The Deal For Gilad Shalit

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There was another way for the government to demonstrate its determination to free Schalit.  The Prime Minister could have appeared on television and announced that all food, water, electricity and other goods that had been flowing into Gaza would be stopped until Schalit was released. He could have announced that, should anything happen to Schalit, the consequences to Gaza would be even more devastating.  The international community would have screamed about collective punishment, but it’s a sure bet that an urgent effort would have been made to free Schalit to avoid these consequences.  It is very possible that such a strong approach would have succeeded in freeing Schalit, especially if the threat were credible. Even if this approach did not convince Hamas to release Schalit unharmed, as long as Israel kept its promise of a crushing retaliation, at least future kidnappings would have been convincingly deterred.

Instead, Hamas is jubilant about its victory over Israel, and justifiably so.  Khaled Mashaal has every reason to crow about Hamas’ “great achievement.”

In contrast, the Jewish people have been “weighed on the scales and found wanting.” Sukkot, which is supposed to be a joyous holiday, has been stained and scarred.  It will now mark our craven surrender to evil, to the shame of Israel and the entire Jewish nation.

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  • mlcblog

    It shows a lot about the value of a Jewish life compared to those who cannot come under authority and are always angry as their national traits. One-thousand times more!!!

    • ann

      Please sign this,and ask all for friends and family to sign it as well.

      If the link doesn't work,go to Keren Malki This Ongoing War blog. The link to the petition is on there too.

    • Justamom

      What it shows is the cowardice of the Israeli government and its willingness to sell out its own people. It virtually ensures that such kidnappings of Israeli soldiers will increase as it has proven to be so profitable. Anyone who chooses to live in Israel and to allow the Israeli government to take the right to life and security of its citizens so cavalierly is crazy. Netanyahu talks tough but is a total wuss in his actions.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Big problem. Huge one at that.
    Slogans and spin doctored shinola have nothing to do with the truth.
    The beasts to be exchanged for Schalit murdered hundreds of Israelis. And will be murdering hundreds more. Netanyahu and Peres and the corrupt media know that.
    Our kids, including my own son had to risk their lives to capture the islamic murderous scum, some of our soldiers died or were wounded doing it.
    Apparently idiots believe that one soldier, painful as his status may be, is worth the lives of hundreds of other Jews, Druse and even Bedouin soldiers and civilians.
    The Israeli sold out media USED Schalit to furher degrade our military and social fiber. Forget about "concern" care, etc, that was all sabotage pure and simple.
    Netanyahu is also playing with the lives of hundreds or more further "victims of peace" to gain cookie points with Soetoro and the unJews.

    Terrible "deal" all around.


    You made me really mad reading this.
    I am Israeli and i tell you that even tough i know and we all know that we will pay for this dearly. i tell you this is our badge of honor that we do no let even one of OUR brothers to suffer and rot at the hands of evil.
    yes there will be deaths because of this but let me tell you a secret these ppl even now have legions who are ready and willing to kill us and by the grace of god and our capable soldiers we stop them from achieving that every day.
    let me even go further than this- i am willing to accept that maybe if i will be killed next because of this deal i am proud and happy that i didnt let one of my extended family suffer untold horrors.
    and i "m sure he did. we will be lucky if he will come back sane.
    shame on YOU, sir for speaking in my name while understanding NOTHING about what it means to be Israeli.

    • WildJew

      What do you say to this Israeli?

      What do you say to this Israeli?,7340,L-4134740

      • TALIA

        Whatever i will say is non of your business. we are family and we can disagree.
        as a jew you should know that is what we do best.
        except one thing – unite in times of trouble.

        • WildJew

          There should be some things in which we Jews should all agree. No? How about destroying Jewish homes and Jewish communities in our land in order to appease Israel's enemies? Are you for it or against it?

          • TALIA

            So you will fight for the right to inhabit but not for the right to live??
            a house is more important than a life? interesting.
            i am not a on the left so no i am not for it. on the contrary i think the all of the area should be "settled" .
            i understand full well what this deal means but i understand even more that a felling of ערבות הדדית is essential for our survival.
            the day a prime minister will say we cant or wont free a captive soldier is a day we should all might as well just jump into the sea in advance.

          • WildJew

            The right to inhabit and the right to live go hand in hand. For me, politics is about doing the right thing. It's about doing what we are obligated to do as Jews. Prime Minister Netahyahu has not been doing the right thing according to our Torah. I am NOT a religious Jew but I know what we are to do as Jews. He's been destroying Jewish homes (he and D.M. Ehud Barak) in order to appease Israel's enemies. Is it any surprise that he surrenders to Hamas' blackmail?

