Obama to Libyans: You’re on Your Own

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But Obama’s decision to send his diplomats on a world tour first before taking any action regarding Libya, if any is taken at all, is in keeping, as one analyst states, with his leftist world view, one in which there are no superpowers. Or at least in America’s case, a superpower that refuses to act like one. Early in his administration, Obama signaled the days of America unilaterally using its power to defend its interests were over when he told the United Nations General Assembly in September, 2009 “power is no longer a zero-sum game.”

“No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation,” he said. “No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed.”

These words must have gladdened the hearts of tin pot dictators, like Gadaffi, around the world. Under an Obama presidency, they would not have to fear unilateral American military action for their misbehavior, like the air strike Ronald Regan ordered against Gadaffi in the 1980s. Due to his leftist egalitarianism, Obama has leveled American power down to that of Benin’s, restricting his country’s options in any world crisis. Hillary Clinton, reflecting this approach, said on Tuesday the United Nations Security Council was where action on Libya should be decided.

While Obama’s multi-polar approach was expected, what was most surprising, though, about his Wednesday White House statement is that he announced no course of action at all. With criticisms that he was not being tough enough on Libya, it is baffling that his administration appears not to have even started working on a plan to deal with the crisis. With the Libyan revolt already days old, his words indicated his government is only now developing a course of action, even though he said “my national security team has been working around the clock to monitor the situation there.”

“I’ve also asked my administration to prepare the full range of options that we have to respond to this crisis,” he said. “This includes actions we may take and those we will coordinate with our allies and partners, or those that we’ll carry out through multilateral institutions.”

Obama ended his statement by quoting a Libyan who said: “We just want to be able to live like human beings.”

But for that to happen, what is needed immediately is for the United States and NATO to use their airpower to stop the fighting. Bombing Gadaffi’s forces would cost less lives in the long run than a civil war fought “to the last drop of blood,” as the Libyan leader has promised. This also would allow the all-important oil exports to resume.

Discussions have taken place regarding establishing a no-fly zone over Libya and that is probably what Clinton will take up with her counterparts next Monday. But while this will stop Gaddafi’s mercenary pilots from bombing the opposition, it will not stop the killing on the ground. The only thing that would cause an old executioner like Gadaffi to stop killing is if an American aircraft carrier were to appear before the Libyan coast. But with Obama in the White House, don’t expect such a show of American power, even if it would allow people to start living like human beings.

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  • Sergey

    Maybe I am cynical, but I don't have much sympathy to anti-Gaddafi protesters either. Looks like the entire Middle East unrest (Lybia includied) is the project of Muslim Brotherhood and their sponsors in Iran and their treasonous leftist allies in the West (Soros et. al.).

    I know that colonel Gaddafi is a horrible thug, but I am sure that those who riot against him are not much better either. To the contrary, they maybe even worse than colonel Gaddafi, considering a fatwa issued by some Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood cleric to kill Gaddafi. Maybe it is simply impossible to not behave like a thug in the Islamic part of the world and the Western political elite should simply shelve its liberal democratic project in the Islamic Middle East and simply safeguard its vital national security and economic interests. Democracy in the Islamic World = Perpetual War for Islamic global domination and Muslim-on-Muslim war on who is better Muslim (Sunni or Shia or Salafi or Wahhabi, or Sufi and so on).

    • ziontruth

      The only real revolution in the Muslim world would be a revolution against Islam itself. I think we can all agree such a revolution isn't forthcoming, hence the great difficulty in being optimistic regarding current events.

    • Priscila Garcia

      You are, of course, perfectly right. All present middle eastern actions against dictators – which are real enough dictators, and corrupt enough, and cruel enough – are in fact part of a SINGLE action planned and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Occidental leaders should have sternly judged and condemned "Mad Dog"Gadaffi decades ago – for TERRORISM, of course. They didn't:: they chose instead to "negociate" with him. Now the Brotherhood will destroy Gaddafi, and get Libia in the bargain – one more country in the hands of Islamic Fundamentalism…

      I am a brazilian writing from Brazil: and most people here are – like most people THERE, in America – on the side of the rebels. They simply don't seem to realize the real meaning of the situation.

