Going Green by Starving America of Oil

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These charges, according to a Wall Street Journal story April 18, are being supported by Senate Democrats who are always ready to spoil technological advances. Industry says there’s no evidence these fluids have found their way into water supplies. Nearly 800 million gallons of drilling fluids have been pumped deep into the earth in the past few years.

The White House defensively bragged that last year U.S. oil production reached its highest level since 2003. Obama apparently was unaware that it takes years for a leased area to begin producing. So, the credit for last year’s rise really goes to the Bush administration. Once again the administration had its facts wrong.

The Left seems tied to the stake of green energy, even though it holds little promise today or in the foreseeable future. Green energy, be it windmills or solar panels, exists only because the Obama administration is causing the cost of its competition to soar and because Obama has dumped billions of dollars into the pockets of his cronies to subsidize green projects.

But for the immediate future, U.S. oil and gas companies are a major force in our economy. “These companies produce most of the nation’s energy, put millions of people to work and deliver billions in taxes and royalties to our government.” as American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard pointed out.

The Wood MacKenzie study looked ahead. It said increased access could by 2025 create 530,000 jobs, deliver $150 billion more in tax, royalty and other revenue to the government, and boost domestic production by four million barrels of oil equivalent a day….Raising taxes on the industry with no increase in access could reduce domestic production by 700,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day (in 2020) and reduce revenue to the government by billions of dollars annually.

Although more access would eventually replace oil imports, it would not necessarily drive gasoline down to dime-store prices, an API senior manager explains. “We are in a global market for crude oil. Even if we were entirely self-sufficient in crude oil, the price of that crude would be determined by all the thousands of buyers and sellers in the world’s market, not just by us…All we know for sure is that the benefits—jobs, tax revenue, energy security—would be greater.”

Strident environmentalists have long predicted that we will soon be running out of oil. To the contrary, over the past 30 years, the world’s proven reserves have increased 130 percent.

Some Democrats also are calling for a “use it or lose it” policy regarding oil and gas leases. They claim companies are sitting on scores of leases that could be used to search for oil.  Obama said in a speech that the industry “holds tens of millions of acres where its not producing a drop.” But the problem is not with leases. It’s with permits. Permits have been tied up with over-burdensome regulations. Again, Obama speaks with a forked tongue.

Adding a spit in the face to industry, the Administration saw fit to lend $2.84 billion to Columbia for an oil refinery, it was revealed April 19. According to reports, the money would go to Reficar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ecopetrol, the Columbian national oil company. This is part of a $5 billion refinery upgrade project supplying petroleum, products for domestic and export purposes. Who knows what energy misdeeds lie ahead?


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    Wrong again. The truth is—'starving america of oil by (excuse of) going green. Remember, green is not the goal. Destroying america is.

    • scum

      you sure are silly

    • Ken

      The story is right and so are you.

  • STFU

    Please tell me where you can purchase one of these mythical multi fuel automobiles for a mere $100 more than a gasoline powered engine.

    • Tanstaafl

      Go to Brazil.

    • Tanstaafl


  • ObamaYoMoma

    I remember when the BP oil spill first happened; you could have sworn the sky was falling there was so much doom and gloom. One year later, everything is back to normal, the beaches are not only clean but also full of tourists and the seafood and fishing industries are back in full swing and today you can scarcely tell a spill ever happened.

    • Ken

      If people would realize how much water is in the Gulf of Mexico and salt and oil eating bacteria they may not have been so alarmed. Every year more oil seeps out or leaks from the gulf floor than what leaked from that one oil rig. How about the more than 30,000 wells in the gulf that hasn'nt leaked?

  • Big Tom

    When oil prices reached the current ones during the Bush administration, the press, congress and the public wanted investigations and claimed Bush was profiting. Now, not a peep from the media or congress, and this moron of a president says; "we should get used to it". We have much larger oil reserves than anyone in the world. If only allowed to drill, we would be self sufficient and prices would be about $1.50/gal.. However, the minute minority of wacko green nuts have such an influence on Congress, that we have to suffer at the hands of the arabs and speculators.

    • scum

      That's because 40 people in his administration had DIRECT ties to Big Oil, Bro…

  • scum

    Seems to me he opened up the Gulf for drilling, and, well, look what happened: Cheney was determined to show us how he planned to destroy the world. Did a damned good job of it, too. And by the way, not all of that gas would stay here. Big Oil is global, so it could end up anywhere.

