Bull About Bullying

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For years, there have been stories in New York and Philadelphia newspapers about black kids beating up Asian classmates. But do not expect anybody to do anything that is likely to put a stop to it.

If these were white kids beating up Hispanic kids, cries of outrage would ring out across the land from the media, the politicians, the churches and civic groups. But it is not politically correct to make a fuss when black kids beat up Asian kids.

None of this is unique to the United States, by the way. The same mushy-minded attitudes have been carried even further in Britain, both as regards criminals and as regards bullies in the schools.

Britain was once one of the most law-abiding nations on earth. But the reluctance of the left to put some serious punishment on criminals has been carried so far there that only 7 percent of convicted criminals actually spend any time behind bars. Britain has now overtaken the United States in various crime rates.

Years ago, there was a book published in Britain titled “Murder in The Playground.” The boy who ended up killing a fellow student on the school playground had previously committed crimes ranging from motorcycle theft to arson that created more than $50,000 worth of damage in school. For the latter, he was given 24 hours’ detention.

People who say that we should learn from other countries almost always mean that we should imitate what other countries do. But one of the most important things we can learn from other countries is to avoid the mistakes they have made.


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  • Gloria Stewart

    Should there be serious enforcement of anti bullying measures in schools, Muslims would hijack them by fabricating or exaggerating incidents between Muslim and non Muslim students. Muslims love to play the victim card, and this would be a golden opportunity.

    CAIR has gotten into the act by co sponsoring forums at which bullying was the topic.

    In England Muslim students in schools routinely harass non Muslim students, particularly girls. In the latter case they do so in a sexually explicit manner. The BBC recently had a section of a news show dedicated to this problem.

    This is not a reason to veto anti bullying measures. It is a word of caution that these measures can be misused.

    • kafir4life

      With the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting hamas-linked terror supporting islamci organization cair, they would consider it harrassment if an infidel rejected the word of the terror guide the koran that followers of the pedophile mohamat shat. It's islamophobia to not allow a believer to slit the throat of an infidel as commanded in the previously mentioned terror guide that is followed by the terrorist supporters at the terrorist supporting hamas linked islamic terror supporting organization, cair.

  • Fred Dawes

    in the 1950's we had bullying so the schools had hall guards the stopped the bullying so what wrong with that way?

  • Jim

    Declare the bullies gifted students and put them in a school for the gifted. Invent one.

    • Chuck

      Almost a century ago in the U.S., 3 tough students ran off teachers at a small country school. When the new sub came in, the 3 began banging their rulers on their desks to disrupt class. The new teacher invited those teens to the back room. An ex-military man, he took on all 3 and beat the mess out of them. Then, while they were lying on the floor in pain, he pulled out his pistol & fired a shot by each one’s head into the floor. Never had trouble again. Some-many-kids must be scared into respecting authority, and then shown kindness & encouragement for correct behavior. Bring back some form of immediate, deterrent physical punishment.

  • Mimi

    Have you ever noticed how the parents of bullies are the first to come forward to support their kid's right to bully? In every case that I know of, when older siblings intercedced to protect the bullied, the bully's parents reacted with threats of legal action against anyone who tried interfere with the bully's activities. In one case, the father of a bully who had received discipline by a female principal for beating up a girl, threatened to do the same thing or worse to the principal that she did to his kid if she punished him again. I know this happened because I was the girl who got beat up and I didn't even know his kid. He just beat me up because I was little and vulnerable and he knew he could get away with it.