Barack Obama vs. Steve Jobs

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The philosophies and accomplishments of two famous Americans are strikingly different. One has taken from us; the other has given to us.

Barack Obama is the symbol of socialistic incompetence run amok. He has stolen our security. The late Steve Jobs of entrepreneurial fame gave us the promise of innovation and a brighter life.

Obama rejected the American characteristic of exceptionalism. Jobs epitomized American exceptionalism at its most productive. Obama is driven by bureaucratic planning and narcissism. Jobs was driven by individual initiative, personal responsibility, and consumer needs to achieve national prosperity.

The National Review’s deputy managing editor Kevin Williamson took it one step further, contrasting the Apple founder’s innovation with the ennui of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement:

[N]ever has the divide between the iPhone world and the politics world been so clear: I saw a bunch of people very well-served by their computers and telephones (very often Apple products) but undeniably shortchanged by our government-run cartel education system. And the tragedy for them — and for us — is that they will spend their energy trying to expand the sphere of the ineffective, hidebound, rent-seeking, unproductive political world, giving the… politicians…an even stronger whip hand over the Steve Jobses and Henry Fords—and we will be the poorer for it.

The Obama failures keep piling up. There are too many to count, probably because some have yet to come to light. But the overhaul of the country’s health care system probably leads the pack. ObamaCare has added to the $14 trillion dollar debt and the job-stagnant economy. The stock market yo-yo, bankers’ reluctance to lend and businesses’ fear of hiring can be attributed to Democrat policy uncertainties, along with the entanglement of regulations.

Just a smattering of Obama’s other failures include: faith in his attorney general, who may well be responsible for the so-called “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal; the president’s empty hope of changing the energy environment and creating jobs with costly “green” projects; Obama’s trusted advisers, from Rev. Wright, to Bill Ayers, to Van Jones to Valerie Jarrett, to George Soros, identifies the radical anti-Americanism that has guided his decisions.

Not to mention: Obama’s class warfare, his letting lefties Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid write legislation he seeks; his multitude of appointed czars as advisers so he could bypass Senate confirmation; his delays and indecisions on giving the military what they need to win; his lack of support for Israel; his bending to our enemies and giving our allies the back of his hand; firing the head of General Motors; allowing unions a large share in businesses taken over by government; and bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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  • montlasky

    nter text right here!

  • montlasky

    To compare the two characters is ridiculous. One of them, OBAMA, is a guy elected to office by an electorate that swooned at his eloquence and believed that this eloquence was indicitive of the man's intellect! They made him their President -a man made choice. They got the President they deserved!
    Steve Jobs was an innovator who did things himself the hard way. He never campaigned to invent what he did but his efforts were rewarded by the consumers he served so well. He understood the theory of "Consumers Sovereignty" and the consumer crowned him with success as a result. When comes such another?
    The electorate is to balme for Obama and his ineptitude. Hopefully they will not make the same mistake twice. Comparison of Obama to Jobs is almost odious!.

    • Asher

      Steve Jobs was a brilliant inventor who made the most of the Free Market Capitalist system, which benefitted millions of Americans and made our lives better. Obama will go down as a total failure to inspire, lead, or create any positive growth or inspirations for America, his record is abysmal!

  • susieq

    This is the most ridiculous, biased, pot full of crap and lies that I have heard this year.

    • Steeloak

      What lies about Steve Jobs are you refering to?

    • ziontruth

      Mr. Trussel,

      You have here before you the best proof you could ask for that your piece is spot-on, right on target, exactamundo correct. Like with the Tea Party, there's no better evidence of being on the right track than getting vitriol from the Left. Conversely, you know the RINOs by the praise the Marxist-owned mainstream media heaps upon them.

      • trickyblain

        Yes. Vitrol means you are right!

        I'm considered a leftist here at FPM, just not in the real world (e.g., my job at a business advocacy org.). I hate Hitler. Ergo, by your logic, Hitler was right!

  • StephenD

    But, but…Steve Jobs getting rich has robbed me! I don't know how but…because he was rich I am poor. It isn't because of a corrupt socialist in the W.H. it's because Jobs was rich. It has nothing to do with the work and technology he has created. By his making money it has lessened my life…somehow. Anyway, it MUST be the fault of the rich. Any of my shortcomings cannot possibly be part and parcel of the leftist education system that raised me or the easy entitlement life I yearn for. My life’s predicament is someone else’s responsibility and since it isn't mine it must be the rich. Lets get ‘em!

    • trickyblain

      And how is this atttitude any different from FPM — the ultimate victimology publication? Here you find all the world's problems explained by the "Unholy Alliance of Islam and the Left."

      BTW – Jobs made his fortune through innovation and hard work. Many in the banking industry made thier fortunes through fraud and taxpayer funded bailouts. That may be fine for folks that worship the rich regardless of how they became rich, but it's really what these protests are about….you don't see companies that actually produce product being protested.

    • Chester

      StephenD, I thought I was the only on who felt that way. I can't help it that I was not born with a desire to work. Why should people who were born with a work ethic be treated as if they are better than I. I hate this discrimination!

  • trickyblain

    Too bad Steve Jobs never saw it that way about Obama. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't have endorsed him, campaigned for him, and sat on his advisory boards.

    It's no secret that Jobs was a progressive, pot-smoking Democrat. Just like most of our modern visionaries.

  • maturin20

    It's unkind to use a person recently deceased as ammo to attack the President.

  • bob

    Too soon you idiot zionist hacks.