    • kevinS

      do you really believe what you write? Or are you paid to file comments?

  • scum

    I know, right! Look how they destroyed the Gulf! Oh, wait a minute, it was you guys…

  • scum

    Only an idiot would say something like that. Don't you remember Cheney's secret energy meeting, of which we still don't have access to the minutes? The idea that the 'Left' controls energy policy is BS. If the Left did, the SUV would never have been legalized, and look how that destroyed the energy reserves for future generations. If you don't believe me, look at the MPG of the average SUV of 4 years ago. Yet another crime of Reagan's, allowing SUV's to be classified as 'trucks' to avoid good gas mileage requirements.

  • scum

    Yea, for about 10 years, until it all runs out. What's your plan for the next 500 years after the earth is destroyed and the crude runs out? That's what I thought, you have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER…

    • Doug

      You are aptly named. There are hundreds of years of supply of those things. Tell me which one of your idols has a 500 year plan? Why would we have one? Stupid.

    • Ken

      You are a Idiot, there is no fossil fuel only Abiotic oil, get enlightened. The Russians have for 60 years. Check out their Peer-reviewed. The earth makes oil all the time and we will never run out…..

    • tanstaafl

      We are the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, ethanol and methanol are sustainable and in 500 years, if mankind hasn't developed a better way to store energy………..

  • Fred

    Part of the recent gasoline price increase is due to the Treas & Fed printing money. Look at the prices of commodities and farmland. Even the Canadian dollar is doing better than the greenback. The investigation into high gas prices ought to start at the Fed & Treas then proceed to the EPA, with their new restrictions on drilling and refineries.

  • Ken

    The Russians are not number one in the production of oil and natural gas for nothing, they know it is not fossil fuel but abiotic. Which means the earth makes it all the time and we will never run out of oil. I think God had something to do with that.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHAT IF 100 YEARS AGO, animal rights activists screamed "Save the Horses from Animal Abuse?" What LOGICAL alternative was there to the horse and buggy? "Everyone must buy a Model-T!" Who could afford one and since gasoline engines were barely being invented and there were very few gas stations, YOU COULD STILL ONLY GO SIXTY MILES BEFORE YOU NEEDED A FILL-UP!!! Obama's alternative, the electric car, only gets SIXTY MILES per charge. IS THAT THE LOGICAL ALTERNATIVE? I could see if that MIRACLE NEW INVENTION that powers the cars currently on road with only a Conversion Kit, not unlike Freon AC's, that GASOLINE SHOULD SKYROCKET FORCING PEOPLE TO CONVERT to the miracle new formula! Electric and Hybrid cars, with their current battery, IS NOT THE ANSWER BUT OBAMA WANTS TO FORCE US TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS FRAUD? Ethanol that takes two gallons of gasoline to make one gallon of ethanol is the answer even while food supplies are skyrocketing too? Wind and Solar is a fraud? THE NEW REVOLUTIONARY INVENTION HAS IS NOT BEEN REALIZED but there is a possible battery that can help if the inventors dream is realized and that is the "BLOOM ENERGY." Its inventor says one battery, the size of a book, could power a European home and two for U.S. homes. Large companies like EBAY are using refrigerator sized batteries. Can they be put into the car and most importantly, IN THE CARS WE NOW OWN? What would we do with all gasoline cars if this battery worked and we are forced to buy a new one? Landfills poisoning the Earth?

  • BS77

    calling oil a "fossil fuel" is a big error. Oil occurs naturally within the earth's crust, some at depths of twenty miles, deeper than any old dinosaur remains…..Oil is like oxygen or water, part of the earth's geology…….there is an ocean of oil beneath our feet waiting to be pumped out , refined into high octane gas, and then put into the gas tanks of big horsepower American muscle cars. YAY!!!!

  • Texasron

    Eliminate all subsidies. We subsidize ethanol which only does harm to our environment, increases food costs, and damages engines. Oh yes, it also destroys fuel mileage. All this for some lefty environmentalist who didn't know any better but congress went along.

  • Ima Walker

    Maybe if Americans didn't spend so much time sitting in their cars they wouldn't need to much fuel and they wouldn't be so fat and costing their taxpayers so much in health care costs because they're so fat. An American will drive 2 minutes up the road to go to the store (more likely McDonald's) rather than walk. It's just one more symptom of a lazy nation. Sorry guys.

  • http://kkkturbo.livejournal.com/ Una Funck

    I believe your CSS is broken.. the headings are weird on my side.