Obama’s Green Priorities

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Our country is in sorry condition. But not to worry.

Our president and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have launched a series of “listening sessions” to gather input from communities for “the nation’s first comprehensive ocean policy.” America can be thankful that Barack Obama and his EPA have such a keen sense of the country’s priorities.

Forget about Libya, Afghanistan, nukes in Iran, debts to China, potential attacks on Israel. Put aside the budget deficit, historic national debt, disgraceful unemployment, and the collapse in housing.

The National Ocean Council, with representatives from virtually every department of the federal government, plus our invaluable vice president, will host “listening sessions” from communities “that depend on and care for our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes.” Then “strategic action plans” will be developed.

Why should our government listen to prominent economists such as Harvard’s Martin Feldstein. That worry wart writes: “The country’s economic growth during the coming year will be sub par at best, leaving high or rising levels of unemployment and underemployment.” Feldstein wrote in the June 8 Wall Street Journal: “The economy is even worse than we think.”

“The drop in GDP growth to just 1.8 percent in the first quarter…understates the extent of the decline,” Feldstein points out. Two-thirds of that 1.8 percent “went into business inventories, not sales to consumers or other final buyers.” This means the actual increase was “close to no growth at all.”

Feldstein writes, “The picture is even gloomier if we look in more detail. The Administration’s most obvious failure” has been “its misguided fiscal policies”—from the cash for clunkers subsidy for car buyers to the home-buyer credit to the failed “stimulus” package.

But let’s get back to what must be our most serious current problem—oceans. In a formal Presidential Proclamation June 2, Mr. Obama stated: “During National Oceans Month, we celebrate the value of the oceans to American life and recognize the critical role they continue to play in our economic progress, national security and natural heritage.”

The world has five oceans. Being a devout internationalist, Obama is duly concerned about every one of them. “Last year,” Obama said in his declaration, “I signed an Executive Order directing my Administration to implement our nation’s first comprehensive policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, [which ocean was not specified], our coasts, and the Great Lakes.”

“This policy,” he declared, “makes more effective use of federal resources” (which are more than plentiful, as everyone knows). There’s little doubt the primary reason Obama is concerned about the oceans is the warnings of environmentalists of carbon dioxide (CO2) collecting in the oceans. Obama, along with mainly liberal Democrats, are convinced that CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases that is creating global warming.

Scientists say oceans do act as carbon sinks that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Every year, the oceans absorbs about 2.2 billion tons of CO2. CO2 makes ocean water acidic. This kills many fish. But the dissolution of sediment and rocks releases calcium carbonate, which neutralizes the acidic effect. You will never hear the Greenpeace people admit this, of course.

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  • geez

    Obama's policies are cancerous at best. 2012 we start invasive surgery.

    • Jim

      Amen, Geez!!!!!

  • voted against carter

    Eco-fascists will control you (obama & his green buddies)

    100% natural

    You will jog for the master race

    And always wear the happy face.

  • Lopaka

    Like it has been said before, they give the ILLUSION of people being heard. The outcome is already known, to them. One only has to look to Agenda 21 or any "sustainable" group to find the answer!