Millions to Lose Health Coverage

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The American Enterprise Group in October announced it will stop non-group health insurance in 20 states. This means 35,000 people will lose their coverage. The company also notified 110 employees in Iowa nd Nebraska they would lose their jobs as well. It blamed “instability” caused by the health care law.

Some 1,200 companies and 5,200 employees and dependents will be at a loss when Aetna in Colorado moves clients off its plans this year. Aetna also has “dropped out of the small-group market in Michigan and several other states,” Turner reports.

Humana and Unicare reportedly are cutting back or ending business because of restrictions in the health law.

One of the provisions of the health overhaul that its supporters brag about is the silly requirement that employees can add their 26-year-old “children” to their policies. This makes it doubly ridiculous that another policy is causing huge losses of coverage among actual children whose parents were buying health insurance policies for them on their own.

Then HEW Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told insurers they must write policies for kids under 19, including youngsters with preexisting conditions. This made parents wait until their children developed a serious medical condition. “Rather than wait for this to happen, many carriers decided to leave the market altogether,” wrote Turner.

The Administration promised that employers offering coverage would be “grandfathered” in and could avoid many of the rules of he law, But the regulations the Administration developed “were so onerous that few companies will be able to comply,” she explained.

The Obama Administration expects that by 2013 most of the 133 million people with coverage through their large employers and up to 80 percent of the 43 million people in small employee plans “will lose their grandfathered protection,” according to Turner.

Beginning his year, “insurance plans must provide rebates to plan enrollees if they can’t meet the standards of the medical loss ratio rule.” Many companies will lose many million of dollars under MLR.

ObamaCare spending cuts also threaten Medicare Advantage. More than one-fourth of seniors have enrolled in private health plans through Medicare Advantage. (But Secretary Sebelius hates the idea of private sector involvement or competition). The law mandates that $136 billion be stripped from Medicare Advantage over this decade to help pay for new health care subsidies. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated Medicare Advantage cut would be $136 billion between 2010 and 2019.

The know-it-all smarts that guides the menagerie of regulations for ObamaCare will “continue to cause a cascade of lost coverage because it is ignoring market forces in favor of Washington rule-making,” Turner concludes.

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  • radicalconservative

    Basic Human Right, the problems with governments buying our healthcare are LEGION! Leave me out of your commie schemes! Think for five minutes about the problem: who will determine the prices for goods and services? who decides? who gets plastic surgery? shall we pay for a kid born with a cosmetic skin defect like a port wine stain? lasik for highly near-sighted? cataract surgery for folks with 20/30 vision? 20/40? lens implants that let people see close and far? or just far? chemo for terminally ill? brain mri for every headache? how much to reimburse? shall surgeons make more than internal medicine doctors? how much more? are you GOD? Smart enough to know what reimbursement levels will get a neurosurgeon out of bed to see a trauma patient at 2:00 AM? will you set prices for all the medicines? and know how much $$$ to pay for new drug cures for new diseases? enough to keep research dollars rolling in? Come on!!!!

    Imagine the government bought us houses or cars. Now multiply that complexity times 10!!!!!! They can’t even keep the Post Office solvent! I’ve seen government-run hospitals (the VA) and there the patients are treated like DOGS!

  • Annie

    I suppose that in order to pay for Obamacare, Congress and the White House intend to rob America’s postal workers of the estimated 50-80 BILLION dollars currently set aside to pay retiree health care benefits 75 years into the future! (Without this “pre-funding mandate”, the post office would have turned a profit in at least 4 of the last 5 years.)

    If this happens, it will amount to a hidden tax on every man, woman and child that has bought a stamp since Congress’s pre-funding mandate went into effect! Taxation without representation….and that violates our Constitution!

    Congress will have finally figured out how to even tax little children, who did nothing more than buy a stamp to send a birthday card to Grandma or a letter to a parent serving in a combat zone.

    Shame, shame, SHAME on our politicians!

  • davarino

    Blah, what can you say? This president should go down as the worst in history and it would be my Christmas wish that everything he did be overturned. Anybody out there have a list for Santa?

    • tanstaafl

      But Santa always wears red! And he redistributes wealth from hard-working parents to ungrateful teenagers!

      What's in that pipe he's always smoking?

  • StephenD

    What really frosts mine is the blathering idiots in Congress that went along with this Socialistic mandate. I can't believe men and women elected to some of the highest offices in the United States of America could go along with this!

    "You'll have to pass the bill to see what's in it."

    And then she is given credence when she speaks after this asinine statement! What is wrong with us as a people to put up with this?!?

    WE had better make the right choice this election cycle or we as a free people can kiss it goodbye.

  • Jim Vinny

    LIes lies lies, yeah….Like everything that spews from his dispecable gray lips, it’s a stretched truth or an elongated lie. Yes, he can stand up and say, “Oh, your health insurance will not go up one thin dime.” It may be true, but what he means is that everything else will increase in cost, across the board, to help pay for his obamma medical plan. That’s the deception that everyone falls for.

    Lest we forget Nancy Peelosi’s plight: “WE MUST PASS THE BILL TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE!” The womon should be flogged publically for such a stupid line. WHAT A BLITHERING IDIOT.

    And yet, with all the lies from these anti-Americans holding political offices, the media never says anything about their radical agenda.

    If W Bush ever did or said antything of this nature, it would be headline news, 24/7.

    Dammitt to hell with all these morons running the U.S. Govt. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO “WE THE PEOPLE?”

  • BasicHumanRight

    Nice timing with this article.

    The CDC just announced that 2.5M more Americans have insurance because of Obamacare.

    Every other industrialized nation on the planet has universal health care except the USA. Obamacare will take steps to change that, finally.

    • Brian

      Yeah, and look how well they are doing you idiot!!!

  • Flowerknife_us

    The health care bill will criminalize wealth more than anything else. Everyone is expected to buy coverage-knowing a large segment of the population can never hope to pay. So those without get it free(voucher) while everyone else pays under penalty of fines,confication-Jail?

    No matter what "coverage" is mandated(??????) you know damm well the premium will be priced to cover all the havenots.

    All those Americans who pay no Federal Income Taxes just hit the jackpot and the prize is "free health care"-for life.