Obama’s Unrealizable Middle East Perestroika

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So it is questionable whether the innovation and creativity Obama needs to launch the Arab countries in the new, positive direction of modernity even exists, which would cause all reform plans to be stillborn. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian opposition leader, blames the backward, learning-by-rote education system for the Arab world now being a “collection of failed states who add nothing to humanity or science.” But unlike Alawi, ElBaradei believes democracy will change this.

The lack of strong economies has also left the Middle East, especially Egypt, currently facing a grave danger to social stability in the form of a food crisis. Rising food prices have driven millions of Arabs into destitution where many now eat only once a day, if that. With food prices expected to rise even higher this year and foreign currency-poor Arab governments, like Egypt’s, unable to buy food on the international markets, mass starvation in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries is a distinct possibility, making regional reform difficult, if not impossible.

But it is in the area of religious tolerance where Obama’s hopes for reforming the Middle East will shatter decisively. While Obama said he will work to see “that all faiths are respected and that bridges are built among them” and Coptic Christians “have the right to worship freely in Cairo,” he pathetically failed to call for religious equality and to insist on an end to state-regulated anti-Christian religious discrimination.

Here’s the harsh reality staring us in the face and that Obama is blinding himself to:  A poll taken last year indicated a majority of Egyptians believe in sharia law punishments, while 95 percent said “it’s good Islam plays a large role in politics.” The fact that a majority of those polled also believed in democracy indicates Egypt is on the road to becoming a democratically-elected Islamic state, where Western reforms will not be welcome.

And Egyptians may soon get their desired Islamic government. The Muslim Brotherhood announced recently it has formed a political party, which is expected to win Egypt’s next election. Extremists like the Brotherhood feel a need to Islamicize everything and believe the Koran contains all the answers. Such a poisonous political culture will maintain Egypt’s discriminatory, two-tier citizenship status, Muslim and non-Muslim, and keep the country a prisoner of rigid extremist doctrines.

Such a development will prevent Egypt from developing a positive and rich cultural, spiritual and economically-advanced society, since equality of all people is essential to a country’s prosperity and well-being. By electing an Islamist government, Egyptians will also prove, contrary to Obama’s wishful thinking, that they do no want to embrace modernity.

But the situation is even more serious than that. In Arab countries where extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood come to power, an environment of fanaticism will be created. Violence, as Egypt saw recently in the Coptic church burnings in Cairo, will become the order of the day.

It is Obama’s stunning non-recognition of this deeply embedded, Muslim extremist drive to destroy those who are different that also emerged in his speech when he called for Israel to return to its 1967 borders. This statement once again confirmed his credentials as a leftist ideologue who believes Israel is to blame for those who work to exterminate it. And despite his “assurances” of Israel’s security, the 1967 borders would be indefensible. This leads one to understand that it is not the Arab world that so much needs reforming as the destructive world outlook of an American president.

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  • fleedo

    Obamas "vision" is very selective. There can be a Palestinian state but the question is where? Jordan is 70% Palestinian. A Palestinian state that does not cover parts of Jordan is a lie. lts time to place all the options on the table instead of beating up on just the Israelis.
    lf Israel is to make sacrifices then others should also make sacrifices. lf Jordan wont also sit at the table there can be no Palestinian state. This is not negotiable

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    In Israel the Arab population, including Moslems, Christians and Druze are afforded identical education opportunities as those provided to Jews. The same applies to industrial development opportunities. Regretfully there seems to be some yet to be explained reason that causes them not to able to manage complex systems.
    We live very near several large Arab townships in Northern Israel and only one will find garages, woodworking and ceramics cookware makinf small operations as well as basic arc welding and two plastic bottles manufacturing facilities amongst them.

    Their leadership should carefully go over the facts before embarking on modern warfare as that requires capable leaders with specialized technological savvy.
    They would be far better of if they stop being suicidal and with good will join us and develop into feasible states.
    As of now, they are noisy, ill ntended and retrograde mobs. Regretful.