            When Gaza jihadists committed murderous terror near Eilat recently, why didn't the prime minister go into Gaza and destroy Hamas? Hamas is responsible for Gaza. Why is the prime minister destroying Jewish homes? If we Jews are responsible for one another (and we are) doesn't that mean condemning Mr. Netanyahu when he sins against God?

          • TALIA

            Bibi is a politician and all of them in the end take care of themselves
            i do think he is better than most and on several occasions has really excelled above many and commanded my respect . on other occasions he did not.
            i dont think there are any grand statesmen left.
            you are missing the point.
            all of this is happening because of the lack of unity among us.
            if you want change the people themselves will have to change.
            the politicians will follow because they need to say what they think will buy votes. thats all.
            politics is about self preservation of the politicians and thats it.
            i wouldn't put my fate in them. even the best of them.
            these fractions are among US and until we will try to connect and unite above all of them – no matter what are our political views or what ever are simply because we are one family then this things will continue.
            you seem to be religious then you should know why all these things are happening. שנאת חינם is between us and that is what needs to be dealt with.
            among us. not governments.
            and then and only then we can deal with situations in the best way and maybe we will grow real visionary and capable leaders .

          • WildJew

            We agree on something. It's because of the people themselves. Same thing holds true in America. Americans elected and support Barack Obama. It is the people who are largely at fault for the miserable leaders they elect and support. But Netanyahu is no Barack Obama. He is a Jewish leader with a moral compass and we are looking for leadership. You are right. Netanyahu is better than the others. He is better than Olmert. He is head and shoulders better than Livni, who would be a disaster if she were PM.

            I've got one of Netnayahu's books, "Fighting Terrorism." It is not as if Netanyahu does not know what is right and what is wrong. Netanyahu condemned surrendering to blackmail. He condemned releasing convicted terrorists from prison in his book. Then he does exactly what he says a nation should not do.

            Also, I expect better from him than groveling (bowing) before this dangerous Muslim-born American president who is furthering the most extreme interpretation of Islam throughout the region. Netanyahu destroys Jewish homes in order to appease Obama. God-willing, Obama will be voted out of office next November. But who will Netanyahu bow to after Hussein Obama?

          • TALIA

            I believe Bibi does know better than that but the internal pressures on releasing Gilad were and are overwhelming.
            it all goes back to one thing mutual guaranty.
            i dont think the people is Israel can survive with out it . not psychologically nor in actuality.
            we just cant.
            whether it is because of the history of jews or the small numbers of us. every life really does Mather.
            at least in war times…
            what i am trying to say is that politics and politicians are reflections of us as a society.
            if there is weakness and loss of purpose , values and belief in our path then problems like these will surface.
            because the people themselves need to regain their truth.
            and i think its true both in the us and in my country if not the all of the west, in fact.
            and until the people will decide their way of life or even their very existence is right then changing ppl in politics wont help.
            because the malady is in us.
            Shabat Shalom!!

          • SHmuelHaLevi

            I guess Talia, that after reading an avalanche of opinions not agreeing with you, you should take a clue.
            I am a decorted Israeli soldier and need no lectures from anyone in Israel. I am also a retired high level military avionics Engineer.
            Israel is sinking out of misplaced, misleading if not treasonous policies born in Oslo and after.
            The islamic murderers MUST be executed and should have been so for a long time. But they are good PR tools for bad politicians that work telling us that the VICTIMS of peace be damned.
            Exchanging 1027 beasts for Shalit, while understandable at family level, is a national disaster.
            AND HORSE feathers to "accepting" more of us killed for that "deal".
            That is truly sick.

          • TALIA

            What is sick is your willingness of accepting Gilad death or worse yet more long years of torture.
            and as of accepting more deaths i was speaking in my name.
            and yes i am willing because to me he is like family i see no difference between one of my family and him.
            thats called ערבות הדדית – EVER HEARD OF THAT?
            because it could easily be reversed as i am a jew and there for a
            target as well. and so are you.
            of course letting those terrorists go is not a good thing. did i say otherwise?
            so they will join the other thousands of ppl wanting to kill us. what else is new?
            this is what you worry about? you have Al Qaeda in the Sinai, iran already in gaza and turkey itching for a fight.
            what we all should be working on is unifying our ppl and not on politics pointing fingers like little children.
            anyway we are not going to agree on this and i dont need any lectures from you either.
            good day.

