How Obama Could Win

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The mainstream news media embraces what veteran CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg has described as a “slobbering love affair” with Obama, slanting the news to give the President favorable treatment whenever possible.

At least five different polls, according to the Media Research Center, found the public strongly believed that the news media was biased in favor of Barack Obama in 2008. A Rasmussen poll, for example found 69 percent were convinced that the press favored Obama and were trying to help him win the election. There is no evidence this bias has receded. Once the Republicans have a standard-bearer, the press likely will go back to kissing Obama’s feet and finding flaws in the GOP nominee.

Nearly twice as many people today are working for all levels of government—22.5 million– than in all kinds of manufacturing—11.5 million—almost an exact reversal as in 1960, according to Steven Moore, a Wall Street Journal editor. Probably each worker has a spouse or other relative who will vote the same way. If most are inclined to cast their ballots for Obama, that will provide a huge voting block. “We have moved from a nation of makers to a nation of takers,” Moore wrote in an article in April.

The U.S. Census Bureau says poverty is at an all-time high. People living on less than $5,500 increased by 4 million from 2008 to 2009. The number of people unemployed for more than six months approaches 50 percent. Millions of Democrat-inclined voters cling to their welfare like Obama once said that middle Americans cling to their guns and religion.

The campaign plans to ramp up the race issue, bloggers say. Voters have been hammered with guilt for being white–in schools, on television, in movies, with racism coming at them from all sides. Obama’s re-election team is banking on it bringing victory in 2012.

Months from now, the economy could rebound, at least improve enough so it appears to be heading back from recession.

Obama also will have the social media team on his side. As the first Facebook president, he holds a wide advantage technologically. The Obama campaign said it had surpassed one million donors, the Chicago Tribune reported Oct. 17. The campaign said that 98 percent of the donations were in amounts of $250 or less. It also disclosed a list of 351 bundlers, who can collect from others in large amounts.

Add probable Chicago fraud, Black Panthers at the polls, union money and door-knocking, and multi-billionaire George Soros dollars to the reelection strategy.

Perhaps the most important element in a possible Obama return was defined by David Horowitz in his book “The Shadow Party.” Leftist activists, he writes in his forward, “are organized in two distinct movements, one exerting pressure from below [This could be the Overcome Wall Street movement] the other exerting pressure from above [radicals in the Obama Administration and allies outside]…Thus could a radical minority impose its will on a moderate majority,” namely Republicans and Independents.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    How Obama can win?

    First think how it can be in America, that "so many now doubt if market forces are fair and really work" – yet still those many stay here instead of being thrown out into Cuba or North Korea. (The answer: Socialists were allowed to freely sabotage the nation for 100 years. And the sabotage culminated with Obama).

    Obama can win again, Mr. Trussell, because also you are helping him to. You too follow the party line of denial and taboo on the "audacity of fraud": the fraud of cosmic proportions. Otherwise you would shout…

    1) That Obama's birth certificate uttered on April 27, 2011 at the White House web page was a cheap forgery in content and typeface both. The forgery so obvious that even a lay person can see it and get puzzled by its audacity.

    2) That Obama had committed an identity theft by using a fraudulent Social Security number 042-68-4425 of the state of Connecticut, where he had never resided. (So far just "plain felonies"… But wait… )

    3) That according to the official bio, Obama's biological father had never been a US citizen, thus Obama could not be considered a US natural born citizen no matter where he was born – a common knowledge since 2008.

    4) That according to the official bio, Obama's step father was an Indonesian and he raised Obama/Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen, which abrogated Obama's American citizenship of any kind even if it were valid – a common knowledge since 2008.

    That is what you ought to expose being really concern if Obama can win again…

    In such a notoriously criminal case like that of Obama, to be simply not reelected means for him – to win anyway (and for America – to lose anyway). If a notorious felon is allowed to end his full term in the White House instead of in the Big House – he won, and the brain dead nation lost, period.

    • tanstaafl

      You're leaving out the Constitutional requirement that the President be a natural born citizen. Obama Sr. was not a citizen and never applied to become one.

      • Alexander Gofen

        I said exactly about this Constitutional violation in items (3) and (4), and many times earlier:

        • tanstaafl

          As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say -“never mind”.Sent from my johnPad

      • scum

        Natural Born citizen has never been firmly defined, but presumably it means born in the U.S., a point on which several US presidential candidates came up short – John Cain in particular. And what does 'Obama's stepfather mean' and what relevance could it have to his birth in Hawaii? The birthplace of one's parents isn't relevant, and certainly not 'step' parents. And by notorious felon, are we talking about Nixon, or G.W. Bush, the consumer of cocaine at Yale?

