How Supporters of Palestinian Terrorism Are Murdered and Raped by Their Palestinian Sponsors

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Meanwhile, the identity crisis in the pro-jihad Left continues to fester in the wake of the murder of Arrigoni.  Members of the ISM terrorist group to which he belonged were photographed marching about with a poster showing both Arrigoni and Rachel Corrie, and the slogan “Same Killer.”  You can see it here.  For the first time ever I actually agree with the ISM.  It was the same killer.  That killer was the ISM itself, which sent these people into the Gaza Strip as accomplices to terrorism.  And in both cases, local Islamists ultimately snuffed those cheerleaders for terrorism.  In Rachel Corrie’s case, after being struck by an Israeli earth-mover (whose work uncovering terrorist smuggling tunnels she was trying to sabotage), Corrie was taken to a Palestinian medical facility in Gaza, where she evidently died due to incompetent care and staff.

No sooner was Arrigoni murdered by Palestinian Islamist terrorists than other Palestinian Islamist terrorists held a protest march in Arrigoni’s honor and memory.  You can see a terrorist website report about that march here.  You will note that the page supposedly shows an Israeli soldier throwing a rock (back) at violent protesters.  But the thrower is not wearing any Israeli uniform. Also note that the page’s headline reads, “Man shot with live ammunition during protest for Vittorio.”  It is getting so difficult for Palestinian apologists to keep all their lies straight.

While the Italian communists and their Western fellow-travelers are beatifying Arrigoni as a “peace activist,” some images from Arrigoni’s personal webpage can be seen here.  You will note the open endorsements of violence; the maps showing Israel annihilated and replaced by “Palestine.”  Arrigoni’s facebook page is also a cornucopia of blind hatred.  It includes the medieval blood libel charge that “Zionists” would arrest Jesus if he were to come back today.  Somewhat amusing coming from a communist.  A photo that Arrigoni included and thought was just delightful is a sign in a store that announces that dogs and Israelis (spelled wrong) may not enter.  Vittoria Arrigoni had an Arabic tattoo on his arm that read “Al-Muqawmin” – “Those who Resist.”   Probably the most popular photo of him is one in which he is embracing the genocidal Neo-Nazi head of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Islamist terrorists murder not just clueless Western leftists, but also other Muslems.  The AFP news bureau is reporting that another group of Islamist supremacists, this one also allegedly having “Salafist” ties, is murdering people in Jordan.  The victims there, however, were all Muslims.  They were shoppers in the town of Zarqa, and for some reason, were regarded by the Islamists as “atheists.”  According to the report: “The Salafists have been demonstrating for several weeks to demand the release of 90 Islamist prisoners, including Abu Mohammed al-Maqdessi, the one-time mentor of slain Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi, who comes from Zarqa in the north, was killed in an air strike northeast of Baghdad in 2006. ‘We will not forget you, Abu Musab Zarqawi. You are the prince of martyrs,’ read one banner carried by Salafists during the demonstration. ‘The grandsons of Zarqawi demand sharia (Islamic) law in Jordan,’ read another.”

Hamas and the other terrorist groups, backed by much of the radical Left, lost no time at all in placing the blame on Israel for the death of Arrigoni.   The ISM refused to condemn the Islamist terrorists who murdered their own activist.  It was much too busy turning out its anti-Israel hate propaganda.  Amusingly, some other ISM allies placed the blame elsewhere.  The “Uruknet” website, run by exiled Iraqi Baathists loyal to Saddam Hussein, blamed the “Stop the ISM” web site run by intrepid journalist Lee Kaplan for the death.  The Uruknet “source” for that claim is “Palestine Think Tank,” a Neo-Nazi website run by Holocaust Denier Gilad Atzmon.  There are thousands of other websites blaming “Stop the ISM,” many of them far-leftist sites in Italian.  Awfully clever of that Stop the ISM website to arrange for Islamist terrorists in Gaza to strangle a notorious ISM cheerleader working for the Hamas.

