Target Berlin

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What a Dutch communist accomplished in 1933 with a few bundles of inflammable material and matches, an Austrian convert to Islam was planning to do in 2011 with an airliner full of innocent people: destroy the German Reichstag in Berlin.

The Austrian newspaper Neue Kronen Zeitung reported last week that a 25-year-old Austrian Islamist was arrested on Wednesday, June 15, at his apartment in Vienna for plotting a terrorist attack on the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament. Identified according to Austrian privacy laws by only his first name and initial, the newspaper said Thomas M. had planned the attack for months and intended to shock the world like 9/11.

“The devilish idea was said to have been worked out to the last detail,” the paper stated.

Thomas M. was also reported to be a member of the German Taliban Mujahideen (DTM), whose members are known to have travelled to terrorist training camps in Pakistan. DTM is believed to be an offshoot of the Islamic Jihad Union, another terrorist organization located in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region that has recruited in Germany in the past. DTM members have attacked NATO and Pakistani troops and have had several members killed in the fighting. Eric Breininger, a German convert and perhaps the group’s best known spokesman in Germany, was one of these fatalities.

Because of Germany’s participation in the Afghan campaign, the country is a target for DTM as well as for other Islamic terrorists. Which would explain why the German parliament was targeted and not the Austrian. The fact Germany has been spared a devastating terrorist attack like those that have taken place in America, Spain and Great Britain is due, in part, to sheer luck. Bombs placed on two German commuter trains in 2006, for example, that would have caused an estimated several hundred casualties failed to explode simply because they were not rigged properly.

To prepare for his day of infamy, the Austrian terrorist allegedly spent hundreds of hours in front of a flight simulator learning how to steer an aircraft. One neighbor told the Neue Kronen that the time Thomas M. spent preparing his deadly plot accounts for why he hardly ever saw the accused, saying that Thomas M. rarely left his apartment, letting his wife do all the shopping. Thomas M., a father of two, also lived only a five-minute walk from convicted al-Qaeda adherent and “terror godfather” Mohamed M., although no connection between the two has yet been reported. At this point in time, the Austrian convert has been charged with supporting a terrorist organization financially and as a recruiter.

The same day Thomas M. was arrested, three people he had recruited were taken into custody by police at Vienna’s airport. Another 25-year-old Austrian convert and two others with asylum status in Austria, one a woman, were believed to have been on their way to terrorist training camps in Pakistan when they were stopped. The three have since been released, since there were no grounds to hold them. According to Austrian law, a person who has trained in a terrorist camp can receive up to five years in prison.

All four suspects arrested last week were subjects of a months-long investigation by both German and Austrian authorities. Thomas M.’s arrest, according to a German newspaper report, is connected to an Austrian citizen’s arrest in Berlin last month. Maqsood L., also a suspected DTM member, had travelled to Berlin to recruit “potential fighters.”  The German prosecutor’s office is currently investigating Maqsood for having participated in a terrorist attack.

Turkish-German DTM member Yousuf O., who was arrested on an international arrest warrant in Vienna in May, is also being investigated for taking part in a terrorist attack. A resident of Berlin, Yousef O. was one of about 50 German citizens, some of them with wives and children, who moved to Taliban terrorist training camps in Waziristan. Like the others, he was answering “the calls of the DTM to German Muslims to join the Holy War.”  According to a Berlin newspaper, when in the Afghan-Pakistan badlands, Yousuf had appeared in several propaganda videos with covered face, speaking German. The Neue Kronen states Yousuf had contact with Thomas M. when in Vienna.

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  • Laura Latini

    Just one correction. There is no such thing as the Reichstag. The German federal Parliament is called the Bundestag.

    • Johannes Wy

      That's not correct ;-)
      The parliament is called Bundestag but the building is still named Reichstag(sgebäude).

    • jeanjean4

      The building is called Reichstag, the Parliament ins called Bundestag.

      You are both ri

  • Jim

    So how is Germany's multiculturalism working for them?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Here’s a riddle: What does a Muslim have to do to graduate into becoming an Islamist? The answer is to get caught attempting to perpetrate a terrorist attack, perpetrate a terrorist attack, or stop being deceptive and practicing taqiyya and openly espouse the goals and objectives of Islam. Otherwise, as long as a Muslim doesn’t openly express his loyalty to the cause of Islam and is reasonably deceptive, then that Muslim will be construed as a peaceful and moderate Muslim.

    Because of Germany’s participation in the Afghan campaign, the country is a target for DTM as well as for other Islamic terrorists. Which would explain why the German parliament was targeted and not the Austrian.

    Actually, all unbelievers are the targets of the greater global jihad at large, but if the Islamic world can manipulate Germany via intimidation, so much the better.

    In any event, the reality is if we didn’t have millions of Muslim stealth and deceptive jihadists living in our respective countries we would not have to worry about violent jihad being perpetrated domestically inside our respective countries because it would be literally impossible. Indeed, the subject our respective governments and the lamestream media always avoid like the plague is the reality that without millions of Muslim stealth and deceptive jihadists already living in our midst prior to 9/11, the 9/11 terrorists attacks would have been entirely impossible. Hence, the solution is very simple, instead of throwing away hundreds of billions of dollars in order to create a false sense of security to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, the solution is to ban and reverse Muslim immigration on the grounds that Islamic society isn’t compatible with any other societies because it inevitably tries to dominate and subjugate all other societies.

    Hence, if it weren’t for the 5th columns of millions of stealth and deceptive jihadists living in our respective countries, not only would we be able to save the hundreds of billions of dollars annually that we are throwing down the proverbial drain, while at the same time also sacrificing our personal rights and freedoms to continue accommodating Muslim stealth and deceptive jihadists, but we would also not have to worry about the threats of Islamic jihadists emanating from outside our respective countries because with zero stealth and deceptive jihadists living in our midst as 5th columns there would be zero chance to perpetrate violent jihadist attacks.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Think of the dollar amount of the destroyed property and lives brought about
      by the Islamist thugs, aka religion of peace………………………………….William

  • Alexander Gofen

    Just have more of them…

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Look what happened on 9/11 and almost ten years later America is ready to
    leave Afghanistan and the Taliban still exists and mostly thanks to the
    duplicity of the Pakastani government. George Bush stated we would hunt
    down al Qaeda and destroy them and their terrorist supporters, mission
    failed. It is impossible to look at what has taken place militarily and
    conclude that we were serious about destroying them root and branch.
    We are almost broken financially, our military has been sucked dry with
    deployments that do not end and no plan for understandable victory.
    Obama seems to have no plan but to continue to have us spin our
    wheels and eventually wind up where we started. Until Islam is vetted
    as the perpetrator of world terrorism and leftist collusion their
    avenue to Muslim fifth columns aka, colonists with PC cover we
    will never be safe and we will loose our Nation, it will disintegrate.