Terrorists Murder Famed Palestinian Cheerleader

Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was shot and killed recently in Jenin in the West Bank, was a terrorist. He was perhaps the most open cheerleader for Palestinian terrorism in Israel, certainly in Israeli “theater.”   And he was murdered by other Palestinian terrorists who regarded him as a Jew.  This is all the more ironic because Mer-Khamis did not regard himself as a Jew.

Thus, a man who lived by the terrorist rifle, or at least was a cheerleader of the terrorist rifle, died by the terrorist rifle. Mer-Khamis was born in Nazareth to a Jewish mother and an Arab (Christian) father. Under such circumstances in Israel, a person may opt to define himself, for population registry purposes, as either a Jew or an Arab.  I am pretty sure he opted to be counted as an Arab. But that did not help him in Jenin.

Mer-Khamis spent years as an actor employed by the leftist politicized Haifa municipal theater.  (I once was a season ticket-holder there, but stopped this almost 30 years ago due to the obnoxious politics.) He made no attempt to hide his endorsements for Arab mass murders and terrorist attacks against Jews.  He collaborated with terrorists, including with Zakariya Zubeidi, the former military leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades in that West Bank city. Zubeidi was the terrorist boyfriend of Tali Fahima, the Jewish leftist woman who did jail-time for helping him plan terrorist atrocities. I believe he named his daughter after a terrorist.

Mer-Khamis was so extremist that he was even praised by Haaretz. Michael Handesaltz, senior editor and theater critic for Haaretz, described Mer-Khamis as a “great actor, an extraordinary human being whose life-story is part of the tragic reality of this country,” and who in his death became “another tragic victim of life in the Middle East.” In 2005, Mer-Khamis was ordered to pay compensation to a right-wing activist, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, after Mer-Khamis assaulted him.

According to a story from YNET, Mer-Khamis “was shot by a number of masked men who fired at him while he was sitting in his car near the theater he established, afterwards fleeing the scene[.]”

The killers’ identities have not yet been determined, but there is little doubt where they hailed from. Despite his “solidarity” with the Palestinian cause, Mer-Khamis’s theater had suffered a number of terrorist attacks over the years. In 2009, Palestinian residents of the Jenin refugee camp disseminated fliers accusing Mer-Khamis of being a fifth column, and warned: “If words don’t help we will have to speak in bullets.”

Mer-Khamis’s murder, untimely as it was, is a shocking reminder of the inveterate racism, hatred, and violence in Palestinian culture. Even toward those who align themselves with their deadly cause.

  • astra

    This is the fate of all progressives who believe they are using the radical Islams for their own ends.

    • Phillip Galey

      . . . . exactly put . . . .

    • Aamador

      The problem with the left is that they know this can happen and some of them are none-the-less drawn to it as a moth to a flame. It Okay to die for the cause. The Left puts life below the goal of their Utopian delusional dream. The true hard left is not concerned with this eventuality. This is the real danger of this nut jobs

  • Chezwick_mac

    Astra has it right. Just like in Iran, where the Communist Tudek and the leftist Mujahadin El Kalqh supported Khomini's revolution and then were devoured by it, so it is history will repeat itself over and over in the coming decades.

    And why is it impossible for the left to have its epiphany and stop the paradigm of self-destruction? Because leftism is religion folks, with sacred cows that CANNOT be repudiated. In the leftist ethos, Muslims – by virtue of their non-white majority, are intrinsically benign. It is an inverted racism of course, tragically myopic, but one that simply CAN'T be abandoned to the vicissitudes and ugliness of reality.

  • sabril

    I agree. Leftists hate Western Civilization and have fallen for the fallacy that the enemy of their enemy is their friend. Thus their love of Third World savages who stand in complete opposition to the values the Leftists claim to espouse.

    This is demonstrated perhaps most clearly by the feminists and gay activists who side with the Arabs over Israel.

  • Amused

    LOL….anyone who is ideologically opposed to Republicans is thus tagged a leftist .Republicans consider Demoicrats -"leftists " and thus conclude they must be enemies of the US and Western Civilization .Hmmmm…that's 53% of the electorate , and imagine that , it is THEN " ass-umed " that they must be in favor of terrorists , and against Israel on the side of Third World Savages . So too , feminists and Gays , whom the Repiublican Party in General , support legislation against ,and thus they conclude , must be terrorist lovers too ,and that is based on religious values . Where they cheering on 9/11 ? They must have been ,according to such a warped ideology , as is espoused here .