Palestinian terrorists actually have a long track record of murdering and torturing Westerners who support them.  Some instances that come to mind appear here.  Other Arab terrorists have murdered and kidnapped other Western supporters of Arab terrorism.  Angelo Frammartino was an earlier pro-terror communist volunteer for the ISM from Italy, who was killed by the terrorists from the Islamic Jihad group.  Carlos Chavez was a farm volunteer from Ecuador who was murdered by the Hamas.  He was the “Rachel Corrie” whom the ISM does not want you to know about.  Malcolm Kerr, the pro-Arab president of the American University in Beirut, was murdered by terrorists.  The Reverend Benjamin Weir, an anti-American and anti-Israeli US citizen, was kidnapped in 1984 by the Hezbollah.  When he was released, he used his Kodak moments in the sun to denounce the US and Israel and to endorse the Arab “resistance.” Among the many other victims of Arab and Iranian terrorism in the Middle East, one can find numerous other cheerleaders for terrorism or radical anti-Israel journalists, including reporters from the BBC and CNN.

Arrigoni had entered Gaza illegally in a so-called “peace flotilla” that attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, a blockade that is designed to prevent explosives, rockets and other weapons from reaching the terrorists — weapons used by the Palestinians to murder Israeli civilians. Arrigoni’s own mother has announced she will be joining the next boat to attempt to challenge the Israeli siege.  We know some Gazan Salafis who might like to host her.


To get the whole story of why western supporters of totalitarianism are ultimately exterminated by the tyrants they worship, read Jamie Glazov’s United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.

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  • Ted

    What a hate ridden article this is, describing a man's death. Actually, he was fighting against extremism – an ideology that knows no ethnic boundaries. For a more accurate, and respectful tribute for this man, please read the article below. +972 mag is a blog written by Palestinian and Israeli activists committed to non-violence.

    • kafir4life

      Teddy boy. Where was the hate? Other than the hate the moon god worshippers and mohamat emulators (hense the torture and murder) show anything not of the gutter cult of islam that is? They' actually are just practicing islam (the gutter cult) with all the vim and vigor of the moon god's inventor, mad mo. Now if you'll excuse me, it's a nippy morning, and I've got to toss another koran on the fire.

      • Ted

        If you imagined this were about the death of an American soldier in Iraq, and you saw Muslims celebrating his death – you would decry how they lack humanity, how they can celebrate such cruelty? It appears the readers of this post are criticizing themselves.

        • kafir4life

          Where did you get te idea that I am celebrating this idiot's death? I said no such thing. But when you sleep with snakes, don't be surprised at getting bit. Snakes are, after all, snakes. Same thing here with this lazy pretender that the snakes bit.

        • Fred Dawes

          My sisters kid been in the middle east he bagged 5 muslims terroists at one time all had ak47's and RPG 7, and all had mudered other muslims, so ted why do you love evil doers?

          • SpiritOf1683

            Because Ted's evil himself. Birds of a feather do flock together.

          • WhiteCrayon

            Not that I disagree with you Fred, but at least ted knows how spell and put together a coherent sentence.

          • SpiritOf1683

            And you obviously don't know how to put together a coherent sentence.

          • ajnn

            Grammar seems to be the 'first casualty of the internet'.

            Critiquing grammar / spelling on the internet is a fool's game.

          • gray man

            stupid irrelevant statement.

    • John

      You want to pay homage to an individual who supported Gazan/Palestinian/Islamic terrorism? Are you on crack or something? Why don't you go and take his place, try to be their new buddy.

      • Ted

        What makes you think he supported Islamic terrorism? Is it because a right wing blog that distorts the truth told you so? Develop a critical mind John, and realize that in the most politicized conflict in the world there are distortions. He was killed by an extremist ideology that he was fighting against. Do you support the Oklahoma bomber just because you are on the right? (I'm guessing no)

        • person of the book

          You haven't seen the picture of him with a leader of Hamas? Do you know what Hamas states in their charter about Jews?
          Now that is hatred.

      • AL__

        Well said.

    • Guest

      the truth might hurt you Ted, but truth is what is it, not white washed, not made politically correct, but true. this should be on the front pages of all our newspapers, but they, like you….don't want the TRUTH.

    • Fred Dawes

      Are you mad?, go to that part of the world and we will read about you within 6 weeks, you may have Jews who are activists committed to non violence but you have fools in all groups.
      My son TED, if you are muslim i can understand your BS But if you are not may God open your eyes and if you are a jew get help Kid muslims are the new living Nazi.

    • mar dugri

      Ted, you are a naive child. Be quiet.

