Germany’s Leftist Hypocrisy

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Old habits die hard for European leftists, especially when it comes to criticising America.

The online edition of Germany’s leftist mainstream publication Der Spiegel (The Mirror) prominently displayed on Monday an account critical of the American drone campaign in Pakistan. The basis of the writer’s dislike for one of the most effective anti-terrorism weapons in the civilized world’s arsenal against al-Qaeda and the Taliban is that the drones are killing civilians. Naturally, in keeping with the story’s anti-American angle, both the Pakistani and American governments are accused of misleading people about the true number of innocent non-combatants who have succumbed to drone attacks in North and South Waziristan.

If it concerned only a small, fringe publication, then one could simply overlook the story’s grave shortcomings and blatant bias. But Der Spiegel is one of Europe’s largest and most influential weekly news magazines with a circulation of more than one million. It is so respected that its English-language edition is the only foreign publication linked to the New York Times website’s international news section where the story can be found.

Accompanying the article were photos taken by its one and only source, Noor Behram, a local employee of al-Jazeera, the Arab language news service. Behram stated in the account he had to first ask tribal elders and Taliban leaders for permission to take the photos. The story’s author, Hasnain Kazim, said it couldn’t be guaranteed that the pictures were genuine, since journalists can’t move about freely in North Waziristan. But the snapshots allegedly concur with the dates and locations of drone attacks.

“The photos are gruesome. One shows a boy with a shattered skull, another a child’s dismembered foot. Yet another shows a dead boy with a bandaged head. Bloody school book appear in another…,” wrote Kazim.

You get the picture. Innocent children killed and schools destroyed by those barbaric Americans. Rather than an informative news story, the article is actually an anti-American propaganda piece, the underlying thrust of which is to get the drone campaign stopped by using emotionally evocative photos of children’s corpses. The message is that the price is obviously too high and too savage for the results obtained, as Behram conveniently confirmed.

“I estimate that for every dead extremist there are some 15 civilian victims,” said Behram, who named his son Osama out of protest against the drone attacks.

Wikileaks, however, tells a different story. These documents confirm the drone attacks have been so highly effective, they were one of two factors (the other being lack of money) that was causing bin Laden and his associates great concern.

“(Al Qaeda) Organisers also complained of the strain on resources being brought by strikes from CIA unmanned aircraft,” stated one report about the Wikileaks revelations. “Bin Laden’s number three, Atiyah abd al-Rahman, said that Al Qaeda fighters were being killed faster than they could be replaced.”

But the Wikileaks statements did not find their way into Kazim’s story. Nor did it mention that drone-related casualties among experienced cadre in al Qaeda’s middle and upper ranks have been so heavy that the terrorist organization’s ability to launch attacks has been severely damaged, thus saving innumerable innocent lives. To pick a good example, Ilyas Kashmiri, the organizer of the 2008 Mumbai attack that saw 164 people perish, was reported killed by a drone attack.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Mr Brown points out the growing presence of white European converts in Al Qaeda's terror camps. As Islam becomes more preponderant in Europe and America in years to come, the number of converts will inevitably grow. This trend could be arrested if we had a coherent public discourse regarding all things Islam, but in the absence of such, more and more of the gullible and disaffected will be seduced into becoming Muslims.

    God help us all.

  • Cynic

    First the media with their fauxtopgraphs and distorted facts went for the Israelis, and almost nobody objected.
    Now they are going for the Americans with partisan agendas and distortions …

  • Rifleman

    “…one of the most effective anti-terrorism weapons in the civilized world’s arsenal against al-Qaeda and the Taliban…” – That’s why eurocommies object. That they trust someone who named his kid after obl says a lot about them.

  • StephenD

    Message I wish our American Leadership would deliver to Islamists:
    Speak clear and loud and be unequivocal.
    We will come after you. We know you understand brute force only…we will deliver. We can talk about our value systems which are diametrically opposed to each other and compare them on the world stage but make no mistake; we will keep coming until you are…no more.

  • Arbed

    I wouldn’t use the Daily Mail’s report as the basis of your story. It is a very low-quality tabloid paper that is prone to sensationalist reporting, if not outright lying.

    If you want the facts about the drone attacks then I would try reading the actual cables on Wikileaks’ website itself. Those are the best source documents. You’ll also find further information in the cables relating to Pakistan, Guantanamo and, of course, the Afghan War logs.

    • ebonystone

      Where do you find the Daily Mail in this story? The only publications I find mentioned are the NY Times, Der Spiegel, and Asia Times.
      As for sensationalism and lying, there's plenty of both to be found in the NYT.

  • ebonystone

    The Moslems are pretty good at using drones in attacks themselves. The two-footed variety.

  • REskola

    Left is our enemy number one. Islam comes second. It's much more important to clean the home base first. Just think about how much cheaper it would have been to stop the nazis before they seized all the power.

  • UCSPanther

    Let's see: A small amount of collateral damage and taking out a murderous terrorist leader, or a massive terror attack that could kills hundreds or even thousands of people.

    I'll take the drone attacks anyday.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The great leftist house of Fraud is a big tent and Der Spiegel, NY Times et. al.,
    is bought and paid for by the house of Saud. Propaganda against our war effort
    against Islamist terrorists is a given and where it is seen is always propagated
    by complicit forces. I wonder how many Germans buy into the false stories,
    who are these victims, nothing can be trusted out of this, I would not put it past
    the villians to have killed and mutilated children just for the pictures. These
    drone attacks and our military expenditures are uses of my tax dollar that I
    totally agree with, maybe a place where tax increases are not a bad idea.

  • vaslovik

    I'm betting that the photos of dead children were of those killed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban in their campaigns against those who oppose them.