Eric Holder’s Lawlessness

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The country struggles with a flood of laws at a time when the chief law enforcement officer, Eric Holder, can’t be trusted. Many Americans and members of Congress are convinced the Attorney General is not only untruthful, but also has established his own view of justice rather than enforcing the laws on the books.

Holder has a long list of questionable legal decisions and misdeeds guided by his political and racial philosophies. As early as the end of the Clinton Administration, the then-Assistant Attorney General Holder was embroiled in the controversy surrounding the pardon of Democratic donor Marc Rich letting one of the FBI’s “most wanted” go free. A New York Times editorial called it a “shocking abuse” of power.

Holder’s tragic incompetence in the past several months has been revealed in the egregious case known as “fast & furious.”

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has now subpoenaed the Obama Administration over the “Fast & Furious” program that sent thousands of guns to Mexico under a Department of Justice botched program, as reported in October by The New York Times and other media.

Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif) has charged that Eric Holder provided misleading information to Congress in May about when he suspiciously said he first learned of the program. The guns were misdirected to Mexican drug cartels. A border agent was killed with one of the guns.

When asked if Holder had ever apologized to the agent’s family, the attorney general said he had not, acknowledging only that he regretted the incident. At least 59 members of Congress have called for Holder’s resignation.

Eric Holder refuses to proceed with an investigation and prosecution of the two black panthers who intimidated white voters outside of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008. He felt that to proceed with the case would “demean my people,” Holder declared. It is apparent our attorney general does not believe in equal protection under the law. He apparently prefers extra protection for some, but not others. Holder is obliged to enforce federal election laws in an objective, non-partisan, race-neutral manner. That seems a far cry from his intentions.

The Obama Justice Department is pushing to maximize turnout of Democrats in 2012 by filing “motor voter” suits across the country, complaining that state agencies aren’t circulating voter registration forms in social service agencies.

A lawsuit filed this summer against the State of Louisiana “is closely timed with a separate suit advanced by the notorious ACORN’s Project Vote affiliate and the NAACP,” a Dec. 1 story said. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s officials have vowed to fight it, while “some states have rolled over to accept agreements that go beyond the scope of written law,” the American Spectator’s Spectacle blog said. Some fear the consent agreements with the Justice Department will block state officials from moving against instances of potential fraud.

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  • Ken

    Is this any surprise from the "post-American" president??

  • John_Kelly

    If America is truly a nation "Governed by Laws", Holder must be IMPEACHED & IMPRISONED.

    How ironic that the "Traitor Holder" once accused America of being a nation of "Cowards" when today the "Cowards of Capitol Hill" should be marching in the streets and demanding the end of Holders "Lawlessness."

  • John_Kelly

    "Lawlessness" has been a proven tactic and strategy of Radical Islam and Radical Communism so why wouldn't Obama's lapdog Holder use the same methods.

    Wait and see the Obama machine utilize full blown "lawlessness" in 2012 as they seek to get re-elected.

    Hmmmmm…………Just a thought to ponder for you bible reading folks:

    2Thessalonians 2:7 (Amplified) For the mystery of LAWLESSNESS (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until he who restrains is taken out of the way.

    2Thessalonians 2:8 (Amplified) And then the LAWLESS one (the antichrist) will be revealed and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of His mouth and bring him to an end by His appearing at His coming. [Isa. 11:4.]

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Another of Obama's smug thugs. Who has the oversight into all of the criminal
    conduct, where is the money gone and how has our government failed in
    checks and balances. Washington DC is truly the district of criminals and
    government is there to take the American people for all they have, it would
    be prudent to fire them all, prosecute them all and deport them to Iraq, they
    owe us a favor………………………………………………………………William

    • Charlie N.

      How do we small citizens get rid of this trash? 2012 can't come soon enough

      • WilliamJamesWard

        Charlie N. do not let any opportunity go bye where you can inform people
        you know or do not know just what Obama has been up to. Countless
        people are clueless as to his depredations and how he is undermining
        American life and is a true leftist subversive, Islamist activist, never takes
        action to defend America or Christians who is claims to belong to. This
        man is not anything like what he portrays himself to be, he is false and
        will ruin America with his gang of crooks and Socialist/Islamist bandits.

