damian Lataan

        Matamoros, you are either being deliberately disengenuous, in which case you are practicing deceit, or you have simply not read what I wrote.

        I did not say that 'most Jews don't support Israel', What I said was:

        "Zionism is just another racist/nationalist ideaology which the world just doesn't need. There are actually very few Jews on the planet that support it."

        Note that I was referring to 'Zionism', not 'Israel' as you state.

        You really must pay attention in future. That way you'll avoid making a fool of yourself.

        • MixMChess

          And you need to pay attention to FACTS. Over 98% of Jews worldwide are in fact ZIONISTS. While their views on Israeli politics may vastly differ (left-wing to right-wing), they all believe that Israel, the Jewish state, has a right to exist.

          • pat

            Yes MixMChess….and I am one Jew who believes in Israel's right to exist and I am an ardent Zionist. All the Jews I know feel the same way as I do. Zionism is the farthest thing from racism.

    • LibertyMan

      Gee Damian,

      I was just wondering if you were part of the Jew – Christian hating extreme left. You know the secular religionists who murdered more people in the 20 th century then the previous 2000 years prior combined?

      It's different when name calling actually had some facts behind it.


    • MixMChess

      Sorry, Damian Lataan, you're brand of anti-zionism is definitely antisemitism. While criticizing Israel does not necessarily make someone anti-Semitic, you time and time again cross the line. Legitimate critics accept Israel's right to exist, whereas anti-Semites do not (that's you). Anti-Semites use double standards when they criticize Israel, for example, denying Israelis the right to pursue their legitimate claims while encouraging the Palestinians to do so (hmmm… that's you again). Anti-Semites deny Israel the right to defend itself, and ignore Jewish victims, while blaming Israel for pursuing their murderers (that's you again!).

      Look no further than Natan Sharansky's “3-D” test. 1) You constantly demonized Israel and her Jewish citizens. 2) You use double standards by singling out Israel for defending herself against terror while at the same time excusing Palestinian violence. 3) Of course, most importantly you delegitimize Israel's right to exist: "Questioning Israel's legitimacy, that is, its right to exist is ALWAYS anti-Semitic."

      • Damian Lataan

        "Questioning Israel's legitimacy, that is, its right to exist is ALWAYS anti-Semitic."

        Utter nonsense!

        It is Israel that is delegtimising itself by its killing of civilians, assassination of Palestinian leaders, immoral embargoes on Palestinian territories, occupation of Palestinian lands, invasions into Arab countries, attacks against Arab nations, its deliberate expansionst policies designed toward creating a Greater Israel at the expense of Arab people, its murder of civilians aboard ships that have been attacked by Israeli terrorists; it is these things that are deligitimising Israel.

        It is not anti-Semitism that is delegitimising Israel; it's Zionism that will eventually destroy Israel.

        • andre

          Poor you. As a non-jew, I think I can figure out why arabo-muslims
          have failed ,so many times, to destroy Israel: the jews are just a little
          bit brighter than you are. Just count the palestinian Physics Nobels, for
          my amusement. Then list me the muslim suicide bombers , for
          lack of space, only for the last few years. Doesn`t that tell you
          something? Then, have you ever heard of Einstein`s definition of
          idioty! Okay, give it another try, please, morons.

        • MixMChess

          Sorry Damian, you are using LIES and PROPAGANDA to defend your immoral and antisemetic position.

          "It is Israel that is delegtimising itself by its killing of civilians, assassination of Palestinian leaders…"

          Israel does not kill civilians or Palestinian leaders – it targets TERRORISTS bent on murdering Innocent Israeli civilians. For example, during Operation Cast Lead, Hamas deliberately targeted Israeli civilian centers attempting to maximize civilian casualties (especially Israeli children). Israel on the other hand targeted only terrorist operatives – the UN confirmed that over 85% of those killed were Hamas operatives. The percentage is likely higher, but Hamas claimed many of its operatives were "civilians" and also claimed members of rival parties that it murdered among the "civilian casualties."

          "…immoral embargoes on Palestinian territories…"

          The blockade of Gaza is completely moral and legal considering that Hamas INITIATED a war against Israel by firing over 10,000 rockets at its civilian centers. Israel ensures the transfer of countless humanitarian aid and supplies as well as doctors and medical supplies cross into Gaza as I have well documented elsewhere. It is a FACT that Israel provides the equivalent of one ton per Gaza resident.