          • Amused

            HaLevi and Wild Jew …..know when to quit , you have been bested .It is built in to the Jewish psyche not so much to do what is worst to your enemy , but what is best for a fellow Jew .But I guess you two jews dont think that way eh ?

          • WildJew

            Can you elaborate? What is best for a fellow Jew is indeed important. What is best for the nation?

          • SHmuelHaLevi

            Gilead Shalit is then in your completely confused mind more important than the hundreds of victims that the beasts released on his behalf are?
            To you and Amused goes this. Nowhere in our Laws it is said, (ANCESTRAL LAWS), that we must commit suicide on behalf of anyone, loved as he or she may be.
            That sick concept was fabricated to uphold the quasi soldiering borne in Oslo and after.
            War is BAD, but in wat one must accetp the relative consequences point blank. I would never accept in my foxhole a fellow unable or unwilling to undertstand the rules of the game.
            THERE are no rules except,,, defeating the enemy at all costs.
            The extreme brainwashing effected on some Jews caused them, and you amongst them, to distort reality…
            Shalit was a soldier and as such he knew and accepted his risks as we all do. Regretfully some soldiers fall prisoner or are killed or wounded. That is part of real war not the quasi yoyo games with rubber bullets and paint balls invented by just as quasi "warriors".
            Bottom line: Happy that Shalit appears to be alive and is apparently going to be be returned.
            Completely reject the "deal" to achieve that.

          • TALIA

            I really don't know what else to say to you. seriously.
            first of all, i was taught rudeness is an Israeli "thing", no?
            you were supposed to loose that wherever it is you live.
            you and i dont speak the same language nor share the same values so this conversation is useless.
            to you your safety comes first. to me the life of each of my ppl so you can't get why a whole nation would behave so.
            for the record, i"m not a leftist not by a long shot.
            and your smug rudeness is really distasteful to me.
            so think as you like.
            in any case it will affect people who live here so this is OUR choice to make what we will risk our life for.
            i am trying very hard to be polite here so please move on – we will not convince each other.

          • ziontruth

            The MaHRaM, Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg, was imprisoned in the 13th century by the German imperial authorities, who demanded an exorbitant ransom from his community for his freedom. The Rabbi told his community, and stated it as a halakhah (injunction of Jewish Law, binding upon every believing Jew), that they should never pay the ransom, nor should it be in any similar case, lest it encourage the enemies of the Jewish people to extort the Jews.

          • TALIA

            I am familiar with that and i even understand but let me ask you some Q if i may- did it got stopped after that?
            there were no more kidnappings . no more massacres or pogroms?
            so if we will not release terrorists than these things will stop?
            do you know that they throw rocks at moving cars and kill even one guy . one baby even.
            are you aware that last week they tried to kill even a pregnant woman who was trying to get to the hospital?
            these "people" are not acting to achieve statehood or a good life. they want to kill us. period.
            even one person at a time.
            they dont care how many of their people will be killed nor would they spare even a jewish baby.
            so what do we do with such people?
            they will try and do their best to kill us whatever we will or wont do .
            so what do we do?
            what are we going to do in the coming war or even wars that are very close upon us?
            this "spring" and THE bomb that will soon enter the game?
            the only thing that we have is the power that resides between us when we unite.
            there is and never was anything else.
            you can call it god if you like. i call it the power of the mutual guarantee.ערבות הדדית.
            when we work as one people in one heart.
            why did we win every impossible war ?
            because of weapons? of our overwhelming numbers?
            thats the only thing we truly have.
            and why this is important to regain.
            the knowledge that we are responsible for each other. that we cannot nor will we accept living without each other.
            never mind how diverse or different we are.
            we are one family working together as one man with one heart.
            and this will have to happen very soon because regardless of this deal the dangers of the very near future looks very real and quite impossible;)
            which means its unity time.

          • ziontruth

            "did it got stopped after that?
            there were no more kidnappings . no more massacres or pogroms?"

            Massacres and pogroms, yes, but not any kidnapping for exorbitant ransom recorded.

            "so if we will not release terrorists than these things will stop?"

