Obama: Regulations Are Mere Rumors

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“Don’t believe everything you hear.”  Many rumors “are unfounded.” That’s what Barack Obama had the audacity to tell farmers on his recent tour in the Midwest after they complained about federal regulations.

The president’s attempts to buffalo farmers with false assurances come in a record year of federal regulations. “In the first six months of 2011, some 15 major regulations were issued, with annual costs exceeding $5.8 billion, and one-time implementation costs approaching $6.5 billion.” These figures are stated in an extensive report on federal red tape assembled by the Heritage Foundation.

The administration announced Aug. 23 it would soon release plans for trimming hundreds of what Obama called “dumb” rules. Obama’s Regulatory Czar is Cass Sunstein, an academic who believes in libertarian paternalism and whose adoration for FDR knows no bounds. The new regulatory backtrack was said to save $10 billion over 10 years. But they don’t include some of the most objectionable regs, such as rules to reduce carbon emissions and requirements supposedly to protect the public from financial and health abuses. The Chamber of Commerce praised the regulatory review, but said it didn’t go far enough.

The Obama administration “imposed 76 new major regulations from January 2009 to mid FY 2011, with annual costs of $38 billion,” the Heritage analysis said. “This flood of red tape will undoubtedly persist, as hundreds of new regulations stemming from the monstrous Dodd-Frank financial regulation law, from Obamacare, and from the EPA’s global warming crusade advance though the  regulatory pipeline.” This all “further weakens an anemic economy and job creation.”

Federal regulations are not only disrupting business, they are entering Americans’ lives, including how we heat our homes, light our rooms, what food we buy, how we cook it, the mattresses we sleep on, the toys our children play with, etc. Regulatory costs for businesses are passed on to consumers in such items as toilets, showerheads, cars, washing machines and dryers, ovens and refrigerators, TV sets, even bicycles.

No official accounting of total regulatory costs exists, the Heritage study said. Estimates vary. Unlike accounting of tax revenues, the study says “an oft-quoted estimate of $1.75 trillion annually is about twice the amount of individual income taxes collected last year.”

The cost burden imposed by new regulations can be tracked, however, the Heritage analysis said, and “it is growing substantially.” Fiscal 2010 saw record increases, and they have risen in 2011. From the start of the Obama reign to mid-FY 2011, regulators have stuck the American citizenry with $38 billion in new costs, “more than any comparable period on record.”

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  • Anamah

    For people like me without real understanding about legal/ taxes/ economics I would like to ask if we are going to dismantle this mess of over regulations in a short time with a new wise administration. Right now we live a nightmare; how are we going to weak up and feel conforted?

  • jacob

    I'm drooling already and perhaps daydreaming about the ousting of the parachutist
    who in an accursed hour, a legion of morons, pseudointellectuals and idiots of all
    kind, (80% Jews included) made President a product of one of the most corrupt
    political machinery there is in this country and whose only credits were his yelling HERE !! when rol was called in the Senate and having opposed McCain's proposal
    to curb the abuses of Fannie and Freddie which were the cause of the economic debacle….

    Somebody said don't listen to his words but watch his actions.
    Unfortunately, by the time you can see his actions, it is already too damned late..

  • G Carson

    The only way this bull$hit will stop is if the American people adopt a standard policy of civil disobedience. I don't mean the government, I mean the people on the street just tell the a$$holes in power, enough's enough. Refuse to cooperate with them, show them your back every chance you get, don't speak with them and don't recognize this administration as legitimate because IT'S NOT.

    • effemall

      Right on, G. Carson. This is how this nation was formed. Hopefully there is enough backbone left in America from 1776 to repeat what we said to King George. 'No. We're fed up with you. This is America, not some chickenshh Communist country." And this time we won't have to fight a war because our good men in uniform will be the first to join with us.

  • StephenD

    Wait a minute Carson…don't you need a PERMIT for that?!?
    I saw on the food network "No Reservations" where Anthony went to Cuba and though escorted by Castro Agents who wanted to make a "Useful Idiot" of him, he happened upon a group of men in a park arguing about baseball. His escort explained that "it's ok, They all have their ID's." They all had to pay for a license and carry official identification which allowed them to STAND AROUND AND ARGUE ABOUT BASEBALL! This is where belief in unlimited regulations brings us.

  • Dispozadaburka

    As Obama campaigns thru the midwest in 2 – $1.1 million dollars (each) buses made in Canada,
    he promises OUR tax payer dollars for votes.
    His NAtional SOcialist agenda for us means the rise of Islam in the country for him.
    Remember his campaign bumper sticker?
    The Eastern sun rising over the West (American Flag). !!!!
    Its just a matter of time.
    Bill Clinton says that Obama needs 4 more years to complete his goals.

  • Dispozadaburka

    More and more regulations…

    Leading the US down the path to Socialism.

    Traditional victimization mythology.

  • Martel64

    Undoubtedly, mssrs Ayers & Dohrn wrote these things years ago, waiting,waiting,waiting, for the right "man" ,the right administration,etc.

  • tanstaafl

    Okay, if these new regulations are just rumor, then we don't have to obey them!

  • Asher

    No One Believes Obama, he is just flapping his jaws.

  • Dale

    We don't need all these regulations! Why do we need regulations on keeping kids toys safe? Kids don't need toys when we take away the child labor laws and put them to work in the mines where they belong!

    • StephenD

      Talk about setting up a straw man. No one is against necessary laws and regulations. But when they go overboard….Explain why we need a "Dust Level" regulation on farmers. Every time a vehicle passes over a dirt road or harvest corn, they violate this regulation. THIS is the stuff everyone is upset about, not keeping lead paint off of toys.

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