          "…occupation of Palestinian lands…"

          This is laughable at best. There is NO occupation of Palestinian lands. Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and over 98% of the Palestinian Authority is governed by the Palestinian Authority! Israel has stated time and time again that it is willing to dismantle "settlements" in the W. Bank as part of any final negotiated PEACE.

          "…invasions into Arab countries, attacks against Arab nations…"

          This is a patent DISTORTION of the historical record. Arab states initiated ALL WARS in the region because they refused to accept a small, independent Jewish state in their midst. They have never tried to disguise their absolute refusal to accept the existence of Israel but have turned conquering Israel into their most "impassioned cause celebre."

          "…its deliberate expansionst policies designed toward creating a Greater Israel at the expense of Arab people…"

          Now this is UTTER NONSENSE! Israel is not an expansionist state. Throughout its history, Israel has always been willing to compromise and accept partition of the land, though the world community had designated all of the country as a Jewish homeland. Whenever an Arab country (or even terrorist organization such as the PLO) was willing to reach out its hand in peace, Israel has been willing to relinquish captured land and dismantle settlements in the interests of peace. Israel's borders have been actively SHRINKING over the past 30+ years.

          Of course, it is the Palestinians who have been expansionistic and refused to accept compromise on Palestine or accept Jews in Palestine. Palestinian leadership rejected all compromise proposals that would have allowed a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian Arab state: 1937, 1947, 1969, 1979, 2000 to name a few. Even anti-Israel historian Benny Morris admits that: "The Palestinian national movement, from its inception…has stuck fast to the vision of a 'Greater Palestine,' meaning a Muslim-Arab populated and Arab controlled state in all of Palestine, perhaps with some Jews being allowed to stay on as a religious minority."

          "…its murder of civilians aboard ships that have been attacked by Israeli terrorists…"

          Nonsense, the Mavi Marmara was full of IHH Terrorists. It has been well exposed that they premeditated the attacks on the Israeli naval personnel and their goal was to murder Israelis. As the flotilla left Turkey, the passengers chanted songs about reaching martyrdom and the murder of Jews. Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the flotilla stated that “this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it is about breaking Israel’s siege.” There were no humanitarian supplies on board, only crates of weapons and stacks of cash for Hamas. Passengers used the weapons to arm themselves in preparation of Israelis coming aboard.

          When Israeli naval personnel boarded the Mavi Marmara, they were ambushed by passengers on deck, wielding clubs, bats, pipes, and knives. The naval forces that boarded the ship, carrying non-lethal paintball guns as their primary weapons, were savagely beaten. The passengers wrestled one of the Naval commandos to the ground, stripped him of his handgun and threw him over the side, where he landed on a lower deck, 30 feet below, and suffered serious head trauma.

          You're a disgrace Damian Lataan.

    • MixMChess

      "The OneState solution for all peoples is the only solution."

      There are no legal, historic, geographic or moral grounds on which to advance a one state solution. A single-state solution is not a solution. It is simply a continuation of the 1948 War through demographics instead of militarism-imperial conquest by another means. It would pave the way for Palestinians to dominate demographically and destroy the Jewish character and the purpose of the state itself. No legal or historical precedent justifies imposing one national group upon another in order to eliminate its national movement and character. A one-state solution is asking Israel, a UN nation state for over 50 years, to destroy itself.

      A one-state solution would be unjust. It would deny the right of self-determination to both the Palestinian and Jewish national movements. It would result in one of these peoples becoming a minority in the other's nation. In fact, over 75% of Palestinians and Israelis don't want a one-state solution. Your arrogant solution would have to be imposed against their will, a clear violation of the right to self-determination.

      • Mohel

        No one-state solution? Arab and Semitic (real) Jews lived side-by-side in the land of Palestine for centuries before the so-called Ashkenazi Khazar converts to Judaism moved in and invaded the land.
        For the parrots who use the term "anti-Semitic" – do you know what a Semite is? It describes a person of Akkadian, Canaanite, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arab, and Ethiopian origin. Why are you usurping the term?