    • Al'Marri

      Your analysis is absolutely correct. Democracy has no meaning in the muslim world. The best that the non muslim world can hope for is a secular tyrants take over these countries. Unfortunately it wil probably be muslim theocratic tyrants of the worst kind that prevail. We are in for a very difficult time ahead.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Actually I hope that both Gaddafi and his adversareis… win.
    And that applies to the rest of that cauldron of Islam.

  • Amused

    When Obama does make a statement ie: Mubarak ….he's wrong / Whem Obama doesn't make a staement …he's wrong .
    Either way , absolute dictators make "the call " as to whether they will allow themselkves to e overthrown or slaughter their people in clashes to retain power . .
    In the case of Libya , a true psychpath ,is the absolute dictator , as far as what he will do or when or how much , is a totally unknown quantity, Getting Americans out is the Presidents FIRST PRIORITY , which he is doing .
    So WHAT does the author suggest be said by the President ? Or DONE ? So far in the cases of Egypt and Libya , said dictators are claiming that "foreigners " are instigating rebellion . THe President has condemned the violence , and there is little else to be done , for it is indeed in the hands of the people of Libya , and yes for all practical purposes , they are "on their own " …unless of course the author suggests a military action on the part of the U.S.

    • EVAbeliever

      The problem is not with Obama saying something; it's what he says that is problematic. He has come down in support of radical Islam every time. How so? With the Iranian demonstrators he remained silent because the Government of Iran is an Islam-based Theocracy. With Egypt he sided with the protesters who have the support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Based on his history of: apologizing to the Arab World for American "arrogance" and bowing to the Saudi King it is apparent that Obama is tolerant of radical Islam and quite possibly a closet Muslim himself. Don't use military force? All it took for the Nazis to succeed in killing as many people as they did was for the rest of the World to remain silent. Obama is a failed President that is in way over his head.

    • D Logan

      The President's "first priority is rescuing the Americans and he is doing this". Really? they are sitting on a boat because our Community Organizer in Chief is ashamed to use our military to rescue these people.

      Are you so blind that you ignore the hourly ineptitude and idiocy of the President? Let's see on Egpyt, "he's going, oh wait he's staying. Oh wait I have a special envoy. Oh wait the special envoy has obvious conflicts of interest in that he has major business interests with the Egyptian government, oh wait a minute the President said one thing and his envoy just contradicted him and said Mubarek is staying (so yea, he's wrong whatever the hell he's doing and that's what utterly unqualified and inept people with no regard for precedent an no knowledge of human, world or US history are prone to do-screw anything and everything up….(or had you not noticed?)

  • richardpn

    I'm just reading Paul Kennedy's 'Preparing for the Twenty First Century', written nearly twenty years ago and he predicted this sort of instability in the middle-east and north Africa: the demographics were pointing to it: birth rates far outpacing economic growth, leading to jobless, aimless young men. Similar in many ways to the French revolution, and the 1848 revolutions in Europe. The threat of warfare and expansionist policies is high and that's not even factoring in the Religion of Peace.

  • geez

    The slaughter of innocent humans is wrong no matter the race and there are some innocent people in Libya. I wonder what Obama will tell his daughters when they are old enough to ask him why he did nothing while people were being slaughtered in the streets? I'm guessing he'll say something along the lines of, "don't you agree that huge high belt makes your mothers ass look smaller?" As for Clinton, she doesn't care as long as she is the first woman president and Bill heads up the UN. I know one thing, I wouldn't want to be any of them when they stand before God, and they will.

  • Amused

    20 years ago , that would not be a hard call at all .The seeds have been in place for the past 60 or 70 years , tyrannical regimes without any compunctions at all , about the general well being of their populations , and the already known mentality of a religion which dominates the region and prefers to remain in the 6th century .It's rather unclear whether a desire for democracy is truly behind these rebellions , and it remains to be seen what the final results will be .

  • Steve Chavez

    You know those jets that are bombing their own citizens? I surely hope one or two don't accidently drop their bombs on Gaddafi!

  • Wesley69

    "Obama once again demonstrated his continued intent to keep American power off the world stage."

