Union Siphons Dues from Medicaid

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Labor union greed and liberal Democrat corruption go hand in hand again.

The notorious Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is collecting millions of dollars each year from the State of Michigan’s Medicaid program in the form of union dues. It even collects from parents caring for their own mentally-ill children in their own home so the children won’t have to be institutionalized.

The SEIU now can claim and receive union dues from thousands, whether they want to be union members or not, because of a tricky arrangement to pay the union. It was put in place by the former left-wing Democratic governor of the state, Jennifer Granholm.

Robert and Patricia Haynes are particular victims of this odious arrangement. The couple lives in Michigan with their two adult children, who have cerebral palsy. They are eligible for Medicaid, the health program for low-income people and the disabled. The state provides the family with Medicaid insurance. But it also treats them as employed caregivers.

The SEIU erroneously sees the Haynes family as public workers and thereby members of the union. Most government workers in Michigan must join unions. The SEIU, in effect, snatches $30 out of the family’s monthly Medicaid payment as dues. A unique agency, the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQC3) acts as a co-conspirator by deducting the union dues on behalf of SEIU before the Medicare payment is made to the family.

Michigan Department of Community Health (DCH) Director Olga Dazzo explained the process in a memorandum to members of her staff.  “MQC3 basically runs the program for SEIU and passes the union dues from the state to the union,” she wrote in an email obtained by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Initiated in 2006 under then-Governor Granholm, the plan reportedly provides the SEIU with $6 million annually in union dues deducted from those Medicaid subsidies to home care worker providers.

“We’re not even home health care workers. We’re just parents taking care of our kids,” Robert Haynes, a retired Detroit police officer, told the Mackinac Center for Public Policy:

“Our daughter is 34 and our son is 30. They have cerebral palsy. They are basically like 6-month-olds in adult bodies. They need to be fed and they wear diapers. We could sure use that $30 a month that’s being sent to the union.”

The MQC3 calls the families hiring in-home health care providers “employers of providers.” These health care providers are also treated as employers of MQC3 when it comes time each month to take dues out of their Medicaid payment and send it to the SEIU.

Mr. and Mrs. Haynes, although they must hand over money to the SEIU every month, say they have no interest in being members of the union. Even though they have been arbitrarily classified as state employees so that the union can nefariously take money from them, the Haynes get no union benefits by being union members.

Gov. Rick Snyder (R-Mich.) has already ended a similar scheme to provide unions with new “public employees” in the area of child care that Granholm had invented to classify in-home daycare providers as public employees (as differentiated from health care providers) and which forced them to pay union dues.

At the time, Snyder’s director of the Department of Human Services (DHS) ended that program. “[We] will stop all funding and, because these providers are not state employees, will also cease collecting union dues,” DHS director Maura Corrigan said at the time.

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  • johnparker54

    Did someone at some in sensitive hospital forget to tell him about "Penny Health". Also If you aren't employed and have no means of paying for treatment the hospital will file the form and get reimbursed by medicaid.

  • Anamah

    These unions gangsters are addicted to milking the tax payers money. They have learn and that is what they look for how to sucks the public funds. They need to build a big force to extort politician at the same time they buy them donating for their political campaigns. Avery distorting dishonest power with bad intentions and a legal warranty of impunity. A terrible dead weight for America an incredible real scourge.

  • kateyleigh

    Thumbs Up, Governor Snyder.

  • StephenD

    “Not surprisingly, Stern’s political philosophy has a striking similarity to that of Barack Obama.”
    I’ll never believe that. Communism, Thuggery, Anti-Americanism, Socialist upheaval, Anrachey in the streets, the use of lies and force to get their way…sure, they have that in common. But I don’t think Stern likes to try diplomacy first or use a teleprompter as does Obama. So, they are vastly different politically.

  • jacob

    Then, if the bill has been stalled by the DEMOCRAP Senate, let the 55,000 people
    being robbed by the union, raise hell with the Senate, the way DEMOCRAP union
    goons do….

  • Wretch45

    This story should be front page. I would also like to know if any of the other notoriously democrat states have this policy. It is disgusting! I heard this on Meghan Kelly last week and was absolutely mortified.

  • Dennis X

    If you don't want to pay dues then don't take the $.

    • Kathy

      What are you talking about?

    • Yetwave

      What are you talking about, X? Did you even read the article?
      Can you read?

  • nightspore

    Startling. Usually vermin know to stay under their rock.

  • Ghostwriter

    Now,that's just stupid. The parents in the above article aren't even in a union. Why should they have to pay union dues?

  • sod

    Has anyone wondered how much state fund went to SEIU and how much of that fund went back to Jennifer Granholm's political donation?

    This sure is happening to the planned parenthood organization (without a child, why do they called it parenthood? just curious), while they lobbied for Fed money, part of the money went back to the candidates they sponsor.

    Just wondering how long will ordinary voters tolerate such behavior? Isn't it a saying 'Evil will prevail if a good person do and say nothing about it'? Political correctness is not a law and need not be followed,

  • http://www.medicarevirginia.com/ vanessaelizebeth

    The Michigan State Senate should be equally ashamed of themselves for not protecting their constituents from such abuse.