        • MixMChess

          You're an idiot peddling the old antisemitic Khazar hoax. Ashkenazi Jews genetically share more similarities with Sephardic Jews than they do with Europeans (especially Russians and Polish). In fact genetics can trace all Jews (Ashkenazi, Sephardim and others) back to common ancestors from the land of Israel.

        • MixMChess

          As for your claim that Jews and Arabs lived side by side in peace, that is also a LIE. Since the rise of Muhammed there have been attacks and pogroms against Jews across the region.

          In 627, Muhammad's followers killed between 600 and 900 of the Jewish men in Medina.

          In 8th century Morocco, whole Jewish communities were wiped out by the Muslim rulers.

          In 1066 in Granada, Spain, Muslim mobs razed the Jewish quarter of the city and slaughter its 5,000 inhabitants.

          In the 12th century in N. Africa, the Almohads decimated several Jewish communities.

          In 1465, in Fez, Morocco, thousands of Jews were slaughtered, leaving only 11 alive.

          In 1785 in Libya, Ali Burzi Pasha murdered hundreds of Jews.

          In the 19th century in Algiers, Jews were massacred in 1805, 1815 and 1830

          In Marrakesh, Morocco, more than 300 hundred Jews were murdered between 1864 and 1880.

          There were anti-Jewish progroms all throughout the middle east in the 19th century.

          In the 1940's more than a thousand Jews were killed in anti-Jewish rioting in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Yemen.

          Need I really go on?

        • MixMChess

          Antisemitism is "hatred toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity." While the term's "etymology" might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic peoples, "the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass ("Jew-hatred"), and that has been its normal use since then."

          Antisemitism has only been used to refer to Jews, it has never been used to refer to other semetic peoples. Nice try though…

        • RoyBatty

          LOL! A "Mohel" peddling the old nonsensical modern Jews=Khazars drivel.

          Its time to put this nonsense to rest.Khazars were a Turkic tribe that yes once converted to Judaism and were powerful enough to taunt the Caliphate(its another matter that the very presence of Jewish political power is humiliating enough to Arabs).But they were swallowed up by the 12th century after decline of their political power due to their turbulent Turkic brethren who were constantly swarming across the region.

          There is zero evidence historic,genetic or otherwise to suggest that Khazars are the ancestors of Askhenazi Israelis.Such falsehoods are propagated not just by Arabs(and their brain dead sympathizers like you) but Black Hebrews, White Christian nationalists and other assorted lunatics who believe they are the true Israelites!

        • RoyBatty

          Also no Ashkenazi invaded anything-most of the land under Israeli control before 1948 was purchased.__Finally ask the "real Arabs" ie what the Arabs of the GCC states call themselves think of Palestinians.They call them posers and fakes as Arabs.Ask yourself while so many Palestinians,Syrians and Jordanians are blond blue eyed!They are really the descendents of Greeks,Romans,Crusaders,Edomites,Moabite(Semitic but not Arabs) with a dash of Caucasian slave blood thrown in.These peoples were just Arabized over the last millenium! People there are quite aware of tribal lineages and those with origins in the Arabian peninsula are more highly regarded due to lack of foreign blood.So much for Arab solidarity!________

    • Jim

      Damian you are being really satanish today.

      You must get out more and widen your circle of friends

    • RoyBatty

      As for your nonsensical commentary on Semites,you prove yourself to be a bigger fool than before.Firstly those people being Semites do not imply that they had cordial relations, heck pretty much all Semitic people were in a constant state of war.Assyrians vs Babylonians,Akkadians vs Assyrians, Israelites vs Ammonites and Canaanites ,both Babylonians,Akkadians vs Israelites and on on !Heck the only time there was peace in the Middle East was due to foreign non Semitic powers -Persia,Greece,Rome and more recently Ottomans and British and French.Americans were less successful due to their not being brutal and cruel enough!____

    • Ron Koerntjes

      I would gladly support a one state solution. Give all of the middle east to Israel as they have demonstrated ability in running a free, democratic state with equal rights for all, women and Arabs included. No other nation in the region can make the same claim.

  • RoyBatty

    "Two current Bundestag Left Party members and a former Left federal representative took part in the 2009 Gaza flotilla ………The participation of Left Party representatives in the 2009 flotilla and their leader’s warm approval are just one in a string of incidents that led to "

    A typo above,surely you mean the 2010 flotila(last year).

  • astra

    Germany peoples of the NEW order is coming to world for all everyones.


