The Death of an African People?

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With Bashir about ready to embark on his third genocide, one wonders why Obama, who criticised George Bush’s lack of “consistency and strong consequences” in Darfur, has remained silent. He had made Sudan a plank in his election campaign but has done nothing to reign in Khartoum’s decades-old, genocidal tendencies since taking office.

Observers of the Sudan situation were also highly critical of his selection of retired Air Force General Scott Gration as his special envoy to that country. One critic, Eric Reeves, said Gration had “…no significant diplomatic experience or knowledge of Sudan…” and followed a “notorious policy of appeasement” with Bashir, wanting to “make friends” with the criminal regime. Angering the human rights community, Gration had also once said there were only “remnants of genocide in Darfur.

But silence is not the only area where Obama is hypocritical and culpable in regard to the life or death situation facing the Nuba people. Writer Daniel Goldhagen states that the president’s hypocrisy is also glaring when one considers he wanted Mubarak out and Gaddafi deposed but has “…soft-pedaled, negotiated with, even effectively lent support to Al Bashir and his totalitarian regime.” The crimes of Mubarak and Gaddafi, Goldhagen points out, were nowhere near the scale of Bashir’s.

“Going after Qaddafi and not Al Bashir is like going after Mussolini but not Hitler,” Goldhagen states.

A former US special envoy to Sudan, George Winter, probably correctly discerned part of the reason why America’s first African-American president remains silent while black Africans are being slaughtered in Sudan. Before a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa last month, Winter was critical of Gration’s “seemingly intimate relationship” with North Sudan’s leadership.

“Perhaps the eccentricities of General Gration’s approach …are related to the Administration’s commitment to ‘reach out’ to the Arab and Islamic world,” Winter said.

But a larger part of the reason for the White House’s silence probably has to do with China. The Chinese are Bashir’s biggest backer, as they buy two-thirds of Sudan’s oil production and have invested heavily in the country. In return, China sells Sudan modern weapons and remains unconcerned about the North’s human rights abuses. Despite criticism from human rights groups, for example, the Chinese leadership last month received the ICC-fugitive Bashir on a four-day state visit, during which the two governments discussed expanding ties

But if Obama fears a backlash from China for responding to the North’s new genocide, such appeasement will, as history has shown, only encourage Khartoum to commit more armed aggression. Already, several critics believe Gration’s soft diplomacy towards the Bashir regime is responsible for the current Abyei situation and the attack on the Nuba, against who the North’s armed forces are assembling with heavy weapons.

What has to be realized here is that the Nuba are only the first African people who the Islamic hardliners in Bashir’s government are planning to destroy. These are the same people who yelled out martyr, martyr in the North’s national legislative assembly when it was announced bin Laden had been killed. The assembly’s speaker had been praising bin Laden as a holy warrior at the time. During a public prayer session for the former al Qaeda leader, a Brigade of Bin Laden was also inaugurated that “many Mujahideen joined on the spot.

“Al-Bashir’s regime came pretty close to shutting down Sudan by way of official mourning of Bin Laden,” wrote one observer.

The game plan of Sudan’s Islamist regime all along has been to expand their hardline version of Islam down into East Africa. With their gallant stand, however, the southern Sudanese caused these plans to be put on hold – but only temporarily. As soon as the Nuba are exterminated, the North will renew the war with South Sudan and finish the job of annihilating the black tribes there through enslavement, war and famine, after which it will turn its attention to Uganda and Kenya.

“In Africa, Islam’s roots will go deep and become sturdy quickly. …What is there in Africa but tribalism?…We want to plant civilization in southern Sudan and beyond. They need one,” said Hasan el Turabi, once the regime’s influential Islamist theorist, about this racist and religious project of conquest.

So the current crisis in the Nuba Mountains could be compared to Hitler’s take-over of Austria or the Sudentenland. If Khartoum’s Islamist regime is not stopped now and the Nuba saved, war and bloodshed, mostly at the black Africans’ expense, will just continue its path down the Nile in the decades to come, as el Turabi has made plain. Failure to stop the Sudanese Islamists’ attempt to create “religious Lebensraum” in the Nuba Mountains will have the same catastrophic results the failure to stop the Nazis’ “racial Lebensraum” program early on did.

It is therefore imperative that the United Nations immediately establish a no-fly zone over the Nuba Mountains and humanitarian aid and weapons supplied to the Nuba for self-defense. If the no-fly zone is not respected, then Khartoum’s air bases must be bombed and other military action taken, as Western supporters of the Nuba, like Winter, have been advocating. A wild, genocidal beast like Bashir can only be tamed with a whip and not with words. But tragically for the Nuba, and for Africa, the White House has been unable so far to find either the whip or the words.