        • tanstaafl

          Your statement is incorrect. A Natural Born citizen is a term that has been firmly defined UNTIL the election of Osama. Prior to that time, it was firmly defined as a citizen of the United State, born to American parents. The only exception being citizens born prior to the adoption of the US Constitution. Is it your contention that Barack Hussein Obama was born over 230 years ago? Now that is a birth certificate I'd like to see. If you are confused about the term Natural Born citizen means – I suggest we ask the Supreme Court what that term means in relation to a candidate's eligibility for the office of the Presidency. I know that I was taught what the term meant some 45 years ago and that my parent's were taught the same thing some 30 years before that. Either this is some massive, multi-generational conspiracy by some nebulous secret society or the only reason you are claiming that the term has “never been firmly defined” is that Obama doesn't meet the requirements to be President.I am not referring to Obama's stepfather. If, as the White House maintains, Obama has the same name as his father, Barack Hussein Obama, then Obama Sr. refers to Obama's father. Since Obama Sr. never was a US citizen, nor applied to be one and was already married in Kenya, Obama Jr cannot claim that his parent's marriage established his father's citizenship. I don't want to embarrass the gentle readers of FPM, but Obama is most likely illegitimate.Sent from my johnPad

        • Alexander Gofen

          The resolution 511 Re. John McCain did mention the definition "Natural Born citizen". See more:

  • StephenD

    One serious problem that I certainly don't know how to address is the salient point that underlies his approval ratings. This is the fact that most folks view those with more than them ripe for the picking and able to endure more taxes. "Take it because you need it…but not from me!" After all, most of us eek out a living and are at best a few paychecks from going hungry. (The reasoning continues) Since the country needs the money and folks making over $250K (not me) can afford it, make them pay more!
    The problem with such sentiment is first, it is sentiment and not based on facts. We've no clue going in what the folks making over $250K actually pay when we endorse this idea…be honest. Also we are under the assumption that the government actually NEEDS this money. If austerity measures were in place would we still need it? No matter, if we do…let's take it from those with more!
    See? How do you fight that and win more votes?

  • MethanP

    I don't believe BHO can win in a free and fair election. My concern is will we have one?
    The left and Soros are well organized and prepaired to to affect the outcome. And the Holder Justice dept. has already demonstrated they will do nothing about it.

    • scum

      You have to be kidding. Paranoia strikes deep indeed. Or else brainwashing by the Koch Kriminals.

  • Rick_in_VA

    How Obama could win?


    • StephenD

      Rick, re-post so I can press the "Like" button again!

    • Upaces

      Exactly, Rick. Just like he won before. I have a group and we reallly researched it.
      Why? Because news people are the ones "who are supposed to expose it all". However, when Bush was running, a reporter in Dallas revealed he was NEVER a pilot (remember the photo of him dressed as a pilot on the wing of a plane?). It was a photo op. He was in the National Guard. When the newsman in Dallas revealed it? He was immediately fired and never worked at a news station again. He did bit parts in movies after that.
      My point? We have to take it upon ourselves to research now because the news people "cannot" tell us everything.

      Please, please, put all emotion aside. We cannot afford to make another mistake no matter how "good they sound."

  • BLJ

    While I never underestimate the stupidity of the American public, I think Obama is in trouble. He needs the independent and gulity white vote to win again.

    The problem he has is that his "hope and change" mantra has done squat. The economy is much worse and he has shown zip as far as leadership skills go. In essence the man is a failure (and a fraud).

    I also don't buy into the idea that the American people really support this whole OWS crap. They can see that this is just a bunch of leftist losers and misfits looking to cause trouble. Comade O is an idiot for throwing in with this lot.

    I have no doubt that voter fraud will be rampant and that the race and class warfare cards will be played to the hilt. But even with this and the lowolife MSM on his side I think the Chosen One will be back hanging out at Bill Ayer's house come Jan 21, 2013.

    • scum

      How could Obama win? What's the question here anyway? Look at the lineup on the Torture Ticket: Perry, who's shooting his guns at Ni**erhead, Gingrich who doesn't want to be president, Bachmann who wants to raise taxes on 46% of Americans, Romney who is disliked by the GOP itself. No wonder the GOP crooks went scrambling to Christie in desperation. Of course, Christie would be the Republicans worst nightmare: when the crash of 2013 kicks in, he wouldn't bail out the rich Republican CEO's, as did Obama. Furthermore, he would gut federal spending which largely benefits the RED states (Texas excluded). BLUE state collectively pay in more than they receive.