            Look, I was just bringing the halakhah's point of view. Myself, I'm not so much concerned with the prisoner exchanged—that boat sailed long ago, in 1985, with the Jibril Deal—as I am with Israel's reaction to Arab aggression after the release of Shalit. The government has repeatedly said a fitting to the Kassam rockets is being delayed for fear of Shalit's life. If so, then I expect his release to be followed by a merciless pounding of Gaza in response to any act of aggression from there.

            "…do you know… are you aware…"

            I'm an Israeli Jew. Born in Israel, living in Israel now, lived most of my life in Israel except for a few years in the U.S.

            "these 'people' are not acting to achieve statehood or a good life. they want to kill us. period."

            I couldn't agree more! That's why I'm a vehement advocate of expelling from the entire Land of Israel (both pre- and post-1967 territories) all the people from whom 100% of the terrorist attacks come: The Arab settler-colonist land-thieves illegally squatting on our land.

            "the only thing that we have is the power that resides between us when we unite."

            Yes, but we must unite on the right point of view. We must unite on the view that this land belongs to us and that there is no room for any hostile nation to reside on it beside us.

          • ziontruth

            "prisoner exchanged" should be "prisoner exchange"

          • TALIA

            There will never be one prisoner exchange ever for the simple reason that the arabs dont value any one person's life as we do .
            they dont care if even their all population will die as long as we will die too.
            surly you understand that.
            personally i would have loved it if they were just gone on a mission and got him. there is no way there was no intel whatsoever.
            but they didnt so this is what we got.
            not what any person hopes for but there it is and i meant what i said i truly dont care if i will die because of this .as i would have done for anyone of my family.
            "one point of view"- really? so you want to wait until the mashiach is here?
            thats never gonna happen.
            this is what we are. the kind of people that we are.
            i"m sure you know all the cliches. unfortunately they are true. as it is evident on this page clearly.
            each of us have a gazillion different take on things .
            so seriously don't hold your breath for that to happen.
            as for the left they are shrinking more and more every year. unfortunately not in the media however.
            the only one point that we all can unite around is being one people who want to be a people and not a mishmash of individuals and want to live together.
            we dont have a lot of time left before it seriously begins.
            so this is a time to put different political views aside.
            כי כולנו תלויים אחד בשני או תלויים אחד ליד השני.
            we dont have to agree on anything else but that.
            i hope we can .
            shavua tov and may he come back home safely.

          • ziontruth

            "'one point of view'- really?"

            Then what does your talk of "unity" have to do with reality? We can't get a united course of action if we believe widely different things.

            "i'm sure you know all the cliches. unfortunately they are true."

            No. Judaism doesn't do fatalism. It must and will change.

            "as for the left they are shrinking more and more every year. unfortunately not in the media however."

            I know. Did you read what I wrote above, about me being an almost lifelong Israeli? Please stop telling me the state of affairs as if I were an overseas reader.

            "the only one point that we all can unite around is being one people who want to be a people and not a mishmash of individuals and want to live together."

            Talia, we're dealing with reality here, not philosophy. This thing you say we can unite around is of no practical use in countering the Arab imperialist threat to the Jewish State. You bring up ideals and slogans and big words while I'm discussing down-to-earth actions such as booting all the Arab squatters off our land. I didn't come here for philosophical debate.

          • TALIA

            I dont agree.
            the way you define unity is to have one single political view . thats not realistic and thats not gonna happen and thats not even right.
            if you will wait for that to happen in order to unite than you can wait for eternity. period.
            the actions you are suggesting will never be accepted by the general public in Israel.
            THAT IS THE REALITY. deal with it.
            and i am talking to you as a fellow Israeli otherwise i wouldn't have bothered going into such details with you. and plz relax this is just a conversation.
            your way of either everyone will agree with me on how this land should be or nothing has gotten us where we are today.
            where each of us just digs their heels.
            what does politics got to do with family? in your family everyones agree on politics? and if they dont then they are not family any more?
            this is how i see this country. you dont have to agree with me.
            also i dont understand-i didnt come here to philosophical debate..- i spoke to you or you me?
            talk with ever you like-whats that got to do with me? or are you saying that even conversations have to go one way for you to communicate?


          • ziontruth

            "the way you define unity is to have one single political view . thats not realistic…"

            No, that's not what I meant. An explanation by way of a question: What's so unrealistic about the nearly entire Israeli Jewish public coming to the conclusion that the way to peace and security is to boot all the Arab colonists out? For all we know, that has already happened, and it's only the political and media classes that haven't come to grips with the will of the people.

