Islamic Persecution of Christians in Malaysia

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Recently I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed by FrontPage Magazine’s editor Jamie Glazov. In case you haven’t yet read it, the main thrust of the interview was regarding the ongoing persecution of minority non-Muslims in Malaysia at the hands of the Muslim/Malay majority.  The lengthy track record of substandard treatment and discrimination of non-Muslims in general and Christians in particular should make it clear to everyone what’s going on in Malaysia and why.

Most of the comments that I received at FrontPage were supportive, but a few comments, apparently from Muslims, were not so charitable. One in particular, from someone called ‘Ibrahim’, stood out. Namely, his comment stood out in its disingenuousness, its contempt of the truth, and flagrant twisting or outright omission of the facts. Given these characteristics (as well as the writer’s occasionally mangled syntax), this writer is almost certainly not only a Muslim, but a fervent Muslim supporter of Malaysia’s Muslim-controlled government. So in that regard, this comment stands as yet another useful peek into the cognitive dissonance that critics of Islam have to contend with.

So I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing most of ‘Ibrahim’s’ comments here and showing just how many lies and distortions a taqiyya-spewing Muslim can pack into one (very long) paragraph. Any emphasis added is mine.

…[The Anti Jihadist] did not not show the numbers of Christians persecuted in Malaysia and the years when they were persecuted.

As if my failing to produce a statistic or specific dates somehow makes Islamic persecution in this country less real. Since Malaysia’s pro-Islamic courts, police and government were all set up by Muslims, for Muslims, and to ensure Islam remains dominant culturally, socially, and politically in perpetuity, the number of Christians in Malaysia subjected to Islamic degradation encompasses every Christian now on Malaysian soil. According to the CIA Factbook, Christians make up 9.1% of the population of Malaysia, which translates to approximately 2.5 million people. This number does not even begin to define the problem, as other persecuted non-Muslim minorities (Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) are left out. And most importantly, we can never know with certainty the number of former Muslims in Malaysia, who are either thrown into religious prisons for their trouble, or stay quiet out of fear.

The tragedy of May 13, 1969 was not between Muslims and non-Muslims and it had nothing to do with any religion and its adherents. The tragedy took place in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang between the political supporters of Democratic Action Party and those who opposed then when they celebrated their victory of the Malaysian general elections took place in that month and year.

Funny, I don’t recall mentioning ‘May 13, 1969′ in my interview, and yet this “Muslim” commenter has gone out of his way to disavow Islam and Muslims from this ‘tragedy’. So that should tell everybody that something here smells quite fishy indeed.

The May 13th incident was not a “tragedy” at all, like a tornado or a flood are tragedies. And the general election going on at the time as “Ibrahim” states was merely a convenient pretext. May 13th was in fact a crime of mass murder, a deliberate attack by Muslims (Malays) against non-Muslims (mostly indigenous Chinese) who were a bit too uppity and successful for their own good. We do know that the loudspeakers of mosques were used by the rioters to incite the rioters to carry on during those dark days, which suggests at least some level of ‘official’ Islamic involvement. No one, in fact, was ever charged or prosecuted. Hundreds or perhaps thousands died, with the vast majority of them being non-Muslims.  But thanks to the Malaysian government’s cover-up and obfuscation of the facts for decades, the exact death toll will probably never be known.

And this jihadist-inspired pogrom of May 13th, 42 years ago, resulted in a handsome payoff to the Malays. It was the instigator of the so-called ‘New Economic Policy’, which amounts to nothing more than a thinly-disguised government-run jizya scheme that has profited Malays handsomely, all at the expense of non Muslims. It continues in Malaysia to this day.

May 13th was not an isolated case. Other countries in southeast Asia have also had ‘May 13′ style incidents — including Indonesia in 1965-6 & 1998 and Singapore in 1964 — all when Muslims attacked non-Muslims (usually Chinese) with great ferocity and enormous loss of life. At least 500,000 Chinese died in the 1965-66 Indonesian riots alone.

The judges in Malaysian courts are all Muslims are not the fact of Malaysian judiciary system and practice. There are non-Muslim judges in Malaysian courts too.

The presence of a small number of non-Muslim judges in the Malaysian justice system does not in any way negate the fact that the Malaysian justice system has long been co-opted to serve the interests of Islam and Muslims. The Lina Joy case bears this out, as I shall explain in a moment.

The Malaysian Christian convert Lina Joy was not detained or prisoned [sic]. She is free to [sic] her application to delete the word Islam from her Malaysian identity card, MyKad, was rejected by the courts in Malaysia, lower, high, appealed [sic] and federal courts since Malaysian law provided for Muslims to go to the Shariah Court to apply to change her religion from Islam to other religion.

Lina Joy, for those who are unaware of the facts, is a Malay who had the misfortune to be ‘born’ as a Muslim.  Once she was an adult, she freely and of her own accord embraced Christianity. However, she had the further misfortune, like all other Malaysians, to be forced to have her religion listed on her identity card that all Malaysians, by law, must carry on their persons at all times. Having one’s religion listed on an identity card already constitutes a gross government intrusion into a citizen’s privacy, but it gets worse. When Lina Joy went to the highest court in the country to try and remove the word ‘Islam’ from her ID card, the court ruled against her.  The non Muslim judge was the sole dissenting voice on the panel. In the aftermath Lina Joy dropped from public view altogether, apparently not feeling safe from people like ‘Ibrahim’, and my understanding is that she has since left the country for safer (non Muslim) shores.

