The Black Hole of Global Warming Spending

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) requests $2.2 billion, an increase of 58 percent to restore climate sensors, advance sea height monitoring, and fund a polar satellite system. NASA wants a 27 percent increase, partly to initiate a new climate related mission and re-launch the Orbiting Carbon Observatory to monitor carbon sources throughout the world. Satellites are important for other purposes, but climate warming research is a stretch.

The Energy Department asks for increased funding for renewable energy (up 37 percent) and energy efficiency. And it wants to “eliminate $2.7 billion in subsidies to high emitting industries.” Its total budget would be $2.4 billion for energy R&D spending. The Interior Department would increase its money for its Climate Change Adaptation initiative (up 26 percent) and renewable energy programs (up 24 percent). Interior wants to “identify areas and species most vulnerable to climate change and implement coping strategies.” The Agriculture Department money for climate change would be up 42 percent to $159 million. Funny to think that CO2 actually helps crops grow.

The AAAS maintains that past scientific research demonstrates that the earth’s climate is changing, that humans are likely responsible for most of the “increase in global average surface temperatures over the last half century, and that further greenhouse gas emissions, particularly of carbon dioxide, from burning fossil fuels, will almost certainly contribute to additional widespread climate disruption.” But EPA’s researchers have found that the tough new rules it plans to impose on industry gas emissions would reduce the global temperature by only 0.006 to 0.0015 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, reported in October. Hardly a cause for panic about global warming.

Still, even the respected National Science Foundation is looking for $10 million for climate change education for the “understanding of climate among the next generation of Americans.” One hopes the truth will be told.

Nobody wants dirty air. In October of 1948, a cloud of air pollution hung over the industrial town of Donora, PA, for five days. Some 6,000 people got sick. Illness was attributed to the pollution. Apparently, there was not enough worry for the next 16 years to create any need for legislating that our air had to be clean. Then, the original Clean Air Act was passed. It provided funding for the study and clean up of air pollution.  But it was not comprehensive enough for the politicians. So, a much stronger Clean Air Act of 1970 became the law of the land.

In 1990, Congress dramatically revised and expanded the Clean Air Act, providing the EPA with much broader authority to implement and enforce regulations reducing air pollutant emissions. You would think after 48 years of study, the EPA would have found out all there is to know about air pollution and so-called global warming, or climate change if you prefer. But, no. The agency was given more than $1 billion in fiscal year 2010 to try to make the air cleaner.

the EPA is 40 years old this year and is feeling its oats. Under the Clean Air Act, it has the power to do what the Congress couldn’t do with the cap-and-trade bill and what Americans don’t want done. It is moving ahead with regulations that will destroy jobs and make everything more expensive. But the new Republican majority in the House is determined to have intensive oversight of EPA’s regulations. This may save the day for Americans.

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  • davarino

    Its pretty scary how the left can cook up an emergency like this with the help of our complicit media. Crafty little buggers

  • Jim

    I hope the members of the 112th Congress catch this article. Curbing spending on idiotic nonsence like this will be one of the tools they need to fix the massive hole in the federal budget.

  • BS77

    Just read that New York City has had the most snow since records were kept (1869)….that the midwest is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures on record.
    Global warming is a hoax. Now, global warming has happened but it had NOTHING to do with SUVs or coal burning…..temperature variations are due to volcanic activity and solar fluctuations in radiant output. The last Ice Age had two mile thick ice sheets over Chicago….and they all melted away….there was no SUV or industry anywhere. The recent volcanic explosions at MT Pinotubo, or that volcano in ICeland blasted more gas, smoke, dust and pollution into the atmosphere in a week than all of man's creations in history.

  • Nick Shaw

    I'm with Mr. Trussell and BS77 on this. We don't even have to go back to the Ice Age. How about the Little Ice Age around the 1500s where the winters were colder with more snow leading to greater melt and decreased crop yield. Starvation was rampant. Of course, the increase in snow cover of this and last year are a mere blip on the radar but, who can tell the future? (Well, other than Algore) Riddle me this, what caused the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age when there were no cars or coal burning power plants? Hint: It certainly wasn't man. Like BS77 says, one volcano in Iceland belched out more crap in a month than man has done in 10 years (I'll be conservative) and there's a lot more than one volcano doing the belching.

