Israel’s Mona Lisa Weapon

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She describes her first day in uniform, when she was being outfitted with equipment and fatigues.  The orderlies gave her the ordinary black combat boots that non-elite soldiers wear.  “You gave me the wrong boots,” she insisted, “I demand the red combat boots.”   And she got them.  She says that when she first put them on, she felt like a super-model.  And while old men like myself are not supposed to notice such things in 19 year olds, from her photo it is clear she really could pass for a model if she decided to pursue that instead of military service.

Since starting her tour of duty, she has taken the non-commissioned officer training course and is already a NCO.  When asked in the interview how she gets along with the Jewish women soldiers, she says just great.  “There are no differences among us, we support and help one another.”

And about her name.  Where did it come from?  “My father wanted me to always walk with pride with my head erect, and it had just that effect upon me,” she explains.

Come to think of it, maybe we have here the most effect countermeasure yet against the Western campus bashers of Israel, the anti-Semitic professors, and the jihadi wannabes holding their anti-Israel protests and whining about Israeli “apartheid.”  In reality, Israel is of course the only Middle East state that is not an apartheid regime.  Maybe Israel should let loose Monalisa, Michelin, and the rest of the red-booted fighting tigresses and invite them to apply those boots to some anti-Israel protester posteriors with extreme prejudice!

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  • david

    MonaLisa you are an inspiration!

  • Robert

    Lets just hope she doesn't like to sing.

  • Alexander Gofen

    MonaLisa is admirable indeed, yet your article Dr. Plaut is puzzling at the very list – because of your confusing terminology.

    I have read and re-read you article – yet it is not clear at all, whether Monalisa is moslem and whether she was raised in a moslem family.

    Her (Arabic) ethnicity is irrelevant: both generally and specifically in the context of this article. Her Arabic family could happen to be Christian. She could later became secular, or on the contrary – to convert into Judaism. In either of such cases her service for IDF presents nothing unusual, and your mentioning of her Arabic ethnicity then is almost inappropriate.

    On the other hand, if she grew in islamic family, and if she still considers herself a moslem, that really begs for a lot of clarifications – completely lacking in your article.

    Not going into further speculations, if her family was really islamic, then her upbringing, the claim of her father, her patriotism and service for Israel are incompatible with every tenet of islam and with every islamic tradition of raising girls. Her family and she then are apostates, and it is ludicrous to consider them islamic.

    So if you, by calling her Arabic, really meant and wished to say that she and her family are islamic, this is nothing but a deception.

    I think you owe some explanations to the readers…

    • intrcptr2

      But the entire argument of Islam is that it is not discriminatory in any way, all peoples are called to submit to Allah (I am sure you recall that this revelation is what finally got Malcolm X killed by Farrakhan's thugs).

      The charge that Israel is an apartheid state only works if she does indeed discriminate on the basis of immutable chacteristics, like ethnicity, which Islam is not, yes? The Palis argue that Palestine MUST be for "palestinians", not Muslims. All of the clamor in the media, and the halls of power, demand that Israel treat her ethnic minorities better. I agree with you that religious discrimination is Israel is quite out of bounds, as it is here in the US.
      But re-reading your comment, I think you're focusing on nothing. In my reading, it is not conservatives who tend to confuse Arab for Muslim. By asuming that the author is, and then demanding that he clear up "his" oversight, is a little off somehow. His terminology is perfectly clear to me.

      He made clear that she is Arab, mentioned that she has caught flack from her Arabic community (Which I am sure does indeed contain a good proportion of Muslims), even reminding us that Arabs DO NOT get drafted (Which is an interesting sop given to that particular minority) but may volunteer, for the point of giving us a glimpse of modern Israel as an inclusive society, an image which most Westerners do not see on their computers or TV screens.

      • Alexander Gofen

        No, "the entire argument of Islam is" not what you say. The "the argument of Islam" is convert, or die, or be dhimmy. And after that "it is not discriminatory". As an enemy ideology, Islam does not belong to Israel, not to America, nor to any other Christian nations.

        My comment was about the (deliberate?) confusion of terms regularly done by "pundits" – and now even by Prof. Plaut.

        The true name of the enemies of Israel (of America and of the civilization in general) are moslems and their ideology islam: not Arabs. Some Arabs are Christians (and some may wish even to convert into Judaism). While the deadliest islamic enemy of Israel such as Iran is not Arabic by ethnicity.

        However in order to hide this fact of confrontation with the global islam, the lefts resort to a softer euphemism "Arabs". And this deliberate confusion becomes particularly apparent in this article about wonderful Monalisa.

