Union Siphons Dues from Medicaid

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The impending closure of the Michigan Quality Community Care Council should free some 55,000 home care workers (as well as registered nurses, nursing home aides and hospital support staff) from government union membership.

Michigan’s State House has already passed a bill to prevent this sort of dues grubbing by public-sector unions, but the legislation has stalled in the state Senate.

Michigan’s teachers union, a member of the American Federation of Teachers, and part of SEIU, last April threatened to close the schools and dramatically charged that cuts in the state budget would mean “the educational future of more than a million Michigan students [will] be sacrificed.”

Andy Stern, before retiring as president of the SEIU, visited the While House on such a regular basis, he almost should have paid rent.

The SEIU announced in Obama’s first campaign that they planned “a budget of $85 million” for the election, targeting swing states for Obama’s campaign and, In addition, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger said, “More than 100,000 SEIU members will be volunteering their time to … elect Barack Obama as our next president.”

Stern was elected president of the SEIU in 1996 and immediately began to steer the union into politics in support of the Democratic Party. He pressured companies into signing agreements to make SEIU their employees’ representative. If a company resisted, it could look forward to media and political allies supporting boycotts and public demonstrations designed at destroying the company’s reputation.

Stern has been a leading figure in the so-called Shadow Party, a national network of leftist unions and activist left-wing organizations campaigning for Democrats and calling for the socialistic ideal of “distributing the wealth.”

In 2008, he was one those demanding part of the “bailout bill” passed to save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage giants be used to extend unemployment benefits and food stamps. He also has called for “global government.”

Not surprisingly, Stern’s political philosophy has a striking similarity to that of Barack Obama.

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  • johnparker54

    Did someone at some in sensitive hospital forget to tell him about "Penny Health". Also If you aren't employed and have no means of paying for treatment the hospital will file the form and get reimbursed by medicaid.

  • Anamah

    These unions gangsters are addicted to milking the tax payers money. They have learn and that is what they look for how to sucks the public funds. They need to build a big force to extort politician at the same time they buy them donating for their political campaigns. Avery distorting dishonest power with bad intentions and a legal warranty of impunity. A terrible dead weight for America an incredible real scourge.

  • kateyleigh

    Thumbs Up, Governor Snyder.

  • StephenD

    “Not surprisingly, Stern’s political philosophy has a striking similarity to that of Barack Obama.”
    I’ll never believe that. Communism, Thuggery, Anti-Americanism, Socialist upheaval, Anrachey in the streets, the use of lies and force to get their way…sure, they have that in common. But I don’t think Stern likes to try diplomacy first or use a teleprompter as does Obama. So, they are vastly different politically.

  • jacob

    Then, if the bill has been stalled by the DEMOCRAP Senate, let the 55,000 people
    being robbed by the union, raise hell with the Senate, the way DEMOCRAP union
    goons do….

  • Wretch45

    This story should be front page. I would also like to know if any of the other notoriously democrat states have this policy. It is disgusting! I heard this on Meghan Kelly last week and was absolutely mortified.

  • Dennis X

    If you don't want to pay dues then don't take the $.

    • Kathy

      What are you talking about?

    • Yetwave

      What are you talking about, X? Did you even read the article?
      Can you read?

  • nightspore

    Startling. Usually vermin know to stay under their rock.

  • Ghostwriter

    Now,that's just stupid. The parents in the above article aren't even in a union. Why should they have to pay union dues?

  • sod

    Has anyone wondered how much state fund went to SEIU and how much of that fund went back to Jennifer Granholm's political donation?

    This sure is happening to the planned parenthood organization (without a child, why do they called it parenthood? just curious), while they lobbied for Fed money, part of the money went back to the candidates they sponsor.

    Just wondering how long will ordinary voters tolerate such behavior? Isn't it a saying 'Evil will prevail if a good person do and say nothing about it'? Political correctness is not a law and need not be followed,

  • http://www.medicarevirginia.com/ vanessaelizebeth

    The Michigan State Senate should be equally ashamed of themselves for not protecting their constituents from such abuse.