  • Wesley69

    But EPA’s researchers have found that the tough new rules it plans to impose on industry gas emissions would reduce the global temperature by only 0.006 to 0.0015 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, +24 Vote up Vote down Syrin23 113p · 2 weeks ago
    Go see the thread about the FCC. The same applies here.

  • Wesley69


    “But EPA’s researchers have found that the tough new rules it plans to impose on industry gas emissions would reduce the global temperature by only 0.006 to 0.0015 degrees Celsius by the year 2100,”

    This is an interesting fact, a fact that illustrates the regulations may be directed at something else. Could it be a green industry that puts money into the hands of green supporters and politicians? Or could it be something else?

    The EPA, an UNELECTED bureaucracy is making Radical Environmental policy at the expense of the country's energy needs, and Obama is hell-bent on supporting EPA's moves. “Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat."

    So we know where Obama stands. But why???

    “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket…even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I’m capping greenhouse gasses, coal power plants, natural gas…you name it…whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retro-fit their operations.
    That will cost money…they will pass that money on to the consumers.” With these statements, why do this at this time? We are talking higher prices for energy, food. We are talking about a loss of jobs? We are talking about stalling or ending the economic recovery??? Why??? Why would Obama jeopardize his own chances of reelection? This is where it gets dicey.

    Radicals know if they cripple the energy industry upon which industry depends, they can take down the economy and create a crisis of unbelievable proportions. Could it be the Cloward-Piven Strategy in action?

    Republicans MUST education all citizens showing what is at stake. Only with massive citizen opposition can there be any hope for stopping this administration's destructive course of action. Republicans must investigate, develop legislation to stop or delay these measures from going into effect. They will need the help of Democrats interested in this country and not their party to pull it off. The regulations can also be tied up in the courts as well.

    The Republicans MUST put the President and his administration on the spot and have them DEFEND their harmful actions and the EPA MUST BE PUT IN ITS PLACE.

  • ApolloSpeaks


  • USMCSniper

    The claim that 2010 is the second warmest year on record is delusional, irrelevant and disingenuous. Warmist (warm is cold) explanations for extreme events are as useless as saying ‘Wet days cause rain.’” It is useful to keep in mind that U.S. agencies such as NASA and NOAA have been issuing similar politically correct and meteorologically incorrect “global warming” claims for years. Consider weather events just since the beginning of the year. For the first time since 1945, the maximum daytime temperature in North Korea has remained below zero for nearly a month. In neighboring China, the snowfall in northwest China was accompanied by extreme cold and a snowfall that flattened or damaged 100,000 homes. All around the world there have been similar reports, including sunny Italy that set new cold records, -48.3 degrees on January 19. In the United States, Minnesota shattered its cold records on January 21 reaching an astonishing -46 degrees. In Florida, eight new record lows were set by January 17 and there was snow in every State of the lower 48. And spring will not debut until March 21!

  • Nick Shaw

    It's interesting (as in the Chinese "may you live in interesting times") that the unrest in Egypt now consuming all the news organs may cause problems at the Suez, through which a heck of a lot of oil passes. It may also spread to other oil producing countries. Conjecture yes, but, not inconceivable. What effect is this going to have on the price of oil and, of course, gasoline. Oops! It already has! The price is going up! All we need to top the cake is an active hurricane season (not caused by Gore Bull warming you dolts) starting in a few months. Thank you progressives / liberals / environmentalists. I forsee a time when we yearn for the days of Jimmy with gas on alternating days and really expensive for the time. It will be much, much worse than that soon. You know, if we had have started drilling on the first day we heard the phrase "drill here, drill now" this wouldn't be the problem it will become. Again, thanks jerkwads, for crashing our economy but, that's what you wanted all along, wasn't it?

  • pse12

    So a debunked think tank with less than one hundred members becomes an authority on this subject. You need to look at who the data is coming from. If you believe the likes of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), and think that British chancellor Lord Lawson should be a voice of reason, I for one am really worried.

    Comments like: You know, if we had have started drilling on the first day we heard the phrase "drill here, drill now" this wouldn't be the problem it will become, are amazing in their lack of knowledge. Even if we add our oil to the world pool, it will have little effect. Maybe a few dollars per barrel. World oil prices are world oil prices, adding the limited amount we can from the US would do little to change that. We are still subject to global issues. The only way forward is to get off oil. If we don't buy it, we are not subject to the problems it brings.