      • Joker

        MOON BAT

        • aspacia

          No, just batty sans the moral direction radar.

    • traeh

      Agree. It means little that she is "Arab." If she is Muslim, that's relevant. Either way, Israel is not an apartheid state, not even close.

      • NotaBene

        Uh-oh, someone should've told Ben-Gurion that when he said that Israel would become an apartheid state if it didn't withdraw from the west bank as soon as possible (in 1967).

        • aspacia

          I guess most of the ME is aparheid because is disallows Jews and discriminates against all nonMuslims.

      • aspacia

        Which is part of the author's point.

    • Scott Slater

      Good point but I think her ethnicity is revelent. I can't think of any examples I've read, seen or heard of Israeli Arabs coming out waving the Israeli flag. I may be generalizing to the extreme but I'd guess Arabs, Christian or otherwise, feel a certain irritation about Israel's existence. Can it be fear of Arab of retaliation? Sure and that's why her ethnicity is most important.

  • Bamaguje

    Steven Plaut fails to provide us with the most important info about Monalisa and her family.
    As Gofen pointed out above, are they Muslims?
    If she isn't Muslim (as suggested by she and her sister's names), then her aliance to Israel is not surprising.
    If she is Muslim, how does she reconcile Islamic antisemitism with her service to the Jewish state?

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Excellent report and article.
    As a rule Jews in Israel do not discriminate or pre load the dice.
    Decent and patriotic human beings, regardless of ancestry are seen as honorable citizens. Many are Moslems,
    Being Jewish by birth is not in some cases any bonus if the person or persons are virulent and inimical against the State and Jewish heritage and people. Many, even in critical state functions fit the later label.
    From the former USSR hundreds of thousands of people immigrated to Eretz Israel who were not by Halachic standards, Jewish, yet they have not been denied rights or set aside. Even some less than desirable ones with anti-Semitic neo Nazi stains filtered through.

    I am proud of the girls and family and recognize Dr. Plaut for his atetntion to them.

  • steven plaut

    The press interview with her and her own Facebook do not say whether she is a Moslem or a Christian. SInce she is from Haifa and given her actions, my guess is that she is Christian but I do not know that for sure.

    • StephenD

      I think your telling the world that she is Arab is important. Since Israel is charged with being an apartheid state, this clearly refutes that claim. I'd love to hear from the media after she has spoken at one of those college campus rallies. After her military service (which we hope she survives). Kudos to her parents as well.
      Good job with this human story.

    • traeh

      I'll bet she's a Christian. That's good, since the Middle East is filled with Islamo-Christians, i.e., Christians who have over the centuries been intimidated and brutalized into kowtowing mentally to Islamic intimidation and supremacism, formal or informal dhimmi status, and now almost unconsciously go along with their masters.

      • traeh

        When I say good, I mean that what she is doing indicates she is not an Islamo-Christian (bad). She's just a Christian. Or a Muslim with sense, which probably means a former Muslim.

  • Flipside

    She’s only a secret weapon in the strained and racist world of Zionist argumatics. In practice, she’s smaller than you think, a commissioned piece, and not worth the price of admission.

    • Mac Pherson

      There is always a merchant banker out there and you cut it bigtime Flipside.

    • UCSPanther

      Go back to worshipping Ron Paul and George Soros, troll.

    • Ghostwriter

      Still wallowing in anti-semitism,I see Flipside?

      • Flipside

        Yes. The articles here are very anti-Semitic.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Monalisa,she fights for what she believes in,and I believe in what she fights for.
    I don't care one bit what her, eventual,religious background may be.She is one
    of those brave ones who will fight for her country.

  • flipside

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    • StephenD

      Flipped out, It is too bad you don't show yourself. I'd love to see you in a public forum spew as you do. I don't think you'd last very long before someone with a little dignity slapped you in the mouth like a dirty little miscreant because that is what you sound like.
      I feel unclean just by addressing you.

      • Chiggles

        That is not the real Flipside you are addressing but an impostor mocking him. Seriously, can't you tell?

        • StephenD

          Not at first glance. Besides, all other posts by him/her/it justify my statements.

    • KarshiKhanabad

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      Have you made your Hajd yet?

    • Flipside

      Is it because your man’s last name is Shmuldik that you are obsessed with the small pecker insult?

  • AL__

    Thank you for your service, Mona Lisa.

  • NotaBene

    Sure, if the Warsaw Ghetto had Jewish police officers, why shouldn’t the IDF use Arab soldiers as propaganda tools?

    • ziontruth

      Ooh, look, somebody's comfortable with Nazi analogies. You must be a regular on Mound o’ Scheiss, that's the Nazi Analogy Central of the entire anti-Zionist web.