    • Phillip Galey

      In the actuality of the thing which you highlight, rather is your presentation a little bit warped, and in this way: It's not that, those whom you mention "must be in favor of terrorists or, must be terrorist lovers too", but, first, the weaknesses in their advocacy give plenty of space for terrorism and savagery, and secondly, withholds evidence of anything which might tend to beneficial treatment of the problem, becoming of the situation as above, described: "This is the fate of all progressives who believe they are using the radical Islams for their own ends."; for, than what puny nature of the badness of our own devise and culture, by far away and large, Islam is the greater evil in destruction, . . .

    • Unibrowser

      What an idiot! There is so much factually wrong with what was just said I can only stand in awe that you are able to feed and cloth yourself.

    • Betty Furey

      I screwed up and clicked on the thumbs up. Oh well. Should read 12 negative.

      • Betty Furey

        Should be for "Amused." What a klutz. As if anyone cares.

  • Amused

    Well what about them white supremacists , neo-nazis , Birchers , and white racists , who , on the far right espouse Israels destruction , dont blame the palestinians for terrorism but blame the Israelis , or those like Rand Paul who believe there should be no aid to Israel ? What about the morons on the right who are "trufers " , believing the US facilitated the 9/11 attack ? The " Broad Brush " can be used both ways , both foolishly .

    • Randy


      What century do you live in?

    • ziontruth

      "…white supremacists , neo-nazis , Birchers , and white racists , who , on the far right espouse Israels destruction…"

      Proof that the Left/Right division in politics sometimes falls short of covering all the varieties of political opinion. Not, as you suggest, a call for letting the Marxists off the hook for their subversion.

  • Tired

    This is one of the most racist, bigoted and wholly biased articles I have ever seen. Well done for showing yourself as an idiot who doesn't believe in fact finding before they go and spit out all the rubbish that is emanating from their petty, closed minds. This World, people like you and those who murdered my friend Juliano (whoever those individuals may be) make me sad. This website as a whole makes me sick.

    • sally ann

      The whole world is better off without your garbage "friend" – the Terrorist Scumbag Juliano Mer. May he rot in a very hot place! You will be welcome to join him there.

    • EdwinS

      This website as a whole makes me sick.

      Easy solution: dont lurk, dont post – make everybody happy…

      • StephenD

        Ed, you are wrong. This site makes him sick. Tired…STAY with us!! Glad to have you here!

    • Phillip Galey

      Well, how or where have you put two words to have sanctified your post as apart from the true charge of mere conclusory allegation and opinionation or simple-minded opinion in operation, . . . leaving it then, only as the work of a rather small mind, and tightly closed? And then you pronounce this negative confession as to leave yourself sad and sick, . . . but whether that be so or no, you write as one, confused, . . . my advise then, is that, you continue to read this site, thinking about what others write, and it may be that, sooner or later, some sprig may break through your hard crust, . . .

      • Chezwick_mac

        How utterly pathetic that you would equate those who lament your friend's naivety in embracing the cause of his killers…with the actual killers. This kind of warped perspective and twisted value-system is what got your friend killed in the first place.

  • Raymond in DC

    "a shocking reminder of the inveterate racism, hatred, and violence in Palestinian culture. Even toward those who align themselves with their deadly cause."

    The last ten years should be enough to convince that no matter what you do for them, or with them, some of theirs will kill your own. Kibbutz Metzer, for example, sits near the Green Line and for years worked with, socialized with, and supported the nearby Arab village. That didn't stop Palestinian terrorists from infiltrating the kibbutz in 2002 and slaughtering some of its members.

    Mer-Khamis went beyond that, to become "one of them", actively working against his own state (which didn't seem to bother the Israeli left). It remains to be seen though whether he was killed because, in the end, he was deemed "a Jew" or because his activities undermined "Islamic values".

  • Shalom Freedman

    It is not fair to simply speculate upon Mer's conception of his own identity. Did he write about this? Did he talk about it? Did he deny his Halachic Jewishness? I don't know the answer. But I believe one cannot base an accusation upon a speculation.

    • nina

      Concerning this subject it doesn't matter whether Mar tought himself a Jew or an Arab. What matters is that he was endorsing murderous terrorist attacks.

