Mob Violence Coming to America?

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Mob violence coming to America? A disturbing 48 percent of the public believes cuts in government spending may lead to violence in the United States. This was found in an Aug.12 Rasmussen Reports opinion poll.  Some 13 percent of those polled feel “it is very likely.” Only 12 percent responded that it is not likely. The poll is especially significant because it is essential that we drastically peel back spending or face national insolvency.

“Several prominent Democrats and their media friends have charged the Tea Party with being economic terrorists,” the poll report said. A theory that’s as baseless as the thought of a church running a house of ill repute. The Tea Party is vilified by liberals because its believers want to slash federal spending. Tea Party participants have been victims of, not pursuers of, violence.

Americans under age 50 see violence quite possible. And most adults (58 percent) unaffiliated with either political party think spending reductions will trigger violence. That compares with 46 percent of Republicans and 42 percent of Democrats. Tax hikes and falling stock prices are much less likely to spur violence, the pollsters found. How violence may well come to America will be explored later.

Several theories have been expounded as to the causes of rioting in England, ranging from moral decay to excessive consumerism, according to an article Aug. 11 in BBC News Magazine. One criminologist, Sir Max Hastings, put his finger on “a perverted social ethos, which elevates personal freedom to an absolute and denies the underclass the discipline — tough love — which alone might enable some members to escape from the swamp of dependency in which they live.”

The judgment of another, David Wilson, professor of criminology at Birmingham City University, is that “there is a culture of entitlement in the UK…It’s not just about a particular class; it permeates all levels of society.”

Labor’s candidate for London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, said that austerity measures were responsible. “If you’re making massive cuts, there’s always the potential for this sort of revolt against that. London police have arrested more than 1,000 people. Claims stemming from the violence were put at $323 million, said a Wall Street Journal report. Aug. 12.

In early January, following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Rasmussen found 45 percent of likely voters were “somewhat concerned” initially that those opposed to President Obama’s policies “will resort to violence,” with 67 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of unaffiliated unconcerned. The liberals’ concern was dissipated when it was determined the shooter was a left-wing nut.

The violence symbolized by a mob has often been mobilized by Democrats stirred up by community organizers or labor bosses for political purposes. In March, teachers union members and union thugs stormed the Wisconsin capitol as part of their struggle against proposed restrictions on union bargaining agreements. A series of public employee protests was launched across the county protesting legislation intended to shrink labor union powers. By March, 18 states had proposed legislation to remove some collective bargaining powers from unions. Governors explained that changes were needed to cut spending and meet mandated balancing of state budgets.

French author Gustave Le Bon wrote an eye-opening book, “The Crowd, A study of the Popular Mind.” In it he analyzed the often startling and frightening effects of mobs—the behaviors, decisions and emotions of people. He maintained there is a link among people that forges a collective mind and body, for better, but usually for worse. He describes the horrors of the French Revolution, which most U.S. history books very wrongly compare with the American Revolution, which gave us our precious freedoms.

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  • Flipside

    Of course it’s coming here. It’s already here. It’s just going to get bigger. The Tree of Liberty is about to get its roots washed. It’s long overdue. Once again, the American people are going to show the world how it’s done.

    • Dale Salley

      The 'Tree of Liberty' has to do with the fight for opportunity not the fight for more of other peoples hard earned tax dollars. There is a permanent underclass that has been created by (hopefully) well intentioned leftists that has been taught to believe that they are "entitled" to not only what ever they need but what they want. The problem is that eventually the well intentioned run out of other peoples money to despense.

      • DianeC

        Have you researched how many TRILLIONS the other side has stolen?
        It's called CORPORATE WELFARE.

        The people involved in these riots are simple telling the elite to go to hell!
        The Corporations had better ease up or the riots will continue and spread.
        Now how many countries are rioting? Thank you miserable Wall Street bankers!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The origins of our violence will be traced back to leftist politicians and their
    subversive conduct in doing what is supposed to be the peoples business.
    Once the tremors of discord and dishonest brokerage come out of Washington
    DeCrepitude in full force to uplift leftist falsehood in election scamming to
    return Obama the obvious road leading to a final destruction will leave honest
    citizens no options but to take up the fight for freedom from despotism. The
    blood will flow in the streets border to border and coast to coast. Conservatives
    must be at poling places and be there when votes are counted to insure that
    Americans are not disinfranchised, it is sad we in most part can not trust the
    authorities who have been brainwashed in leftist government schools.
    Freedom has a price and I do not find it hard to fight for honesty and truth
    which determins our childrens future……………………………..William

  • Steve Chavez

    "Walk softly but carry a BIG SHOTGUN!" The big difference between England and the U.S., is we are allowed to have guns.

    I WOULDN'T WATCH MY CITY, NEIGHBORHOOD, CAR, HOME, AND BUSINESS TO BE BURNED AND I'M SURE MANY OF US WOULD JOIN THE POLICE IN A CIVILIAN ARMY! What I don't get is why the police don't surround the area. They always seem to come from one side only which I would do and then more coming out of all the buildings to surround them, and arrest them all!

