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Israeli radical leftists have long had an intense hatred toward American conservatives. This is in spite of the fact that American conservatives are almost all pro-Israel. In actuality, the hatred of Israeli leftists toward conservatives is precisely because conservatives are pro-Israel. Like in most other countries, the radical leftists in the Jewish State are anti-Israel in addition to being anti-American.

Israeli leftists insist that overseas supporters of Israel who are conservative should be shunned. They demand that Israel proclaim that those conservatives are just not ethical enough to be accepted as friends. Israeli leftists insist that Israel should only allow itself to be befriended by foreign leftists. Never mind that the search for pro-Israel foreign leftists is about as productive as the search for human life on other planets. The Left outside of Israel is almost entirely anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, and foreign liberals are by and large (although not entirely) anti-Israel. Israeli leftists want foreign pro-Israel conservatives to be regarded as personae non gratae by Israel. A few years back, Amiram Goldblum, a professor at the Hebrew University and a founder of the leftist Peace Now, called upon Israel to prevent American evangelist Christians from entering Israel. He objected to them because they are too pro-Israel. The Israeli Left is outraged that Israeli cable TV carries Fox News, because it is pro-Israel. The anti-Israel BBC and CNN channels, however, are fine.

The most dramatic manifestation of the Israeli Left’s hatred of pro-Israel foreign conservatives was evident in the severity of “Beckaphobia” in recent days. The Israeli Left is suffering from an intense phobia regarding conservative media powerhouse Glenn Beck.

Beck was in Israel last week (and has been here a lot in recent months) for one purpose only – to support Israel. He is an outspoken and well-spoken American conservative. His political opinions are solidly conservative and you cannot listen to his recent speech in Jerusalem without being convinced of the sincerity of his love of Israel and solidarity with Jews. You might even be moved to tears (from his citing the Scroll of Ruth, for instance).

The Israeli Left has been jihading all week against Beck. Yossi Sarid, the ex-head of the semi-Marxist Meretz party, crayoned an op-ed demonizing Beck, and just recently had an op-ed in Haaretz claiming that Israel fought the Six Day War out of a Nazi-like quest for Lebensraum (his word) and expansionism. Sarid was joined by lots of left-wing Haaretz writers in Beck-bashing. And even the normally sensible Maariv editor, Ben-Dror Yemini, decided to gripe about Beck. Naturally, Peace Now denounced the decision to allow Beck into the country. The daily Haaretz, Israel’s analogue to The Nationran a nasty editorial denouncing Beck.

The leftists demanding that Beck be regarded as persona non grata are almost without exception the same people who protested when Israel denied the neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein, the anti-Semitic Stalinist Noam Chomsky and the pro-jihad pseudo-academic Richard Falk, entry into the country. Israel had prevented those people from entering because of their ties to Islamic terrorists and anti-Semites. The lesson is clear – the Left’s mantra is really this: Israel, hate it or leave it!

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  • crackerjack

    Beck supports neither Israel nor Jews. Beck supports a small fraction of religious Zionists and ultra nationalist israelis that fit into his US Evangelist Armageddon agenda. The great majority of Jews and Israelis are either opposed to Beck or simply not interested in being loved by him. That Becks widely promoted event pulled a mere 2000, half being flown in from the US, while at the same time Israel's social movement put 1/2 a million on the streets speaks for itself. Any second grade rock act promoted on FaceBook can secure more support. Beck is a media hype bubble.

    • Israeli Jew

      You probably don't live In Israel, most Israelis agree with Glenn Beck and deeply appreciate him for telling the truth.

      • crackerjack

        Give us a break! Israel was simply not interested in Beck and his event. Beck dominated the media and recieved more coverage than the Rolling Stones would have in advance, still his event flopped. It's not Beckaphobia nor Beckophilia, it's just plain Beckignorism and Becknobodycaresahootism.

    • ziontruth

      "The great majority of Jews and Israelis are…"

      You don't know jack (no pun intended) what the great majority of Israeli Jews think.

      I know, so let me tell you: In the aftermath of the 2000s decade, which started with the October 2000 Intifada starring even pre-1967 Israel's Arabs, going through the barrage of Kassam rockets and the Second Lebanon War, the majority of Israeli Jews are sick and tired of calls for trading land for no peace with our Arab imperialist neighbors.