  • Harvey

    We have more then our fair share of
    As a Jew fanatics here in the Uk
    They proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with various anti israel NGO s who are absolute in their rejection of a two state solution demanding an Islamic waqf from the river to the sea
    These as a Jew rejectionists frequently host debates in synagogues and welcome the delegitimisers to spew their hatred at these meetings
    The reality is that they are no more then useful fools who would go the same way as our actor friend once their usefulness was over

  • Cuban Refugee

    Oy! Does Vanessa Redgrave know about this????

  • jacob

    The 53% you claim voted for OBAMA were mostly the damned fools that believed
    in his mermaid song of the jump off the frying pan and into the fire his "CHANGE"
    boiled down to and in which their consolation should be the same morons who
    fell for "CHANGE" 50 plus years ago in CUBA, 13 years ago in VENEZUELA and
    now also in PERU and boy oh boy, have all of them lived to regret it, OURS
    INCLUDED…! ! !

    Regarding gays, I have nothing against them but what I ask from them is to accept
    they are FREAKS OF NATURE, as are dwarfs, bearded women, etc,. and deny the
    travesty of marriage as, the financial issue being the true reason behind it, I see no
    reason why it could NOT be handled properly by an official deed or will.

  • Zena

    I hope he lived long enough to see his murderers and realize he was an accessory to his own murder. He should get the Darwin award:

    "In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives. Darwin Award winners eliminate themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival." from DarwinAwards.com

  • Serious

    I agree with Shalom Freedman, this article has a lot of 'I guess' and not so much of 'I have read'. Mer Khamis did write, and made films – maybe looking at those, and at what Zubeidi had to say about why he put down his gun and started a theatre, will be of some use in going beyond guess work and into fact.

  • flaedo

    The guy got what he deserved. lf he had died whilst resisting the islamic murderers he would be a hero. lnstead he is just another jihadi who got jihadded.

  • Ecco

    There is a time-honoured old saying: "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword." I find an elegant symmetry in the murder by terrorists of a man who supported and advocated for terrorism. Rarely is divine justice so markedly dispensed in this world. It is not possible to feel sad for the fate of this man who so richly deserved to know the joys of what he vigorously espoused. Lenin knew the world would provide him with legions of what he called "useful idiots". Juliano Mer: "Useful"? Indeed. "Idiot"? Well…. LOL….you be the judge….

  • jtbaumgart

    In the Islamic world view, there is no room for dialog or discussion. This gentlemen apparently thought that being an enabler of the Islamic support of Terrorists, he would be spared from the coming bloodshed. He was wrong. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are just biding their time here in the US and skillfully manipulating the Dhimimicrats in DC. While Dingy Harry and the Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi along with Durbin attempt appeasement, the jihadi's here within our borders are quietly sharpening their knives for the coming blood bath. Guess what, the enablers will be the 1st ones to have their heads lifted from their shoulders. Those of us that are armed will at least have a chance of survival.

  • muchiboy

    "Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was shot and killed recently in Jenin in the West Bank, was a terrorist."
    I hadn't heard of this "100% Palestinian,100%Jewish" Israeli/Palestinian actor ,who in an earlier life had fought as an Israeli paratrooper, until he was murdered in Jenin.From the little I have read of him he was a good man intent on going good things in a terrible neighborhood.As so often happens when one tries to negotiate the boundaries between
    two peoples or two positions he was victimized by both sides and ultimately killed by the more desperate,more victimized side,the Palestinians.Such a man,and such men and women,should be honored,as they may be when his hopes and the Palestinian dreams are realized.Go well, Mer-Khamis,

    "Mer-Khamis was so extremist that he was even praised by Haaretz."
    From what I have read by others this is a well respected Israeli newspaper.Such an assertion goes a long way to discredit the intent and content of this article.It is so obvious.

    • sally ann

      Muchiboy is mucho-ignorant. He is wrong on both counts. Mer was the Israeli equivalent of that army psychiatrist who shot up Fort Hood for the Jihad. Haaretz is the Daily World of Israel, more anti-Israel than al-Jazeera.

      • Lady_dr

        Sally Ann is exactly right. Haaretz is written by and for traitors who love the savage Arabs and despise any Jew who is does not wallow in self-hatred.

        Mer- Khamis was either a liberal fool or a traitor and deserved his fate.

        Harsh words. Yes, but life is harsh especially in a place like Jenin and he chose to be there – so I have no sympathy for him.