    I heard on a national radio show through NPR that sometimes violence is necessary. At peace protests I have observed, a National Lawyer's Guild lawyer describes "non-violent protest" but if they want to take things further, he would be there to defend them. I shouted, "You first! You First! We'll follow you." The night before, the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. At that night, a peace protester beat up a teenager who was across the street in a counter-protest. Two NLG lawyers were there and I said, "Hey can you defend this kid?" They said they wouldn't since they "were hired by the" peace protesters.

    The Tea Party would probably be involved in helping the police and then the Left will call them "vigilantes!"

    • dan

      Steve, just a few technical things I learned several decades ago in the Army (of course, now, they may be out of date). First, us of 'force' is a show of force. Perhaps dissipating forces, as you describe, may dilute a show of force. Second, give the mob a warning and a time limit. If the mob does not disperse, then do what you say you will do. Third, it was taught that when force and, in particular, chemical agents are used, always give an avenue of escape for people to disperse. Fourth, do what you can to isolate people from the mob identity/mentality (like taking photographs of "individuals" for later arrest AND PROSECUTION). Lastly, as far as handling insurrectionists (as opposed to a garden variety riot or protest), other rules apply.

  • StephenD

    I admit to being a simple man. The reason for this problem is simple too. Because people think more of themselves than they ought to. "Why should I go through tough times?" "I deserve more." "You owe me." "Poverty is wrong." "It's the fault of the Rich."____Listen, you want to fight poverty in your life? GET A JOB.____You think it's wrong for someone who has earned it to be rich? TOO BAD. Remember, they can loose it…And you can earn it.____Sometimes life is tough. For some, it is tougher than for others…TOO BAD ~ THAT'S LIFE!____I'll never be rich. I've worked since I was 13 yrs old and haven't stopped yet into my mid 50's. Suck it up Sister. Grow a pair! Life isn't fair. But it can be rewarding. It is up to you NOT up to the government. You MUST make your own way in this life. If you continue to count on someone else, well, as the mobsters say, "You gotta pay the Vig…Nobody rides for free." It's gonna cost ya…one way or the other. Be your own person…or be someone else’s.__

  • effemall

    There has always been a certain madness among the young who favor radical movements. An old European joke of the 1930s has a man ask a friend of his, "Are you aware that your son has become a Communist?" The man replied, "Of course. He is 20. If he had not become a Communist by 20, I would have disowned him. If he is still a Communist by age 29, I will disown him then." The English riots bring to mind two old adages: "When the cat's away the mice will play," and "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Teaching the young ethics and self-discipline often requires an authoritarian and forceful manner which is largely lacking in the modern world. But the young have always had a good animal sense for self-preservation. Those who haven't lost all their marbles through drugs or what is described as music in contemporary days will not put their hands in fire or play Russian roulette. If they know that rioting can get them shot and killed on the spot by police or army, they won't riot. If we truly don't want riots we have to shoot and kill a few of them on the spot to convince them that we mean it. Kent State, sad as it was, brought home that sort of thinking and things cooled after that.

    • Kate

      Wasn't it Churchill (I paraphrase) who said if one isn't a liberal at twenty they haven't got a heart and if they're not a conservative by forty, then they haven't got a brain!

  • tagalog

    Given the culture we've allowed to come into existence here in America, it's not surprising that mob violence would come to America. It's already here, in Wisconsin, in Minnnesota (last year's MI state fair – what's with violence at state fairs?), in Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

    I predict that if that mob violence begins with black Americans acting out, the principal attitude will be thal it's a revisiting of the early 60s "burning of the cities" that happened during the Civil Rights movement.

    The reality, of course, will be quite different. Most black Americans will agree with most white Americans that the mob violence will be the result of thugs acting out like the sociopathological criminals they really are, and that it has very little if anything to do with race and a great deal to do with a civilizational failure to acculturate these thugs.

  • BLJ

    All I know is if any of these lowlifes step on my property or try to attack me or my family they are going to get a Louisville Slugger upside the head. I swing for maximum damage too.

    • Rick_in_VA

      Nah. Not a Loiusville Slugger. A 12 ga.
      The only thing these people understand is violence. Therefore, when push comes to shove, we will have to show them that we can protect our own.
      Now my quote:
      Entitlement my A$$.
      You are entitled to what you can earn.

      • elihew

        I agree…you'd better do better than a Louisville Slugger. Take a concealed carry class, you and your eligible family members, then arm each one according to the danger they may face at work, on the way to work, etc. It's coming – a word to the wise is sufficient.

  • jihadwatch

    Power to the people!

  • mrbean

    Notice the picture! It dun sho awl dem white peoples dun beez rioting yassah, bruthas and sistas nebber doo dat! Or do dey? Yassah awl beez whitey fault!

  • mrbean

    Notice the picture! It dun sho awl dem white peoples dun beez rioting yassah, bruthas and sistas nebber doo dat! Or do dey? Yassah awl beez whitey fault!

    • Ghostwriter

      mrbean,are you a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Is that why you wrote such an appalling comment?