      • SpiritOf1683

        He's worse than a naive child. He's a terrorist supporter. And I notice he's been trolling and marking us down into negative territory, but that doesn't make us wrong.

    • Steve

      A communist "fighting against extremism". Is this a typo?

    • mjazz

      A lot of hate, yes. The arabs who now call themselves palestinians must hate women very much to rape the very ones who are trying to help them, and kill the men who are on their side.
      These people are criminally insane.

    • ajnn

      "Actually, he was fighting against extremism"

      So many ways to hide / confuse / obfuscate a message of hate, violence and (yes) extremism.

      The ISM is an odious organization that is just another branch of Hamas. It is all about violence, murder, and terrorism.

      ISM people get weapons training in the West Bank. They drive (using their foreign passports) suicide-bombers to their targets.

      Anyone sticking with the ISM in Israel / West Bank for more than one week is a soldier and a terrorist.

      • Joe

        Try proving that outrageous statement.

        • ajnn

          Please check the excellent work of Lee Kaplan on investigating the ISM and demonstrating with documents and photos that the ISM is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood through Hamas and is a co-terrorist.

          Its all well documented. please check.

    • Cherlie

      Ted you should move to Gaza maybe you can help with the extremism and all the oppression. If you take of your dogma blinders you'll note the oppression by HAMAS of it's own people. They wouldn't even want a vote for unification with Abbas due that they would loose. Why don't you just show us all the way and the light. CLLPT.

  • Rifleman

    When people who dedicate their lives to destroying the USA and/or our allies get bit by the snakes their hatred of us deludes them into picking up, it's poetic justice. It's kinda like when 'pali' ordnance goes off during one of their “Death to the Jews” parades, or when bomb makers have an oops and get a belly full of their own medicine. If only they were all that dumb. It's not like stupid Aholes will ever be in short supply.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Thank you! You said it great!

  • Alexander Gofen

    Thank you, Dr. Plaut for the superb article. This article describes the happenings so grotesque, that they are beyond any reason or imagination. Just please, do not use the deceiving term "islamist" as though something distinct from an adherent to Islam.

    The fate of ISM "heroes" resembles very much to that of earlier Commies in the West who were stupid enough to actually come to Stalin's USSR in order to personally help building of the Communist paradise. Those useful idiots varied from scientists to blue collar workers – soon all executed, tortured and rotten in GULAG… It is very unfortunate that a lot of other Commies happened to be cleverer and still remain here.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Anybody deluding him or herself or themselves as to the virulent nature of those islamic entities, are asking to be either gang raped by them or tortured and slaughtered. That is an overall setting.
    I served as a voluntary policemen both is the USA and here in Israel.
    Seen my share of violent cases, but never like the ones we witnessed by islamics against most living creatures.
    We have rushed to scenes that would break most humans by just seeing them.
    Five cases of "family honor" murders. Three cases of gang rapes leaving the victim maimed for life. In one case we rushed to the Mall as eleven young ones had ambushed another Moslem working a a furniture store. They have beaten him almost to death using tree branches sticks.
    Countless cases of violence to horses, sheep, and particularly donkeys.

  • Iman Earthling

    This is the first time I have read with my eyes what I saw with my eyes while in the Middle East. The brutality and perversion of the Islamic world is beyond words. Creating Hell on Earth has always been a Muslim specialty. Such a situation is bound to happen to people whose prophet was a 7th century psychotic pedophile schizoid with a blood lust that rivals Hitler's.

    • Guest

      It is certainly "de-emphasized" that Mohammed married a 4 year old and supposedly waited until she was 9 years old before "consumating" their marriage. As John Ashcroft observed, "Our God died for us, their god has them to die for him".

    • Fred Dawes

      I want all free people to understand totally what you have written and any who will not see fact's should be sent to the middle east.

    • Cherlie

      What Muslim must learn and experience is what the Christians had to go true Christianity is for MAN not the other way around. Muslim must understand MAN is not on earth to serve Muslim insanity(religion) The religion must serve MAN.

  • Underzog

    Good riddance to the creep! He thought he was so smug and chic in his anti-Semitism. Well, he was murdered anyway, just like the Jews he wanted so dearly to see dead.

