The Order of the Death Cult

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Many Russian revolutionaries, Geifman claims, knew little about socialist theory, while Islamic terrorists are often ignorant of the Koran’s teachings. These terrorists, like Breivik, use a political cause simply as a means and a camouflage to sacrifice themselves and others to their god of death, sacrifices their pagan deity demands. Geifman compares these death worshippers, or thantophiles, to India’s Thugs who murdered thousands of innocent travellers as human sacrifices to their death goddess, Kali. And Kali’s followers, like Breivik, could even be found in the middle and upper reaches of society.

While there may be a practical reason in his demented worldview why Breivik targeted so many young people, as they do represent the future leaders of Norway’s multicultural-supporting Labour Party he so detested, thanatophilia is also involved. Geifman maintains the 2004 attack on the school in Beslan, in which 186 Russian children died, was a natural development in modern terrorism’s century-long history. It was an act of death worship, in which “the death-worshippers took their sacrificial destruction to a whole new level” by targeting children. Islamic terrorists have also taken over a school and deliberately targeted young people in Israel.

Death worshippers, Geifman believes, have to target children and young people, since they are the essence of life, the center and future of every family and community. The murder of this life-giving force by Breivik and those of his ilk therefore make them a more worthy offering to their Kali. And this targeting of the young also serves as a plausible warning where death-worshipping terrorists will strike next.

It is noteworthy that Breivik did not go to Labour Party headquarters and carry out his massacre there among the people directly responsible for the multiculturalism he so hated. Instead, the vast majority of his victims were blameless regarding the political policy that sparked his mass homicide.

Unfortunately for the civilized world, this is the savage trend of modern terrorism. Geifman states that its hallmark in the last hundred years is a degeneration from “punishment of individual adversaries” to “indiscriminate cruelty and carried out en masse.

“In fact those who die are not the primary targets,” Geifman states.

Terrorists also do not hide the fact they are death worshippers. Islamic terrorists have often said they love death like Westerners love life. The Soviet newspaper Pravda was just as explicit about the end game of the Communist death cult when it stated in 1920: “Those who replace us will have to build on the silence of the graveyard.”

And that is exactly what Breivik has done in Oslo. Like Beslan and New York after 9/11, the Norwegian terrorist has created “a dead zone” where a cemetery-like atmosphere will predominate for weeks to come. And it is these dead zones that death-worshipping terrorists want to spread worldwide. Governments ignore the lessons of Beslan and Oslo at their peril.

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  • John

    Is this for real? If a horrid murderer is associated with the political platform endorsed by this publication, it must be thanatophilia? This is the best thing you can come up with to distance yourselves?

    • mrbean

      People like you are too stupid to even suspect you are stupid.

    • mlcblog

      Distance ourselves? we have no connection with this psychotic person other than the bonds of humanity, which you also share.

    • Rifleman

      Well, look at his philosophy and tactics, and it's obvious

  • tarleton

    politically speaking , this creep is nearer to neo nazis or the EDL and religion is only a peripheral connection…if he has any religion at all , it will be deism , hich tech animism or new age neo paganism

  • tarleton

    nazism , communism and it's hybrid offshoots are really just the 20th centuries reaction to the death of traditional religion after being undermined by the discoveries of science …they are in fact , the channelling of the religious impulse into secular form, with their holy books , holy symbols, holy prophets , vision of the apocalypse and desire to create heaven on earth …the Reds even had their Martin Luther who tried to reform a corrupt and wayward system , only to have it come crashing down upon his head

  • tarleton

    continued…'s the eternal human desire to believe in something rather than nothing
    The human mind has been skuptured by eons of evolution and is ''hardwired'' to believe in a ''god'', regardless if god exists or not ,; it's the desire for a father figure, bodyguard or simply a panicky flight from a harsh and painful reality
    The ''true believers'' , whether secular or religious , are always the the most dangerous and fanatical…people who are ''certain'' of their beliefs and worldview…Allah au Akhbar…God wills it …or simply the ''party requires it ''or maybe ''deutshland uber alles''

    • Jim_C

      I tend to agree. It's not precisely important what "religion" this guy WAS; but I do think it's important to note that he was "religiously" motivated.