      • mrbean

        Ohhh dear we must not point out negro teenagers behaving like herd animals in just about every city in America, now must we. After all Al Sharpton says it all be the white man fault. Here is some more for you Buckwheat. Maybe they are really just animals not humans?

        • Ghostwriter

          mrbean,your comments were as unwarranted as they were unnecessary.

      • elihew

        If the culpable racial parties are not profiled now, we'll end up being nothing but politically correct with this violence as we were/are with the Islamic terrorists. Just take a look at all the videos you can find on flash mobs, fast-food beatings, etc., and you'll soon see the pattern. I didn't make it – they did!

      • jasonz

        GW he is just calling it as he sees it and how it is!. these mobs are mostly blacks, and they are tageting whites. the color of skin is not the determining factor, the culture IS. but when that culture is rasing thugs and that culture is based on color, then you must call it out. coloros are equal cultures are not. and believe me my friend, if you go to these mobs, and your white, they WILL mess you up no matter how PC you are.

    • Ghostwriter

      Not every black person is doing this!!! Many of them own businesses that have been attacked by these mobs and have lost not just their businesses but their livelihoods because of this nonsense. Not only that,black teenagers who are not a part of these mobs and want nothing to do with them are going to end up being lumped in with those who are. Racial tensions are going to run high and the innocent blacks are going to be blamed for this right along with the guilty.
      Just because a few black people are responsible for this,don't assign blame to the rest of the black community. Many of them are as shocked and outraged by this just like everyone else is.

  • obama joke

    obama the marxist will do everything possible to disarm us so his mobs can intimidate/injure/damage us. libs are a dangerous lot, they are the modern day terrorists… BELIEVE IT

    • elihew

      I'll be real surprised if MaObama doesn't create "a crisis to good to waste" in order to suspend national elections by proclaiming Martial Law. If he does that; I predict it will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and all hell WILL break loose!

    • jasonz

      im sure he will, we cant let him or them scare us. you dont reason with thugs that have agendas, you beat them down. when the power of persuesion fails, then you use the persuesion of power!

  • Fergie

    So many people believe that violence will come to America in EXACTLY the same way as in unarmed European weak-kneed controlled governments. However, I must disagree for one BIG reason.

    America is too big, too diverse to paint us all with the same brush and to say we will be caught up in European-styled insanity. Oh, sure, the states with the citizens who closely associate themselves with Europe will most likely have riots, but as the head of the British police force said when he hired a former N.Y. police investigator to help them with mob control, “America polices by force, while Britain does not.” Simple, direct, and to the point. This is why we won’t fall into European type riots anytime soon.

    • jasonz

      yes and know…we have the ability to defend ourselves. but if we dont have the heart to then europe is exactly what we will get. There are far to many leaders on our side that seem to think that nonviolence will win the day. they are about to be proven seriously wrong. but i am not one of them,

  • TheZud

    From the esteemed and honorable H. Rap Brown, we have these words of wisdom when it comes to the NECESSITY of mob violence:

    –I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.

    –If America don't come around, we're gonna' burn it down.

    –An old African leader says about leadership, he says that leadership should never be shared; it should always remain in the hands of the dispossessed people. We will lead the revolution.

    –The only politics in this country that's relevant to black people today is the politics of revolution… none other.

    –We talking about revolution because that's the era that you're caught in.

    Sort-of puts everything in a nutshell.

    • mrbean

      Then I guess that the white people will just have to arm themselves with automatic weapons and plenty of amunition, and a hard heart when it comes to killing.

    • tagalog

      Those prone to mob violence should remember that for every Isandlwana there's a Rorke's Drift.

  • Maxie

    If a law was passed that a month before a pending presidential election every car MUST have a bumper strip showing the drivers choice for president you'd come to the conclusion that everyone was a Democrat. Why? Because GOP voters get their cars keyed and their tires slashed. Democrats don't. It's a microcosm of the sociology involved.

  • aamador1776

    I read somewhere how polite people were back in the old west. Being polite was a requirement to staying alive. You shoot off your mouth and it could get you killed.

  • jasonz

    the question is not 'if' but 'when' face it kids, there WILL be violence! how do i know? they state this..over and over again. these people have openly stated 'we will get what we want, BY ANY MEANS NECCESARY!' so the question is what will WE do about it? we cannot logically and sensable think that by doing nothing that we can win. signs and lawnchairs wont do anything. and our'non violent' taccticas will not serve us. we already have flash mobs attacing people and stealing at will…the cops are unable to do anything!, the govt..HA they will only use this to further restrict OUR rights and use it to their advantage. its up to us to arm ourselvs and fight back. pacifism will only embolden these scum. you dont reason with thugs. you beat them down and force them. we love to throw arouns slogans that sound cool like 'libery or death' and 'freedom isnt free'. well freedom can only be bought with blood. and its time we earned ours. if you want to disagree with me then fine. but i assure you that the only thing that will happen is the useless non violent pacifist will only get hurt .

  • Asher

    Patriots are Locked and Loaded. Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. The Saul Alinsky plan to destroy America from within is being implemented.