    After having his assigned task of walkig Cerebus, Vittorio can have tea and crumpets with Rachel Corrie in that special corner of hell they both occupy.

  • muchannoyed

    New Passover song:

    Bibi let those drones fly in Gaza and fire and fire and fire!

    Let my People Drone!
    (To be sung at the Seder, after Let my people go ­ same tune)

    When Hamas shoots from Gaza-land
    (Let my people drone)
    Where choppers go and phos-frus burns
    (Let my people drone)

    Go down Bibi
    Drones fly in Gaza Land
    Tell old Hamas
    You’ll let my people drone

    The Osloids set up Hamastan
    (Let my people drone)
    Let’s terrify them where they stand
    (Let my people drone)

    Go down Bibi
    Drones fire in Gaza Land
    Tell old Hamas
    You’ll let my people drone

    If we want to protect OUR folks
    Let my people drone
    And have some peace, not security jokes
    Let my people drone

    Go down Bibi
    Drones bomb in Gaza Land
    Tell old Hamas
    You’ll let my people drone



  • Greg

    If commies think to destroy western civilization by helping islamists and that islamists will be their friends, then they got it dead wrong. And if something bad happens to them, they deserve it.



  • Nawal

    Articles like this one continue to perpetrate hate and hinder the hard work of reconciliation that is going on everyday. The reality is that unless a solution is worked out, people will continue to die. Unfortunately, the political leaders have shown no will to make this happen, so people have taken it into their own hands to create a space for Palestinians and Israeli's to live together. It is much more than a bumper sticker. Its everyday tough choices that you witness tragedy, sorrow, and pain. But you choose another route, because revenge breeds more hatred. But why must those who have lost their families and call for enough of the violence be more courageous and peaceful than bloggers and readers who spew hate who know nothing of the conflict?

    • kasandra

      Oh, you mean that "hard work of reconciliation" performed by the people Arragoni was supporting who fired a Russian laser guided anti-tank rocket at a bright yellow Israeli school bus full of children the other day? If I recall, a number of years ago the Israelis completely pulled out of Gaza. And what have they gotten by way of "reconciliation" in return – thousands of rockets and mortar rounds, that's what. What would you expect from a group (Arragoni's pals Hamas) whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel and which behaves accordingly?

    • SpiritOf1683

      There's no chance of reconciliation with hate-filled savages who are brought up from birth to want to murder us, and their brainless Leftist a*selickers.

  • John

    If you have an inclination to lie down with dogs, don't complain about the fleas. You get what you wanted.

  • rbla

    "I ran into a few Norwegian girls married to Palestinians. They are not happy. Their lives were destroyed. Their families have broken off contact with them. They have no place to return to. They are deep in the raising of children and wish to die."

    As Scrooge said "if they be like to die then they had better do it and decrease the surplus population". No sympathy for useful idiots.

  • tanstaafl

    If you have read the Qur'an, the actions of the "Palestinians" will not surprise you. If you have not read the Qur'an, what are you waiting for?

    One word of warning, it makes "Mien Kampf" look like a romance novel.

  • George Jochnowitz

    The murders of Arrigoni and of the Fogel family are related phenomena, despite the fact that the victims were on the opposite side, politically. Jihadists are overwhelmed with hatred. They've got to kill. If there are no Jews available, they kill whoever is around.
    This is related to the explosions in mosques and marketplaces that take place frequently in Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere in the Islamic world. Theperpetrators know that their victims hate Israel every bit as much as they do. But if you've got to kill, you've got to kill.

    • John

      It's in their nature. Read the Bible about Ishmel being a wild man and every man's hand would be against him and every man's hand against him. Says it all.

  • BS77

    nothing new here….another idiot tried to make nicey nicey with the thugs and barbarians….and got burned.

  • ISM Skanks

    Kill me for Palestine! Rape me for Palestine!!

    • Blind Barry

      May you get your wish without delay.

    • Stu

      No problem. Just take a stroll down Hamas lane. No matter how ugly you may be, some kind jihadist terrorist murderer will take up your offer! After they kill you you will be happy to know that there are 72 Arab virgin men (if there is such a thing), waiting in the afterlfe (no-doubt hell for these murderers) to have their way with you, so you can be raped for Palestine over and over again! How glorious for you! Don't worry, the're dead terrorist murderers. They will be gentle.