  • Marty

    There is no doubt that the democrats will receive the illegal alien vote in several critical states and ACORN will try to intimidate white voters to either vote democratic or stay away from the polls. This may all be balanced by the disaffection within the Jewish community because of the administration's relentless anti-semitism and even within the African-American electorate because of the economic opportunities they anticipated in 2008 haven't materialized.

  • Questions

    Obama can win because the percentage of white voters — the heart and soul of the Republican Party (if only Republican leaders could admit as much!) — is gradually falling. I work on a simple assumption. Any man who can get himself elected president can get himself re-elected. America in 2012 won't be that different from 2008.

    • Gunner57

      You are spot on. Don't expect to hear that truth on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

    • scum

      Playin' the ole race card. Nice.

  • Asher

    The Best weapon against this Radical is Truth, Knowledge and Waking up a Brain Dead Public. Obama is not an American citizen! Never should have been able to run for President!

    • scum

      God, where DO these birthers come from?

  • Dispozadaburka

    Just look at the cover of "TIME" magazine this week!
    Hilary is being portrayed as an "intellectual diva."
    They are just making her look good so that she can run as "VICE PRESIDENT"
    with Obama.
    Dems don't have one worry about winning this one.
    Sorry Republicans… major media wants them to win.
    This is obvious.
    It's a
    A win – win situation for the Democrats and Islam.

    • scum

      No worry, bro, there's plenty of conservative media around. Otherwise you wouldn't hear the annoying, perennial whining about the 'liberal media' in the . . . media.

  • scum

    Most legitimate economists agree that taxes will need to be raised beyond the low levels that contributed to the (intentional) gutting of the federal government. Even Bachmann wants to raise taxes on 46% of Americans.

  • scum

    The reason that the "top 5% pays 59% of all federal income taxes" is because the bottom 20% of Americans are unemployed. Remember, folks, we're talking about INCOME taxes here. No job, no income, no taxes. And pray tell, if the statistic is true, then WHY THE TEA PARTY, which claims that taxes are TOO HIGH? You can't have your cake ("taxes are too high") and eat it too ("hardly anyone pays taxes").

    • clyde

      he is talking about the top 5% of the wage earner.s, not the unemployed who pay no imcome tax.

  • xlent

    "There are lies and there are damned lies" There are liars and there are damnable liars. b o is a damnable liar and most of the "78 %" demoniccrats don't care. Erasmus said, "If we want truth, everyone ought to be free to say what they think without fear". The only way that b o will win again is through deceit. Islam is very good at deceit he learned it from birth. Ultimately ignorance and foolishness will allow him another term or knowledge and courage will deny him.

  • Gunner57

    We should already be preparing for battle against him if he does retain power. Everything, seccession, military coup etc., everything should be on the table should that occur.

    • scum

      Sounds like the RIGHT WING ANN COULTER MOB is arming itself. I'm really shaking in my boots over GUNNER57. Or is it just ketchup doubling as blood? LOL I slay me.

  • Fred Dawes

    Look Boys!!! if the big boys want obama he will be inside the black house until his kids become LA-President for life, End of story, don't you get what is in front of you??? if the big boys want cain he will be in the black house, its all a show Kids.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    My pet hamster has a better chance of being elected than Obama in a sane world
    but yes if we have become planet Bizzaro something could put Obama back in
    office and the rest of us in and early casket. My hamster Napoleon would make
    a better President, he doesn't lie, doesn't take Billion dollar vacations, doesn't
    screw his supporters, doesn't ruin everything he can as a matter of course,
    he doesn't lie, Oh I said that, but it keeps coming up………Napoleon's day will come.
    Obama is history……………………………….William for Napoleon

  • Joe G.

    Interesting perspective. I think that whether Obama wins a second term or not will depend on two things- who he’s facing and how the economy is doing. As a Democrat myself, I am more afraid of Cain than I am of Romney because Cain is able to fire up the GOP base, something Romney couldn’t do to save his life. Of course, it will be easier for the GOP to win the White House (along with Congressional elections) if the economy is either the same as or worse off than it is today. This is why Republicans are doing everything they can to stall the recovery as it will help their chances in 2012. Obama can still win if the economy experiences a minor downturn between now and then- he’s a great campaigner, and has shed the “Democrats are weak when it comes to foreign policy” stereotype by suceeding in that area as well. Ultimately, Independents will have to decide whether they want to continue with the same economic policies or elect what will likely be a very far right candidate from the GOP. Good article, though.