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  • Larry

    That's all right, you are allowed to kill them because they are Christian. <sarc>

    Nobody bothers to get upset about the tens of thousands of Christians that are being killed all around the muslim periphery and interior every year, simply because they are Christians, and as is self evident, the self styled "intelligentsia" of the left who control most of the media hate Christians with a passion.

    • Toa

      Pure and simple…right on target.

      • Arius

        Yes, it is self hatred.

    • michael

      where is your god larry? shouldn't he be the one doing something about this?(all powerful…)

  • Amused

    WHERE"S THE POPE ? Where's the Eastern Orthodox Pope ?Where's Perry of Texas or Bachman , you know , they get "messages from Above " . Christians are being perscuted in LITERALLY EVERY MUSLIM dominated land . The Christian leader in Turkey , himself , is being harrassed .Where's the Baptists , Pentecostals and Presbyterians in America ? Where's the Church of England's Archbishop of Canterbury ?The catholic church is rumbling with China over the control of their churches , but hardly a word about MUSLIMS killing their members . US troops in Iraq , and Iraq is one of the biggest OFFENDERS in the persecution of christians , soon to be surpassed if not already , by PAKISTAN , another of our ALLEGED allies and recipients of billions our tax dollars ! Cuba our "arch-enemy " , pales in comparison to our "allies " in persecution of Christians . EVERYONE"S AFRAID TO CALL OUT ISLAM AND MUSLIMS …………..and you Shapiro are worried about what the President you detest says, on persecution of a tribe in Sudan ?

    • Larry

      The Archbishop of Canterbury is a complete and utter prat, and is already on record as supporting the introduction of sharia law in the UK. In his case I think there is a real case for the QofE to assert her position as the Head of the Church and sack him, and veto every wetrag liberal that they bishops put up until they get one with some guts and a backbone.

      • jonmc

        I'm not sure that Her Majesty has that power – in fact I'm pretty certain that shes doesn't.
        The second point is a good one though: when Williams retires HRH will have to confirm the next Archbishop. At that point she could hold out as you say – though I'm hopeful about John Sentamo to be honest.

        • Larry

          She does have that power, whilst she can't appoint a new Archbishop, she can sack one, and veto the selection of one until she gets one she approves of.

      • mlcblog

        Charles is head of some kind of big royal-embracing Muslim presence in Britain. Bye bye, Brits as we have known them? Will they be able to hold a hard line whilst cozying up? Time will tell.

  • Amused

    Dont get me wrong Shapiro , I agree that Obama should be saying something , but GOOD GREIF MAN , get your priorities straight ! The argument you pose is UPSIDE DOWN !
    …And that is because , you are before ALL else , A Partisan !

  • BS77

    Let's face it.. most of .Africa is a nightmare….Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Zaire, Zimbabwe, NIgeria and Sierra Leon…. nightmare of violence, filth, poverty, ignorance, corruption, endless war and misery….It is hard to imagine how terrible conditions are for women, children and the elderly.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey BS77, you left out Islam and Animism in you list of African woes,

  • Zinnia2

    yes, and Hillary is giving recognition to the rebels in Libya, so look for more of the same – but unbeknownst to many, Christianity is spreading greatly thru satellite and the internet.

  • steven l

    Republicans and democrats are in bed with the Muslims for oil. Another disheartening fact of life is that many "leaders" in black Africa are also in bed with Muslims petro$ at he expense of their own people. The West does not show any moral standing when it comes to the interest of the people of black Africa,
    Israel can give many lessons to the West, the East and to the Muslims.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Darfurese vs Nuba: Why are the former important to George Clooney and the Hollywood crowd…but the latter are veritably invisible, with no champions on the Left?

    The answer is obvious: The former are Muslims, the latter are Christians. To have Christians defending Christians would be in bad taste, a bit too "parochial" for the diversity crowd.

    And so, we celebrate anew Orwell's maxim: "[All are equal, but some are more equal than others]".

    • FJHMcDonnell

      Actually, George Clooney has been quite admirable. He started out on Darfur, but over the last couple of years he has learned the whole history of Sudan and has been just as much an advocate for the Christians. He went all the way to Marial Bai, a very remote and not easily accessible area of Bahr el Gazal before the Referendum. His Satellite Sentinel Project is revealing the evil of Khartoum in Nuba Mountains and Abyei, not just Darfur. As someone who has worked in advocacy on Sudan since 1997, I wish we had had a George Clooney on our side then, but I am sure glad we do now.