      • NotaBene

        Look around, zt – Nazi analogies are the bread and butter of FPM. Without that rhetorical crutch, poor old David Horowitz would have nothing to say.

        • ziontruth

          I was talking only about analogies of Zionism to Nazism, scum.

  • ziontruth

    Mr. Plaut, I'm a fan of most of your writings, but I'm sorry, I think this isn't your best.

    This piece, Mr. Plaut, is Israeli PR from the old and failed school of "Look how good Israel is! See, we are innocent of the charges levied against us!" It argues from a defensive, apologetic point of view, thus being "proof" of guilt for some.

    Successful PR for Israel must be based on a combination of two approaches:

    1) The belief that the Jewish State is not on trial, but rather her enemies are. We have nothing to apologize for; our enemies, everything to apologize for.

    2) State support for dissemination of the correct, Zionist point of view (the view that the Jews are the rightful possessors of the entire Land of Israel). As the gatekeepers of the mainstream media happen to be, almost to a man, the Marxist enemies of Israel and allies of the Islamic imperialists, the Jewish State must break this media blockade by forcing the hostile media outlets to cease and desist from carrying Islamic water, and to publish only such information as the Jewish State permits them to publish.

    This is truly a war. Schoolgirlish "Look at Israel's achievements! Look at our equality!" argumentation is no way to achieve victory over those who believe the only right a Jew has in the Land of Israel is the right to be a tourist. Who is in a war must do as in a war.

  • BrianR

    Having mixed sex and mixed ethic military units may be a fine example of modern western values,but the mixed sex aspect is a betrayal of Jewish values.

    • ziontruth

      Correct, but just so readers know, it's nothing to do with recent events or Israel's PR or anything like that—Israel was set up as a secular state, so girls have served in the Israeli Army from its very first day.

      This is one of the things in Israel that's probably going to change by virtue of demographics rather than legislation. Instead of army service, a lot of religious Jewish girls opt to perform what is called National Service (sherut le'umi), which is legally equivalent and is comprised largely of social or government services, away from mixing with men. What with demographics turning Jewish Israel more and more religious just like the rest of the Middle East, the problem of mixed service may well go with a whimper, not a bang.

      • Bamaguje

        Sounds like Judaic Sharia.

        • ziontruth

          Torah-observant Jews are not going to change God's eternal law just because the Muslims have copied some of its aspect, nor in order to curry favor with the "enlightened" of the world.

          You might ask why the Jews are duking it out with the Muslims in the Middle East if their values show so many similarities. The answer is, we Jews are fighting for something far better and easier to fight for than values: Survival. In a war of survival, you play by your own rules, not by the Alinskyite "Let the other side hoist itself on its own petard" rules the enemy sets up for you. That way, the question of allowing a mosque—Islam's barracks, according to Turkey's neo-Ottoman leader—on Ground Zero, or anywhere else for that matter, never even arises.

          The Torah says men and women are to stay separate except for close family members and wedlock. It is of no relevance that the Muslims believe in the same requirement; we fight them because they want to kill us all and steal everything we have built on this land. That is reason enough.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Here is the answer to peace in the Middle East -“My father wanted me to always walk with pride with my head erect,…."
    Parents that love their children and do not consider them chattels or jihadis but worthwhile individuals deserving of love and moral support.


  • Isnameis M'ud


    Berbers, Turks, Persians and Pakistanis are not Arabs.
    Copts, Chaldeans, Maronites, Samaritans and Israeli Christians are not Arabs either.


  • Ben

    Lie of Israel`s appartheid exists despite bedouins and Druzes in IDF and Arabs in the parliament for many years. Astonishing number of Jews support this lie.

  • Isnameis M'ud

    Not all Jews are brave, decent, honest, smart and kind. When a small people such as our own comes under seemingly cosmic pressure, some behave poorly, especially those who have been contaminated by an enemy thought system and who may have their heads above the parapet.

    • aspacia

      Soros, Chomsky, LeVine, et al.

  • Joker


    • KarshiKhanabad

      Hey ol' Upper Case Shouter, you round up all those who disagree with you, and YOU expel them from the U.S.

      Right now!

  • Sivispace

    Thank God for Israeli Arabs. I suspect that they are the true Palestinians.

  • aspacia

    Yes, I enjoyed the bio.

  • Jean-Ian Simard

    Not only she `s smoking hot , she`s a exemple for the world to see. she is my favorite female soldier also she`s by far the hottest one”for me” I can only wish,dream about a women like that.she is way out of my league…..just to bad