Obama’s Loyal Allies

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On The Early Show, Nancy Cordes explained, “House Republicans say that just creates too much uncertainty for the taxpayer, not knowing whether this payroll tax cut is going to expire after two months or not. And so, they want a one-year deal.”

Pete Isberg, president of the NPRC  wrote to the key leaders of the relevant committees of the House and Senate, telling them that “insufficient lead time” to implement the complicated change mandated by the legislation means the two-month payroll tax holiday “could create substantial problems, confusion and costs affecting a significant percentage of U.S. employers and employees.” But among Democrats, who cares?

The best (or worst) “notable quotables” for 2011 as listed by the Media Research Center were topped by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in a Jan. 8 blog hours after the shooting of Democrat Gabielle Grifford, indicating a supposedly danger-filled national anti-Obama environment.

“We don’t have proof yet that this was political, Klugman wrote; but the odds are that it was…..Violent acts are what happen when you create a climate of hate. And it’s long past time for the GOP’s leaders to take a stand against the hate-mongers.”

Even liberal-tilted “Fact checkers” can’t be trusted the Weekly Standard Dec. 19 issue indicated. They “come with a veneer of objectivity doubling as a license to go after any remark…they find disagreeable—particularly if it’s anti-Obama. The venerable wire serve, Associated Press “fact check” scheme can’t be trusted.

But of the most untrustworthy is The St. Petersburg Times’ “Polifact,” which purports to decide what is fact and what is not.

The Media Research Center’s (MRC) mission is to “prove — through sound scientific research — that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values” and to “neutralize [that bias’s] impact on the American political scene.”

During the 2008 campaign, the network morning shows acted as cheerleaders for the Democratic field. This time around, they are providing far more hostile coverage of the various Republicans who are running, while treating Obama’s re-election campaign to the same personality-driven coverage that was so helpful to the then-Illinois Senator four years ago.

If the real decisions in our democracy are to be kept the hands of voters, then the news media owe viewers a fair and unbiased look at the candidates in both parties. That means asking the candidates questions that reflect the concerns of both sides — liberals and conservatives alike. And the syrupy coverage awarded year after year to the Democrats’ celebrity candidates in no way matches the pretense of journalists holding both sides equally accountable. 

And the drumbeat goes on.

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  • Anamah

    We have here a serious threat. It is a well organized plan to destroy our way of life, and the media is part of that. Are we going to unmask them and stop the destruction?

  • StephenD

    “Republicans are starved for a candidate … they think is as smart and mellifluous as the president.”

    Mellifluous?!? Do you realize what he said here? Unabashed in his loyal devotion he is calling the President as being “filled with something (as honey) ~ that sweetens. Having a smooth, rich flow.”

    Are you kidding me?! This guy is taken as credible in the Main? What have we come to as a culture to ever give credence to this man again? Any broadcast that would feature such persons ought to be “outed” and called to task. Let the Media Outlets credibility rest on whom they give air time.

    • intrcptr2

      Yeah, I caught that too.

      Do you think he meant the President has a mellifluous voice?

      Do you think someone paid a good chunk of coin to write should be able to get it right?

      Thomas, and Obama, are definitely filled with something, but I think it belongs in a "honey pot" rather than a bee hive.

  • mrbean

    Even "Ted Baxter" Bill Oreilly has his tongue in the A$$ of Chairman Obama to gain favor of interview. I decided this when he said "I don't care how Obama got the money by pressuring BP, even if its illegal or unconstitutional, the folks need it now." Kinda like an endorsement of looting corporations for "Each according to his needs" for the redistribution of wealth?

  • mrbean

    PUTIN SAYS: All progressive media persons want comrade congress persons from American politburo to make legislation for mandatory reeducation camps for stupid American populace for establish international socialism under one world government for greater glory of chairman Obama.

  • Les Landers

    BO used to be pretty conservative until the last few years. Now I think he would sell his mother for a chance to say I, I, I, ME,ME,ME… Everything is about him just like the other bo…

  • Dr. Bukk

    BO has been a Moslem communist since he sat on his Moslem momma's communist knee. He forbade the woman who raised him, his "typically white" socialist grandmother from speaking to the media, ever. How could our rapacious media dive into Palin's family dumpster while respecting Obama's decree to leave the woman who raised him "alone"? You just can't make up any bigger contrast in media coverage.

  • http://republic-mainstreet.blogspot.com/ republicmainstreet

    It is surprising to me that Obama isn't clamoring for more and equal air time. After all, the Republicans are getting most of the coverage, albeit negative. lol

  • Jim

    Mellifluous Sweet Talking.

  • tanstaafl

    Sweet Talking Guy
    Talking sweet kinda lies
    Don't you believe in him, if you do he'll make you cry
    He'll send you flowers
    And paint the town with another girl
    He's a sweet talking guy (Sweet talking guy)
    But he hasn't got a dime (Sweet talking guy)

    Sweeter than sugar (oooh, ooh)
    Kisses like wine (Oh he's so fine)
    Don't let him under your skin, 'cause you'll never win
    Don't give him love today, tomorrow he's on his way
    He's a sweet talking guy (Sweet talking guy)
    But he hasn't got a dime

    Why do I love him like I do?

    Sweet sweet, sweet talking guy
    He's a sweet talking (sweet talking)
    sweet talking (sweet talking)

    Stay away from him (sweet sweet, sweet talking guy)
    'cause you know you'll never win
    (what's the use of trying)
    Don't give him love today, tomorrow he's on his way,
    He's a sweet talking (sweet talking)
    Sweet talking (sweet talking)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The main stream media is a cabal of Communist/Socialist/Islamist advocates
    that are anti-American to the core and live in their ivory towers at horrendous
    cost to our National health. All that undermines human character and supports
    degenerate life is what thjey are about, it is what has been fed via the air
    ways for the past fifety years, subverting our valies. Obama would not have
    his gang of criminals taking the nation of trillions of dollars in the biggest heist
    the world has ever seen if it were not for them, he is impoverishing America
    as is the overall leftist plan. We have been sold out and need to vote in a
    complete new government before it is to late…………………………William

  • James Deagle

    At least Obama was able to get bin Laden.

    • R. Quincy

      You sure about that?

  • Jack_C

    The left the right they are all in the same "government media complex" bed. Why else is the constitutionality of Obama's presidency never discussed? George W. Bush may have missed some National Guard meetings and a huge fuss was made in the media. Imagine if he had an illegitimate Social Security number, had been disbarred, had missing college transcripts, the Saudis had donated millions to Harvard on his behalf, had submitted to the country a counterfeit birth certificate which is a felony. Just imagine what they would have done to George. But with Obama does anyone on the left or right say one word?
    They are all part of the same game and the Constitution is being dismembered.

  • Uncle Samuel

    Obama is not the son of Barack Obama. There is no physical resemblance and no one ever saw Stanley Ann Dunham pregnant. Some say he was adopted by them to protect his biological father from public scrutiny and that even Ann's marxist parents were in on the secret to raise this only son of a black muslim leader, soon to be martyr.

    This story is more credible, explains the exteme difference in appearance between Obama and his supposed father. It also explains how and why Obama is president today and why the news media are not being objective or truthful: http://octaman.com/comments/MalcolmO.html http://israelinsider.net/profiles/blogs/is-obama-
    Obama himself said he moved to Indonesia age 2 – http://terribletruth.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/oba
    His birth mother? – http://terribletruth.wordpress.com/category/jo-anhttp://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2

  • fiddler

    People ought to repudiate the NYT an others. They live i an ivory tower all their own.
    Time to get personal about our critique of them. The cartoon above says it all.

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