      "True believers" are toxic…anywhere.

      • tarleton

        the secular fanatics are usually not as confident about dying as the religious ones …the nazis and reds would sacrifice themselves for the ''party'' if necessary , but they were/are not in love with death as these sick fundamentalists who crave their reward in paradise…even the nazis had shown some resraint in WW2 in regards to the use of poison gas on the battlefield , and the nuke cold war with the soviets turned out successfully
        How would a nuke cold war with Islam have ended ?

      • Rifleman

        He said he was motivated by logic Jim.

  • TK Heekin

    It took me a while to figure this Norway thing out but rather than 1905 I believe one has to go back to 1859 to find a parrallel to the Norway killer. This killer's actions were clearly insane as we all can agree. However, as in the 1859 incident, his core reasoning was/is quite reasonable. The Islamization of Europe is a real threat. This makes the Norway killer different from Communists, Muslims, Unabombers, Texas Tower shooters, Manson, et al………who this Norwegian is is John Brown at Harpers Ferry in 1859, i.e., an insane human with the belief that slavery was wrong.

    • tarleton

      That creep was a true fanatic and THAT is the real problem …his beliefs and world view seem reasonable …it was his reaction/solution that was demonic..he is a secular version of the fundamentalist religious fanatic

    • mlcblog

      So are you saying he is a hero like John Brown?

    • bodica

      Except that his best boy friend was a moslem who hated all other Norwegians and left him to return to Pakistan. Go figure. And why can I find this out with my limited resources, but not the MSM with their empires? Was this bbf the second shooter?

  • tarleton

    Furthermore , as someone else has pointed out , this creep was a loner , a doer and a moral moron …in some ways he's like Hitler , an oddball , sure of his own brilliance , burning the midnight oil compiling his obtuse manifesto , like Hitler with ''mein kampf''

    Hmm …I wonder if he planned to kill himself , but then chickened out ? COULD BE …shooters like this almost always do commit suicide hmmm

    • tarleton

      Although Tim Mcveigh didn't …he stuck around for the publicity and have his crowded hour

      • Rifleman

        Much truth in that post, but most of his 'manifesto' was cut and paste.

        • bodica

          Yep, a cobbled together fantasy worthy of a Columbia U School of Marxism, er, Sociology student taking a module in terrorist thought 101.

          McVeigh was mkultra'd or a variation thereof.

  • flyingtiger

    The shooter was a Freemason. Can this explain his actions?

    • Rifleman

      Nope, I'm not a freemason, but my dad and brother are, and they haven't and wouldn't murder, much less mass murder.

    • bodica

      It certainly disqualifies any assertions to Christianity. Plus, there are levels of Masonry, and a hierarchy of disclosure. Breivik was a decorated military officer – he would be at a high level.

  • Ghostwriter

    How about the shooter was a mentally ill nutcase and the only safe place for him is either the insane asylum or jail.

    • Rifleman

      I won't vote up or down on your comment, but he belongs in the cemetery.

    • Rifleman

      This guy clearly belongs in the cemetery, where he won't hurt anybody..

  • Fred Dawes

    This guy is evil and needs a rope so he will never murder anyone, put him in prison someday he may come to your town and kill your kids.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Actually, Geifman is an idiot! First of all he conflates terrorism with jihad when they are two entirely different things altogether, and second there is no way Muslim jihadists are ignorant of the Koran and what it teaches. Hence, Geifman is a flake.

  • aspacia

    IMHO, Geifman is off. Both the Jihadis and Breivik have a political agenda. The difference is the number of Jihadis and the number of Breiviks, McVeighs, Rudolphs willing to commit murder in the name of their political agendas. We can count the number of conservative on the fingers of our two hands, whereas the number of Jihadi attacks and attempted attacks are in the thousands.

    There is nothing in the Torah, Old Testament or New Testaments that calls for followers to inflict terror on nonbelievers, or to debase or murder nonbelievers, albeit there are these exact words in Islam. Therein lies a world of difference.