No Little Green Men?

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Larson acknowledged that many are convinced that people from outer space exist. Scientists have concluded that the odds of life elsewhere in the universe are fairly high, he admitted. But he said the chance that any of them are making contact with humans is extremely small, given the distances involved. “However,” he added, “that doesn’t mean the subject of life outside our planet isn’t being discussed or explored.”

In fact, Larson mentioned that a scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence is keeping an “ear” out, though nothing has been found so far. He also said the Kepler spacecraft (Kepler is a NASA spacecraft) searching for Earth-like planets will launch this month “to assess what Martian environment was like in the past to see if it could harbor life.”

Another, more down-to-earth project of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy early this month was a free health text messaging service for under served pregnant women and moms. It is called Text4baby. The White House said it is “reaching its target audience of and achieving a number of its health education goals.” The program is the first free mobile health service in the United States “and is an important example of leveraging widely used technology—in this case cell phones—in new ways to improve the lives of Americans.

“Pregnant and new moms who sign up…receive three text messages per week containing health tips and resources.”

Sounds like a sidebar to ObamaCare. You just never know what the White House Office of Science and Technology will get into next.

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  • mrbean

    Hawking claims in a new documentary titled "Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking" that intelligent alien life forms almost certainly exist — but warns that communicating with them could be "too risky."

    "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet," Hawking said. "I imagine they might exist in massive ships … having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”

  • tanstaafl

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • Amused

    Ever think of writing for Comic books Tait ?

  • Beth

    "Some Republicans still believe that Joe Biden​’s origin is a mystery and possibly of extraterrestrial nature"


  • BS77

    Oh I thought you meant contact with ILLEGAL aliens….that must be happening on a daily basis since Washington will do nothing to stop the invasion.

  • Amused

    …just another strawman editorial ….so what else is new ?