      Therefore, Beck's words in the face of a usually hostile world that doesn't have the slightest understanding of our situation comes a breath of fresh air. And if Beck's speeches in Israel didn't make a big splash, this isn't because the Israeli Jewish public disagreed with him—it's mainly because we're right now preoccupied most of all by the issue of economics (the nationwide protests in Israel that the global media, as usual, failed to report, because it doesn't serve their purpose of portraying Israel in a negative light).

      • crackerjack

        Stop being a hypocrite Ziontruth. You don't follow your idol Beck more than any other Israeli. Doing so would mean giving up Israel and Judaism and accepting Becks concept of Jesus as Messiah and his returning to erect his kingdom to replace the state of Israel, whereby all Jews must be perfected by accepting his rule.

        Beck is interested not in Israel, but in his lunatic Evangelist agenda while you are interested not in Beck, but in the support he brings against Arabs. A love affair built on lies that will never work.

        • Libertyman

          Dear Mr Jack,

          I hate to rain on your rant. Mr Beck is a Morman, which has an entirely different escatology. Since you have just caught lying… are you gonna apologize or continue to rant. Or are you shameless enough to create lies about people.

          The fact is there is no Evangelist Amegedon Agenda. It is call Gen 12:3. Which is backed up in the New Testament with the book of Romans. Escatology has nothing to do with why Christians should support Israel.

          Is your agenda so precious that you have to lie to support it?

          • tarleton

            he's not lying ,you twerp …mormonism or moronism is a form of christianity as you very well know

          • LibertyMan

            1) it isn't… where in Christian doctrine is baptism of the dead? The Mormons don't beleive in the cross.
            2) we weren't talking about Christianity in general period … we were talking about evangelical or biblical Christians.
            3) And Mr Jacks asumption was an attack on Mr Beck because he was a evangelical Christian … and he isn't … and Mr Beck will awknowledge this. Mr Beck does not have a millenium doctrine. So why does Mr Jack imply that he does?

            your point was …..

    • jason tayor

      I am a US Evangelical and I don't have an "Armageddon agenda" . I have plenty of reasons to support Israel besides an evil plot to bring about the end of the world.

      • crackerjack

        Your so called "..evil plot.." is a cornerstone of evangelic belief. The notion that we live in the time of the end when the second coming of Christ will usher in a thousand year reign of the Messiah and all who now and later reject Christ will perish. This of course includes all Jews who stick to Judaism. So its either Becks evangelism or Judaism, Jews can't have both.

        • Libertyman

          Absolutely False.

          The only group that believes that “Human Works” will hasten the return of Christ is the Liberal Theology, who are the same sanction the unbiblical lie of the “Replacement Theory”. They believe the church must create a utopia before Christ will return.

          It is absolutely prideful to think that “human works” will tell “God” what tday and hour Christ will appear. After all, God is God. Liberal Ethnologists think they are little gods. They are actually practicing a form of idolatry.

          So Jack, What you claim of Biblical Christians is actually the “sin” your liberal friends. See your Liberal Friends are the ones who have the unbiblical eschatology of a god of “works”.

          Biblical Christians are just obedient to a God of Grace. They know Israel is the Apple of God’s eye. IT isn’t a good idea to stick your finger in God’s eye. That is our motivation.

          We know all too well that “man’s works” will only get us into folly, let alone hasten the return of Yeshua. That is ridiculous. Yeshua said just the opposite.

          • tarleton

            Thank you for a prime example of religious psychobabble …..and before you start , I'm no liberal or Leftist
            In politics you've got to make common cause with the lessor of two evils and politics does make strange bedfellows, but you fundamentalist nutters are quite a circus act

          • LibertyMan

            cough cough Mr Tarleton

            Mr Jack tells a lie about 650 million biblical protestants and Catholics … and you think no one should correct it.

            You on the other hand with your simple reply reflects street bigotry. With out any reason, source or facts. Can you spell BIGOT.

            My complete reply is at the end. Thank you kind sir for your patience.