    • Boetica

      I sense sarcasm here.

  • Sue

    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
    – Sir Winston Churchill

  • riverfred

    AAAAH THOSE NICE PALESTINIANS, I am sure the LA Times will print this article (LOL.)

  • Alex Kovnat

    The only rational, logical explanation I can think of to make any sense of the murder of Mr. Arrigoni is that a people who make hatred an ideology in and of itself are bound, sooner or later, to turn against the very idea, the very concept, of logic and rationality.

    • guest

      So you are saying that the author of this hate filled rant will follow Mr Arrigoni?

  • amorer

    You can't fix stupid. He got exactly what he preached.

  • Fred Dawes

    Its almost funny and it is total poetic justice for fools in the left who are stupid butts to end life like that.

  • Mark Shepler

    I don't claim to know all that drives islamist, Palestinians and other savages over there. But I think I see what motivates western liberals to stand with them even though "they" are the antithesis of everything every liberal ever said they believed in- good old fashioned misanthropy. Read my full take here: <a href="” target=”_blank”> Hey Liberal, They'll Cut Your Throat First

    Please forgive the cheesy plug but I've posted here for years and really don't wanna rewrite it. :)

  • kblink45

    Didn't I read in an earlier article that Arrigoni was killed (at least partly) for having muslims dressed as pigs in a play? Or was that someone else?

  • LindaRivera

    What is even more alarming is that this ferocious, humanity hating culture is heartily APPROVED of by the US/EU/UK/UN who give their top favorites, the Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist organization, billions of dollars – more free money for their "society" than any other people in the entire world. And the US/EU/UK/UN demand the humanity haters are given their own terror state carved out of little Israel – a state dedicated to a Second Holocaust of Jews.

    • mjazz

      They are saying the same things Hitler and the Nazis did and the mainstream media ignores it. Thank God for the sites like these where the truth can be told… for now.

  • squealpig

    Tough to lose a willing infidel/slave this way. Damage control is such a pain in the behind. Maybe someone will be inspired to take his place. Hope there is no fallout and other useful idiots don't go bailing on them. The kufir that come to aid the Gazan's cause, do you think they value humanity, and life, more than death? Did this man sympathize with his murderers, understand why they would treat him this way and embrace a fatalistic resolve to his fate? Did he try to rationalize with them, to sway them he was a brother in the cause? There must be a mistake. He should not be a pawn in some power struggle. This isn't the sacrifice he signed up for. He was a man with free will that chose selfless service to mankind. He was a deluded fool.

  • TeaTime

    For all of you who belong to a "progressive" church who is anti-Israel and pro-Palestinians please take note.

  • pyeatte

    It needs to be publicized far and wide what animals these (people?) are. Anyone who goes over there has got to be completely loony. What on earth are they thinking?

  • jtbaumgart

    This guy was just another "useful idiot". His whole motivation was based upon emotion rather than the one thing he needed most "common sense".

    As to Hamas vs Islamic Jihad, It time to bleach out the gene pool.

  • Ben

    Why waste space detailing jihadists abuses of their left wing supporters. The main stream media will not cover it, and the left will bury it. Frankly, the leftists that support jihadists get what they deserve, they are nothing more than rabid anti-Semites. Let them enjoy jihadist hospitality!

  • tamar

    The cheerleader for Palestinian terrorism was killed by the Palestinians terrorists. . probably the stupid knew at his last moments who are really the bad guys. his mom want to come also to Gaza to saw where her stupid boy died.

  • Steve

    Sorry, but it makes my day when I read of a terrorist being killed by like minded murderers.

  • waterwillows

    The problem with the looney left is that they just plain won't listen to reason. Did the Lord not tell us that these are a thoughtless people and no amount of effort has been able to clean the filth? Well, if He has tried to do so without success, I don't know why the lefties think they can somehow improve things by their puny efforts.
    They are stubborn, rebellious and delusional. And their feet run swift to their own destruction.
    So we must make sure they do not take us with them in their downfall.

    • PhillipGaley

      Arrigoni reasoned that, he was in support of people who would kill upon or for reason, . . . which was, of course, not so.

      However, whether of reason or, of unreason, in the most basic level of consideration, Arrigoni and his murderers were—and, are—on the same side; and now, Arrigoni is, . . . quite dead.