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  • Tim Andrew Jones

    WTF is "The Anti-Jihadist"? "The"? Like you are some lone warrior battling at the vanguard of civilization's war with Islam. I like your work, but come on, get yourself a pseudonym if you're that scared of revealing yourself. "The Anti-Jihadist" comes over as really self-indulgent, lacking in imagination (define yourself in terms of what you fight for, not against), and just plain silly. People who otherwise might take you seriously are very unlikely to with a name like that.

  • jacob

    This has has been happening for longer than I wish to remember but I would like
    to ask a question :

    How about banning the entry of merchandise made in or assembled in MALAYSIA
    (which are quite a few) until this sad state of affairs is corrected (and proven so)
    once and for all ???

    This kind of nations MUST be hit where it hurts the most, which is nowhere else
    but the pocket….

  • AntiSharia

    Sharia strikes again. Islam is like the mafia, once you're in you're not allowed to get out, and anyone who opposes you is to be harassed into silence, or killed.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    It is time for the world to put the Islamic Genie or Jinn back into the bottle
    and send it back
    to the depths of the abyss from which it came.

  • Ghostwriter

    And Muslims continue to wonder why their religion is thought of so negatively in America.

  • jasonz

    muslims will never admit to their trechory. for them (and it is CLEARY shown and documented) any and all actions are justified in the spreading and defense of islam. and for them 'defense' means any religion other than islam is considered an active threat which must be destroyed. Muslims are sick animals which must be put down. Obama, and the libs think they can reason with them or use them to their advantage. not understanding that islam will destroy them once their usefulness is over. Its simply time to put down old yeller. so why are we actually even entertaining the idea that we can do anything else but eliminate islam and survive. call me islamaphobic or whatever you want. just understand that the fact that you are still alive to do so is due to the people like me who understand the threat of islam and understands and has the sac to do what is needed

  • Ibrahim

    It seems to me that this second writing from unknown or unnamed Malaysian Christian entitled, "Islamic Persecution of Christians in Malaysia", is indeed intended to respond to the comments written by Ibrahim to his interview entitled, Islam's Persecution of Christians in Malaysia, dated June 22, 2011. He wished to show again and again that the contents of his interview are nothing but all truths and facts about the Malays or Muslims in Malaysia in their relations with the Christians and they are responsible for persecuting the Christians in Malaysia. He could not provide his readers with the years and numbers of persecuted Christians in Malaysia. He was able to provide the number of the Chinese killed in the riots in Indonesia in 1965-66, "At least 500,000 Chinese died in the 1965-66 Indonesian riots." Were these Indonesia Chinese Christians? I am not sure if all the killed Chinese in Indonesia were Christians. In Malaysia, I am sure, some Chinese are Christians. Some Chinese in Malaysia are Muslims too. The case of Lina Joy is the legal case in Malaysia. According to this article, "she has since left the country for safer (non Muslim) shores." Did Aishah Bukhari also leave Malaysia for safer non-Muslim shores? She also converted to Christianity and married to her Christian man. However, she did not go to the Malaysian courts to get her religion on her MyKad deleted like Lina Joy did and failed. Since I am living in Malaysia like the Malaysian Christian who wrote this article, I think he needs to provide his readers with the empirical and statistical data like he provided for those killed in the riots in Indonesia in 1965-66 although his stated number probably questioned by Indonesians. However, at least there was the number of Chinese killed during the riots in Indonesia. I have seen the churches in Malaysia and their clean and beautiful surroundings in small and big cities. There are preschool classes for Christian children in the churches compounds or very close the the churches. I think this Malaysian Christian wishes to make Malaysia like the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) where the freedom of religion as well as its religious conversions is private and personal, not communal and national. Historically, there are Christian sects in the USA arrested and persecuted in the American courts because they did not obey the American laws such as their polygamous practices, underage wives and drug abuses. In my observation in Malaysia, this Malaysian Christian does not really prove his thesis namely Islamic persecution of Christians in Malaysia. His thesis is probably his bad dream due to his own psychological and social situations.

    • Crossbow87

      Ah, that's right…anyone who claims that Muslims murder and extort Christians must have psychological issues. In my opinion the author made their case, clearly supported it with data. You just don't like the argument. What's more, you are using that other Muslim tactic of moral equivalence….the US would not admit Utah as a state until the Mormons gave up polygamy and that is in all ways morally equal to Muslim mobs and courts and police officers and elected officials participating in and colluding with murder, robbery and extortion. You're right, those two things are exactly equal.

  • Jim

    So where the National Council of Churches and all the other busy bodies during the Islamic persecution of innocents…

    At one time the Muslims were persecuting the Chinese but not for religious reasons. It was for economic reasons. The Chinese mad a lot more money.

    Of course religion did make an appearance as the Maylays called the Chinese "Jews".

    The Chinese being the good business men they are all changed their names to Islamic names. Problem solved

  • G Carson

    Islam denies the divinity of Jesus Christ.

  • Crossbow87

    I read your link….it demonstrates one thing; Muslims will say literally anything to protect the lie that is their religion. As a Christian I will not give you credit for anything. Your worldview is plainly evil, you do not know God nor his son Jesus Christ as he proclaimed Himself to be and I endeavor to fight Muslims and their lies at every opportunity.

  • G Carson

    So your Muslim Taqqiya will not work here.