Obama Holds Netanyahu at ‘Gunpoint’

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When the Kadimah government proposed convergence, there was great opposition to expelling 125,000 Jews. Olmert tried to lessen this number by keeping Ariel and Maaleh Adumin. If he had succeeded, I think as much as 75,000 would have needed to be expelled.

Haaretz published the details of Olmert’s Plan

    Olmert wanted to annex 6.3 percent of the West Bank to Israel, areas that are home to 75 percent of the Jewish population of the territories. His proposal would have also involved evacuation of dozens of settlements in the Jordan Valley, in the eastern Samarian hills and in the Hebron region. In return for the annexation to Israel of Ma’aleh Adumim, the Gush Etzion bloc of settlements, Ariel, Beit Aryeh and settlements adjacent to Jerusalem, Olmert proposed the transfer of territory to the Palestinians equivalent to 5.8 percent of the area of the West Bank as well as a safe-passage route from Hebron to the Gaza Strip via a highway that would remain part of the sovereign territory of Israel but where there would be no Israeli presence.

When his offer, made at the end of his term became public, the Israelis were outraged. It is for this reason that Bibi said he rejected it.

It is clear that Olmert was negotiating swaps. Swaps were first mentioned by the Saudi Government when it presented the Saudi Plan in 2002. The Bush administration insisted that this plan, as amended in the Arab Initiative, be included in the Roadmap. Olmert thus had accepted the idea of swaps even though Res 242 did not mention it or require it.

The Haaretz article indicated that Olmert’s Plan followed up on negotiations in Annapolis, though it was expressed there, that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. His plan was also discussed with the Bush administration who had agreed to finance the development of the Negev to accommodate the expelled Israelis.

And we must not forget that Res 242 allowed us to keep some of the territories and to have secure borders. Oslo was founded on it. Although Bibi flat out rejected Obama’s framework for negotiations last May, by agreeing to present his plan he is in effect accepting it in deed if not in words. It irritates me to be fighting over inches i.e. whether we give them 97.6% of the land vs 100 %. The negotiations should center on whether we give them Areas A and B representing 40% of the land or perhaps 10 or 20% more. The Obama proposal makes a mockery of Res 242.

The Atlantic Mag recently published a report Is Peace Possible and I reported on it here.

This report, like the Geneva Initiative before it, was clearly intended to narrow the gaps and produce a settlement between the Olmert and the Abbas proposals. This is what Obama and the Quartet envisage for a settlement. It most certainly will be based on the ’67 lines with swaps and will require Israel to get less land than she wants and to give more land than she wants. Amb Daniel Kurtzer was one of the advisers on this project and we all know that he is against the settlements and always has been. I believe that the Obama administration, the Israeli Left including Yossi Beilin probably had input as well.

I question some of the population numbers quoted in the Atlantic article. The 500,000 figure for settlers, quoted in the Atlantic may have been right early in the Kadima government but it no longer is. The Jewish population increases at the rate of 6% per annum in the territories and therefor would be well over 600,000 today, five years later. Recently, MK Ketzela said it was closer to 700,000.

Finally it is not by chance that just this week Abe Foxman and David Harris launched their Pledge of silence to minimize opposition to what is going on.

And I haven’t even mentioned the so called right of return and Jerusalem. Both Olmert and Barak have offered to take in a “token” number of “refugees” (perhaps as many as 100,000) and to share or internationalize Jerusalem.

Rest assured that the Golan is next.

There is no way that the Quartet would allow Bibi to get away with drawing up a plan where we get to keep Area C as our opener as an example and there is no way Bibi is going to do that with the gun to his head.

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  • SHmuelHaLevi

    As we have been forecasting, the Israeli people has had enough from the impotent if not inimical to Jews so called military command and the otherwise just as impotent if not teasonous civilian leadership.
    Towns and cities have rejected outright the hot air pretense of the said so called command and leadership. The virtual rebelion is now widely reported so I decided to also report what I know from my family in the South.
    The "wonder Iron Dome" failed totally as I warned it will be the case way back when.
    Those systems can be made less than effective by experts in the other side.
    The "conceptziah" perverting the Israeli military is disastrous including its dependence on US money and contact.
    The people saw it and decided that they had enough BS.
    The sraeli military command is infested by political trash that ONLY knows how to assault Jewish people.