      • Chezwick_mac

        If this is true, than my hat off to him.

        • Toa

          Dittoes to that. I've always had a low opinion of Clooney, but if what McDonnell says is true, 3 cheers for George Clooney.

  • LindaRivera

    Obama is supposedly half Black, but he does NOT identify with black people. Possessed with a stone cold heart, Obama demonstrate no compassion whatsoever for severely persecuted black innocents.

    One critic said of Obama's selection of Gration that he followed a “notorious policy of appeasement” with Bashir, wanting to “make friends” with the criminal regime…
    Winter was critical of Gration’s “seemingly intimate relationship” with North Sudan’s leadership…
    “Perhaps Gration’s approach …are related to the Administration’s commitment to ‘reach out’ to the Arab and Islamic world,”

    The terrifying, heartbreaking truth: Allowing barbaric atrocities, slavery, and genocide of black innocents is ruthless Obama and his inhuman administration's method of REACHING OUT to the Arab and Islamic world.

    Weep for American that this has what our great nation has come to.

    And weep for the terrified African Nuba who are being hunted down by savage monsters with no one to help them.

  • StephenD

    You make like the President isn't aware or at worst is merely staying neutral to all that is going on in Sudan. WRONG. Remember, he has granted a waiver to Sudan so that they can continue to receive our tax dollars even if they use CHILDREN SOLDIERS. You see, it isn't that he doesn't care. He truly does care. Just not for the side you think he would.
    Name one time when he has done other than a Socialist, America Hating Islamist would do.

    • trickyblain

      "Name one time when he has done other than a Socialist, America Hating Islamist would do."

      Well, killing bin Laden would be one. A socalist probably wouldn't continue the lowest tax rates on the uber-wealthy in world history, as well.

  • Amused

    Oh TAKE A PILL Linda !! , your fangs are showing again . There is not another on this board so filled and dripping with hatred of one man , as YOU .And out of the other side of your mouth you quote scriptures ? Obama is "allowing " this ? What kind of bullsheet is that ? You sound like a muslim , blaming everything wrong in the universe on the jews , just substitute the word Obama for Jew .
    Do a little introspection and examine your own soul , it is infected with that which you rail against . If you must ,scream at your Pope . he should be at forefront of such protest , it's his JOB .

    • LindaRivera

      More ridiculous statements. I don't have a Pope.

      • mlcblog

        I think Amused may be offering a good suggestion. Take a breath.

        • claire Budd

          You're all missing the point. Nuba people are Christian AND Muslim. The brokers of the CPA failed them completely and need to act to stop Bashir the butcher – it matters little what faith he has, he is and evil man unworthy of calling himself god-fearing in any capacity. We need to act to stop him.

          • mlcblog

            Thank you. I didn't know.

  • LindaRivera

    The U.S. and Western nations have the power to stop the suffering and genocide. If the U.S. and Western nations allow this genocide to take place, they will have blood on their hands. A lot of blood. They will go down in history as horrific enablers, aiders and abetters of barbaric atrocities, enslavement and genocide.

  • LindaRivera

    Hundreds of thousands of black African South Sudanese Christian women and children have been taken for slaves by Sudan's cruel Arab Muslims.

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs


    • Amused

      Linda are you that naive , to think that the Sudan is the only place were humans are exterminating each other ? In Africa alone there are almost 15 nations where this is going on …or has gone on , or will go on .You mention children soldiers , , that is not unique , by any means , children are routinely kidnapped and made into murderers . If ANY president of the US , attempted o get involved in each and every one of these , there would be time for little else , not to mention , this wouldn't be stopped anyway .AND THATS JUST AFRICA …what about Asia ? Tibet ? Myanmar ? Indonesia ? Malaysia ? Thailand , Cambodia , North Korea ? If you can't be fair , then atleast be reasonable , you can not blame this on ONE man , or even ONE country . If so , then every single human being on the face of this planet has got blood on their hands also .

      • Crazyhorse

        The topic is Sudan here..Jannisaries is a muslim ottoman system adopted by others…The US stopped this once back in T.Jefferson's time-this is where the US Marine it's start..They might have to do it again,but US does not know who their real enemies are yet..

