Ending ObamaCare

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The knives—and scalpels—are out to cut ObamaCare to ribbons or administer beneficial plastic surgery. Here are developments that can accomplish a coup d’etat or probably bring more rational health care to America.

Even with 87 new Republicans joining the new House of Representatives, a repeal bill has a steep hill to climb. But Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has said it is important to go through the process even if the Senate rejects such a kill or the President vetoes it. The Rasmussen Poll shows “59 percent of the voters favor repealing it. And it’s important to respond to the voters.”

Even in the event of a failure of full repeal, King says conservatives have another strategy. They control the purse strings and will shift their focus to defunding the new law through appropriations Congress must pass to finance the federal program. “It is essential that we have a record of lawmakers who vote for repeal and those who do not,” said King.

The incoming chairman of a key health subcommittee, Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Ohio), told Human Events Dec. 14 he plans a “piecemeal” effort to repeal the law. After voting for full repeal in the House, realizing this is quite unlikely, “we will then move on repealing select potions” of ObamaCare. He said he will meet in a strategy session with Speaker-designate John Boehner (R-Ohio) as well as Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) who will chair the House Energy Committee. Under Finance is the health subcommittee Pitts will chair.

Pitts said the “first strike” will be to pass last year’s Stupak-Pitts measure, to ban any tax dollars for abortion in the health legislation. Pitts also said high on the assault list is the tax form 1099 regulation. It requires more tax paperwork and documentation of expenses by health providers. Pitts called the regulation “onerous.” He said the plan to repeal it directly is sure to have widespread support—people in the health care industry are wondering, along with reasonable people everywhere, why government needs all this information. He also said he met with several state governors to discuss possible state waivers from health programs to devise more efficient and less expensive ways of dealing with health problems. “Medicaid is the biggest problem, of course. But…I hope we can turn as much as possible over to governors. The governors can provide lots of innovation; so I want to bring them in in a big way,” Pitts added. As to White House opposition: “We’ll just take our time,” Pitts said.

Pro-ObamaCare Democrats won’t sit idly by while Republicans try to defang ObamaCare. A regulation was put in place Jan. 1, for instance, to pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forego aggressive life-sustaining treatment. The provision was dropped from the health bill before it became law because it was so controversial. Now, Dr. Donald Berwick, head of Medicare and Medicaid, an advocate of cost-cutting and rationing, will be in charge. Doctors will be discussing with seniors at annual physicals the choices for ending life at some stage of illness. Anything to cut the cost of lingering illnesses–which in some cases may improve. Then what happens when an advance directive says: “Stop treatment.”

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  • Lfox328

    I hadn't thought about it, but what would happen if a patient DID improve, but had already chosen to terminate support? Would the medical staff feel compelled to honor those previous wishes? Is there any protocol for dealing with the possibility that the patient is drugged to the point of being incapable of making their wishes known? Or just being legally "out of it"?

    The reason this is important is the high quantity of pain-killers and sedatives used with elderly patients – if staff have this "meeting" when the patient is virtually drooling because of the meds, can any decision truly be said to be voluntary? I can see a huge potential for mischief here.

  • davarino

    I want to see Obambacare undone and then impliment real change in the health care system that will bring down costs and make it more efficient through competition and the freemarket.

    Have the mandates kicked in that require everyone to purchase health care? My son was telling me that he had to start buying health insurance from his employer and it was eating a lot of his paycheck.

    • sexy beast

      Well, my roommate was telling me that he could not get a health insurance because he had diabetes. What a wonderful health care system we have, don’t we?

  • jaythehistorian

    The US has or had the best health care system in the world. Many of the best and brightest doctors from all over the world have come to the US for their residencies and most have stayed. US based physicians and medical researchers have published more research papers than the rest of the world combined. The jihadist imbecile has done his best to ruin this system . I doubt the US will ever see a worse president. He is so stupid and out of touch with reality ,he continues to insist his system (Jihadistcare for the infidel) will save money while covering 30 million more people. While Britain is undoing socialized medicine which has been a complete failure the moron in the White House and his America hating supporters are implementing it in the US.

  • American_Flag

    I know quite a few doctors who think that the added burden on the system will cause its eventual collapse. Doctors will have less incentive to join a lack-luster field. Current doctors will look to retire early, leaving what? Inexperienced doctors who are clueless…It's reality folks and you helped the libearls and dems pass it…you stood by idle and said nothing 6 months ago, a year ago.

    Yet Obamma will be hailed a hero.


  • Greg

    I hope these new conservatives don't waste all their time defending these action items given to them by the people. Don't look left or right, just get them done.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I wouldn't put any faith in doctors fighting for what's right. In a government run medicare system doctors tend to kowtow . I have familiarity with both the U.S. & Canadian systems. If the Canadian experience can speak for the world, my take is that the U.S. medical industry tries to rip off Medicare and the insurers while the latter try to put the squeeze on them. In Canada the provincial governments rip off both patients and doctors. The doctors cooperate even in death panels, in direct contravention of their own code – which forbids discrimination against the elderly. An immigrant doctor in Quebec challenged the system all the way to the Supreme Court and won. The original law which forced all doctors to be part of the government system had to be discarded.

  • sflbib

    "Judge Hudson pointed out that there is significant precedent distinguishing genuine activity from inactivity. Only the former is clearly within the scope of the Commerce Clause; the latter is 'beyond [its] historic reach,' he stated."

    What!!!??? Not raising hogs has been unconstitutional all along? http://www.go2gbo.com/forums/index.php?topic=1423

  • jonathan

    There are no death panels, just B.S,. fear mongering.

  • Larsky


    All due respect, the concern isn't what THEY propose but rather what the law will undoubtedly become when the bureaucrats get their feet firmly on the ground, entrenched and in expert control of the details i.e., Let's call it what it is 'Death by Bureaucratic Intervention".

    Furthermore, I've given Death a lot of thought lately and on closer examination, I think I can live with it. But let me be the judge of when to cut the cord not some 'EXPERT' appointed by the likes of Obama or Pelosi who in their lives will have the full benefit of every conceivable medical procedure to extend their lives down to the last possible second on this earthly plain and then if they can beyond that so they can take their rightful place on the LEFT hand side of GOD. B.S. back at Cha.

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