    • aspacia

      His actions and words denote a devotion to Israel.

      crackhead, you do not have telepathy – the limited number of Jews at the event was because of the size of the meeting area and the terrorist attacks that took 8 Israeli lives.His actions and words denote a devotion to Israel.

  • eafgsfgs

    "The most used phrase in my administration if I were to be President would be 'What the hell you mean we're out of missiles?'" – Glenn Beck

  • Judy Abeles Eliasov

    Glen Beck was an intertainer(wild, like that crazy Eddie guy)…this role, although lucrative, did him an injustice for his future. I do not agree with his extreme point of view, but he got masses of viewers to start reading and questioning how the present political situation in the USA came into being. For this very fact(like Opra) he has my admiration. Along with him,came many followers from America……they had a first hand experience of Israel, its beauty,it's integrity and its reality(at the time of the march, there was a terrorist attack along the Egyptian/Israeli border which killed and injured Israeli citizens) The world media only reported the incident when Israel retaliated. BTW the truce with Gaza has been broken by tens of missiles, some landing very close to schools ….anyone heard of that?

    • Jr.

      That's the point Judy.. Study,study,study…. Dont just take his word for it.. Look everything he says up.. You'll find as I that the truth is being told. The reason people dont believe him is,they're too lazy and apathetic.. they would rather be told what to think.. Being conservative means actually knowing what's happening.. If your not a liberal by the time you get 21 years old you have no heart. If your not a conservative by the time your 40 years old you have no brain.. Think. Always ask the other side of question.It's easy to let someone else do your thinking for you .. Right? Study,study ,study…

      • Judy Abeles Eliasov

        Ask questions and study no matter how old you are.
        Always question authority and basic assumptions.
        Having had the heart phase then the brain phase I now know that neither liberal nor conservative thinking have all the answers….now I am in the wisdom phase!!!
        I do agree with you that there is a so much intellectual laziness around. I often despair at the shallowness of the comprehension and the limited curiosity around. It seems that the majority of humans like and want others to tell them what to think,feel and vote – especially if they are charismatic and promise salvation.

  • Flipside

    Glenn Beck is a leftist.

    • alan g

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • Flipside

        Glenn Beck is a geld-chasing internationalist television actor who reduces "conservatism" to its WWF parody. His primary effect is to make people hate "right-wingers" by being such a clown. He doesn't convince people of the rectitude of conservatism. He drives them away from it. Also, it drips from his teeth that he doesn't believe his own B.S. His ((GB)) logo is a ripoff from Indymedia Center. His conspiracy theories are a ripoff from Russia Today. He'll say whatever he can to get a rating. That makes him a Platonist, not an Aristotelian. As any Randian would tell you Platonists are Dionyses, and Aristotelians are Apollos. So what epistemology and what light is Glenn Beck bringing to the world? None. His message is dumbed down, massified, circular, passionate, and paranoid. When he speaks, the wine is poured and the crying and lamentation begins as does the sophistry. Glenn Beck does not hurl down thunderbolts from Olympus. He speaks as if from the bottom, downtrodden, looking for agreement and consensus from beer swilling couch potato "populists." He is part of the media soviet, not of the free world. In short, he is a leftist posing as a rightist.

        • Jr.

          You leftist cant stand the heat.. Personal attacks are what they do best.. Not discuss anything openly in the arena of ideas..When you have lost the argument,personal attacks are all you will get from them.. Prove what you say ! If not, dont bother . It's easy to point a finger. ……….

          • Flipside

            Glenn Beck is a person, after all. But, let's not mistake him for a man of ideas.

    • Stephen_Brady

      That really was one of the most ludicrous statements I've ever read on the internet.

    • UCSPanther

      Yep. Projectionism.

      Ron Paul cultists are good at that.

    • aspacia

      And you are Flipper swimming deep in the sea, unable to clearly understand any communication.

  • ronin

    Leftist Jew will sacrifice their own existance for "love for money". I respect the right wing jews because they love their country and their religin before anything else!!!

  • Cynic

    “Liberal pseudo-rabbis fraudulently misrepresent Judaism ”

    Wouldn’t it be better just calling them Secular rabbis?

    By the way it seems that Frontpage has attracted quite a few Soros disciples to write nonsense. How much does he pay them?

