Obama’s Clown

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Across the entire nation, even though the population has increased, the number and the rates of murder and rape are down from 2008 through 2010, according to crime statistics prepared from F.B.I. and public arrest records. So, relax, Joe. The jobs bill is not the answer. It’s not even the question.

From his gutter language to Freudian slips, Old Joe has had more than anyone’s share of spoken flubs in recent political history. On the Fox News morning show Oct. 5, the vice president referred to Van Jones, the former Green Czar of the Obama administration and an admitted Communist, as still being a valued member of the Obama team. Jones left the White House in 2009.

It’s not even surprising anymore when the vice president says something impolitic, is it? During a White House St. Patrick’s Day celebration, he briefly mourned the death of the Irish Prime Minister’s mother, even though she was very much alive.

It was following his introduction of President Obama during the health care bill’s signing ceremony, he turned to the president and uttered the following barely-off microphone comment: “This is a big f______ deal,” the ultimate blue-collar compliment for a job well done.

The stale, old joke: “How do you tell when a politician’s lying? When he opens his mouth,” may have profound meaning here. Biden has an unenviable track record lying about foreign policy issues.

Take the conflict in Kosovo. Biden—the purported foreign policy expert– was alleging genocide. On CNN, Biden said, “We’re going to find that the atrocities far exceed anything anyone’s known. We’re going to find mass graves with thousands of people in them, and we’re going to have to unmask for the Serbs and all the world what has happened here so it doesn’t happen again.”

In 2001, Milosevic was put on trial at The Hague. It was a fiasco for the prosecution. The evidence unearthed was nothing like what Biden alleged. The number of bodies uncovered was 2,000 to 3,000, according to news reports at the time. Biden was the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee then, and was in a position to know that what he was saying was untrue.

“I’ve never done some of the things that were alleged,” Biden has said. “I never plagiarized in law school.” But the record says he did. They show he swiped several pages from the Fordham Law review. He got an F for the course when his professors found out, according to a Washington Post report.

The day he announced his candidacy, Barack Obama was described by Joe Biden as “articulate, bright and clean and a nice looking guy.”

Biden Oct. 23 hinted he may run for President in 2016. “I don’t think the President would have picked me unless he thought I’d be good at the job,” he commented with his usual modesty. In 2008, as a candidate, Biden got less than one percent of the delegates in the Iowa caucus. He also ran for president in 1988. Good Old Joe would be 74 on election day in 2016.

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  • StephenD

    All of his gaffes could have been forgiven until…he went into a 4th grade classroom to try and use the children as a media ploy to push the jobs bill. There is NO EXCUSE. He is a vulture with the moral turpitude to go with it.
    What a wonderful reflection of the moral ground this President is willing to abide. Watch how nasty it gets leading up to election time. Apparently, there is nothing out of bounds and no limit to what they will do. I expect to see pure Alinsky tactics employed as soon as it gets down to a few candidates. They'll try to "Pick their target, Isolate, personalize and attack…." I am embarrassed for our country.

  • fiddler

    And they will have unfailing help from the media: hide what is embarrassing to them; trumpet any Republican "meanness"; embellish any "accomplishments" they make. It is time to name names as far as media malpractice. As with calling Michael Moore out as one of the "1%", the "dispassionate" media needs to be called out for political chereleading. If FOX is accused of the same, it should be evidenced as an attempt of moral equivalence to get them off the hook.

  • Howard

    It’s the mathematics of the Democratic party and the left. 2+2=6. Or perhaps 8, if thats what it takes to arouse the passions of your base and garner new supporters who don’t bother to read Fact Check or anything else that might be contrary to the official party line.

    Still, you have to be amazed at this administrations political skill (read as utterly phony and self-serving pandering) to simultaneously be in the pocket of the public sector and other unions while collecting gigantic contributions from corporations and Wall Street, and simultaneously expressing sympathy and support for the anti-capitalist views of OWS and the environmental left.
    No wonder Hollywood loves these guys. Both are engaged in createing illusions for public consumption while makeing enormous sums of money and wielding extraorinary power over public opinion.

    Has anyone else noticed that the OWS protests are taking place in a number of major US cities, but not in Washington DC? Do I sense that there may be a fear on the part of the organizers that protests in the capitol may reflect badly on the administration in this election year?

  • Steven Zak

    To argue that crime really hasn't gone up all that much is almost to concede Joe Mendacity's point that the "Republican economy" caused the rise. But this is Obama's/Biden's economy. If crime has gone up because of it, then the fault lies with them. So turn the argument back on them: Joe says bad economies cause crime? Fine. Then stop trying to raise taxes, stop profligate spending, repeal Obamacare. Stop wrecking the economy. Stop causing unemployment, foreclosures .. and crime, you dishonest, destructive, anti-American radicals.

  • FRONTPAGEsubscriber

    Bingo!!!! You hit the nail ON THE HEAD!! I heard that name a # of times!! ((He doesn't take
    that real well … but, isn't that some of his own doing?))

  • Asher

    Biden is like the Court Jester, he makes so many crazy and rediculous gaffes you have to wonder if Obama picked him so he could control him. This guy is the most unsavvy idiot we have ever had as Vice President.

  • Anamah

    The guy is he living proof of the folly of this administration. How lower can fall the politician of this country. The complete Democratic Party smell fishy.