      But—if all things work together for good, or as was said in the "Tips of the day" which was in the Windows 3.11 load: "If you always do your best, whatever happens will be for the best."—not to dwell on mere details of the past, . . . let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate, still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labor and to wait, . . .

  • umustbkidding

    It makes perfect sense to me. These radicals are looking at it as purging the weak or infidels from their religion. If they want to take over the world they can't have weakness within their own ranks. It could also be that this man and the others spoken about in the article are looked at as traitors to their own kind and therefore can never be trusted????

    What if this starts happening a lot here in the US? Could it be a signal that they are getting ready to make a bold move on US soil after purging the weak? Will they make the weak prove their loyalty to save their families by sending them out as suicide bombers?

    Just a thought.

  • imnokuffar

    To be honest I hate people like this and am glad this cretin got his just desserts at the hands of those he supported.

  • jimmi

    This article has a small fault. All wahabis are salafists. Wahabism is a branch of Salafism. No wahabi or salafist wants to be described as follower of Wahab… they followers of the salafs (the companions of Muhammad)

  • Sue

    An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last. – Winston Churchill

  • welldoneson

    "Western women are raped by the Palestinians “day after day, night after night.”?"

    I wonder if a life as whore/childbearer for some inbred furball whose
    language they don't even speak is enough to smarten up these spoiled
    idiot brat-children of spoiled idiot boomers? I suspect NOT!

    Imagine the smell!? Wow. But you know – it looks good on 'em.
    I mean, how much sympathy can you have for an adult who "plays
    in traffic"?

  • MixMChess

    The ISM has provided material support to Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas (which openly calls for the genocide of worldwide Jewry) and aid and abet terror and murder of innocent Israeli children and civilians. How is that not controversial?

  • Smartacus

    This reminds me of Grizzly Man, except Grizzly Man was supporting bears, not terrorists.

  • Rightisright

    "WE TOLD YOU SO !!!" ………..did I really have to say it…???

  • Zrowe

    What a load of hateful ignorant trash. Both the article and most of the commentators. I'm starting to realise why Jews have been kicked out of soooo many countries over the years… they're such 'lovely' people. Not! Claiming yourself as a 'chosen people'is racist in the extreme and you have the chutzpah to call others 'fanatics' while stealing land and water and murdering innocents. When Muslims are set against Christians there's only one winner – the Jews. Wake up you ignorant rightwing redneck retards. Do Muslims control the American media? No! Do Muslims control the US financial system and political system? No (see AIPAC and the Fed Reserve). Have Muslims destroyed America from the inside? No. Who IS responsible for the sad state of America today? look around and wake up! Who brought communism to Russia and killed up to 60 million Christians? I'll give you a hint – It wasn't Muslims. Anyne who believes the shameful propaganda in this article deserves what is coming because after the Jews are finished with the Palestinians their brutality will be turned on the Christians again – who they hate even more than Muslims, as they showed when they rejected Christ's message – which a large part consisted of warning against Judaism. read the Talmud to see how they feel about you 'goyim'. Fools.

    • MixMChess

      "Claiming yourself as a 'chosen people'is racist in the extreme and you have the chutzpah to call others 'fanatics' while stealing land and water and murdering innocents."

      The term "chosen people" simply means Jews are chosen to follow all of gods 500+ laws (in the Torah), it is not a supreme declaration of awesomeness. Of course, antisemites such as yourself only read it as the latter. As for land, Arabs possess over 85% of the national Jewish homeland, yet they continue to hand over more land to Palestinians. Israel has water agreements with the Palestinians and Jordan and does not steal any water, in fact it shares its water resources with the previously mentioned parties.

      "Do Muslims control the American media?"

      Yes! Saudi Arabia can accurately be said to control the media and media discourse on the Middle East. Its princes own large shares of media outlets throughout the world and hold a virtual monopoly on media in the Middle East.

      "Do Muslims control the US financial system and political system?"

      Yes, the Islamic/Arab countries through the Arab Oil lobby, which has effectively controlled the US financial and political system since at least the late 1960's. Just look at the gas crisis from the 1970's and America's invasion of Iraq in 1990, protection of Muslims in the Balkans in the mid-90's and most recently intervention in Libya to protect more Muslims at the insistence of the Arab League. Why are Arab/Muslim lives so much more valuable than lives of Christians and Jews?