  • fleedo

    You can ponder their cultural and other identifiers however islam is a soull desgtroying religion and has a lot to answer for. In the meantime the noose is tightening around Israel. Israel must be loud and proactive. Shift the focus to Jordan. Let the spotlight also shine on others.

  • Steve Chavez

    And yet, a vast majority of American Jews are Democrats WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA DESPITE ALL THE WARNING SIGNS and all the Israeli-hate groups on Obama's and Congressional Democrats side whose ranks are filled with FAKE JEWS and FAKE SUPPORTERS OF JEWS only to gain their vote!!!

    OBAMA, during his CAIRO SPEECH, around the five minute mark, warned against extremists were the biggest threat but that was a secret signal to them that extremism could take over these countries and he'd aid in that goal since the icing on the cake, IS ISRAEL!!! Watch the speech on youtube and look at his face before the "extremist" part. Then when he gets to it, look at his face again, his body movements, everything and you will see what I saw!!! His warning to instead telling them this was the way!!!

    • Jim_C

      "vast majority of American Jews who voted for Obama"–Steve, all that means is that there are a lot more intelligent Jews than lunkheaded Jews in America–thank God!

  • Steve Chavez

    AMAZING OBAMA SILENCE ON SYRIA DON'T YOU THINK? He took action against Egypt and threw an ally, and an Israeli ally, under the bus! In Libya, he approved military action. SYRIA IS WILLINGLY KILLING THEIR OWN PEOPLE, not like the Civil War in Libya, BUT INNOCENTS! NO ACTION BY OBAMA?

    Remember the photo-ops of Assad and PELOSI? HILLARY said recently that Assad is a reformer?

    WHAT'S FUNNY, IS OBAMA sits across the table from Netanyahu? WHAT A JOKE!!!

    • Jim_C

      Let's see: Obama told Assad to lead his country toward democracy or, I quote, "get out of the way."

      Obama accused Syrian govt of "pursuing the path of murder."

      Tell me more about this "silence."

      • Jim_C

        I have a few "thumbs down" because some people are allergic to facts.

        • elixelx

          Not facts: just idiots with counter-factual opinions who quote themselves and call it fact! What you deserve is a thumb in the eye, or a middle finger!
          Barry told Ghaddafi that he "had to go"! He told Mubarak he should leave for the good of his people! He urged Musharraf to leave! He suggested that Saleh be gone!
          And to the biggest murderer of them all (none of the above has killed as many as Assad!) he suggests; not insists, not threatens, not gives an ultimatum..just a suggestion!
          Those are MY faccts sonny! Your facts are just attempts at apologetics for the spineless yellow-belly who daily dishonours the office he was elected to!

  • StephenD

    Netanyahu has it all over Obama. I wish he were our president. I would love to have him call out Obama on his speech point by point. How he doesn't impose a precondition on the Palestinians to simply recognize Israel but has the gall to tell Israel to give up defensive borders. As if it is his call to make in the first place! No, Netanyahu should not go quietly from this. Let the world know for certain that though they may, Israel will NEVER recognize Obama as the President of the World.

    • Jim_C

      If they're not going to thank us profusely and frequently for guaranteeing their existence this last half century, do you think they'll at least stop taking our aid and return our helicopters then, please?

      • elixelx

        Yup, and I'm sure you make your partner kiss your butt every time you hand him/her a pittance!

  • tanstaafl

    The Obamahdi has revealed himself!

  • thomasjackson99
  • BLJ

    Obama is no friend of Israel or the United States for that matter. This guy is a puppet of his master George Soros. Soros wants a one-world goverment with himself at the helm.

    Israel should tell Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine. The Palestinians were given a chance to make something positive out of Gaza and they decided to use it as a missile launching pad. Screw them and their Iranian backers.

    • Jim_C

      And what has Bibi done for the United States? Tell me that.

