Germany’s Leftist Hypocrisy

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Kashmiri’s death again highlights the drone’s deadly effectiveness on the al Qaeda organization. It came out at a recent terrorist trial in Chicago that Kashmiri was plotting to attack in the United States the head of Lockheed Martin, the company that makes this nightmare-inducing weapon. Instead, the drone paid Kashmiri a visit first – and with heart-stopping results.

Moreover, as far as innocent civilians goes, Kazim does not mention the hundreds of innocent people al Qaeda and the Taliban have murdered in the Waziristans and elsewhere. These include the Sufis and Shiites in Pakistan, who al Qaeda has condemned to death as heretics and has been terrorising. Elders of tribes opposed to al Qaeda and the Taliban have also been brutally murdered, sometimes by suicide bombers at tribal councils. Al Qaeda has been such a murderous, disruptive element in the Waziristans that residents, two of whom were quoted in the New York Times, support the drone campaign’s elimination of the terrorist organizations, “in particular the Arabs.

“If you look at the other guys, the Arabs and the kidnappings and the targeted killings, I would go for the drones,” they said.

There is also no discussion in the Spiegel piece of the locals who are providing the CIA with the whereabouts of the jihadi operatives that make the drone strikes possible. While some are definitely doing this risky business for the money, others see it as a means of revenge for the brutal outrages the Taliban and al Qaeda have inflicted on the local population.

Concerning the photos, no mention was made concerning whether the dead civilians were the terrorists’ wives and children. There was also no questioning whether civilians were ever forced to stay with the terrorists as human shields, or whether the terrorists were deliberately staying near civilians because they know the American military’s Rules of Engagement do not allow missiles to be fired if it is known civilians are present.

Ironically, the Spiegel story appeared the same day as an article in Asia Times, which stated that the drone campaign was accelerating in the Waziristans to kill the white converts. The white jihadists are training there to return and carry out terrorist attacks in their own countries, one of which is Germany.

“The current spike in drone attacks in Mir Ali area is ostensibly meant to target the leadership of the North Waziristan-based white jihadis, which Western intelligence agencies believe have been training and dispatching white men to Europe for carrying out commando-style terrorist raids in the West…,” writes author Amir Mir.

Among the European jihadi contingent, it is believed more than 100 German nationals, headed by two white brothers from Bonn, are currently being trained for terrorist operations in Europe. Their language skills and appearance serve as excellent camouflage and therefore make them highly prized for such operations.

It was the arrest of one of their number in Kabul, a German national of Afghan origin, that sparked the recent targeting of white jihadis. He told his interrogators “small teams of militants were to model their missions in European countries on the pattern of the Mumbai attacks.” The Afghan-German was himself a member of an 11-man cell that was to have executed such an attack with bin Laden’s personal approval.

So while the United States is trying to eliminate these German terrorists and keep Europe and Germany safe, a major German publication publishes a very biased story (also available in the New York Times) intended to rile people up against the very weapon that can save them. But, as has long been known, logic has never been one of the left’s strong points.

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  • Chezwick_mac

    Mr Brown points out the growing presence of white European converts in Al Qaeda's terror camps. As Islam becomes more preponderant in Europe and America in years to come, the number of converts will inevitably grow. This trend could be arrested if we had a coherent public discourse regarding all things Islam, but in the absence of such, more and more of the gullible and disaffected will be seduced into becoming Muslims.

    God help us all.

  • Cynic

    First the media with their fauxtopgraphs and distorted facts went for the Israelis, and almost nobody objected.
    Now they are going for the Americans with partisan agendas and distortions …

  • Rifleman

    “…one of the most effective anti-terrorism weapons in the civilized world’s arsenal against al-Qaeda and the Taliban…” – That’s why eurocommies object. That they trust someone who named his kid after obl says a lot about them.

  • StephenD

    Message I wish our American Leadership would deliver to Islamists:
    Speak clear and loud and be unequivocal.
    We will come after you. We know you understand brute force only…we will deliver. We can talk about our value systems which are diametrically opposed to each other and compare them on the world stage but make no mistake; we will keep coming until you are…no more.

  • Arbed

    I wouldn’t use the Daily Mail’s report as the basis of your story. It is a very low-quality tabloid paper that is prone to sensationalist reporting, if not outright lying.

    If you want the facts about the drone attacks then I would try reading the actual cables on Wikileaks’ website itself. Those are the best source documents. You’ll also find further information in the cables relating to Pakistan, Guantanamo and, of course, the Afghan War logs.

    • ebonystone

      Where do you find the Daily Mail in this story? The only publications I find mentioned are the NY Times, Der Spiegel, and Asia Times.
      As for sensationalism and lying, there's plenty of both to be found in the NYT.

  • ebonystone

    The Moslems are pretty good at using drones in attacks themselves. The two-footed variety.

  • REskola

    Left is our enemy number one. Islam comes second. It's much more important to clean the home base first. Just think about how much cheaper it would have been to stop the nazis before they seized all the power.

  • UCSPanther

    Let's see: A small amount of collateral damage and taking out a murderous terrorist leader, or a massive terror attack that could kills hundreds or even thousands of people.

    I'll take the drone attacks anyday.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The great leftist house of Fraud is a big tent and Der Spiegel, NY Times et. al.,
    is bought and paid for by the house of Saud. Propaganda against our war effort
    against Islamist terrorists is a given and where it is seen is always propagated
    by complicit forces. I wonder how many Germans buy into the false stories,
    who are these victims, nothing can be trusted out of this, I would not put it past
    the villians to have killed and mutilated children just for the pictures. These
    drone attacks and our military expenditures are uses of my tax dollar that I
    totally agree with, maybe a place where tax increases are not a bad idea.

  • vaslovik

    I'm betting that the photos of dead children were of those killed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban in their campaigns against those who oppose them.