Bureaucrats Paid for Not Working

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Uncle Sam has about 2,850,000 non-military federal employees. There are 12 percent more federal employees now than when the recession began, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the private sector, to the contrary, jobs have fallen like autumn leaves in a heavy wind.

Why are we shelling out dollars to people for not working and instead are acting as representatives for their unions? How can this be when federal union representatives can’t negotiate salaries or various benefits? Such amounts are set in place by statutes. Federal employees cannot strike either. It’s against the law.

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) provides monetary compensation, medical care and assistance (attendant allowances), vocational rehabilitation, and reemployment rights to federal employees who sustain disabling injuries as a result of their employment. FECA also provides for a fixed payment for the deceased employee’s funeral expenses and for compensation benefits to qualified survivors of the decedent in cases of employment-related death.

According to the Federal Employees Compensation Act, employees may be eligible for six basic types of benefits including: “medical benefits (together with transportation expenses incurred); continuation of pay; disability compensation; schedule awards; vocational rehabilitation; and death benefits that include allowable funeral benefits and survivor compensation. The program applies to any disability (temporary or permanent, partial or total) incurred as a result of a job-related disease or condition, as well as an on-the-job traumatic injury.”

As for medical payments, “they may be made for any medical services needed for treatment or to counteract or minimize the effects of any condition, disease, or injury determined to be causally related to employment with the Federal Government. There is no limit on the extent of medical treatment payable nor is there a time limit for which they are payable if the need for medical treatment can be substantiated and connected to the employment-related injury or disease. Payment will be made for first aid, medical treatment, hospitalization, physician’s fees, drugs, appliances, or other supplies directed for use by a physician.”

Sure beats ObamaCare.

For federal employees, each general schedule grade has 10 steps. Each year, an employee advances automatically to a higher pay level. There also are “within-grade increases.” These increases move the employee up a grade level. To earn “within-grade” increases, an employee’s “performance must be at an acceptable level of competence.” The employee must have “completed the required waiting period for advancement to their next higher step.”

No mention is made of “excellence” or “superior” or “beyond the call of duty.” Merely “acceptable level of competence.”

Some agencies are “more indulgent to union representatives than others.” Not surprising, the most generous is the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an Obama pet. In 2010, the NLRB had 11,480 hours of “official time” among its bargaining unit employees.

As Obama stated in his Executive Order, it’s all to assure improving the “productivity and effectiveness of the federal government.” Taxpayers knew there must be some reason for the Administration’s sterling performance.

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  • davarino

    So I guess the only thing that pisses off the federal government is the rich, unless they hand over all their money. All the rest of us are either pawns or blood suckers.

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc.org Richard Ahernhen

    Washington Establishment-Cultural of Corruption-WASTE-FRAUD-MISMANAGEMENT

    Our Constitutional Liberties are being eroded