    There is a reason for this. It is deliberate for sure, but it is not inepitude as Mr. Brown states.

    To understand America's role in the changes within this region, one needs to understand Obama. His policy is designed to weaken the US and its alliance structure, which he views as US Colonialism. His quick support in calling for Mubarak to step down contrasts with his slow response in condemning the violence in Libya. His demands that Israel stop building settlements in and around East Jerusalem contrasts his deliberate failure to demand anything at all from the Palestinians. Why didn't Obama speak out against the Mullahs in Iran when they were crushing the democratic elements within their country??? The dreams of his anti-colonial father are Obama's dreams.

    Rather than take any action in Libya, Obama, aiming to rein in American power, wants to diminish our role on the world stage, will do nothing. However, Obama may act with the United Nations. In this way, the US acts as an equal with the UN membership. The violence in Libya is of little concern because his main objective is transforming this country into the vision of his father. If the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in Egypt, Jordan and Iraq and establishes a Caliphate, in Obama's mind, this would be good. US power in the region would be further diminished, if not extinguished. The economic crisis resulting from possible oil supply disruptions would be music to his ears. A further transfer of wealth from an imperialist power to the poorer nations.

  • EVAbeliever

    Hillary Clinton is a whore! She has sold her soul in exchange for a chance to run for President. She will do and say anything just to have that chance.

  • Maggie

    Lets think the unthinkable for a moment.
    Our government has succumbed to Islam.
    Muslim president.
    National Prayer Day replaced by Muslim Prayer Day on the Mall in September 2009, which in Freemasonry terms "directs the future DESTINY" of America.
    A shift in foreign policy.
    Chaos being orchestrated within our US borders under the guise of "freedom."
    Remember the secret.
    "The end justifies the means." NWO

    • tagalog

      Tens of thousands of heavily-armed partisans for democracy in the hills;

      A constitutional government remnant located in some hidden place;

      The U.S. Free Army, with many of its sophisticated weapons kept intact;

      American patriots among the cowed populace, conversos in name only;

      Committees of Correspondence keeping international hopes alive as U.S. rebels coordinate their activities with Canadian, English, French, German, Russian, etc., rebels among the conquered in the rest of the world.

      • Maggie


  • Amused

    Man ! What do you folks expect ? Should Obama end a "strike force " ? Maybe bomb Qaddafi with US firepower ? HELLO ! There are STILL about 500 Americans in Libya , who have not yet been evacuated …what about them ? Obama and Clinton have condemned Qaddafi's actions , what else would you have the US do ?
    The trouble with you folks is you can't see ANYTHING beyond your hatred of Obama , you are blinded to reality ….what if those 500 Americans are taken hostage ? By a PSYCHOPATHIC DICTATOR HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE . I wish some of you would put asider your hatred of e vrything Obama and THINK for a moment or two. When are you going to come out of your childish tantrums loing enough to see these situations for what they are and not as you ASSUME Obama to think or say of them .

  • Amused

    "Hillary Clinton's a whore " ..,.."Obama's a muslim "…man get over your unmitigated hatred and GROW UP , you speak like children . There isn't a diplomat , nor ex-President , nor State Dept . Official past or present , who would recommend anything else other than condemnation made publicly , ATLEAST UNTIL WE GET OUR PEOPLE OUT .
    Whatever is the m,atter with you folks ??????

  • Amused

    There isn't a past or present State Dept .Official, nor president who would recommend anything mkore at this time . There are 500 Americans that have yet to be evacuated. What are you folks thinking ??

  • Amused

    Get over your petty partisanship hatred , you may actually be able to think straight and see more clearly.

  • Amused

    "Hillary Clinton a whore " …." Obama a muslim " …how utterly childish .

  • Amused

    I sewe it's pick and choose time again eh Admin ?

  • Amused

    Do I have to call Clinton a whore too , to get approved ?

  • JosephWiess

    The International Community? The International Community doesn't care, the UN doesn't care, since Muslims sit on the Human Rights council, and they believe that we don't have rights.

    Obama is loser, he's a moron, and he deserves to be arrested and tried for treason.

    • Maggie

      How can you be so harsh?

