Obama: Regulations Are Mere Rumors

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Added costs include $1.8 billion a year for compliance and a one time implementation cost of $5.2 billion from new emission limits on industrial and commercial boilers and incinerators. The EPA said it would postpone the effective date pending its reconsideration. But the rules are still on the books, the Heritage study said. And they will be, pending judicial review or EPA reconsideration. Until then, business is constrained from “expansion, developing new products or making efficiency improvements.”

Included also are five sets of complicated regulations put forward by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to control financial institutions. The SEC calculated the cost of “outside” professional services that will be required to comply with three of the rules, but didn’t include the cost of 317,962 hours of “internal work” compliance which the regulation requires.

When ObamaCare became law, some Republicans charged that the IRS would have to hire 16,500 more agents to enforce the law—that is, collect the fines from those who refused to buy health insurance. But a ruffled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said adamantly it would only take 12,000 more employees. What a relief!

Among the many regulations, fuel economy and emission standards are included for cars and light trucks at an annual cost of $10.8 billion. Add to this $1.2 billion cost for constraints on “short sales” of securities, plus a tsunami of other Dodd-Frank regs still to come out.

Regulations also swell the government regulatory workforce, which was estimated to rise to 281,832 in 2011. The George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center keeps tabs on such matters.

One set of regulations of which the administration must be very proud is special accommodations for foreign workers who are hired as goat and sheep herders in the U.S. The regulations assure their living quarters are government approved and comfy. The rules for herders, required by the U.S. Labor Department, apply to sleeping quarters, food storage, lighting, laundry, even cell phones.

When Obama was on his Midwest town hall tour earlier this month, a corn and soybean farmer told the president that nature itself offers plenty of challenges. “Please don’t challenge us with more rules and regulations from Washington. We would prefer to start our day in a tractor cab or combine cab rather than filling out forms and permits to do what we’d like to do.”

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  • Anamah

    For people like me without real understanding about legal/ taxes/ economics I would like to ask if we are going to dismantle this mess of over regulations in a short time with a new wise administration. Right now we live a nightmare; how are we going to weak up and feel conforted?

  • jacob

    I'm drooling already and perhaps daydreaming about the ousting of the parachutist
    who in an accursed hour, a legion of morons, pseudointellectuals and idiots of all
    kind, (80% Jews included) made President a product of one of the most corrupt
    political machinery there is in this country and whose only credits were his yelling HERE !! when rol was called in the Senate and having opposed McCain's proposal
    to curb the abuses of Fannie and Freddie which were the cause of the economic debacle….

    Somebody said don't listen to his words but watch his actions.
    Unfortunately, by the time you can see his actions, it is already too damned late..

  • G Carson

    The only way this bull$hit will stop is if the American people adopt a standard policy of civil disobedience. I don't mean the government, I mean the people on the street just tell the a$$holes in power, enough's enough. Refuse to cooperate with them, show them your back every chance you get, don't speak with them and don't recognize this administration as legitimate because IT'S NOT.

    • effemall

      Right on, G. Carson. This is how this nation was formed. Hopefully there is enough backbone left in America from 1776 to repeat what we said to King George. 'No. We're fed up with you. This is America, not some chickenshh Communist country." And this time we won't have to fight a war because our good men in uniform will be the first to join with us.

  • StephenD

    Wait a minute Carson…don't you need a PERMIT for that?!?
    I saw on the food network "No Reservations" where Anthony went to Cuba and though escorted by Castro Agents who wanted to make a "Useful Idiot" of him, he happened upon a group of men in a park arguing about baseball. His escort explained that "it's ok, They all have their ID's." They all had to pay for a license and carry official identification which allowed them to STAND AROUND AND ARGUE ABOUT BASEBALL! This is where belief in unlimited regulations brings us.

  • Dispozadaburka

    As Obama campaigns thru the midwest in 2 – $1.1 million dollars (each) buses made in Canada,
    he promises OUR tax payer dollars for votes.
    His NAtional SOcialist agenda for us means the rise of Islam in the country for him.
    Remember his campaign bumper sticker?
    The Eastern sun rising over the West (American Flag). !!!!
    Its just a matter of time.
    Bill Clinton says that Obama needs 4 more years to complete his goals.

  • Dispozadaburka

    More and more regulations…

    Leading the US down the path to Socialism.

    Traditional victimization mythology.

  • Martel64

    Undoubtedly, mssrs Ayers & Dohrn wrote these things years ago, waiting,waiting,waiting, for the right "man" ,the right administration,etc.

  • tanstaafl

    Okay, if these new regulations are just rumor, then we don't have to obey them!

  • Asher

    No One Believes Obama, he is just flapping his jaws.

  • Dale

    We don't need all these regulations! Why do we need regulations on keeping kids toys safe? Kids don't need toys when we take away the child labor laws and put them to work in the mines where they belong!

    • StephenD

      Talk about setting up a straw man. No one is against necessary laws and regulations. But when they go overboard….Explain why we need a "Dust Level" regulation on farmers. Every time a vehicle passes over a dirt road or harvest corn, they violate this regulation. THIS is the stuff everyone is upset about, not keeping lead paint off of toys.

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