            No coercion needed, no dictatorship, no suppression of dissent—nothing required but the coalescence of a majority into that idea. That's already happening. And you know who's making it happen? The Arab enemy. Only our politicans and mainstream media chatterers are lagging behind.

            "in your family everyones agree on politics?"

            Not on the specifics maybe, but everyone is pretty much agreed the Arabs want to kill us all. Considering a lot of my family believed in the 1990s that the Arabs wanted the good life just like us, you see why I'm optimistic about a majority shift of opinion.

            "also i dont understand-i didnt come here to philosophical debate.."

            If you can put things down on the table, as in, "THAT IS THE REALITY. deal with it" (just above), then I too can state right away that I believe that "being one people who want to be a people and not a mishmash of individuals and want to live together" is a good idea but it doesn't have anything clear to do with the practical issues.

            I consider myself a practical person. After Shalit is back, what do you suggest be done to prevent further abductions, suicide-murder incidents, barrages of Kassam rockets and the rest of the gifts we receive from the scum just across the border? That's a relevant question, and it calls for practical answers, not mere ideas. I have presented a practical answer. Anyone who thinks a practical suggestion is faulty must replace it with another practical suggestion, otherwise they're wasting everybody's time.

          • TALIA

            First of all, thank you for a civil answer.
            now. as for practicality thats all good and well and important of course but my point is that because the ideals in our society have been neglected is why we are where we are. we need both.
            a society with only practicality and no "philosophy" is sad and not long lived.
            kinda what happened here, in my opinion.
            theres this and that to take care of so we dont have time for that "nonsense" and so it all goes down the drains because there is no talk of the meaning of things only what to do now for this crisis or the next one.
            my point is this there are no immediate one solution. and we cant even see it if it does exist because we are all busy fighting each other.
            personally i think we should do many things "practically" like-
            hunt each of these prisoners down and kill them.
            of renewing the political assassination programs for hamas leaders that was frozen.
            of stopping the take over of the new israel fund indoctrination inside the army as it been doing for quite sometime .
            of building alternative media that the ppl can listen and believe. i have a millions more ideas .
            but that wasnt the point i was trying to make – to me the only real solution is getting to ערבות הדדית.
            when we will be in that then we will be able to decide on real solutions and deal with what ever comes in our way.
            the fact that someone will say that talk of that is a waste of time is …well..what can i say….
            if you truly feel that way then plz speak with someone else. like i said we dont have to agree.

          • Justamom

            Talia, you are so witless it defies the imagination. Here you go kvetching about how cruel and merciless the terrorists are while excusing the releasing of over 1,000 of them to continue their war against the innocent. Israeli leaders should be prosecuted for unleashing these monsters on the world. If you want to be their victim, I won't stop you, in fact, I'd encourage you to enchange your life for that of an innocent child. But for you to pass off the idea that releasing these killers is an act of bravery and humanity is obscene.

          • Justamom

            Thank you ShmuelHaLevi for your excellent response. I was beginning to think that no one is Israel had a brain. You have disavowed me of that notion. I truly empathize with Israelis, particularly those with enough miliatary experience to know that this deal will inflict a severe blow to Israeli society for 2 significant reasons: 1) these killers will continue their cruel profession; 2) it will demoralize the Israeli military and special forces because they know that whatever risks they take to capture terrorists, their government will render their effort meaningless and foolish. Not just Israel but the world will suffer for this.

            Thanks again SHmuel!

    • Justamom

      Talia, you are more than a fool — you are harmful. You excuse this stupid, cruel decision just because its critics show the Israeli government for what it is — a bunch of corrupt bastards willing to forfeit the security of its people for just about nothing. This won't gain them anything and it will ensure big problems in the future. As for your willingness to be a victim of one of the freed terrorists, I respond, If only this would happen! Better you than someone intelligent! I believe in the Torah it states, "To be merciful to the cruel is to be cruel to the merciful."

      • TALIA

        sweetheart, try not to choke on all this hate.
        what a joy it is to find a jewish woman who wish that to another human being not to mention a fellow jew.
        wasnt that what people accuse the extreme leftists of? of complete moral bankruptcy. of having no red lines on behalf of their agenda.
        congratulations. you have crosses it yourself.
        i am not going to respond to you any more .
        i feel ashamed that this words have been said by you . alek beliver in the Thora.