    We need to think rationally about this issue, not take sides. It is a problem for all of us and we all need a solution. There is some type of middle ground.

    • Nick Shaw

      Frankly, I'm stunned by your amazement. If the US had it's own supply of oil and natural gas (and there's more than enough to last quite a while according to recent studies) there would be no Jimmy Time, exemplified by long lines on alternate days. Further, if the US were not on the customer list of OPEC, the price of oil would crash. This is a proven fact as of just last year when US oil consumption dropped during the height of the recession (though I don't agree the recession is over or has reached it's height, I'm just using published report as an example) The price of a barrel of oil also contains the royalty paid to the country it comes from, as such, home pumped oil could easily be much cheaper than on the world market (if the US government doesn't tax it up to world prices that is) One merely has to research the price of a gallon of gas in Saudi Arabia or Venezuela. Lastly, we are not going to get off oil tomorrow, despite the pontifications of The One.

      • Nick Shaw

        Drilling here and now, at least gives us breathing room and the money to switch to natural gas then, later, to hydrogen. See, I'm not a one trick pony as you assume. I just think wind and solar and biofuels, though the first 2 might have limited appeal in special circumstances (like producing hydrogen perhaps?), are the dumbest things to rely on. If they weren't, why is it they need backup generators burning fossil fuel when the wind don't blow or the sun don't shine? There is no middle ground with these boondoggles!

        • Richard71999

          Hydrogen will not happen.. its not grown on trees.. mined, or refined.. its made with electricty.. it uses 4 energy to make 3 hydrogen energy.. better to use the electricty directly.. source to make electricty?

  • BS77

    Now the global warming whiners are going to tell us they were wrong…it's global COOLING that we must deal with…..or some other nonsense. Most of the forces involved in making Earth's weather are beyond man's ability to control or alter…..volcanoes, sea currents, and the sun itself. The Sun fluctuates in the amount of energy and heat it radiates ; these cycles have been going on for hundreds of millions of years. Now some nut job leftist professor is going to tell us we can control these immense forces with bicycles and tofu.

  • USMCSniper

    Another waste of money is trying too combat AIDS and poverty in Africa: Look at the results in Liberia in spite 100's of millions of dollars.

    • Nick Shaw

      Amen Sniper. A world tax on carbon is really just redistribution of weath with a gurantee. 'Til now these countries and their tin pot dictators depended on the largess and charity of countries willing to work for their money. Pushing for a tax will shower them with money just like welfare payments to the projects in Detroit. I know this is unkind to a great many decent people caught in infortunate circumstances but, at some point they have to take a stand and throw off the yoke of oppression themselves. Sending money and even humanitarian aid,year after year, simply strengthens the oppressors and creates a welfare culture. I could live with aid with strings attached but, the clowns in Washington are too afraid of how this makes them look to the world.

  • abraham83

    Obliquely in reference to the EPA concentration and support of "alternate" energy, it is of some note as an unintended (but dire) consequence of Obama's war on petroleum that Marathon Oil has split off its drilling operation into a seperate subsidiary that they appear to be negotiating to sell to China. This may be a result of their stock falling due to the uncertainty of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the bleak future for oil under this Democratic administration. Marathon faces a big stock hit unless they drop their stagnant oil exploration operation, and it just so happens that China is waiting in the wings to pick it up.

    In affect, Obama is forcing America to sell off its oil assets and/or move them to more favorable areas of the world. In this case, the US will be pushed into selling off more of its critical infrastructural assets to our "free trading" partner, and erstwhile enemy: China. The US is not only being pushed into backruptcy by our liberal/left politicians, but they are opening up the nation to further penetration and dismemberment by an enemy nation.

  • Rich Engard

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  • Michael

    Note they don't want to spend more money on what is really needed- millions more measuring sites. Satellites results aren't meaningful unless the result is compared to. e.g they measure 8km of the atmosphere in 1 degree by 1 degree segments- what is it really measuring. Most of the globe is undercovered.
    Remote sensing needs local proofing and they can't remotely measure precipitation (rain, snow…) one of the big holes in weather/climate description.

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