      • elixelx

        For the US, everything.
        Tech, Alliance, Fruit and Veg and Flowers. Mobile phones.
        For the son of a beach in the Black House, BUPKISS; which is one more KISS than the BARRY-BUTTKISSER merits!
        Bibi and his people (me among them!) completely LOVE the United States and its people! However, we absolutely and unanimously abhor your misbegotten-muslime leader!
        Perhaps you, Jim, can learn to reciprocate. Learn to love the Jews: try to love Israel! How you feel about Bibi is up to you…
        Hope you convert soon and publicly. I have a stiffened thumb just waiting…

  • nabi18
  • WilliamJamesWard

    Obama is putting everyone in mortal danger, everyone………………William

  • ObamaYoMoma

    While Obama said he will work to see “that all faiths are respected and that bridges are built among them” and Coptic Christians “have the right to worship freely in Cairo,” he pathetically failed to call for religious equality and to insist on an end to state-regulated anti-Christian religious discrimination.

    Hmm…I hate to rain on your parade again, but it is not just Christians that are violently oppressed and systematically persecuted when not outright slaughtered altogether in every Muhammadan majority country where they exist without exception, but it is also all unbelievers, including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Bahais, Druze, Zoroastrians, Ahmadis, etc., etc., etc.

    Furthermore, Obama can call for religious equality all he wants, but nevertheless he will just be wasting his breath, as he is also needlessly wasting America’s resources, as mainstream orthodox Islam, not radical Islam, divides the world between believers and unbelievers and then applies one set of rules and ethics for believers and a completely different set of rules and ethics for unbelievers.

    Extremists like the Brotherhood feel a need to Islamicize everything and believe the Koran contains all the answers

    Maybe the Muslim Brotherhood consist of extremists in your mind, but in Islamic society, on the other hand, what they are advocating, Sharia, is supported by 95 percent of Egyptians, which makes the support of Sharia mainstream and not extreme or radical within Islamic society.

    Furthermore, Sharia is not a product of a radical or extreme interpretation of Islam; it is instead the product of orthodox mainstream Islam. Not only that but Western political correct notions of radical and extreme interpretations of Islam are utterly absurd, as the texts and tenets of Islam are immutable and anyone attempting to deviate in the slightest from those texts and tenets would instantly be charged with blasphemy, which is a capital offense in Islam. Hence, the notion of a radical Islam as opposed to a moderate Islam is utterly absurd because it is impossible. There is only one Islam and that is mainstream orthodox Islam.

    In addition, because Islam requires full and complete submission to the will of Allah, in stark contrast to faith-based religions, the prospect of moderate Muhammadans is utterly absurd, let alone the notion that the overwhelming majority of Muhammadans in the world are moderate Muhammadans. The reality is a Muhammadan is either the devout slave of Allah or otherwise that Muhammadan is not, and if that Muhammadan is the latter that doesn’t make that Muhammadan a proverbial moderate Muhammadan, instead it makes that Muhammadan a blasphemous apostate that must be executed per the dictates of Allah’s will.

    Indeed, for a Muhammadan to be a moderate as for as non-Muhammadan unbelievers are concerned, that Muhammadan would have to necessarily reject Sharia. However, as we have seen, 95 percent of Egyptians believe in Sharia, and the percentage of Muhammadans is even higher since approximately 10 percent of Egypt’s population consists of Christian Copts.

    In addition, the notion that Muhammadans migrate to the West to escape having to live under the draconian rule Sharia is also utterly absurd, because the vast overwhelming majority of Muhammadan immigrants living in the West have flat out refused to assimilate and integrate and have formed Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within societies and in direct contravention of the laws of the states in which they reside. In fact, the very act of assimilation and integration would be blasphemous for all mainstream orthodox Muhammadans, which is a capital offense under Islam.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Just the same as cancer in the body, lots of denial but the end is assured
      unless there is one hell of a fight……………………………….William

  • desertkeeper

    This is just what the founding fathers were afraid of, that is why we are supposed to have only a natural born citizen as president. Anyone else would have ties to other countries. Since Obama's most informative years were spent in Indonesia, and his following years were spent in Marxist theology, how could he believe in anything different. He has been deceived with evil and we will pay the price.

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