        • Justamom

          Talia, I feel no obligation to agree with you because you are Jewish. So is George Soros for that matter. I am not asking you to respond to me — you appear to be incapable of saying anything worth hearing. By the way, you might want to learn how to spell. "Sweetheart", what does "alek beliver in the Thora" mean? Is this some kind of Israeli code for "I'm a jerk so don't take anything I say seriously"?

          The next time one of the freed terrorists commits a horrific act of murder against an innocent, may you eat your foolish words.

          • TALIA

            thank god you dont know what alek means that means you are not Israeli.
            baruch ashem! thank you !!!
            you have relived my shame over your disgusting words.

          • SHmuelHaLevi

            Talia darling,
            Please include me out… ;) of your very twisted "israelitism". Most israelis do not want any longer anything to do with that "israelitism".
            Basically Talia THE PEOPLE is sick and tired of those elements you idenify with, those that for decades have willingly negotiated away peoples lives and limbs on behalf of extreme left and unJews media fabricated suicidal slogans.
            Simply what is happening to my delight is that the disgusting unJews have run out of volunteeering "victims of peace".
            The human being whose whole life was destroyed in Sbarro responded correctly to the Shalit "deal" by swamping one of the dozens of "monuments" for the top advocate of the abhorrent "victims of peace" spin.
            NO MORE "negotiated suicide" agreements darling. No more "victims of peace" and if you volunteer, well… the rest has been said already

          • TALIA

            First of all dont call me darling, motek.
            isnt life nice in your little boxes of definitions.
            i am not a leftist and obviously you haven read or understood a word i said.
            "the people"? lol the people in Israel went crazy from wanting him back. but dont concern yourself too much. like i said this is our choice to make . not yours.
            you so touchy to criticism.that says more about you than me.
            i told you- you dont have to agree.
            this is who i am and my opinions.
            the amenity; smugness and rudeness is uncalled for and pathetic.
            and the one separating your self from Israelis is you not me.
            i dont need to think like you in order to consider you part of my people. unlike you.

          • SHmuelHaLevi

            I am thankful for you calling me motek… LOL
            As those decisions of "ours". They seem to be limited to fewer and fewer "ourses" as time goes by.
            BOTTOM LINE Talia is this: The comments here and in just about every trully JEWSH site are overwhelmingly against "ourses" decisions. The "deal" stinks just as all the previous deal stank and caused untold harm.

            You have got to learn to read Talia,
            I said "israelitists" not israelis. I am proud to part of the later and find the former repulsive
            "israelitists" are the "ourses"….

          • TALIA

            Your answer personify everything that is wrong with the current situation of our society.
            "truliy jewish" "ourses".
            learn to read? that was very gracious of you. Hebrew is my native everyday language. not English.
            you really cant speak without uttering something offensive in some way , can you?
            so this is what the relationships between us people has come to?
            either think the same way or you are part of "them".
            you are not a real this or that .
            i dont understand why you keep writing to me if you think that.
            this is the comments section and i have commented and given my sincere take on things.
            as you have a right to have an opinion no matter if i agree with you or not, so do i.
            you find it so threatening?!
            if you dont agree with me- then live long and פרוספר.
            what is that to me?
            and i remind you that you write to me and not the other way around.
            this is getting kinda embarrassing. lol

          • Justamom

            You're right Talia, I"M NOT ISRAELI! I never said I was. And I have every right to comment on what Israeli leaders do. They have just put 10027 crazy bloodthirsty terrorists back in circulation to wreak havoc on the world. They will be welcomed home as heroes and after a nice rest and free medical care and education from Israel, they will be ready to start their killing spree again. Israeli politician complain about their situation but they and Israeli citizens like you have helped to create it.

            Too bad for Israel that there are so many like you and not enough like SHmuel. Maybe when you finally experience the pain of losing someone to terrorism youself, you might get outraged enough to want a halt to the freeing of savage murderers who are not at all sorry for what they did.

            In the meantime, quit your whining. It is time for you to grow up, little girl.

          • TALIA

            SWEATHEART(i worte that on purpoe-you really think i would think you are sweet?- if after reading all the things i wrote you think i"m whining then as they say in hebrew- go find your friends. you idiot.
            i have never met someone like you on the right only on the left.
            this has been,,, interesthing. i find you very entertaining.
            and plz stay where you live now dont come here to live with us non-tough people.

  • maturin20

    Why does every international event bear comparison with the Munich Pact?

    • WildJew

      Neville Chamberlain and Munich symbolize appeasement and surrender.

      • Flipside

        Oh. So it’s a cliche.