    • MixMChess

      "…he was victimized by both sides and ultimately killed by the more desperate,more victimized side,the Palestinians."

      How was he victimized by Israelis? They weren't the ones that murdered him. Recall, the same disgusting Palestinians that murdered Mer-Khamis also decapitated an Israeli child. These are not the acts of desperate or victimized peoples – as the International Red Cross and Amnesty International have both recognized, there is NO excuse for Palestinian terrorism:

      “The attacks against civilians by Palestinian armed groups are widespread, systematic and in pursuit of an explicit policy to attack civilians. They therefore constitute crimes against humanity under international law.“

      Terrorism is NOT Israel’s fault, it is a CHOICE made by the immoral Palestinians. Remember, the Palestinian thugs have received billions in aid that they could use to build their infrastructure. Instead they use the money on weapons to kill Israeli children and stupidly to kill Israeli actors that support their own cause! Where are the Palestinian Martin Luther Kings? Unfortunately, Palestinians are a culture of hate, war and terror instead of peace.

  • Michael

    BTW, Juliano Mar served in the Israeli army as a parachutist. I think he was defined
    in the official documents as a Jew, because his parents, Israeli communists,
    were not married.
    In addition, Juliano defined himself as anarchist.
    When he was younger, as a good looking man and a good actor, he appeared in several
    Israeli movies, on both sides, as a Jew and as an Arab.

    He was not an extremist, just a dreamer, and we know from the recent history
    (250 years) that the results are many dead bodies.


  • UCSPanther

    Swim with the sharks, and you will get eaten…

    • StephenD

      You can draw a picture in your mind of someone hand feeding an alligator with his blood covered arm outstretched! What a fool he was.

  • nina

    Twin of the New York times.

  • muchiboy

    "there is NO excuse for Palestinian terrorism:"
    Agreed.Never excuses,( never say never?) just reasons.And you know my stand on the reasons.I say or qualify "never say never" when I thought of the Holocaust.Now there was a case if ever there was one where Jewish terrorism against Nazi Germany might/should have been contemplated.Now implemented,another leap of faith or concept again.And what would we call the firebombing of Dresden in retaliation for similar destructive bombing raids on British cities but terrorism?muchibor

    • StephenD

      Stop this. Speak to the Fogel Family Massacre. Palestinians celebrated by handing out sweets. These are a pathetic people as is anyone that would side with them. NOT ONE MORE WORD from the Muslim world or their advocates can hold sway in my heart because of this atrocity. This is the banner the balance of the world should march under to say ENOUGH! Islam is welcome NO MORE.

      • clarityrising

        But, muchiboy, the Palestinians have no cause for terrorism against Israel. Israel did nothing to them. It is Jordan and the surrounding Arab countries that created the Palestinians' fate. Jordan WAS supposed to be for the Palestinians. If anything, they should have joined with Israel to secure their prosperity. If you say otherwise, then you have no understanding of history and the formation of Israel. You sir, have then been indoctrinated with lies and your mind used against you to become a useful idiot.

    • MixMChess

      "Agreed.Never excuses,( never say never?) just reasons."

      You are just playing games with just semantics, excuses = reasons. I will state this again, there is no reason/excuse or cause/effect for Palestinian Terrorism. Absolutely NONE. Palestinians have plenty of options at their disposal to voice any supposed grievances against Israel and to build their own state. The Palestinians have made a CHOICE to murder innocent children and pregnant women. Why won't they ever CHOOSE peace?

      "Now there was a case if ever there was one where Jewish terrorism against Nazi Germany might/should have been contemplated."

      Jews never engaged in terrorism, they only engaged in legitimate resistance against genocidal Nazi soldiers who hell bent on killing every last Jew on earth. Jewish resistance groups targeted legitimate Nazi military targets. They didn't blow up GERMAN kindergartens, they didn't fire rockets or guns at GERMAN school buses, they didn't make it their stated goal to MURDER as many innocent GERMAN children, pregnant women and civilians as they could. We can't say the same thing about the Palestinians who strangely (or not) are the only natural heirs to the Nazis.

  • tanstaafl


  • Debra

    I am often reminded of the fable about the scorpion and the frog and the tragic end of that one… and my only comment to the bleeding hearts who still moronically swoon for the Palestinian victim of his own leaders is (god forbid… but…) they won't ask your politics when they come to massacre you…