  • mrbean

    The only people who can solve the problems of Africa are Africans themselves. It is only they who can change their leaders, end corruption and bring about transparency in government and end the African wars. Only they can stop the continent's massive brain drain. This was brought home to me, a number of years ago, at a dinner I was invited to in honor of a new Nigerian ambassador to the United States. During his speech, he admonished the Nigerian professionals in attendance to come home to help the country develop. The Nigerians seated at my table, and nearby tables, fell into quiet laughter. —- Walter Williams

  • FJHMcDonnell

    Thanks for keeping the issue before FPM readers, Stephen. The brave fighters of the SPLA-North are doing their best to defend the people against the Islamist regime with little help from anyone. Together, with only minimal support from outside — but more critically, no opposition from a U.S.G. or U.N. on the wrong side of things — the marginalized peoples' forces of Sudan could defeat Al Bashir and his jihadists, and bring about the kind of free and democratic county that Egypt is not becoming and Libya will probably not become. The Nuba fighters – Christian and Muslim together – are brave, good men who deserve the support of the free world. @stephen l – we don't get squat of Sudan's oil. There are still U.S. sanctions against Sudan, including the oil. We SHOULD be in partnership with South Sudan for oil. Better us than the Arab world!

    BTW, The former Sudan rep. to the State Dept. is Roger Winter, though, not George Winter.

    • Stephen Brown

      Thanks, Faith, for your kind words. It breaks my heart we are not doing anything for the Nuba. These people are our natural allies against radical Islam but we do not seem to realise this. Instead of supplying them with aid and the means to defend themselves, we are leaving them to be slaughtered -again. The hardcore Islamists like Bashir do not view black Africans as human but rather as animals who deserve only one of two things: death or slavery. And what does the West do? It highly likely made a deal with Bashir that saw Sudanese troops occupy an oil-rich area in southern Libya last month to protect it from Gaddafi's troops. The moral bankruptcy and lack of insight of our governments concerning where our true interests lie is simply appalling. I am afraid we will be presented with a bill for this some day.

      – Stephen Brown

  • UCSPanther

    I hope the people of South Sudan can band together and make it clear to Omar Bashir and murderous minions that this is their land, and any attempt to steal it will cost them dearly. Bashir is an Arab version of Hitler in his views on the South Sudanese.

    On the plus side though, the Arab countries have been complaining and hollering about how South Sudan is a Zionist plot, so its independence is a blow for them.

  • LindaRivera

    To Amused,

    You don't think it is fair to stop genocide? As for your statement on other countries. I NEVER once mentioned getting involved in ANY other country!

    You claim that I am blaming one man and one country. I did NOT! I stated in my comment:

    The U.S. and Western nations have the power to stop the suffering and genocide.

    Why do you insist on stating things that I NEVER said in my comments?

    You state that in Sudan, humans are exterminating each other. NOT TRUE. It is a fact that Arab Muslims are exterminating black Christians and black Muslims!

    • Amused

      You show me how Linda , the slaughter in Sudan is nothing new . It went on during Bush , right down thru Nixon . The world is simply more aware because of lightning fast transmission of news . YOU ARE IN FACT BLAMING ONE MAN ….and tha is OBAMA , perhaps you should go back and reread your posts . Trouble with this blog is , everyone is so used to bashing and denigrating their President , that anyone who doesn't concurr is a leftist , marxist ,commie , or just plain EVIL. People are in fact exterminating each other in Sudan , Nigeria , Malaysia , Indonesia , Iran , Iraq , Afghanistan , Yemen , Syria , Lebanon , Somalia , Ivory Coas,t Liberia , Libya , Pakistan , Kurdistan , Kashmir , India ,Phillippines , Myanmar and others I can mention . . Where do you come off asking me such a question as " you don't think it's fair to stop genocide "???? You should stop and listen to your own words sometime Linda . Niether Obama nor the US can stop genocide , nor can the world , not without extreme force where killing who we believe vto be the perpetrators , is REQUIRED . How many wars would you see us in ?

  • LindaRivera

    To FMcDonnell:

    Yes, indeed: "The Nuba fighters – Christian and Muslim together – are brave, good men who deserve the support of the free world."

  • Fudgepackin Mohamed

    Why would anyone be stupid enough to think that the muzlim obama would give a rat's a– about some n—— in AFrica. Obama HATES everyone that is not muzlim and his actions prove the point. I have Nubian friends and cannot believe they are not allowed to immigrate here while the scum of the islamic world comes daily from saudi. America is f—- as we let these politicians be bought by the saudis then they do their bidding and use TV to get re-elected. Only God can settle with them and you know the franks, pelosi's and reids along with the royal saudi bush family will be right in front.