        • ziontruth

          No, you are. In every comment of yours.

  • tanstaafl

    Do good, resist evil.

    • ziontruth

      To the good show no cruelty; to the evil, no mercy.

  • Cynic

    Yeh, yeh,

    the “The Prime Minister could have appeared on television and announced that all food, water, electricity and other goods that had been flowing into Gaza would be stopped until Schalit was released. He could have announced that, should anything happen to Schalit, the consequences to Gaza would be even more devastating.”

    and Obama with Clinton would be the first to impose sanctions via the UN.

    • WildJew

      Obama needs Jewish money and support for his re-election. He's already in enough trouble as it is.

      • Amused

        blah , blah, blah , ….and the Palestinians who are famous for biting off their noses to spite their face , would have immediately killed or continued to torture Shalit . Israel did the right thing .

  • Gamaliel

    Western pressure as well as internal leftist pressure is a large part of the reason that Israel does not do what it should do and takes steps that will hurt it in the long run.

    If Israel is capable of killing these terrorists while on route to their next terrorist act though that would be better than leaving them alive in Israeli prisons where the Israeli tax payer has to support them.

  • C"H"Martel

    There is a silver lining to this deal. Israel gets their soldier back and since Israel does not have the death penalty it now has 1027 more targets in play. Plus the added benifit of not having to feed the 1027.
    Check out my book, "Satan's Trinity: Hitler, Stalin & Muhammad" at

    • WildJew

      Israel should have a death penalty for brutal murderers like these. Not executing these murderers is immoral. If Gorvernor Rick Perry can execute murderers in Texas and be commended for it, why can't we execute those who murder innocent Jews? I believe J. Post is reporting this morning, Israel's government gave assurances to Hamas, these released terrorists will not be targeted by the military.

  • stern

    This website has interviews with some of the animals who are being released. Warning: it takes a strong stomach to watch some of them and hear what they have to say, especially the women:

  • Omar Khalid

    Even if they released 10 thousand muzzie murderers to get him back they should. God will take care of Israel and very soon the world will see for itself. islam is a disease that needs to be flushed with the rest of the garbage.

  • LindaRivera

    The alarming practice of increasing deadly jihad and freeing more than a thousand bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists for one person will result in great suffering — more kidnappings, with many innocents murdered and many more severely injured by the released Muslim terrorists who have dedicated their lives to the cruel murder of Jews and other hated infidels.

    To contemplate the terrible suffering and agony of the many future victims of the freed terrorists is unbearable. G-D help them.

  • LindaRivera

    Throughout history, the top priority of any nation has always been to PROTECT its people:

    Judge William Young to Muslim Terrorist Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid:
    We do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists.
    We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one
    and bring them to justice.

  • Ben

    I agree that besides the great political,military,security harm for Israel there is agreat moral shame.I see the idea of the Jewish human thousand times more valuable than Arab criminal a bit of racist,but the soldier`s debt I think incompatible with the risk of deaths of the thousands of people as the result of your liberation (Shalit`life is not in danger today).The Pollard`s position is quite an opposte.Israelis` enthusiasm in this case,compared with their restricted attitude towards Pollard liberation and enthusiasm of the Katsav`s sentence shows the weakness used by leftist propagandists.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There is a serious problem with the right-wing in Israel. They are not really right wingers. Indeed, first it was Sharon that capitulated. Now it is Netanyahu. Israel's own politicians are its own worse enemies.

    • WildJew

      Netanyahu is not a right-winger. For those who followed him closely – not just his capitulation to Clinton at Wye River during his first premeirship, but – the way he sought to discredit and / or destroy solid land of Israel Zionists (Moshe Feiglin, National Union, etc.) as he campaigned for election 2008 – early 2009, none of this is surprising. Much the same was true for Sharon. Sharon helped the British hunt down Irgun fighters during the Madate period. For some reason not enough Israelis will vote for solid parties and candidates. That is the problem on the right in Israel. It remains to be seen if the right here in the U.S. will do any better in the upcoming election for U.S. president. Why is there a lack of solid conservatives in the race we know have necessary executive (political) experience and can win? Is there something lacking in our commitement on the right? Reagan was a successful two-term governor of California. We have the Tea Party. Where is the candidate?