      "Have Muslims destroyed America from the inside?"

      Nope, they destroy it from the OUTSIDE – see Mogadishu, USS Cole, 9/11… need I really go on?

      "Who brought communism to Russia and killed up to 60 million Christians?"

      Technically, it was Vladimir Lenin who was Russian Orthodox and later became an atheist. Same with Joseph Stalin. Karl Marx had a Jewish mother but was raised Lutheran and later became an atheist. I guess atheists are responsible for all the troubles in the world huh?

      "read the Talmud to see how they feel about you 'goyim'. Fools."

      This myth has been debunked countless times. The Talmud calls for non-Jews to be treated equally as Jews. Time to come up with some new material…

    • MixMChess

      I would also point out that while Christians are unwelcome in Islamic states (example: Saudi Arabia), and most have been driven out of their traditional homelands (such as in Lebanon, Armenia, Iraq and Egypt), Christians have and continue to be welcome in Israel. Zrowe, did you know that Israel is the only Middle East nation where the Christian population has GROWN in the last half century (from 34,000 in 1948 to 145,000 today).

  • David Kessler

    What is amazing is how rarely news of this kind of fratricide among the terrorist family gets reported by the news media. I remember a case when a NY Times reporter was kidnapped by Arab terrorists in Lebanon and the NY Times decided not to report it even after his release. When the whistle was blown by others, the Times' excuse was that it "wasn't newsworthy."

  • Enoch

    The Left need to realise this isn't about self-interest as it is self-preservation.

    Muslims are the ones attacking the whole damn world so how can they always be the victims?

    What did the Buddhists ever do to the Muslims to deserve being exterminated in Afghanistan and attacked in Thailand?

    Nothing. There only crime is existing. Buddhists don't go around imposing their ways onto others and using violence. They wish to find self-fulfilment like the rest of us. But the pacifist nature of the Buddhists doomed them in Afghanistan, just as Liberals doom themselves now.

    If the liberals don't want to fight to defend themselves then they can at least refuse to compromise their values of peace and equality by abetting the Muslims who will come for them eventually, as they come for all the non-Muslims.

  • sandra

    The MUslim extremists and the Clinton Administration did this to Slobodan Milošević in Bosnia the dead Muslims had "freezer burns" from being kept for a week in freezers so the UN could blame Slobodan Milošević. Also the Muslims had refused to eat in camp so they would have US & UN media sympathy. Slobodan Milošević warned us in the West of the danger of MuslimExtremist…. Clinton Administration killed Slobodan Milošević.

  • Miki

    When The HAMAS Occupy GAZA hey murder 400 people in cold blood, few of them being shot at spot few of them have been thrown from high buildings, all of them have murder without any mercy at all.

    The difference between HAMAS to the FATAH are the:
    HAMAS: kill all the Jews now.
    FATAH: kill the Jews when you can.

    And for that there ready to slash each other throat.

  • Christian

    Well written. Specific and to the point. Extremely accurate. Thank you for writing this article. Please keep up the good work.

  • Nawal

    Nicholas Stix, as someone who actually lives in the area working in organizations with Jews, Palestinians,and settlers for peace, – we have created spaces here to live in peace, and work for a political resolution. I can only hope you can find the a way to over come your fears and see for yourself what is possible.

  • Bert

    This comment by Nawal seems like moral equivalence. Also, the best help for the so-called Palestinians is to enable them to relocate to another place where they can set up their own country. Many who could afford to do so have already moved to other countries. Palestinians should be able to have 'their' country but not grab land that belongs to the Jews. Millions of people around the world have relocated, including 800,000 Jews who were robbed expelled from Arab countries. Millions of Muslims have moved to Europe and America. The Palestinians should be accorded the right to do likewise.

  • Nawal

    Crossbow, I suggest you read your news elsewhere. There is much healthy debate on Islam, extremism, women's rights, etc going on. Dare I ask if in your Christian communities in the United States you are working tirelessly against rape as well? In the U.S nearly a quarter of the female population has been raped. I'm not suggesting that because the U.S. is predominantly Christian that Christians must love to rape. But then again, I don't see many speaking out against it. You seem to be more concerned for Muslim women, then those that reside next door.