    • Anamah

      He sent them to work hard in every show at Fox news. They are the unbearable robots nonstop talking from their tonsils.

  • tanstaafl

    Beckophobia? The left just keeps on adding phobia after phobia. I'm worried about freedomophobia, though.

  • AL__
  • AntiSharia

    The left is a horde of Nihilists, they believe in nothing so they want to destroy everything. The leftists are even worse than the Muslim radicals, they're more insidious. They have been raised in a culture of freedom, but have chosen to reject it in the name of revolution and "social justice"(which is anti social, and unjust)

    The left universally represents a fifth column against liberty and democracy. They are as much our enemies as Islamic terrorists are.

  • Brujo Blanco

    It escapes me as to why any Israeli would slap away the helping hand of anyone. Beck is a friend of Israel period. There are those on the left that totally hate anyone that supports the Israelis.

    • Jr,

      Absolutely Brujo..Why are they so anti anything that supports Israel? You jews who think he's a leftist,havent been paying attention..

  • john in cheshire

    Socialism transcends religions. I believe it's some sort of disease or genetic malformation. But I can't for the life of me understand what causes it or why it is not recognised as such. Strangely, I think the socialists do recognise such disorders because it was the, after all, who established lunatic asylums in the USSR for those who disagreed with their idea of utopia. And just as with bigotry, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and all the 'isms', it is the socialist who are projecting their prejudices on everyone else. If I was strong, I would pity them, but I am weak and I fear them. And as David Byrne said in one of his songs, people who are afraid do dangerous things.

    • Libertyman

      Socialism is Secular Religion where state and it’s elite are appointed god (little G) based on Narcisist theology from the likes of Nietzshe and Lenin. It is more a “Religion” then Christianity or Judiasm.

      It is a particular evil religion, because it kills within the religion as it kills those outside the religion.

  • BrianR

    Many of the leftists who loathe Glenn Beck (and similar pundits) have never even listened to him. These leftists, whose minds have been warped by the indoctrinators who run the schools and mainstream media, are seeking a purpose in life. They exemplify the arrogance of ignorance and should be pitied.

  • Alexander Gofen

    In this global war of evil against good, Israel and Jews have no allies except about some 50 millions of Zionist Christians. Yet the lefts – the fifth column inside the Jewry – go out of their skin to repel the only ally of Israel!

    A relatively new brand called "Nothing-but-ethnic" "Jewry" emerged near 150 year ago. They fill the ranks of the leftists among the citizens of Israel (and Jewry of the world), and they in fact are the enemies within:

    These enemies within acting during the time of war should be treated as … as the enemies within during the time of war!

  • BrianR

    Alexander Gofen: There is no need to exaggerate the numbers and influence of Jews who support various anti-Israel agendas. There were only a handful who publicly criticized Glenn Beck, and most of these were simply mouthing ill-informed platitudes. Labeling them apostates or enemies may be emotionally satisfying, but it reduces the possibility of influencing those few “leftists” who might be open to listening to an opposing point of view.

  • Daniel

    Come on, Mr. Plaut!
    Why are you making such a fuss about a handful of Israeli leftists nobody pays attention to, and why are you showing no compassion for poor old, senile Yossi Sarid, who should be remembered for his achievements in Education and the Environment rather than for the K. Vonnegut-like disgrace of his old-age derangement?
    The Israeli Left is soon to make it to the IUCN endangered species list, and as such deserves protection from hunting, and coverage by the likes of National Geographic rather than by political commenters.
    In the eyes of the Israeli public and of most of their media, the Glen Beck event was viewed as an American Christian thing, and we were unconcerned by it and by any other dozens of such gatherings, except for those of us involved in the tourism and hospitality business, who were grateful for the opportunity to make a living.
    It appears that we Israelis are either indifferent to, or fully ignorant of the support expressed by American Conservatives, just as we could not care less for the shrill, sanctimonious "criticism" of these trans-Atlantic "rabbis". We have more pressing problems, such as putting a roof on our heads and food on our table.

  • BrianR

    Daniel: You may be right that the Glenn Beck issue is of more interest outside Israel than inside. But, Dr. Plaut is using the Glenn Beck visit to Israel as an example of the over-reaction and lack of intelligent discourse that occurs in much of the Israeli media and academia. If Israelis come to believe their friends are their enemies, and their enemies friends, they will have a hard time sustaining their state.