  • steven l

    Now that Shalit is about to be freed, nothing prevents Israel from warning Hamas that next attempt will precisely trigger the sanctions you suggested: No food, no electricity and no water. Three NOs! Is this familiar?
    This actually should have been done instead of the last armed conflict with Gaza.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This situation is so awful that to comment on it seems futile and almost
    shameful. What would be the right thing to do when freeing a kidnap victim?
    After five years no one can say where he is and the only way to get him
    back is to pay a ransom, a ransom that from the beginning is a blood
    payment. When the murderers are cuting the throats of more mothers, fathers,
    children and celebrating the act then the World will know how perfidious
    life has become, ever and ever lower. Set the murderers free, then what???

  • Yossi

    An excellent article by Steven. Everyone here rejoices to see Schalit come home, but at what expense? Terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands receiving a "get out of jail free card" and who will without a doubt spill more blood! It exposes the weakness of our government who are walking in the very footsteps of Chamberlain. Only when we are willing to take decisive action and put the Hamas thugs on notice that if they ever take another Israeli captive, they will suffer disasterous and disproportionate consequences!

  • R Qiddis

    It's obvious that nearly all commentators have a common denominator,the very precious Jewish ego vs the animalistic nature of any human being who would resist the Israeli occupation of the land of Palestine .I'm sure I can't persuade any of these with an incompatible stand off .Well, just think about this 1,Schalit was not playing marbles when he was arrested ,he was an armed soldier on duty,so arresting him was a 100% military operation 2)You have to get out of your bats dark cave -hating whoever and whatever non-Jewish- 3)Have you considered thoughtfully your slogans of cutting electricity, water and food from Gaza strip ?,you know things around "Israel" are changing dramatically ,do you accept to be threatened with the same means someday?4)I think that the stiff necked right in Israel instead has lost very valuable chances of making peace with unprecedented concessions from the weak helpless PA in the last three years, but again it's another Shylock story ,a nonfiction this time.

  • Amused

    Likje I said [but "someone erased " ] Israel gets back her soldier/citizen/fellow human being .Yes a thousand criminals go free , enemies of Israel as it were , but only to join the rest of Israel's enemies in the street . It is a good deal; , and denotes nothing else other than a concerned humanity on the part of Israel .
    And so the many put themselves at risk for the one . Truly NOBLE .
    Long live Israel !

  • myohmy

    Israel made a good deal here. Because even 1,000 scumbag muslims are not worth one Israeli soldier. The muslims know this too and they know even 1,000 muslims are worth less than 1 real human being.

  • jason tayor

    You know I don't know whether to agree with Talia or not, and I am neither a Jew nor an Israeli. I do however wish to congratulate Talia for having a sense of honor and of pride in her people.

  • observer

    did anyone see "saving private ryan" ?

  • guest

    don't negotiate with terrorists is Mutual Responsibility

    1000 of these monsters out there killing civilized people.

  • guest

    ערבות הדדית

  • Sandeye

    The suggestion that all of the men, woman and children in Gaza need to be punished collectively is rather shocking. what a sad world we would be living in if everyone behaved this way. So many of you seem to believe that a jewish life is worth more than a muslim. To each their own i guess. Hitler believed a jewish life was worth less than a german and look at the result. Why don't all of you christians and jews and muslims go find some other world to act out your sick religous fantasies. You have been ruining the world for the rest of us for thousands of years now. Cowards are men and women that encourage conflict and killing in a place where they don't even live. And no more whining when what you advocate comes back and punishes your society collectively for the crimes of a few.

    • ziontruth

      "The suggestion that all of the men, woman and children in Gaza need to be punished collectively is rather shocking."

      Ah yes. While the barraging of all the men, women and children in the Israeli Jewish towns near Gaza by rocket fire is "comeuppance" according to you anti-Zionists. Gotcha.

      "So many of you seem to believe that a jewish life is worth more than a muslim."

      No, it's the Muslims who believe that. Else how could they agree to exchange a single Jewish prisoner for over 1000 Muslim ones?

      "Hitler believed a jewish life was worth less than a german and look at the result."

      That's why Islam needs to be resisted. The Muslims believe the same as the Nazis did.

      "Why don't all of you christians and jews and muslims go find some other world to act out your sick religous fantasies. You have been ruining the world for the rest of us for thousands of years now."

      While non-religious, indeed anti-religious, Marxism has had only 100,000,000 deaths to its name in the 20th century alone.

      "And no more whining when what you advocate comes back and punishes your society collectively for the crimes of a few."

      That's something for the Muslims to ponder. They're making themselves hated by just about all the non-Muslims in the world.