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      You are wrong my friend. Israel has a right to exist. It is not Israel that attacks with terrorists and it is not Israel that has threatened to exterminate the "Palestinians". Israel must protect itself. It has a right to protect itself and has a right to fight against this kind of propaganda.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    I am glad that despite the inflammatory title to this article, it has been one of the most straightforward and accurate ones I have read on this site. FPM should host more well researched and precise authors instead of the usual mindless rhetoric.

    • Ronald W. Carnine

      Flipside, I don't know where you get this. The " rhetoric" as you call it is a nation fighting for its very survival. Israel was granted all of the land from the "sea" to the Jordan River. That land was granted legally. The other land was won by Israel as they were attacked in the 1967 war. They have a right to buffer land. Again attacked in 1973, she firmed up her borders. But she also gave back most of the land she won legally. Israel is not the aggressor here. There are no "Palestinians". Just Arabs trying to pull a fast one on a willing world. Looks like they fooled you too.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Looks like you buy into the idea of Soviet buffer states.

  • Murray Schwartz

    Israeli Settlements in the occupied west bank are illegal. The 5 or 6 hundred thousand should be sent to jail. And any resistance should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. i.e. nuke'm!

    • ziontruth

      "Israeli Settlements in the occupied west bank are illegal."

      There are no settlements in Judea and Samaria except Arab settlements, and they are all illegal; they will have to be evacuated for the sake of a just and viable peace.

      "The 5 or 6 hundred thousand should be sent to jail. And any resistance should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. i.e. nuke'm!"

      May the Sanhedrin be restored soon and deal swiftly and mercilessly with germs such as you.

      • Mike Bassett


        LOL… this is the 21st centrury dude! Stay with the programme pal.

        and illegal arab settlements? Maybe in judia and smaria man…but we're talking about the west bank… you sub-verbal australopithecus. Those israeli settlements are contrary to international law. Wise up man!

        • Fergie

          Laugh all you want, Mike, but the Sanhedrin will be restored and they will deal with these Jews who are traitors!

          You need to wise up, man!

          Who gives a damn what the international thugs say? They have no right to tell a sovereign country what to do!

          When they start telling Americans they cannot worship any other god but Allah, what are you going to say then? Learn about international law before you start schooling people about what a democratic country – one of the few in the world – should or should not do!

          Let’s see what happens when some Arab scum start telling America they have to give up parts of it or they will keep bombing neighborhoods – what will you say then? The people who object are just a bunch of sub-verbal Australopithecus? Wait until the Arab Spring gets a toehold in America with CAIR and the other terrorist groups and you can’t walk down a street without wondering when a rocket will land in front of you – Then, let’s talk about who is the troglodyte . . .

          • Mike Bassett

            "Who gives a damn what the international thugs say? They have no right to tell a sovereign country what to do! "

            I guess you would have been at the top of queue and apologised to the nazis for aushwitz and ww2 then.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        Listen to all these Christian Zionists calling for the restoration of the Sanhedrin and Jewish Sharia.

    • Fergie

      Exactly who are you to say such a thing? YOU are nothing more than a traitor, you turncoat Jew? Go to some other website where they will welcome you before they chop off your head! Hamas is looking for a few traitors – I’m sure they would welcome you . . . for a while . . . that is until you were no longer a useful idiot for them to exploit!

    • laguna

      There are no "settlements," there is no "West Bank" — only Judea and Samaria — and there is no "occupation" — the Balfour Declaration, the Mandate for Palestine, and the SanRemo agreement all call for close settlement by Jews on the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Too bad nobody bothers to read and learn history instead of taking as truth the soundbytes of the lamestream media. For more factual info, go to http://www.zreferenceshelf.blogspot.com

  • WildJew

    Ted Belman wrote: "And we must not forget that Res 242 allowed us to keep some of the territories and to have secure borders….It irritates me to be fighting over inches i.e. whether we give them 97.6% of the land vs 100 %. The negotiations should center on whether we give them Areas A and B representing 40% of the land or perhaps 10 or 20% more…."

    Mr. Belman, am I reading you correctly? Do you support some sort of a two state solution?

  • StephenD

    The whole idea of "others" having anything to say as far as Israel and what is "acceptable" for them is ludicrous. Israel IS a Sovereign Nation and as such is not a proxy of the USA or anyone else. The "International Laws" they supposedly break are to be enforced by whom; the same folks that enforce the cease fire that the so called "Palestinians" breach with impunity? No, the time for "negotiations" is over. Israel will be forced to fight. My money is on Israel because since G_d is for them, so who can be against them?