  • sodizzy

    Obama is displaying some seriously pursed lips. Rage? Disgust? Would he like to scream?

    • Maggie

      Purshed Lips?
      Plastic surgery.
      It is a litle secret called Restalyn.
      Just ask Hillary.
      God forbid he raises his eyes, Botox.
      Some call it a lack of conciousness.
      God forbid.

      • sodizzy

        YOU are a scream!! Thanks. We NEED humor…..some of what is going on is too chilling to laugh so I just grab it when possible. Enjoy!! life.

  • Alert

    Americans need to learn before taking sides.
    No matter how poor, freedom-loving, democracy-thirsty the protestors are, push come to shove, muslims will slay on non-muslims
    Qur'an 9:5] The famous Sword verse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-Tawba

    “ But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful "

    • Maggie

      Else is new?
      Maybe Allah will have mercy upon them
      microwave their conciousness into a new "love" conciousness.
      Create a little room for "MIRACLES"
      and they always happen.

      • sodizzy

        I agree. Thanks.

  • tagalog

    Nothing would help the West divide and conquer the Muslim world sooner than the successful prosecution of Muslim insurrections at the present time. Just picture the chaos as different terrorist/fundamentalist/anti-West governments took power in North Africa and stretching across what was once the Fertile Crescent. What a panoply of comic-opera governments there would be! Given the competition between these clowns, we in the West would probably be buying gas at $0.85 a gallon.

    Of course, for a while there would be increased risk for Israel, Europeans, and Americans, but that would fade as the troubles began in-country for the mullahs and talibani. Some of them would probably wind up nuking each other.

    America's position should be something like: "We welcome all nations to the world of self government and our hope is that the people will establish peaceful coexistence with our nation and all others. We stand ready to support any friend and oppose any foe."

  • Steve Chavez

    Now you know why the NOBEL PRIZE COMMITTEE gave him the Nobel Prize! They dangle it in front of him every morning. "Do nothing! Say nothing! Victory for America's enemies!"

  • Zivkov3000

    What if Obama did send an aircraft carrier to the coast of Libya? What the hell would that accomplish? If Gadhafi stops the killing, then his government will fall tomorrow. and his people will be stringing him up with piano wire by the end of the week. Do you really think some aircraft carrier floating around the Mediterranean is going to scare him at this point?
    Short of parachuting marines into Tripoli to start gun battles with African mercenaries, there is really not much more that Obama can do. I really don't think that Bush or any other president would be handing the situation much differently.

  • Amused


  • Maggie

    I think that Gaddaffi looks as good as he does because he has a great plastic surgeon who believes in Restalyn injections in his lips. Hilary, what do you think? You like the hat?

  • Maggie

    Read it. Nice read.

  • joel

    I have not heard until now(some of the above comments)that the US needs to secure the oil fields so that oil prices will not keep rising. I have been listening to and watching many news stories about the middle east in the last few weeks whining about huge oil prices causing a world wide depression,gloating over it in fact, So it was refreshing to finally hear above what I have been counseling the tv: we have the power to keep the oil flowing. Yes,we need to also drill,baby,drill!

  • kafir4life

    Qudaffy was one of Obama's staunchest supporters! If he loses his seat in Libya, and Obama gets fed up enough with Biden, maybe he'll have a place on the 2012 Democrat ticket? They are like minded, and members of the ummah.

  • sneed5

    This would be a good time to start pulling out of all the countries in which we have our noses and U.S. taxpayer money. Cut off the funds we give them, reinforce our defenses here at home, get busy drilling for oil and natural gas, produce more coal, and strive for more renewable energy(with no taxpayer subsidies)! To a man, all countries of the world hate us!! So I say, let them go on their own and let's take care of our own people. We are now being held hostage by the Islamists!!

  • Saddened

    There are times when doing nothing is immoral. Do some of the people commenting here really believe that democracy and freedom should only be reserved for people of certain religions or races?! I personally believe that we would have a more peaceful world if all people had the freedom to choose their own leaders and to pursue their personal goals and dreams. Let freedom ring for all people who desire it regardless of wealth, race, sex, or religion!! Responsible democracies around the world should stand together to support the freedom seekers.