  • Amused

    Color bias is tghe same with arabs , as it is with anyone else , and in the case of Sudan , that bias includes b;ack muslims being persecuted by arab muslims .So much for islamic unity , which will never be . And before anyone of you wanmts to label the Libyan rebellion as something "bad " keep in mind that the rebelas include many tribes , and people who have been suppressed by muslim regimes for centuries , like the Berbers – The equivelant of the Kurds who have been and are being persecuted by the Turks , Iraq , Iran and others , most are muslim .

  • mlcblog

    Without reading the article yet, the question off the top of my head is Are the Nubas Christians? which would explain to me Barry's lack of concern. I shall read with interest to learn something here.

    • FJHMcDonnell

      The Nuba are both Christian and Muslim. They have lived together in peace and fellowship for centuries. There is a strong Christian church in the Nuba Mountains — both Catholic and Protestant. One of the strongest is the Anglican or Episcopal Church of Sudan, whose bishop, my friend the Rt. Rev. Andudu Adam Elnail, along with all of the Christians, are good friends and allies of the Nuba Muslims. And the brave and good leader of the SPLA-north is a Muslim, Commander Abdelaziz Adam Elhilu, with whom I would trust my very life. There are about 50 different tribes comprising the Nuba, but they are all hated by Khartoum because they are black Africans and they sided with the SPLA during the war.

  • Amused

    Dont worry , you need not read the article , you're on the right track if you're blaming "barry " .
    Oh , and you will "learn something here " .lolololol

    • mlcblog

      Yeah!! did my due diligence and read it. No surprises at all. Did learn what I sounded like in my days when I was as rabid as Linda.

      Linda, I probably agree with a lot of what you say. It just is so over the top and loses reason somehow and then becomes hard to follow or even read.

  • claire Budd

    You're all missing the point. Nuba people are Christian AND Muslim. The brokers of the CPA failed them completely and need to act to stop Bashir the butcher – it matters little what faith he has, he is and evil man unworthy of calling himself god-fearing in any capacity. We need to act to stop him.

  • Amused

    South Sudan is muslim AND Christian .Both are still populating in the north where they continue to be persecuted . The Muslims because they are black and not arab , the christians because , of course they are christians .

  • LindaRivera

    To F McDonnell:

    It is a wonderful thing to read from your comment that: "The Nuba are both Christian and Muslim. They have lived together in peace and fellowship for centuries."

    And it is clear from the rest of your comment that the Nuba are a very special people! G-D bless and protect these dear black African people – Christian and Muslim!

  • Amused

    The Nuba are no more special than Hindus in India , Buddhists in Thailand , Christians in Indonesia . Linda you wouldn't even know who the Nuba were , [ nor would any of the other dimbulbs here ] if you didn't have Brown throwing some red meat around to "get the gang fired up " . You know that ole' "Pavlovian response " works everytime . LOLOLOL…..the Nuba ! LOL…it could have been racoons along the Ohio River . The only difference is that the subjects are not salivating for food , but fuel for their OHS . Ha Ha Ha ! GOD CHRISTIANS ALL !!! Scuse me while I go and BARF .

  • LindaRivera

    To Amused:

    You ask: How many wars would you see us in ? Again, as I previously stated to you, I NEVER mentioned getting involved in other countries.

    I am not blaming one man, Obama! One man is NOT responsible! What a crazy thing to say! There are many people involved with decisions. Decisions are NOT made by one man! Decisions are made by the administration and by people we don't even know about.

    I don't believe in America running around waging wars! Just as the Founding Fathers did not believe in it! Not only that, there is absolutely no money. We are bankrupt.

    The Nuba are threatened with genocide. The very minimum, America, Europe, the UK and other Free World countries can do is provide the Nuba and South Sudanese with all weapons required for self defense and give them ongoing military training. It is the humane thing to do.

  • Summer Shields

    This author fails– as most "specialists" on the Sudan fail, usually on purpose– to present the role of the British empire in the manipulation of the Sudan and Africa.  Take the ICC in Sudan as a good example.  The ICC is a construct of British imperialists who want control of the planet's resources, like Bertrand 'dirty Berty' Russell and George Soros.  Today the British empire, centered in London with cronies in Wall Street, still hates national sovereignty every bit as much as they did at the turn of the 19th century.  Obama is their puppet and no nation is safe– neither Sudan nor the United States or any other nation until we free the world from the imperial grip of monetarism. The solution to violence and war is peace through development.  Humanity has a common mission. Defeat the financial oligarchy and we can succeed.

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