  • Underzog

    What about Holder's lawlessness in seizing Elian Gonzales? It takes more than a search warrant to seize a kid; however, Eric Holder used that to kidnap Elain at gunpoint and send him back to Communist Cuba.;

    As for Holder accusing America of being a nation of cowards, try to remember that picture of that storm trooper holding that gun at little Elian and remember who the real cowards are. Eric Holder and the then Clinton administration (now subsumed by the Obama administration).

    • Anthony San Diego

      They're ALL cowards. Challenge them one on one and watch them snivel.

  • myohmy

    Eric Holder has lied to Congress under oath and for that he deserves to be arrested and jailed for a long time. He's called America a nation of cowards and he's proving himself right because he's blatantly and publicly violated our laws and obstructed justice in several states by filing lawsuits preventing states laws from being carried out. We need to prove him wrong and jail his sorry ass for a long time. Prove we are not a nation of cowards.. jail Holder soon.

  • jacob

    HOLDER is right…! ! !

    This poor excuse for a Congress is all words and no action.
    First CHARLIE RANGEL is let off the hook with a slap on the wrist and now it doesn't have the cojones to fire HOLDER, even over OBAMA's objection as if it expects him
    to resign, it has another thing coming AS HE WILL NOT RESIGN…

    And then what ???
    How about cutting out the B.S once and for all and eran your salary ????

    • ccfonten

      No, Holder is not right. WE THE PEOPLE are NOT cowards……..the Congress/politicians are.

  • Rifleman

    They got away with janet reno, why wouldn't they nominate someone even worse? Just remember this clown and her the next time the dp/msm pitches a fit over a Republican DOJ nominee like Ashcroft

  • effemall

    Lying to Congress is perjury. His record may be long and bad enough to charge him under RICO law. Between him and his puppet master, I feel that just to get rid of them in 2012 won't be enough. I want them deported to some leper colony.

    • John_Kelly

      Good one effemail……..only problem is the poor Lepers would cry out "There goes the neighborhood."

  • guest

    When you find "Black Panthers" doing that kind of thing, you are supposed to call the local VFWs and Legions, bike clubs, and other patriotic groups to go on site and talk to these thugs. When there are 12 patriots around each black panther there will be NO violence and NO intimidation of our voters. In fact, it will be an uplifting experience to know Americans care and help.

    • Pietr

      Finally someone with enough guts to stand up to these thugs. Is salute you sir. I think the people who let these thugs intimidate them are cowards. You stand up to them and let them have it. That is what these idiots understand.
      I hope to be confronted by these thugs when I go and vote. It will be hard for them to vote from the hospital. They are punks nothing more nothing less.
      Come on people two thugs scared you???

  • daniel

    The Obama administration has no respect for law, the must be forcefully removed it would seem. I have signed the petition and encourage you all to do the same. These men are the enemy of the people

  • reason1984

    Hey Nancy, how's that swamp draining project going. Vote 2012.

  • Brujo Blanco

    My current concern is that there may not be a prosecution of the criminals that murdered the border agent. I suspect Holder fears facts regarding this murder may end up unearthing inconvenient facts.

  • Maxie

    Holder's doing the job he was put in place to do by the Obamunists. He's perfect for the job under the Authoritarian Collectivist regime that our dumbed-down DWTS, Am-Idol electorate put into power. Holder will not be fired or forced to resign. The GOP characteristically is incapable of playing hardball with the 'Crats. Waco, Filegate, Chinagate and every other MarxiCrat malfeasnce goes unpunished. Holder will be no different. Issa will eventually be told by the RINOs to sit down and shut up.

  • geoplaten

    Holder is a sick, pathetic man. Actually, that's wrong, he's no man at all, just sick and pathetic.

    Zero integrity, zero respect for the principle of justice being blind. He's a firm believer in the fact that we're a country of men, not laws.

    The sooner he's gone, the better.

  • hughcapet

    The racist Holder will not resign! The Kenyan in chief is confident enough that he will win the election by hook or crook! Holder and his cronies know it and will stay on to finish their dirty job! This country is in real trouble folks, this maybe the country's only chance (November 2012) to right this nation before it becomes a nation like North Korea with our own "dear leader" deluding himself in thinking he is a god.