  • LindaRivera

    The Israelis are our brothers and sisters. Israel is the beloved ally of the American People.

    In the war against Jews and the Free World, U.S. government's big favorites, Palestinian Authority security forces are continually trained, armed and financed by the U.S. All of the U.S. military training is used against Israel. They have murdered more Jews than Hamas. They are American leaders' proxy army against the Jewish people.
    Every Jew must be armed and trained in self defense to defend against violent, religion-inspired Islamic attackers.

    Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them…"

    Yes, America, AMERICANS are targeted for MURDER by the Palestinian Authority just as the Jews are. It is treason to support the Palestinian Authority terrorist organization.

  • LindaRivera


    Regarding your question to Mr. Belman, as I'm sure you are well aware, a two-state solution is the means to a Second Holocaust of Jews.

    All Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of "Palestine" covering ALL Israel. It is well know that the Muslim goal is conquest of Israel and Jewish genocide. A major reason why G-D's judgments will be terrifying on all those who attempt to give away, take, or steal ANY Jewish Land.

    • WildJew

      Linda, I am well aware of what a two-state solution will mean to Israel. That is why I asked Belman the question.

      • LindaRivera

        WildJew, I know you are aware. Great horror indeed. I hope Mr. Belman will answer your question.

  • Moshe Pupick

    M., 10/31/11 common era

    The wicked Obama won't win this one, but that doesn't mean that matters won't get worse for Israel (and for the entire free world) before they get better. All of you Jew haters out there should take note that the current State of Israel consists of only about 10% of The Promised Land. If you don't like that fact, take it up with G-d!

  • Brujo Blanco

    This is not w situation where the USA can sit on the sidelines. We need to come down on the side of Israel. We need to stop feeding war machines that have a mission of killing the Jews and then coming for us.

    • WildJew

      USA is not sitting on the sidelines. America is leading the international effort to establish a Muslim-enemy state in Israel's strategic heartland; one dedicated to Israel's destruction. In no way are the Americans neutral.

  • Ben

    It`s ridiculouse that Quartet of unfriendly states knows its aims better then the Israely government and population who are permanently fighting for settlements, territory exchanges and even the state`s number. Mobilization of public opinion will be the only way to oppose the unfriendly presidents.

  • Zena

    Pretend for a moment Israel is the only Muslim country — surrounded by vast Jewish lands. Would anyone say Arab Muslims living on that tiny piece of land should give even one inch of soil to the Jews? No, of course not. Present this argument to anyone who thinks Israel owes the Palestinians land, and see what they say. It shows their hypocrisy for what it is.

    If I were a Jewish scientist, I would be working very diligently on a way to stop my enemies. Surely there is someone out there with the intelligence and perseverance to do just that. It will happen. It won't come from a god, but it will seem to.

    Sure, I know a lot of foolish Jews, but there is something, within some of us anyway, unique to humanity. Those that fear Jews know it too, and it scares them. They could benefit from this "gift from god" so to speak, but instead, they try to destroy it. Instead, they will destroy themselves trying….

  • http://www.fatlossbasics.com/ Marc Richter

    Today's comments about Obama's disdain for Netanyahu should be evidence enough for American Jews that their president has no interest in helping Israel. What surprises me is the number of self-hating Jews who continue to support a president and his party who has the interest of the Palestinians at heart. Time to switch parties!

  • Dispozadaburka

    Pharoah Obama is what is called the end of times Islamic Anti-Christ.
    Islam is pure Luciferic Doctrine. MB is the army of the Baphomet, the "devil"
    In order to unify the world, he will need to move his global capital is Israel. Jerusalem
    This has to occur before the galactic alignment, on the Mayan Calendar of 12/21/2012.
    "We believe it probable that once the Israeli state has achieved a relatively stable relationship with its neighbors, someone in high office will discreetly propose that Jerusalem should become the new headquarters of the UN, a politically neutral ground belonging to no single country. That person is likely to be the secretary -general of the United Nations. He or she may speak the words but it will not be their idea. It will come from the New World Order (star families) From there the convergence of nations and currencies, it will be a natural step to convert Jerusalem into the global capital of the United Earth. The most enigmatic , and at times the sadest, city that has always been the navel of the planet will have attained its ultimate goal: The harmonious union of mankind. " SOLOMONS POWER BROKERS Chis Knight Alan Butler(under Islam)

  • http://google.se Doodles

    You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times follow your heart.