  • 080

    I don't know what right wing people think about Israel.. I would just suggest that Israel is the front line in the battle forl the survival of Western civilization. As for those who dismiss that idea the solution if very simple. Get a prayer rug directed east five times a day. Go to Mecca once a year and all of your problems will be solved.

  • MixMChess

    You are a liar Damian Latrine. A recent poll found that over 63% of Americans support Israel/Zionism over the Palestinians. These are not extremists, these are average Americans from all different races and backgrounds.

    Americans support Israel precisely because it upholds American values of pioneering, democracy, freedom, human rights, absorbing immigrants and entrepreneurial spiritedness. As Mitchell Bard points out:

    "While they live in a region characterized by autocracies, Israelis have a commitment to democracy no less passionate than that of Americans. All citizens of Israel, regardless of race, religion or sex, are guaranteed equality before the law and full democratic rights. Freedom of speech, assembly and press is embodied in the country's laws and traditions. Israel's independent judiciary vigorously upholds these rights."

  • WilliamJamesWard

    No political party fits the Germanic people quite right, brutish leaders and people
    with their boot on someone's throat is their image and want. What ever troubles
    the World will have in the future Islamists and Nazis will be together in it along
    with Leftist vermin. It is inbedded in their genes to be overbearing, inhumain
    and overblown with self importance. Will these people ever turn from their
    blockheaded evil, will they ever change for the good?…………………William

  • jasonz

    Its amazing that germany STILL has not learned. It honestly had BOTH horrible systems if you want to separate the two. Facism(hitler) and Communism (east germany) both were bloody, and horrible and BOTH had to be rescued from complete destruction by the 'imperialist' and capitalist America. I do not get it. how can thoes fools that came from that actually be fighting to get it back? can they honestly say their lives were better under that system? NO of course not. but they got trapped by the prospect of power. see the left has no problem with facism, racism,slavery, dictatorships, murder, theocracies etc. as long as they are the ones in charge of it. the whole 'marxism' crap is just so they can bs themselves into believing that they are benevolent dictators and freedom fighters instead of the very monsters which they claim they hate. perhaps thats why they hate us so much, because even in their warped minds they , at some level, know that our existance shows them as the monsters they truly are!

    • JonB

      Of course your point is well stated and I generally agree…but with one exception; your inference that Marxism is "theoretically" a benevolent social ideal…It is not!

      Marxists refer to it as the science of Marxism. Marxism utilizes a political instrument for social engineering. Its chief political agenda is to create as many diverse social groups as possible and agitate for class conflict…"class struggle and class war." This seen by the gay vs. straight (the gay marriage thing), blacks vs, whites, women vs. men, the rich vs. poor conflicts they have successfully launched; and I could go on and on but the point is made.

      A society with a strong middle class; a society that enjoys prosperity and is relatively content is not ripe for a socialist revolution. Notice Marxist nefarious political action groups like ACORN and Barak Obama's Community Organizer functions. These Marxist political machines for revolution must first destroy any element of social harmony, general middle class prosperity, and the foundations of capitalism that give rise to the widespread prosperity and a growing middle class in order to create the conditions for revolution.

      On the one hand the Marxists preach the rise of class war due to class conflict, while on the other hand the social discontent is being engineered by the Marxist scientists who use the political action machine to actualize the prediction. It is a bogus theory that is engineered to appear valid. So Marxism is not the esoteric metaphysical expression of "economic egality" that the propaganda espouses…it is a political effort to create revolution based on the social engineering it established for class conflict.

  • Jhon

    More news from Germany. since 1980 Germany had not allowed Arab Saudi from buying armament from Germany, but this wise and pro-Israel policy started to change, German is currently in a discussion with Saudi Arabia for the purchase of 200 Leopard Tanks, it seems Germany doesn't care about Israel security anymore, in fact it's the whole west countries do not care for israel anymore.

  • Amused

    The U.K.'s BNP , Belgian Groups , and far right groups right here in the USA are in fact anti-semitic . So this phenomena is not just a product of the left . Neo-Nazis in Germany are no different than those numerous groups in Belgium , England And the U.S. We just have different names but their ethos is the same . Supremacists , Fascists ,Survivalists Skinheads and the like , all seem to have imbedded in their ideology anti-semitism of one sort or another .