  • Daniel

    @BrianR: please believe me, Mr. Plaut is the one who's overreacting. While Mr. Beck was here, we were quite busy re-centering our internal political debate on things that really matter, and that we can actually DO something about (unlike the situation with the Arabs). The leftists barking at Mr. Beck are old-hat politics, and nobody pays attention to this dwindling bunch of idiots anymore, and even less so to the nonsensical ravings of these few honorable Humanities profs: the universities are in recess until October, and their students are desperately struggling to find suitable lodgings and part-time jobs for the coming academic year.
    I have a question for you: do Americans know who their friends and their enemies are? Do they even care enough to name them? I suspect that we Izzies have a somewhat clearer picture, most of the time…

    • aspacia

      Many in the U.S. have their heads in the sand and do not want to face facts.

  • Sallie G. Schaffer

    Why, Oh, Why do the Jewish people love their enemies, and hate their friends? Why are the Jews so disloyal? So sad what has happened to the jewish people

    • aspacia

      Nothing has happened to Jews; Jews suffer similar societal symptoms that we in the West suffer, self-hate for the crimes of our brethren and our ancestors. Frankly, I do not suffer this malady, because similar to Jews, many of our injustices have been corrected. Too bad Muslims do not do the same.

    • Terry

      This Jew doesn't either love his enemies or hate friends (especially friends like Glen Beck).

      It is a disease of the West that nowadays the left only applauds those who hate their countries, their cultures and their religions. If Glen Beck hated Israel and Jews, and loved Islam, then the tiny monority of Israeli Jewish traitors would love Glen. But he isn't stupid so he isn't going to throw away his principles to win the admiration of Jewish leftofascists who would hand their fellow citizens to the devil without a second thought. 99% of Israel welcomes Glen and would gladly see the 1% of traitors go to live in Syria or Iran. If they had the guts to do so, that is.

  • BrianR

    @Daniel: We should try to criticize ideas while avoiding ad hominem attacks. You’re entitled to believe that Dr. Plaut is exaggerating the problem with leftism in Israel. But, perhaps you understimate the level of statism and socialism that has ingrained itself deeply into Israeli institutions and culture. New parties have taken on the role of Mapai, Meretz, Shinui under different names.

    You wrote “I have a question for you: do Americans know who their friends and their enemies are?” ==> Some do and some don’t. But, it’s a fact that the current US federal government has distanced itself somewhat from Israel while attempting to improve relations with Iran and Syria for example. And with voices on the left calling for Israel to essentially surrender to its enemies, Israelis need to resist those calls.

    Earlier, you wrote “We have more pressing problems, such as putting a roof on our heads and food on our table.” How can you expect to do so by yelling down Dr. Plaut who supports freedom and reason over statism and emotionally manipulative appeals?

  • Anamah

    Despite confused Leftists Israelis, Glenn Beck is the best friend Israel has. When capitalism and freedom will be in power, America, her little sister and the world in good faith will enjoy peaceful and prosper times.

  • Libertyman

    Mr Tarleton,

    Before you “Started”, you should of noted, that I am not the person who started this debate. It was Mr. Jack who accused 650 Million people for having an agenda called the “Armegedon Agenda”. Evangelicals (or biblical Protestants and Catholics are called) do not have this so-called motivation – it is a lie.
    The question is Mr.Tarleton, why have you not made the same comment to Mr. Jack? So where was “my” psychobabble sir? Shouldn’t he be able to prove his point?

    You stated that Mormonism is the same as Biblical Christiantity. Wrong. Where we share many alliances. We are not. The Mormons stray certain core fundamentals of Christian doctrine that Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox share. Mormons believe Satan is Jesus’s brother. Mormons believe in Baptism of the dead. They do not acknowledge the Cross, etc…

    These are not exactly minor differences.

    Mormons will acknowledge these core differences.

    Using your logic Mr Tarleton…Islam is a form of Christianity and Judaism because they “have the same roots” but ignore core fundamentals and theology. So before you “name call” – calling other people twerps – you should examine what one has to say and be able to prove what you have said.