  • DrSique

    I know that every case can't be squeezed into one article but feel it is important to mention Holders defense of the FALN Puerto Rican terrorists. One has to wonder what reward Holder got for springing the already convicted and imprisoned bombers. Sounds a lot like the Black Panther case which Holder and company threw in the towel on after it was already won. Seems to me that he wants nothing to do with actual laws but to focus his work against white people, even those who are the victims of crime. The more that comes out about "fast & furious", the more I believe that the whole thing was an intentional criminal act. Basically, there needs to be a full and thorough investigation done on Holder, leaving no stone unturned. If he is as dirty as all of the evidence suggests, he should be incarcerated for the rest of his life. Pretty ironic considering what he wanted to do to intelligence operatives who had worked under Bush.

  • CurmudgyOne

    Recently, it has also come to light that Holder, when a deputy Assistant Attorniey General under the Clinton Administration, authorized the FBI to provide explosives to an individual named Tim McVeigh. The man is a criminal, and he is running the US Justice Department?

  • AL Koppen

    Nobody has yet mentioned that Holder is now going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio for racial profiling.

  • Texasron

    When good men do nothing the result is an administration consisting of Holder and Obama.

  • D_Cheney

    With all this going on did anyone happen to notice Obama presenting a counterfeit birth certificate? Sorry to bring it up for those hoping we won't notice, but it is a felony. How
    is it that this crime, his disbarment, his suspect social security #, Fast & Furious, etc. etc.
    etc. are all overlooked? Why does this fraud get a pass? Can Obama just hide his
    crimes and omissions in plain site and everyone is afraid to discuss them? Why is
    he taken seriously as a presidential candidate again without these questions answered?

  • cali

    We do not have a legitimate government, what we have is a Crime Syndicate run like the Mafia.
    Add to that the current resident in thewhite house and his sidekick holder are pure, evil racists. The black panther, and Gates issue is proof of that.
    Nobody ever has divided our nation in such a manner.
    Holder and his involvement in the OKC bombing is also suspect, but was squashed, so what gives?
    2012 will be a violent year, with all crooks coming out of the woodwork helping to re-elect this current occupant of the white house by fraud hooks and crooks. Additionally,watch for a number of false flags.

  • patricia Youmans

    Wasn't Eric Holder the Assist. Atty. General under Janet Reno when they burned women, and children in the Branch Davidian Compound ???—He replaced Assistant Atty. General webster Hubble when Hubble went to prision —-This wasw before he pardoned Marc Rich —- .

    • james

      yes you are right, AND he was also partly responsible for getting the FALN terrorists from Puerto Rico a pardon too

  • james

    Why Eric Holder must go………………..
    As Mentioned by other people leaving comments. start with Marc Rick, and the FALN terrorists who he helped get pardons under Clinton.
    But let us not forget the law firm Holder worked for also gave FREE legal advise to terrorists arrested and held at GITMO.

    Now since he has been in office…………….

    * Black Panthers at the Philly Voting booth. Career prosecutors had guilty please. Holder and cronies dropped the charges citing lack of evidence
    * ACORN
    * PA Democratic Candidate Joe Sestak's claims he was offered a position in the Administration if he would bow out of a primary race against Arlen Specter
    * Colorado Democrat claiming the same thing to drop out of a primary race against Michael Bennet
    * Saying that white people can not be victims of racial discrimination and telling people his DOJ will never prosecute when the victim is white
    * making the statement before congress of "my people" while being US Attorney general (who is "my people" are they all ameircans or only blacks
    * Suing Arizona over AZ 1070. the anti illegal immigration law
    * Suing Alabama over their anti illegal immigration law
    * Suing South Carolina over their anti illegal immigration law
    * Suing Utah over their anti illegal immigration law
    * Suing South Carolina over their voter ID Laws
    * Being in Charge of the DOJ during Operation Fast and Furious
    * intentionally lying to Congress and stalling congress by not answering subpoena's

    Is this enough

  • truckwork

    It's worse than that. The charges had been filed by the Justice Department under the Bush Administration. Those charged didn't contest the charges and all the Justice Department had to do "was to seek an entry of default judgement and an injunction to stop future acts of intimidation."….

    On the eve of the date for this entry of default judgement, Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Loretta King appointed to this post by Obama/Holder, forced the career attorneys not to seek this default judgement.

    In other words, the Black Panther party and it's thugs were convicted of voter intimidation and Holder/Obama pulled the rug out from under the attorneys who were doing their job.

  • intrcptr2

    That is the truly sorry part of this, he did say it (And then ironically turned right around and did it), after a manner; "demean my people".

    There is too the curious fact that Eric seems to think that this IS a credible explanation for dropping the case.